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Itoman; a peace theme and old fashioned city

By Jun Ikemura

A view of Itoman City from the Santinmou Observatory.

Itoman City is the southernmost city on the Okinawa main island. It is a city that is often referred to as a ‘fisherman’s town’; because for many, fishing is a way of life here. They are “uminchu”, a term that means ‘fisherman’ in the Okinawan dialect. And because life is centered so much around fishing, the people of Itoman heavily rely on the lunar calendar for many of their cultural and functional activities. This is mainly because the lunar calendar co-

incides with the tidal level during each phase of the moon. Thus, dictating when the fishermen go out to sea. The calendar also governs when many customs take place in the Itoman community such as the Itoman Giant Tug-of-War and the Itoman Haaray Dragon Boat Race (in Itoman, dragon boats are pronounced “Haaray” unlike “Haarii” in other places on Okinawa). These events are held strictly on the lunar calendar, regardless if they take

Gushikawa Castle Ruins, vestiges of the Old Ryukyu Kingdom.


rely on: 〜当てにする、信頼する

place on a weekday or weekend. If either event falls on a weekday, many stores, companies, and even schools will still take the day off giving families the time to enjoy the festivities. This year, the Itoman Haaray will take place on the 17th of June of the Gregorian Calendar. This day is May 4th on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Fortunately for many, that day will also be Sunday, giving many non-Itoman residents the opportunity to check out the festivities.

And the Itoman Giant Tug-ofWar will be take place on September 24th of the Gregorian Calendar. This in turn will be August 15th of the lunar calendar and will occur downtown in the Itoman City.

Aside from fishing, there is also a lot of farmland in Itoman. One of Itoman’s famous produces includes sugarcane. In fact, you can find very large-scale sugarcane fields throughout the Itoman area. Sugarcane, along

lunar calendar: 太陰暦、旧暦 phase: 満ち欠け dictate: 決定づける govern: 支配する

The Santinmou Observatory, a well-known fixture of Itoman City.

The Nanzan Castle, where once powerful lords ruled.

A statue of John Manjiro statue, built in 2018.

The Odohama Coast, a favorite spot amongst surfers.

with other produce, are then sold at the Itoman’s Farmers Market, better known as “Umanchu Ichiba” which means “Everyone’s Market” in the Okinawan dialect. It is one of the largest and more popular Farmers Market on Okinawa.

Today, Itoman is much revered for its fishing, but it also has many scars from the past. Thousands of local residents perished as a result of the war. Others committed

suicide; many leaping to their deaths from the ocean cliffs. It is a sad story. One that continues to be told today. Now a peace memorial sits in its place, built a long the ocean to remind us of the lives that were lost and the endless pursuit for peace. The people of Itoman have risen from the dark past. Their rich heritage continues today; fishing, farming, and celebrating. All this and more as they pass their legacy to the next generation offering hope to the

youth. On your next voyage, set your compass southward and visit Itoman City. Feel the nostalgia. Embrace the passion. Live the spirit of uminchu. Itoman will be waiting for you.

1. Santinmou Observatory

Santinmou observatory sits on a hill and offers a great view over Itoman City. In the old days before the observatory was made, the hill was used as a landmark by fisher-

men to determine their location. Today, it’s considered a sacred place. During the annual Itoman Haaray (dragon boat races), teams appointed to bear the flag perform a commencement ritual here before the festivities begin.

2. Gushikawa Castle Ruins

The Gushikawa Castle Ruins located in the Kyan District of Itoman City is believed to have been built around the 13th Century. The

revere: 尊敬する、崇拝する scar: 傷痕 perish: 亡くなる leap: 飛ぶ、飛び越える pursuit: 追求、探求 Embrace: 抱きしめる


Itoman City

The Yoza Gaa (water spring) a hidden, but fun place in Itoman.

Need to cool down? A water pool at the Yoza water spring.

Kadeshiga, historical yet fun for the kids.

stone walls are aesthetically appealing and have a hint of nostalgia of the old Ryukyu Kingdom era. A unique feature of this castle ruin is a hole that takes you down to the beach underneath. The coast near the castle ruins is also a popular spot for surfing.

