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by Jun Ikemura

BeerFes Okinawa 2018! Okinawa is a beautiful subtropical island and come summertime, it can get pretty hot. And what’s great on a hot summer day on a beautiful island? You guessed it! Cold beer!

City, event organizers will be hosting BeerFes Okinawa 2018. This event, also known as “Japan Beer Festival Okinawa 2018”, will run from Friday 18:00-21:00 (last order 20:45), Saturday 13:00-21:00 (last order 20:45), and Many foreigners are familiar with Sunday 12:00-17:00 (last order 16:45). Okinawa’s legendary Orion Beer. It is Okinawa’s most popular beer label on the The Japan Beer Festival, the largest island and known for its smooth, soothing beer festival in Japan, began in 1998 icy taste. But if you are one of those who and has been held and sponsored in varare into craft beers, BeerFes Okinawa is ious locations throughout Japan ever an event you don’t want to miss. since. The first time the event came to Okinawa was in 2014. There will be On the weekend of July 27 through over 13 different craft beer brands at the 29th, on the ground floor at the Ok- the event, including brands from Helios inawa Times Building in Kumoji, Naha Brewery, one of the oldest craft beer


soothing: 心地よい、うっとりさせる

The Annual BeerFes draws thousands of beer lover every year.

makers in Okinawa. The most famous their product is Goya Beer (beer made from bitter melon) but they will have their Mango Ale at the BeerFes 2018.

Advance tickets are now on sale at Lawson and Family Mart convenience stores. There’s a limit of 500 participants each day. If sales for advance ticket reach their 500 limit, door tickets will not be available on that particular day. Advance tickets are ¥2,700 and will be on sale until July 27th. They will be ¥3,000 if purchased at the door. Please ensure you purchase the tickets for the day you wish to attend. Purchasing a ticket does not mean entry

craft beer: 地ビール bitter melon: 苦瓜、ゴーヤー participants: 参加者 ensure: 確かにする

Brewers welcome you to try out their craft beers.

Run out of beer? Purchase extra tickets to quench your thirst.

to any one of the three days. You have to specifically purchase the tickets for the actual day you wish to attend. A ticket includes entrance fee for 1 person, 10 beer tickets, and a complimentary limited-edition Best Aroma beer glass for tasting. You can get 85ml beer with 1 beer ticket or 170ml beer with 2 beer tickets. You can purchase extra tickets, two for ¥400. * First 250 customers each day, will get the limited edition Best Aroma Beer Glass with BeerFes Okinawa 2018 etched on it. For more information in English, please check out their website at ka_e.html

specifically: 明確に、はっきりと complementary: 補充する、補足の etched on: 刻まれる


Chatan Harbor Brewery, A Woman’s Touch in the Art of Making Great Tasting Beers

by Jun Ikemura

Chatan Harbor Brewery & Restaurant is located at the Chatan Fisharena in Chatan Town. Its specialty is its original craft beer called “Chatan Beer” and is part of the restaurant’s house menu. As the name suggest, it is a “harbor side” style restaurant with its own brewery.

Chatan Brewery & Restaurant was established in 2016 and is part of the Terrace Hotel Group in Okinawa which also operates the Naha Terrace, Busena Terrace, and Atta Terrace, as well as other facilities here on the island. The brewery’s specialty craft beers are also available at these hotel resorts and starting this July, they will also be available at Star Theaters movie theater complexes, which is also under the ownership of the Terrace Hotel Group.

