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Gusuku Bingata teaches how to create unique gift of bingata

by Jun Ikemura

Many people visiting Okinawa have probably heard of “Ryukyu Bingata” before and might imagine it being a colorful traditional Okinawan kimono. That's not wrong, but is only a part of the story. Ryukyu Bingata is dyed textile peculiar to Okinawa, and its dyeing method was developed in the 14th~15th century as trade with China and southeast Asia. The word Bingata, is believed to originate from two words; “Bin” meaning “colors” and “Gata” that means “forms.” Recently, bingata is used for many different products, such as kimonos, obis, tapestries, handkerchiefs, bags and many others. Gusuku Bingata, a studio located in the Maeda district of Urasoe City close to Shuri Castle Park produces many unique and original bingata products. The studio also invites customers to experience bingata making with their own hands. In the shop, visitors can create their own original colorful bingata products, unlike anything that exists elsewhere in the world. There, one can make a truly unique memento of one’s stay in Okinawa, or a gift for someone's special.

Visitors trying their hand in making handmade bingata of their own design.

The Bingata dyeing experience takes about 30min to 1 hour. Reservations are accepted on the studio’s website, or through an email or facebook. Instructions to make a reservation are on the website. Gusuku Bingata Dyeing Studio was established in 1971 and is now celebrating its 46th year in business. Shingo Yamashiro, the manager of Gusuku Bingata, represents the secondgeneration of the studio, and is the son-in law of the founder. The founders of the studio are the parents of Yamashiro's wife. The mother learned bingata dyeing since she was a teen and, after leaning the craft for about 10 years, established her own independent studio. At that time, Okinawa already was a famous tourist destination, and many people came to the island for a vacation. A lot of cheap fake bingata was sold in the shops on Kokusai Street and at many sightseeing spots as souvenirs. She thought that is not good, and decided to create more professional bingata, and educate the tourists about real, genuine high-class bingata. After a couple of decades,

Ai Yoshihama, designer at Gusuku Bingata.

and having started a family, she got an idea to start a bingata experience workshop. Her daughters grew up, and joined the family business. When Shingo Yamashiro married one of the daughters, he concentrated on the sales part of the business. He boosted the promotion efforts by incorporating the use of social networks in addition to flyers or media releases. Gusukuku Bingata has its own facebook page easily found by typing “Gusukubingataokinawa-”, where many bingata fans follow them. Of course, they are also present on Instagram, Twitter and Line. Besides working on sales and promotions, Yamashiro now works also as the shop manager. The two daughters of the founder are currently working as designers at the studio. Both Shoko Yamashiro (Yamashiro’s wife) and Ai Yoshihama are graduates of art universities, and well known sister designers on Okinawa. They create bingata designs both in traditional and modern styles that are attractive for people of all ages. Especially their seasonal designs, such as carp streamers, items for the doll

Cute colorful baby items made of bingata are popular.

festival and Christmas tree designs are very popular. Their everyday clothes for infants are unique and special, and many people buy them as gifts for new born babies. All products are available online, and they ship even to foreign countries. Yamashiro says he understands that a bingata kimono is too expensive for most people. “We understand this, but we want everyone to know about bingata, and that’s why we have created many small items that anyone can afford. We want people to remember Okinawa when they go back to their home countries,” Yamashiro says. He adds that, “The experience workshop would be a nice memory while staying in Okinawa too, I hope we can welcome as many people as possible who like Okinawa come and join the workshop, and create good memories together with unique souvenirs. We accept reservations from single persons to groups. We just need to know the number of visitors in advance to prepare materials, so we ask visitors to make their reservation at least three days in advance.” Reservations can be made on facebook “Gusukubingataokinawa-, email at p, website or by calling 098-887-3414. Credit card payments are accepted, and free parking is available. Address: 4-9-1 Maeda, Urasoe City. The Shop is open 10:00~18:00, the workshop studio 10:00 ~ 16:00. Both are closed on Sundays.


Wearing Ryukyu kimono brings feel of ancient Ryukyu with modern memories

A couple wearing Ryukyu Kimono poses for memorable pictures at the World Heritage Zakimi Castle ruins site.

Ryuso Ichiban-ya, an enterprise that offers customers a chance to dress up in a Ryukyu Kimono for a feel of ancient times and a memorable photo, is located just in front of the Zakimi Castle ruins in Yomitan Village. The company has kimonos for both men and women, and the ancient Zakimi Castle ruins, a registered World Heritage Site, is a perfect background to a picture that forever reminds of their stay in Okinawa. Because it’s a World Heritage site, and thus a popular sightseeing spot, the surroundings are kept very clean and are well cared for, and the site gives visitors a very nostalgic Ryukyu Kindom era feeling. After dressed up in a traditional kimono and the hair and makeup finished by a professional, the customer is free to walk around the castle site and take pictures either by him or herself or, of course, request a professional cameraman to take them.