3. Nanzan Castle Ruin

Nanzan means Southern Mountain in Japanese and at one time, it was an important region during the Old Ryukyu Kingdom Era. Today, remnants of an old castle stone wall still remain, along with the Banyan Trees that have taken root there. Part of the castle sits on the Takamine Elementary School grounds. Please use caution when walking within


aesthetically: 美学的に

the vicinity as to not to disturb the school Tosashimizu District of the then Tosa domain (Currently, the Kochi Prefecture of in session. Japan). John and some other member 4. Odohama Coast were caught in a storm when they were Odohama Coast is a popular diving fishing. A U.S. whaling vessel had rescued and snorkeling spot. Many sea turtles them and took them to Hawaii. After a while, he visited the U.S. mainland and also come here to lay their eggs. It is also worked as a whale fisherman. He evensometimes called the John Man Beach, as tually started attending a university it is the landing site of John Manjiro there, but after a while, he decided to go when he was returning from his trip to back to Japan. He would stop at the America heading back to Japan. This Ryukyu’s on his way back. His first was during the time when Japan was still landed at the Odohama coast in Itoman. isolated from the rest of the world in the At that time, the Ryukyu’s was a separate 1850s. country from Japan and so he was taken into custody during his visit. He was treated fairly well and made a lot of 5. The Statue of John Manjiro friends with the local people, especially John Manjiro, born in 1827, is from with a man named Chochu Mashiki, a

remnant: 名残、面影 isolate: 孤立させる、分離する domain: 藩 eventually: ついに、最終的に

Take a ride on the Big Slide!

Manmade waterfall at the Nishizaki Shinsui Park. Fun for all!

A lot of fun marine activities are available at Bibi Beach.

People searching for fresh vegetables at the Umanchu Market.

⑨ high-ranking officer of the Ryukyu Government. Mashiki was particularly interested in a book which John brought from the U.S. It was the biography of George Washington which was influential to many in the Ryukyu and Japanese government circles. Finally after a 11 years, he went back to his home in Japan. He continued to whale but also worked as a National interpreter and translator. He is considered the first Japanese student abroad and has become a very famous figure in Japanese history. In 2018, the statue of John Manjiro was erected at the Odohama coast in Itoman.

6. Yoza Gaa

Yoza Gaa is a water spring located in

custody: 勾留、保護

Itoman City, the best selection of fish on the island.

the Yoza District of Itoman City. Many farmers use it to fill their water tanks for cropping. The spring is also used by families and kids during the summer season and nearby is a waterwheel that is used during spring to help make brown sugar.

7. Kadeshigaa

Kadeshiga is a water spring located in the Ohozato District of Itoman City. It is one of the biggest springs on the island. Fish and small shrimp can be found inside the pool of water. This is also a popular spot for local children during the summer season.

made waterfall and a small stream where children can play at their leisure. If you’re lucky, you can even see some fish and turtles in the big pond. Kids can enjoy using the different kinds of playground equipment and have fun on the large slide that overlooks the pond.

9. Bibi Beach Itoman

Bibi Beach Itoman is a man-made white sandy beach resort. The swimming season lasts from April through October. Coin lockers and showers are available for visitors. You can also rent out beach volleyballs and BBQ equipment. Marine sporting activities are also available for a 8. Nishizaki Shinsui Park nominal fee; the most popular being the Nishizaki Shinsui Park has a man- banana boat and mable rides.

influential: 影響力の大きい、誘因となる man-made: 人口の nominal: わずかの、名目上の


Cape Kyan, one of the most tragic sites during the Battle of Okinawa.