Popular craft beers such as Pale Ale, IPA, Weizen, Stout and other craft beers will still be available with their original recipes

Shinobu’s goal is to showcase and produce her beers on a world-wide level scale and more importantly, to give foreign visitors something to remember Okinawa by. She would like to put Chatan Brewer’s on the international map for great tasting beers and she hopes tourist from all over the world will visit Chatan and ‘taste’ what they But probably what is most unique are all about. about this brewery is that all their craft beers must pass the taste buds of its chief brewer, Chatan Brewery will join BeerFes Shinobu Majikina, a native Okinawan woman. She likens her craft beers as to hav- 2018 and serve their special craft beers on ing a woman’s perspective, everything from the three-day event from July 27 - 29th. a beer’s sensation, flavoring, and smooth- Also, you can visit the Chatan Harbor ness of its taste. Shinobu has been part of Brewery & Restaurant located at 53-1 Mithe beer production business for more than hama, Chatan. Restaurant opens 20 years and was asked to be the chief 17:00~23:00 every day, bar opens brewery for Chatan Brewery as a founding member. Her passion is to innovate the art 17:00~24:00. Phone number 098-926-1118. of making great tasting beers, and to give Please visit their website for more informaher customers a taste they will never forget. tion, at the Chatan Brewery, but also expect to see their seasonal specialty craft beers with the added touch of Okinawan ingredients like Okinawan wheat, Shiiqwasa (Okinawan citrus), hibiscus flowers, turmeric, shell ginger to name a few. Guarantee you will never taste anything like this anywhere else.

Choosing the right ingredient is a big part of Ms. Shinobu's job.


brewery: ビールなどの醸造所

Ms. Shinobu Majikina, the chief brewer at Chatan Brewery invites you to taste her newest creation.

Beer and a harbor-side view - what a great combination!

ingredient: 材料、原料 turmeric: ウコン taste buds: 味蕾 perspective: 目線、視点

Okinawa World’s Best Kept Open Secret… Craft Beers

by Jun Ikemura

Next time you dine at the Okinawa World restaurant, try their four-glass beer set from any one of their draft beer selections.

Perhaps by now, many people living in Okinawa have heard of the theme park “Okinawa World” in Nanjo City. It is home of the famous underground limestone cave, known as “Gyokusendo Cave”. What many people may not realize though, is that the park also produces craft beers. The Nanto Shuzo (Brewery), a division of the Nanto Company which governs and operates Gyokusendo Cave and the Okinawa World theme park has been in the business of making craft beers since 2001. Nanto Shuzu is perhaps best known for the their “Habu Sake”.

For a long time, Nanto Shuzo was known for was its original “Nihe de Beer”. The name is a pun which is derived from the word “Nife-de-biru” which means “Thank you” in the Okinawan dialect. The beer would eventually go on to win international beer awards and became well-known throughout Okinawa. But in 2016, they gave the beer a new name and produced many different variations of it. Now it goes by the name “Okinawa Sango Beer”. The word “Sango” meaning coral.

It is said that since ancient times Gyokusendo Cave was formed from a mixture of coral and limestone combined with natural spring water. Seizing on this special natural ingredient, Nanto Shuzo used this water, with its abundance of minerals, to produce its beers, thus changing the name to Sango Beer.

The spring water which flows through Gyokusendo Cave is also part of the same stream that flows through Kakinohana

limestone: 石灰岩

Water Spring in Nanjo City. Kakinohana is one of most famous water springs on Okinawa and was chosen as one of the Top 100 famous natural water springs in all of Japan.

get your chance to gulp some draft Sango Beer soon, at the BeerFes Okinawa 2018 which will be held on July 27 - 29th at the Okinawa Times Building ground floor in Kumoji district of Naha City. You don't Sango Beers standard selections in- want to miss it! clude ALT, KÖLSCH, IPA, BLACK ALE, Mitsugu Tsuhako, one of the brewery SAISON, as well as a brand-new beer, called DOUBLE UP. All their beers hold up staff members, says that foreigners are very very well for Okinawa’s sub-tropical cli- passionate about craft beers, more so than mate; the taste is smooth and light. You can Japanese people. He believes Sango Beers purchase bottles of Sango Beers at any one will more than satisfied their taste buds, and of the Okinawa AEON Shopping he is proud to produce Okinawan local craft Centers/Stores. If you are in Okinawa beers for the world! He invites you to come World you can try Sango Beers on tap at and taste one today! their restaurant. They offer a 4-glass set on Nanto Brewery is located inside of Oktheir menu where you can choose up to four inawa World: 1367 Maekawa, Nanjo City. different kinds of draft beers. speaking about draft beer, you can sango-beer/

Nanto Shuzo's famous Habu Sake.