Depending on the photo plan, one can take a walk on a beautiful beach in Yomitan or select a special shore spot for the pictures. Ryuso Ichiban-ya also accepts business visits to dress participants in kimonos for a wedding ceremony or any other occasion. Currently, wedding photo sessions, in which the new couple wears Ryukyu kimonos, are very popular. A photo of the new couple wearing Ryukyu kimonos on the welcome board at the entrance to the venue of the wedding is also very popular, as are photos of the couple in kimonos at various locations around Okinawa inserted in a video introducing the couple. “Recently, foreign customers have increased, and we are very pleased,” Shinji Satake, the owner of Ryuso Ichiban-ya, says. Satake explains that he opened the business because he wanted to offer tourists a chance to try wearing a piece of Okinawan culture

in the form of the traditional kimono, and create good memories of the island as much as possible. “Now we get many requests for pictures from customers wanting to wear Okinawan kimonos for their wedding, and we truly appreciate it,” Satake says, adding, “I wish more foreign customers to try Okinawan kimono, and take pictures to have a special memory of Okinawa. We are trying our best every day, and are happy to see customers smile when they see their own piece of Okinawan culture.” Ryuso Ichiban-ya is located at 248-1 Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Okinawa. Reservations are available on the website and on facebook at Their telephone number is 098-923-3763.


Taste of Okinawa Cooking Experience

Bilingual cooking classes by Taste of Okinawa are always fun.

Taste of Okinawa provides a cooking experience program operated in English with the aim to promote Okinawa’s food culture to the world. The 3-hour program consists of a tour of Makishi public market and a cooking class. Participants visit food markets nearby, where they learn about locally grown products and select ingredients to be used in the cooking class.

In the cooking class, participants prepare a three or four-course menu. The class is operated by a bilingual Okinawan food enthusiast and professionally trained instructors. The classes are a fun, social, hands-on experience where participants will prepare various dishes in a teamwork setting under the thoughtful guidance of our chef instructors.

Reservation: Available on our website ( Days: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. Time: 4PM – 7PM. Price: Adult: JPY 6,500 Child: JPY 3,500 (12 and under). Language: English. Tel: 098-943-6313. Address: 1-6-21 Tsuboya, Naha, Okinawa

Taking a cooking class with family creates great memories of Okinawa.

Participants tour Makishi public market.


Trying your own hand makes best by Jun Ikemura

Blue sky, blue ocean, warm climate and delicious food make just staying on Okinawa a very nice experience for visitors, including military persons stationed here and their families. But can you remember the best experience you had while staying on Okinawa after you moved on? Do you have anything to show or bring memories from your stay on this magic island? If not yet, I truly recommend you try one of the “Experience Workshops” on the island. There are many workshop programs island wide offering hands-on experiences that will provide you with memories that you will never forget, reminding you of Okinawa any time you see that item you made. Now, it’s the summer vacation season, and

below are some special experiences on the island to try with your partner, family or friends to make that special memory.

Ryukyu Bingata

Ryukyu Bingata are dyed textile products peculiar to Okinawa, and the dyeing method was developed in the 14th~15th century as trading with China and southeast Asia was established. The word bingata, is made of two words; “bin” that means “colors,” and “gata” that means “forms.” Bingata clothes were reserved for the highest nobility in the time of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, and are still very expensive to purchase, like a bingata kimono for

example. But Gusuku Bingata and some other bingata studios offer bingata experiences where you can try your hand in coloring and making bingata products, like pop bags, coasters, table cloths and more. And as you create your own, no other bingata product in the world is the same as yours. It takes just 30 minutes to an hour to color, and after you take it home and ket it dry for another a week, it’s all done.

Shi-sa making

Shi-sa is an Okinawan beast of legend, and they are believed to protect houses from various evils. Usually, Shi-sa are made as a pair; the one with its mouth open is male who

memories while staying on Okinawa wards off evil spirits, while the one with mouth closed is female who keeps happiness in the house. Traditionally, people in Okinawa place shisa on rooftops or flanking the entrance, but modern times various, often funny face or pose shi-sa have become very popular as decorations inside homes. Hands-on shi-sa making workshops are very popular on Okinawa. Shi-sa park Ryukyu Gama in Nago City offers a large variety shi-sa for hands-on experience.

Ryukyu glass experience

Ryukyu glass making is another popular experience workshop on Okinawa, and could be the first handson experience service on Okinawa

offered for tourists that started in mid 1980s. Ryukyu glass refers to colorful glass products that were first created from recycled glass bottles from the U.S. Military. After the World War II, there was a shortage of raw material for glass making, and artisans started to recycle colorful glass bottles from American military bases. Thus, Ryukyu glass was born. Since then, Ryukyu glass has developed very much and has become one of the most popular souvenirs. A piece of Ryukyu glass that one blows to shape by him or herself, is an item that makes you always remember your stay on this island. Only note, the glass items need to cool down slowly in a special oven lest they break, so you must wait for a few

Bingata experience

days to take your piece home.

There are more fun experiences on Okinawa, such as pottery making, brown sugar making, Sataa andagii (Okinawan donuts) making, making jam of Okinawan tropical fruits, Okinawa soba making, fishing, marine leisure activities, salt making, wearing traditional Ryukyu Kimono for a photo, and much more! We hope you try a special experience and make a special memory of Okinawa! And tell your friends back home and make Okinawa more popular worldwide!