10. Itoman Road Station

The Itoman Michi-no-Eki (Itoman Road Station) is Japan’s southernmost “Michi-no-Eki”. Within the vicinity is the Itoman JA Farmers’ Market, the city’s largest market of fresh vegetables and fruits. They also have the Osakana (fish) Market that sell fresh fish and other seafood delicacies. Additionally, there is the Itoman City Market Yukura that sell souvenirs and other locally produced goods. If you are hungry, stroll through their food court. One noteworthy restaurant is Bannai. Aside from their delicious steaks and spare ribs, they are known for offering employment specifically to physically challenged individuals.

zon. Despite its natural beauty, the area was subject to much bloodshed during the Battle of Okinawa. Many local people had committed suicide by jumping from the cliffs in order to evade capture by the U.S. Military. Today, people come and visit to pay their respects to the deceased.

12. Heiwa Souzou-no-Mori Park

Heiwa Souzou-no-Mori Park is a very large park located in the Yamagusuku District of Itoman City. In 1993 the All Japan Tree-Planting Ceremony was held on location with the Japanese Emperor in attendance. Five years later in 1998, the park would have it official grand opening. There is a nice view of the 11. Cape Kyan ocean as well as multiple sports fields, an Cape Kyan is located in the Kyan observatory, playground equipment, District of Itoman City. The location is water fountains, and of course, many, known for its rugged cliffside and beau- many trees. tiful panoramic view of the ocean hori-

One of many peace memorial parks throughout Itoman.


vicinity: 近所、付近

13. Itoman Fishing Port

The Lunar New Year celebration at the Itoman Fishing Port is well known throughout the island. During this time, boats inside the port are slung with colorful banners as fishermen pray for a prosperous fishing season.

14. Peace Memorial Park

The Peace Memorial Park was built at the location of the last fighting grounds of the Battle of Okinawa. The mission of the park is to promote everlasting peace by passing down the historical lessons learned from the war. The park features the Peace Memorial Museum that contains a two-part exhibit presenting the past and future visions of Okinawa. The museum focuses on detailed local testimonies, mementos, and visuals from the war.

During the Lunar New Year celebration, fish boats fly up colorful flags to welcome the upcoming new year.

delicacy: ごちぞう、美味、繊細さ noteworthy: 注目すべき rugged: 岩だらけの bloodshed: 流血


Itoman Haaray

The Itoman Haaray Dragon Boat Race, a tradition that goes back to ancient times.

The Itoman Haaray takes place on Sunday, May 4th of the Lunar Calendar year. This day is actually June 17th 2018 of the Gregorian Calendar. Most people in Itoman adhere to the Lunar Calendar as it governs the tidal season. In Itoman, fishing is the epicenter of daily life. Everything revolves around it. And this is why the Haaray is so important to the people of Itoman; it is their way of praying for a prosperous fishing season and safe return home from the sea. The event features a variety of boat races in different categories, such as an internal junior high school competition or companies set against other companies. The main race, however, is centered around the district rivalries. Elsewhere on the island,


Dragon Boat Races are called “Haarii”. But in Itoman, they call it “Haaray”. This event is not one to be missed, as crowds of spectators flock to the southern Okinawa region to see the colorful, rich life of the “uminchu”, a hybrid term of both Japanese and the Okinawan dialect that means fisherman (“Umi’ meaning “sea” in Japanese and “nchu” meaning “people” in the Okinawan dialect).

During early summer, Haarii races can be seen all over the island in different towns. Communities use the old traditional fishing boats called “sabani” without the sail. Most races are similar throughout the island going from start to finish. But in Itoman, they have added another tradition separate from the

other races. The crew has to tip the boat over at a halfway point, after which they have to straighten up the boat again, climb onboard, bail the water out, and continue to finish the race. Originally, Haarii was a festival for praying for a good catch and a safe voyage out to sea. In Itoman this is still the core of their beliefs. In recent years, the Haarii has been popularized welcoming people of all walks of life.

It is believed that the Haarrii races descended from China about 600 years ago. At the time during the Ryukyu Kingdom it was customary to have a Haarii race as a means to pray for healthy crops, good health, and safe voyage when out to sea. From there, it virtually spread everywhere on the island. It is said that Haarii was

eventually spread to Miyako and Yaeyama by way of the Itoman fishermen.