Sango Beer Bottles, great for souvenirs and a nice addition to your collection.

division: 部、課、地区 govern: 管理する、支配する pun: ダジャレ、語呂合わせ  seizing: つかむ、占有


From Beer Lover to Beer Brewer

by Jun Ikemura Koza Bakushu craft beers, each uniquely named but all come with a great taste.

Koza Bakushu Brewery, located in the Koza District of Okinawa City, was built by love… love for beer! Yasuhiko Ohama, the owner of Koza Bakushu (Beer) Brewery, is what you might call, a beer enthusiast. He just loves to drink beer. It is his passion. He has taken that passion and decided to take it one step further - making more beer!

Mr. Ohama first started out as a liquor store owner. He would later go on to get his sommelier license. That is when he realized the potential of starting his own brewery. And so, he dedicated many hours of research into this new venture. What he came to realize was how deep and diverse the beer culture was around the world. Thus, he began to import many kinds of beers from all over the world, especially from Belgium, to sell at his liquor store.

His research further solidified his passion of starting his own brewery. He wanted to create something original, a sense of satisfaction of providing a taste found nowhere

else around the world. So, he diligently continued his endeavor. He went as far as to mainland, Japan to study various techniques in the beer making craft. Upon his return, he opened his own brewery and Japanese ‘izakaya-style’ family restaurant in the same building of his liquor shop, Tohyama liquor.

All in all, he has made 10 original craft beers, with some of his selections being served seasonally. You can try them at his restaurant, and you will know by their names, that they originated from Okinawa. Take for example, “Eisa IPA”, “Shiisaa Brown Ale”, “Sanshin Pale Ale”, “or the Kuro-obi (Karate belt) Stout”. Besides their great names, they come with a great taste! They also have a brand-new craft beer, named “Koza Lager” and will be featured at the BeerFes Okinawa 2018 at the Okinawa Times Building from July 27 to the 29th. Both his Koza Lager and Kuroobi Stout will be sold in bottles this summer and would make for great souvenirs for the family back in your hometown.

Mr. Ohama believes that locally-made craft beer, with its unique flavor, can attract people to his hometown. He hopes with a name like “Koza Lager” will help spread its popularity and put Koza on the map. For this very reason, Mr. Ohama enjoys going to craft beer festivals. He wants to help spread his unique taste and to spread the name Koza, a name which has deep roots with modern Okinawa culture. He hopes foreigners will try his craft beer and to take back with them a little special memory of Okinawa.

The Koza Bakushu Brewery is located of the 2F at 1-24-13 Chuo, Okinawa City, just a couple of minutes from Kadena Gate #2. It opens from 17:00~24:00 Tuesday through Saturday. Tel: 098-975-6119. The 1st floor of the building is his Tohyama Liquor Shop. There you will not only find a great selection of beer, but huge selection of wines as well. Find them on Facebook, search term “kozabrewingokinawa”.

Mr. Ohama, from beer lover to beer brewer, welcomes you to taste his best invention.


You can find the Mr. Ohama's Izakaya on the 2nd Floor, just above his Tohyama Liquor shop.

enthusiast: 熱狂者、熱中している人

dedicate: 献身する、ささげる diverse: 多様な solidfy: 固める diligently: 熱心に

Making its mark in the world of beers, Ukishima Brewery invites everyone from around the world to try his selection of beers.

Brand New Brewery Opening Up in the Old Naha Market Area The Ukishima Brewing Company will have its grand opening on July 13th in Makishi, Naha City. It will be on the 3rd floor of the “Ichiba Hondouri” shopping arcade located near the Makishi Public Market. The location is ideal. Many of these shops within the center are still run by older Okinawans, and that’s what lures the people here; that nostalgic feeling of old Okinawa, a feeling you never want to let go.