Shi-sa making

Ryukyu glass experience



Event Schedule

nosaur Kids’ Park at Makeman Home Center, Urasoe Main Until Sep. 18 – Learn & Play! Branch. 10:00~18:00 Every teamLab Future Park at Oki- day, ¥300 in advance, weekdays nawa Prefectural Museum and ¥400 at door, weekends ¥500 at Art Museum. 9:00~18:00 door. Children under 2 are free. (9:00~20:00 on Sat. and Sun.). Win OkiWan Raffle tickets, Closed on Mondays except 7/17 apply from Facebook Page and 9/18. Adults ¥1,100 in ad- "OkinaWanderer". vance, ¥1,300 at door. Children 13~18 yrs ¥800 in advance, Until Aug. 19 – GODAC Ocean ¥1,000 at door; children under themed classes for kids at 12 ¥500 in advance, ¥600 at GODAC, Henoko, Nago City. door. Pair tickets ¥2,000 in ad- Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 vance only. Win OkiWan Raffle p.m. last entry at 4:30 p.m. tickets, apply from Facebook closed on Mondays. Admission free. Page "OkinaWanderer".

Until Sep. 10 - Aqua Jewelry Art Exhibition at Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa in Tomigusuku City. 11:00~20:00 (last entry 19:30). Adults over 15 of age ¥600 in advance, ¥700 at door. Children under 15 ¥400 in advance, ¥500 at door. Children under 3 are free to enter.

Until July 31 – “Okinawa View from Sky” Photo Exhibition of pictures shot from drone at Naha Airport Terminal.

July 25~30 - Ricca Ricca Festival 2017, officially known as the International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audiences, in Naha, Okinawa City Until Sep.3 - Mitsuaki Iwago and Ginoza Village. For more at Photo Exhibition “Cat” at Ura- information soe City Museum. 9:30~17:00 h t t p : / / 2 0 1 7 e n g . n u c h i g u s u i except Mondays (open 7/17 Japanese holiday). Adults ¥650 July 26~28 - The Real Madrid in advance, ¥800 at door; chilFoundation Challenge Camp at dren 6~16 of age ¥300 in adOkinawa Prefectural Comprevance, ¥400 at door. hensive Athletic Park. ¥79,000 Until Aug. 31 – Insect Festival for three days including soccer at Neo Park Okinawa, Nago training, lunch, insurance and City. Beetles and stag beetles service facility charge. Tel: 03from world-wide. 9:00~17:30 6809-6532 every day. July 29 &30 – Tomigusuku FesUntil Aug. 20 – Cardboard Di- tival at Toyosaki Ocean Park


(Chura Sun Beach)

12:00~21:00. Live performance by Kazuya Gibo, Suguru Ikeda, and DIAMANTES on Saturday, Hidekatsu & IRIS and Kiiyama Shoten on Sunday. Eisa performance both days. July 29 & 30 – Nago Summer Festival at Nago Fishing Port. 13:00 – 21:00. No cooler boxes allowed to the venue. Fireworks both days.

ternational Okinawa Karate Tournament, Okinawa Karate Kaikan, Tomigusuku City.

Aug. 5 - 10,000 Eisa pre-event at Saion Square, Kokusai Street, Naha. 16:00~18:00

Aug. 5 & 6 – Camp Foster Flea Market at Camp Foster in Urasoe city. 12:00~15:00.

Aug. 5 & 6 – Kids’ Eisa Summer Festival at Okinawa July 29 – Okinawa Prefectural Kodomo no Kuni (Okinawa Okinawa city. Museum and Art Museum Back- Zoo), yard Tour. 14:00 – 15:00. Limit 16:00~21:00. 12 people, first come first reAug. 6 – Kurashiki Dam Festiserved on the day of the event. val at the Kurashiki Dam, July 29 – Sakaemachi Festival Uruma city. at Sakaemachi Market, Naha Aug. 6 – Nago City Mayor’s city. 17:30~ Cup Haarii Tournament, Nago July 29 – Eisa Night at Oki- Fishing Port. 8:30~18:00. nawa City Hall yard. 19:30~ Aug. 6 - 10,000 Eisa at Kokusai July 30 – The 730 Day. Memo- Street, Naha. 13:00~18:30 rial day of change of traffic from right to left in 1975 after Kokusai Street Transit Mall Okinawa reversion from U.S. to July 30 Japan in 1972. 13:00~16:30 Eisa performance July 30 – Kanna Dam Festival by Naha Daiko in front of Ichigi at Kanna Dam, Ginoza Village. Street. July 30 – Koza Eisa Festival at 13:00~17:00 Street performance Koza Junior High School at Mutsumibashi grounds. 16:00~ 13:00~17:00 Eisa performance in July 30 – Ryukyu Performers’ front of JAL City Hotel Connection at MOD'S, Ameri16:00~17:00 D Kokusai Plus can Villagem Chatan. Dance performance at D-Kokusai Aug. 1~Aug. 8th – The 1st In- Plus.


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