And as with time, Haarii has evolved little by little in terms of its intention. There is the common “Ugan Baaray” which prays for a safe voyage and a prosperous season. Then there is also an “Shokuiki Haarii” in which teams with similar occupation are set against one another. The “Kunnukase Haarii” is a race in which the boat is tipped over intentionally, raised again, and then continues to the finish line . On top of that, there’s the “Retrieving the Duck Competition,” in which a participant jumps in the water to catch a swimming duck with his bare hands in Itoman Haaray Festival.

adhere : 支持する、忠実である prosperous: 好調である、豊かである bail: 水をかい出す descend: 伝わる、〜を下りる

June 23rd , Okinawa’s Peace Memorial Day June 23rd is Okinawa's Memorial Day. A memorial ceremony will take place at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park to pay tribute for the many lives lost during the Battle of Okinawa.

by Jun Ikemura

⑭ June 23rd is ‘Irei-no Hi’. This is Okinawa’s Peace Memorial Day. It is a prefectural holiday formally recognized in 1961. It is to memorialize the many lives lost during the Battle of Okinawa, but it also serves as reminder for the future in its endless search for peace. Many historians consider June 22, 1945 as the final day in the Battle of Okinawa. However, the Okinawan government deems June 23rd as the official last day. Every year, Okinawans take a moment of silence to pay tribute to their ancestors who were lost during this very dark period.

The Government of the Ryukyu Islands, which at that time was still under U.S. military occupation, declared the day as a holiday for the Okinawan people to remember and to pray for family members and

relatives who were killed during the war. The day disappeared from the calendar when Okinawa was returned to Japan in 1972, but it was later restored in 1974 by the Okinawa Prefectural Government and is now observed as a prefectural holiday.

Perhaps the most highlighted event on this day takes place at the Peace Memorial Park in Mabuni, Itoman, where thousands of people, including dignitaries and politicians from Tokyo, gather at the peace ceremony to pay their respects.

Among the dignitaries attending are the Okinawa Governor, members of the Prefectural Government, Japanese government ministers from Tokyo, including the Prime Minister, and foreign diplomats, including the U.S. Ambassador and U.S. mil-

itary commanders.

The Okinawa Peace Memorial Park is located in the Mabuni district of Itoman City, on the site of the last ground battle in Okinawa. It was named a national park in 1972, the same year Okinawa returned to Japan.

Scenically, Mabuni is strikingly powerful. Known for its harden rugged cliffs, the natural coral high-rise against the ocean waves is likely to leave one in awe. It is difficult to imagine that this place was once subject to the bloodshed and horrors of a fierce battle that raged more than 70 years ago.

Within the park is the Peace Memorial Museum which displays chronological information, historical artifacts, and pictures related to the Battle

of Okinawa.

The cornerstone of the peace monument is lists the names of the people who died during the battle, regardless of their nationality. Today, there are more than 240,000 names engraved in granite slabs at the monument. New names are added every year as remains of victims are found and identified. These names serve as a reminder of the deadly human cost of war and at 12 o’clock, on the 23rd of June, Okinawans island-wide will give a moment of silence as they pay tribute to the deceased. Irei-no-Hi is a day that is meant to reflect upon the tragedies of war and at the same time, spread the message for peace to future generations. It marks a new page for a new beginning for the Okinawan people, It is a day that will live with them forever.

deem: 見なす、判断する tribute: 賛辞、贈り物 dignitary: 高官、要人 scenically: 劇的に chronological: 年代順の



Event Schedule

Mar. 11~Jun. 10 – 12 Yachimun (pottery) studios work exhibition at Moon Beach in Onna Village. 10:00~19:30. Free to enter. May 19~Jun. 30 – Night Tour of Bios on the Hill in Uruma City (961-30 Kadekaru, Ishikawa, Uruma City). Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 ¥1500 for adults, ¥1000 for 4~12 age and free under 3. Jun. 6~10 – The 36th Ryukyu Folk Music Concert at Uruma City Art Theater in Uruma City (175 Nakamine, Uruma City). 13:00~22:00 Jun. 9~10 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Jun. 9~10 – SHARP electrical maker Grand Fair 2018 at Okinawa Convention Center. 8:00~18:00 Entry free. Jun. 9~10 - Glanzen Piano Concert Okinawa Preliminary Round at the Culture Center Sugar Hall in Nanjo City (307 Sashiki, Nanjo City). Free to enter. 10:00~ Jun. 16~17 – Fathers Day Fish Fair Tuna Festival at Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market in Minatomachi, Naha (1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha). 10:00~18:00. Free to enter. Jun. 16~17 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Jun 16 – Drum TAO 2018 Rhythm of Tribe at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City. Advance; SS seat ¥6900, S seat ¥6400 A seat ¥5500. Door; SS seat¥7400, S seat ¥6900 and A seat ¥6000. Under 6 are no available to enter.