The owner of Ukishima Brewing, Mitsuaki Yuri, and its factory manager, Kota Miyazato, were seniors and juniors, respectively, in college when they met. Years later, they would reunite and danced around the idea of forming a craft brewery company here in Okinawa. It would become their life’s dream. That was two years ago. Now, after months of hard work, their research in the business has paid off. After receiving their license, they formed the company and went hard to work in creating the best craft beer here on the island. Mr. Yuri and

Miyazato also wanted to establish a brewery in this little subdistrict of Ukishima in Makashi, which is part of a broader dream for the both of them. It is a way of giving back to the community. It’s their belief that great beer will attract many people to this small subdistrict and help light the atmosphere for more lively ambiance for visitors, as well for the local people.

As part of their drink line-up, Ukishima Brewing will be offering Golden Ale, Weizen and IPA to name a few. They will also have a food menu, which will change seasonally. For their grand opening, they will kick it off with delicacies from the country of Portugal, and you guessed it! From Okinawa!

The brewing company also wants to bring their craft beers to you. With the ability for a fast turn-around, they can produce a short volume (starting at a 150 litters) of their original beers for occasions like wed-

Mr. Kota (left) and Mr. Mitsuaki (right),Ukishima Brewery founders are always searching for ways to improve their taste.

ideal: 理想的な

by Jun Ikemura

ding ceremonies and individual parties. They can also produce it for pub or restaurant owners who would like to provide something unique to their patrons.

As part of their grand opening celebration, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July, the first 50 customers will get a free glass of their craft beer starting from 12:00 noon! After the cerebration, the restaurant will open 14:00~22:00 every day. Address: 3F 3-3-1 Makishi, Naha City, the stairs is located just near the entrance of the where Ichiba Hondori street and Ukishima street connect. Both are indoor streets housed by an arcade-like roof.

The Ukishima Brewing will be joining the BeerFes Okinawa 2018 celebration which will be held at the Okinawa Times Building on July 27~29th. So, come and give it a taste! Find them on the Facebook under the search term “ukishimabrewing”. Phone number is 098-894-2636.

Like all treasures, searching for a great tasting beer can be like a treasure hunt. Look for these stairs where Ichiba Hondori street and Ukishima street connect.

lure: 引きつける、魅力 subdistrict: 小区域 broad: 広大な、広範囲の ambiance: 雰囲気 patron: 常連客


Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival delivers its Biggest Bang

Of all the fireworks on Okinawa during summer season, only one is the grand-daddy of them all. On July 14th, 10,000 fireworks will light the skies over Emerald Beach at the Ocean Expo Park in Motobu. No other firework extravaganza can hold a candle to it. It’s Okinawa best fireworks display, bar none. The annual Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival attracts tens of thousands of people every year and this year marks the 40th anniversary of their spectacular fireworks display. The fun begins at noon where families can play at the Asobi-


The 40th Annual Ocean Expo Fireworks display. Over 10,000 fireworks in 1 hour of fun. Be part of the excitement!

no-hama Beach (Fun Beach) till 6 p.m. They will have dolphin sliders, ball games, activities for the children, as well as a little sandbox for toddlers. Live entertainment starts at 4 p.m. leading up to the 8 p.m. fireworks showtime. The fireworks will last from 8 p.m. to 8:50 p.m.