Jun. 17 – Father's Day Jun. 17 – Itoman Haaray at Itoman Fishing Port in Itoman City (603-1 Itoman, Itoman City). 10:00~16:00. Free to enter. Jun. 17 – Uminchu Tore Tore Morning Fish Market at Chinen Fishing Port in Nanjo City (1198 China, Nanjo City). 8:00~ Free to enter. Jun. 17 – Father's Day Bull Fighting Tournament at Ishikawa Dome in Uruma City (2298-1 Ishikawa, Uruma City). 13:00~ ¥3000 for men, ¥2000 for women and ¥1000 for Kids over 12 years old. Jun. 17 – BIANCA GISMONTI TRIO 2018 "Gismonti 70" at Garaman Hall in Ginoza Village (314-1 Ginoza, Ginoza Village) . 15:00~ Advance: ¥3000, Door: ¥3,500 Free for kids, no enter under 6. TEL 098-983-2613 MAIL Jun. 22~23 – Pillars of Light for Peace at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City (614-1 Mabuni, Itoman City). Free to entry. MAIL Jun. 22~24 – Miyako Island Rock Festival 2018 at Touriva Park in Miyako Island. 17:00~21:00 Free to entry. TEL 0980-73-0169 MAIL Jun. 23~24 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Jun. 23 The Peace Memorial Day (Okinawa) Jun. 23 – N.S. Ballet Academy Performance at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City.

15:00~ ¥3000 for advance, ¥3500 at door. TEL 098-941-0360 Jun. 23 – J 3 League FC Ryukyu vs. Azul Claro Numazu at Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Field in Okinawa City (5-3-1 Hiyagon, Okinawa City). 18:00~ MAIL Jun. 24 – Uta no Hi Concert at Kaneku Seaside Park in Kadena Town (85-31 Kaneku, Kadena Town). Open: 13:30 Start: 15:30. ¥3000 for adults, ¥1000 for kids and free under 6. MAIL Jun. 24 – Beach Cleaning & BBQ at The 21 Century Forest Park in Nago City (2-1-25 Ohminami Nago City). Free to join and participants will get Eco Coupon for Churaumi Aquarium and free BBQ after the beach cleaning. 9:30 open, 10:00 start. Jun. 22~26 - The exhibition of the Human National Treasure Jirou Kinjou at Tsuboya Pottery Museum in Naha City (1-9-32 Tsuboya, Naha). 10:00~18:00 Entry Free. Jun. 24 – Cold Fest Okinawa 2018 at Chura Sun Beach in Tomigusuku City. 11:00~16:00. Free to entry. Jun. 26 - Orion Beer Presents Japan Pro Baseball Official Game in Okinawa Celluler Studium Naha (52 Onoyama, Naha). Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Open: 16:30 Start: 18:30. Advance tickets: ¥6500 Bench Side Seat, ¥6000 Platinum Seat, Infield Seat ¥2500~ and Outfield Seat ¥1500~, add ¥500 for at door. Jun. 27 - Orion Beer Presents

Japan Pro Baseball Official Game in Okinawa Celluler Studium Naha (52 Onoyama, Naha). Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Open: 16:30 Start: 18:30. Advance tickets: ¥6500 Bench Side Seat, ¥6000 Platinum Seat, Infield Seat ¥2500~ and Outfield Seat ¥1500~, add ¥500 for at door. Jun. 30 – The 13th Chouhou Miyara Music Festival at Urasoe Tedako Hall in Urasoe City. Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00. ¥3000 in advance, ¥3500 at door. Jul. 1 – Ayahashi Triathlon Tournament at Ocean Road in Uruma City. 8:00~ Jul. 4 – Trii Station Open Beach for public at Torii Beach in Yomitan Village. 11:00~21:00. Free to enter. Jul. 6 – Okinawa Street Basketball Championship "Crossover" at Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa city: 19:00~ Jul. 7 – Star Festival (Japan) Jul. 7 – J 3 League FC Ryukyu vs. Fujieda MYFC at Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Field in Okinawa City (5-3-1 Hiyagon, Okinawa City). 18:00~ MAIL Jul. 8 – Job Fair at OIST 2018 at OIST Conference Center (1919-1 Tancha, Onna Village). Learn about opportunities to work at OIST. Instruction in writing an English/Japanese CV (in English only) and tours of OIST facilities are also planned. This event will be held rain or shine, but may be cancelled in the case of typhoon or dangerous weather conditions.

Give your Dad a Treat! Head to the Iyumachi Fish Festival on Father's Day!

'Cutting the Tuna' has become an popular spectacle for many.

Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market is a place where shopkeepers and restaurant chefs go every day in search of the freshest seafood on the island. On Father’s Day weekend (June 17th Father’s Day) the market invites all dads and families to come check out their fish market in celebration of Father’s Day.

The Tomari Iyumachi Fathers’ Day Tuna Festival is a two-day event, taking place on Saturday June 16th from 11:00 to 16:30 p.m. and on Sunday from 11:00 till 18:30. The market is located in 1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha City. Admission to the event is free.

Tomari Fishing Port is one of the biggest and busiest fishing ports on Okinawa. They sell fresh seafood every day from 6 a.m. at their 24 stores in the Tomari Iyumachi building. They also operate a restaurant, which is very popular with the local people.

The highlight of the festival is when they cut a giant tuna

in front of the audience. This will occur on both days. There will also be live music and a lottery event where one can win great prizes such as 60kg of Japanese rice or guest tickets to stay at a participating hotel. In order to take part in the lottery, customers are required to purchase at least ¥1,500 worth of goods at the festival. This includes fish from the market.

There will be a charity promotional event as well. The big glass-bottom boat, the ‘Orca’, will be offering rides for visitors wanting to see underwater ocean life for a very reasonable cost of ¥300 per person. The proceeds will be donated to local social welfare organizations. The Orca accepts up to 160 passengers on each ride and reservations can be made at the

port two hours prior to departures on both days.

The stores in Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market are open from 6:00 to 18:00.

Parking space at the port is very limited, and organizers advise visitors to use public transportation or search for toll parking lots near the event site.

shopkeeper: 店主 lottery: くじ引き、福引き proceeds: 収益、利益 welfare: 福祉事業 prior: 前もっての、優先する


Horoscope Jun. 10th ~ Jun. 24th There’s plenty of talk but very little action. For you to see some progress is going to take a little bit more effort. A solution is within your reach, but the problem is how to present it to others to get them onboard. The best course of action is to be as clear as possible but tell everything straight. Simple is best in this case.

Try to rein in your over-active imagination, so you can come up with a real solution to your dilemma. Pretty soon you are going to have plenty of other things in your mind, as love and life are taking all of your energy. In order to give a chance for these two to succeed, you have to make sure that you yourself are lovable.

There is a right way to accomplish something, and then there is a wrong way. You know this weekend what is right, but taking a shortcut is tempting. Although it’s understandable, it’s not the best choice. When you have this much energy, it can be difficult to be patient. Make sure that you don’t expect too much from someone.

You should feed your imagination by visiting somewhere you have never been before. It does not need to be far away as long as it is something different. When you compare your own life to lives of others, you could start feeling anxiety and conflict. So better not even start. Instead, you should be happy with the goals you have achieved.