Entry inside the Emerald Beach special event area is limited to 20,000 people. Numbered entry tickets will be handed out at the venue from 8 a.m. on the day of the event on a first-come first-serve basis; one ticket per person only. Those who are not able to get a

numbered ticket can still watch the fireworks from outside the special event area. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, also located inside the Ocean Expo Park, will stay open until 11:00 p.m. on that day. So, when the fireworks are over, and you don’t want to get caught in the traffic heading back home, you can stick around for a while and check out this awesome aquarium. Last entry to the aquarium is 10:00 p.m. and after 9 p.m. no one under 18 years old can enter without a guardian. All vehicle traffic on Route

114 will be restricted from Kakinouchi Intersection to Parking Lot # 7 from 7:30 p.m. ~ 11 p.m. as well as from Urasaki Intersection to Parking Lot #7 from 8 p.m. ~ 11 p.m. A section of road starting from Parking lot #7 ending at Urasaki intersection on Route 114 will be one-way from 8:20 p.m. to 11 p.m. All vehicles will be restricted on Route 16 from Yamachan-bento to the three-way intersection on Route 114 from 7 p.m. to midnight. Route 505 and route 449 will have no restrictions, and traffic will flow in both directions.

spectacular : 豪華ショー、超大作 toddler: 幼児 hand out: 配る first-come first-serve: 先着順  stick around: ブラブラする


The Peaceful Love Rock Festival free concert. One of Okinawa's most anticipated rock'n'roll festivals on the island.

Rocking the Island at Peaceful Love Rock Festival

Since the summer of 1983, the Peaceful Love Rock Festival has carried out its tradition of providing great music to rock’n’roll fans all over the island. On July 14th, the concert will enter its 35th year with local veterans as well as special groups from South Korea, the Philippines, and Osaka as part of its line-up. The free concert will take place


on the 1st floor of Koza Music Town in Okinawa City, starting at 13:00 and ending at 21:00.

The concert will feature local rockers, many who were on stage when the Peaceful Love concert first started. The line-up includes the legendary Murasaki Rock Band, The Katchan Band, PATiENTS from

South Korea, Freddie Eto & Queeness - Queen impersonation band, SoulSoth from Osaka, JET, PRYZM from the Philippines, The Brass Rags, Sideways Brothers Band, Koza City Cats - a Rockabilly band, P-fam, and last but not least, Indian Grey Hound who won a chance to join the line-up by audition.

The event will take place on two stages – the first stage named “Ongaku Hiroba Stage” while the second is called the “Gajumaru Stage.” Bands will alternate on each stage throughout the event. Admission to the event is free.

May 28~Jul. 10 – Battle of Okinawa Picture Exhibition at The Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. Free to enter. 9:00~17:00 Tel: 098-997-3844 Jul. 13~ Sep. 9 – T.Rex Exhibition at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum in Naha. 9:00~20:00. Jul. 14 – The 25th Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2018 at Koza Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. Free to enter. Jul. 14 - Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival 2018/Fireworks Festival at Emelard Beach in the Ocean Expo Park in Motobu Town. 12:00~ 20:50. Free to enter. Jul. 14 - Sagaribana (Barringtonia racemosa) and Firefly Observation Meetup 2018 at Sueyoshi Park in Naha. 18:00~21:00. 1-3-1 Sueyoshi, Shuri, Naha. Jul. 14~15 – Iheya Island Festival at Yonezaki, Iheya Village on Iheya Island. Jul. 14~15 – CORONA Sunset Festival 2018 at Toyosaki ChuraSun Beach in Tomigusuku City. 13:00~ 1 day ticket ¥5000, 2 day ticket ¥8000. Jul. 14~15 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Jul. 15 – Uminchu Tore-Tore Fish Auction at Chinen Fishing Port in Nanjo City. 8:00~ Jul. 15 – Heshikiya Haarii Festival at Heshikiya Fishing Port in Uruma City. 9:00~


Jul. 15 - Torii Station Open Beach for public at Torii Beach in Yomitan Village. 11:00~21:00. Free to enter. Jul. 15 – Okinawa Rock Summit in Koza at 7th Heaven Koza in Okinawa City. 15:00~21:00 ¥3500 in advance, ¥4000 at door. Jul. 16 – Umi-no-Hi (Ocean Day, Japanese holiday) Jul. 16 – Water Balloon Battle at Okinawa Comprehensive Park in Okinawa City. 10:00~13:00. Jul. 17 – Mammy's Market (Handmaid and second-used market) at Navel Kadena in Kadena. 11:00~16:00. Jul. 21 – Canada Education Fair at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City. 12:00~17:00. Free to enter. MAIL Jul. 21 – Kumiodori Program "Manzai Tekiuchi" at National Theater Okinawa in Urasoe City (4-14-1 Jitchaku, Urasoe City). 14:00~ ¥3100. Jul. 21 – FC Ryukyu vs. Y.S.C.C. Yokohama at Okinawa Comprehensive Park in Okinawa City. 19:00~ MAIL Jul. 21 – Eisa Night 2018 at Koza Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. 19:30~ Free to enter. Jul. 21 – Sheraton Okinawa Fireworks Festival at Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina Resort in Onna Village. 21:00~ Jul. 21~22 – Miyako Island Summer Festival 2018 at Miyako Island. Free to enter. Jul. 21~22 – Motobu Town Ocean Festival at Motobu Town Commu-

nity Hall (874-1 Ohama Motobu town). 10:00~21:00. Jul. 21~22 – Unna Festival: JAXA Space Exhibition at Onna Village Community Center in Onna Village (419-3 Onna, Onna Village) 10:00~18:00 Free to enter. Jul. 21~22 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Jul. 22 – DA! DA! DA! DA! DANCE NAVIGATION at Okinawa City Civic Hall in Okinawa City. Jul. 22 – Uruma City Ishikawa Haarii Festival at Ishikawa Fishing Port in Uruma City. 9:00~ Jul. 22 – Tomigusuku Haarii Festival at Toyosaki Chura-Sun Beach in Tomigusuku City. 9:00~18:00 Jul. 22 - Henza Haarii Festival at Henza Fishing Port in Uruma City. 9:00~22:00. Jul. 22 – Kin Dam Festival at Kin Dam in Kin Town. 10:00~17:00. Jul. 22 – Okinawa City Mayor's Cup Arm Wrestling Tournament at Koza Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. 13:00 Jul. 22 – Oldies Sound of Seaside Vol. 25 at Araha Beach in Chatan Town. 18:00~ Jul. 22~29 – Rikka Rikka Festival 2018 at around Naha City. Jul. 25 – OIST Jazz Concert: Tali Rubinstein & Friends The Amazing Recorder at OIST Center Court in Onna Village. 18:30~ Free to enter. TEL 098-966-2184 Jul. 25 - Sheraton Okinawa Fireworks Festival at Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina Resort in Onna Village. 21:00~

Jul. 27 – BeerFes Okinawa 2018 (Craft Beer Festival) at Okinawa Times Building Ground Floor in Naha (2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha City). 18:00~21:00 ¥3000 (¥2700 in advance), comes with 10 beer tickets and a special ‘best aroma’ glass. Jul. 27~28 – Tokashiki Island Festival at Tokashiki Junior High School in Tokashiki Island. 18:00~21:00. Jul. 28 – BeerFes Okinawa 2018 (Craft Beer Festival) at Okinawa Times Building Ground Floor in Naha (2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha City). 13:00~21:00 ¥3000 (¥2700 in advance), comes with 10 beer tickets and a special ‘best aroma’ glass. Jul 28 – Wagakki Band (Japanese Instruments Rock Band) Live at Koza Music Town Sound Market at Okinawa City. 17:00~ ¥7000. Jul. 28 - Sheraton Okinawa Fireworks Festival at Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina Resort in Onna Village. 21:00~ Jul. 28~29 – Nago Summer Festival in Nago Fishig Port in Nago City. Jul. 28~29 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Jul. 28~29 – Tomigusuku Summer Festival at Toyosaki Ocean Park in Tomigusuku City. 12:00~21:00. Jul. 29 – BeerFes Okinawa 2018 (Craft Beer Festival) at Okinawa Times Building Ground Floor in Naha (2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha City). 12:00~17:00 ¥3000 (¥2700 in advance) , comes with 10 beer tickets and a special ‘best aroma’ glass.

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Horoscope Jul. 10th ~ Jul. 24th It is very important that you show as much flexibility as possible at this time. Keeping an open mind usually brings good results, and maybe you can find a new, different way to reach your goals. The same goes with your love life. You will get the best results when you let everything to take its time and proceed in their own pace.

Is one of your good friends perplexing you and even giving you a headache? Luckily the situation is starting to show signs of clearing up. Changes give you a good opportunity to clean the table, and your life is going to become easier as there will be less choices to be made. Someone is going to reveal a secret that could surprise you.

It’s impossible for you to impress everybody, and that is stressing you out. However, you should think whether you are putting too stringent demands on yourself. In order to find a good balance, you should plan ahead and delegate responsibility more. You could also postpone some tasks to next week when you have more time.

You have to postpone some of your plans because of your weak finances, and naturally that is getting under your skin. But sometimes you just have to be patient. Even if you are naturally quite creative, you can’t create money from nothing. Very likely you have to wait for the times to improve before making commitments.

You could encounter a complete surprise this weekend that could stop you dead on your tracks. It’s not the solution you are looking for, but rather an explanation. Maybe you should have known this in advance, or trust your intuition more. You have to admit to some facts in order to get ahead. At the end, it’s as simple as that.

Some people who cannot make up their minds are irritating you, but you should understand that there are more important and pressing things in your life you should pay more attention to. You should concentrate on changes coming to your way at your work. Relax this weekend in the company of people who are important to you.

It’s admirable that you want to help your friend who’s in a tight situation. However, you should think first what’s the best way for you to do something. Maybe another friend of yours has a plan that you haven’t thought about. You should not be bitter about this but learn. If you stay friendly, you can stay friends through the experience.

As you have now said good bye to one part of your life, there’s a change for better ahead. Maybe you don’t see it yet, but if you piece together your recent experiences, everything becomes clear little by little. Concentrate on building up your confidence, and use all of your skills and charms you can muster to move on.

You family and friends are voicing some demands on you. Some of them could be very minor, but it all still takes your time. You could also face a possibility to increase your income at your work. It could be in the form of a problem that others have no answer to. You should take charge, and resolve the situation as you have the means.


Your natural attractiveness is showing its power, and causes many people to seek your company. However, there is a certain relationship that requires someone else to help for it to work better. Someone is also missing a message you have tried to signal for some time. This weekend could bring the right answer to your dilemma.

You should try to help others at this time, even if you are not likely to gain much appreciation for it. Rewards will materialize later this year. Just now many people are concentrating on their own wellbeing, and have little time for anything else. Be alert at your work, so you can recognize coming changes before they affect you.

The next few days could be problematic from time to time, and unforeseen things could happen. There’s not much you can do to change the situation, except to be patient. In order to move ahead the way you want, you have to take the lead, and not wait for others to act. But this weekend, enjoy the company of your lover and relax.


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編集後記 読者の皆さまこんにちは!今 年の梅雨はなんだったんだ 〜?ダムの貯水量は大丈夫な のか〜!?と思った梅雨明け 後に、なんだこの梅雨よりも 梅雨らしい雨続きは。 。もうち ょっとバランス良く降ってく れるとありがたいですね(^

Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times.

American Engineering Corporation has open position for General Service Technician, requires a background in electrical and/or mechanical troubleshooting. Applicant must be physically fit and have Japanese driver`s license and valid visa to remain and work in Japan. Work requires the ability to read, write and speak English, and also able to meet requirements to obtain Base Passes. Work is primarily on Military Bases in Okinawa. Mon-Fr. 0800-1700, and rotating standby. This position does not provide SOFA status. Japanese Employment laws apply. Wage will be negotiated, range is ¥160,000~¥200,000 average monthly and eligible for OT, Bonuses and Health Benefits. Visit for application & send it with resume via Email (or by mail) and we will contact. Email: (mail: Address: 7-8-13 Oyama, Ginowan, 901-2223) P/T ENGLISH TEACHER WANTED!! The language

^; とにもかくにも、早く も7月!夏がスタートです! ということで、夏と言えばや っぱりビール!沖縄と言えば 誰もがその存在を認める三ッ 星マークのオリオンビールを イメージすると思いますが、 近年はマイクロブルワリーと 呼ばれる小規模ビール醸造

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President Assistant Editor Sales Translation Accountant

school in Ginowan is seeking an English teacher who can work at least a few days a week during our normal business hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 12:00 21:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 18:00. (We are closed on Sun. Mon. and Japanese holidays). We are mainly looking for someone available on Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday to teach 1 or 2 hours a week (with the possibility for more lessons in the future). You will decide on a mutuallyagreeable work schedule with Global Village on a monthly basis. However, your schedule may change based on the needs of the students. Salary: ¥2,000/hour Key requirements: MUST BE A NATIVE SPEAKER Must display effort and creativity during lessons, and be an adaptable team player Prior teaching experience is preferred (candidates without experience may still apply). Steps to apply: Step 1 :  Request an application form by emailing Global Village at Step 2 : We will send you information on our teaching positions and our application form. Step 3 :   If you agree with our terms and conditions, then send us back your completed application form. Global Village Tel:098-896-1577 ~

急募!北谷神鮨ではスタッフ募 集 中 。 18歳 以 上 な ら ど な た で も応募可能です。勤務時間ラン チ 11:00か ら 14:00ま た は デ ィ ナ ー 17:00か ら 23:00。 ユ ニ フ ォーム支給有り。電話連絡から の面 接となります。090- 37906482 担当者神谷

ス タッフ募 集(パート) 外 人住 宅、アパートの案内業務。勤務 時間  AM:10:00 PM:2: 30  休 日   土 ・ 日 ・ 祝 祭 日 休 み。 資格:多少英会話、読み 書きできる方 宮永ハウジング TEL 937-6767 ~

所、クラフトビールの人気が ものすごく高まっていますよ ね!県内でも年に数回はどこ かしらでクラフトビール祭り も行なわれていますし、参加 者も右肩上がりで増えている ようです。とあらば、県内のク ラフトビールブルワリーを取 り上げてみて、それぞれのビ

Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

ホールスタッフ急募!オールデ ィ ー ズ ラ イ ブ ハ ウ ス ・ Gold D isc( 元 ケ ン ト ス ) で は ホ ー ルスタッフを募集しています。 音楽を身近に感じながら、楽し くお仕事してみませんか? ① 17:00~ 22:00 週 2 〜 3 回 、 時 給850円*高校生は時給80 0 円 。   ②22:00~ 01:00 週 2 〜3回、時給1070円*高校 生 不 可 。 ③17:00~ 01:00 週 2 〜3回、時給850円*高校生 不 可 、 22:00以 降 は 時 給 ¥ 1 0 70。バンドメンバーにつきま し て hも 、 各 パ ー ト 随 時 面 接 、 オーディションを行なっており ます。初心者も大歓迎!まずは ご連絡ください♪ 那覇市松山 1 -1 4-1 9 B1 F G ol d D is c 担当 中 山 ま で 。 098-868-1268 (17時以降)

ールの特徴、ビールに対する 想いなどを世界に向けて発信 してみよう!と今号のクラフ トビール特集へと相成りまし た(^^) 実際にお話伺う と、ほんとにそれぞれのブル ワリーさん、ブルワーさんの 想いに触れることができて、 ビール愛というのを感じまし

た。皆さん共通していたのは、 ビールという世界共通のコン テンツを通して、地元を売り 込みたい、地域を発信してい きたい。 。ビールを通して町興 しをしていきたい、人々が集 まるきっかけにしたいという 想いでした!ビールってホン トにサイコーですね!

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