Letting a certain person into your life could be scary, or maybe you want to avoid things that you have no experience with. However, you should think carefully what a change in your life could entail. There could be a new possibility, and you only have to grab it. There may even be a path to real and lasting happiness

Winds of change are blowing in your life this time. The question is whether you take the opportunity, or do you want to hide behind known and safe everyday routines. Something special is coming to your way. Admittedly, almost everything new is scary, but then can you afford to walk away? Maybe your thoughts should be “what if…”

Some people see your determination as being hard headed. This time you can make it work to your advantage, though. If you don’t let others push you into corner, you will soon realize who are those who have your interests in mind. When’s the last time you surprised your lover with something nice? Maybe this weekend is the right time.


If you listen to your inner self carefully, you will suddenly become aware that you understand a question that has been in your mind fl a long time. You may feel that it’s too late to do something about it, but that’s not true. It is possible to start from the beginning and do it right this time. Everyone deserves a second chance.

This time it could be difficult to keep a secret, as you are itching to share what you know. But you should take into account that divulging someone’s secret can have dire consequences. You should instead do something entirely new and challenging. This would help you to see things clearer and from the right perspective.

Some people you have considered quite boring in the past are going to show you their value. Maybe they have changed because of you, but it could be useful for you to recollect your thinking and motives from the past. There’s romance in the air, so you should try to relax and give it a chance to develop and eventually bloom.

Although you may not agree, the fact is that you don’t need the most expensive trinkets in the world around you in order to be happy. Simple things can be beautiful, and don’t impose a strain on your budget. Any conflicts with your partner can be resolved when, after an earnest discussion, you realize that you both want the same.

Nothing seems to go ahead this week and next. You can complain all you want, but sometimes progress just takes its own time. In the meantime, maybe you should focus on something different altogether. Another advantage would be that you would show someone that you can’t be regarded as a done deal. Unless that’s what you want.


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sion, basic salary plus big commission, or negotiable. Almost all military personnel need a car on Okinawa, and your sales skills would earn great rewards! Please feel free to apply. Koza Used Car is located between Kadena AB Gate #2 and #3. Tel: 098-938-8651 Email: dcars/koza/

急募!北谷神鮨ではスタッフ募 集 中 。 18歳 以 上 な ら ど な た で も応募可能です。勤務時間ラン チ 11:00か ら 14:00ま た は デ ィ ナ ー 17:00か ら 23:00。 ユ ニ フ ォーム支給有り。電話連絡から の 面接となります。090-37906482 担当者神谷

ホールスタッフ急募!オールデ ィ ー ズ ラ イ ブ ハ ウ ス ・ Gold Disc( 元 ケ ン ト ス ) で は ホ ー ルスタッフを募集しています。 音楽を身近に感じながら、楽し くお仕事してみませんか? ① 17:00~ 22: 00 週 2 〜 3 回 、 時 給850円*高校生は時給80 0 円 。   ②22: 00~ 01:00 週 2 〜3回、時給1070円*高校 生 不 可 。 ③17: 00~ 01:00 週 2 〜3回、時給850円*高校生 不 可 、 22:00以 降 は 時 給 ¥ 1 0 70。バンドメンバーにつきま し て hも 、 各 パ ー ト 随 時 面 接 、 オーディションを行なっており ます。初心者も大歓迎!まずは ご連絡ください♪ 那覇市松山 1 -1 4- 19 B1 F G ol d D i sc 担当 中 山 ま で 。 098- 868-1268 (17時以降) アルバイト募集!月に4日〜5 日出勤、1日4〜6時間ほどの お仕事です。内容は紙面の袋詰 め作業、業社への紙面搬入、ル ート配送など。8〜9時スター トで開始時刻によっては午前中 で終了も可能。自家用車持ち込 み必須、学生可、ベースパス保

りますが、まだまだ深堀すれ ば穴場が出てきますね〜♪ 今回も湧き水をいくつか回っ てきたんですが、特に与座ガ ーの水量とその特徴にはびっ くり!現場では次々とトラッ クが荷台に大きなタンクを積 んではやってきて、そのタン クに水を万パンにして去って

Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

持 者 尚 可 。 日 給 ¥7000 ガ ソ リ ン代込み。応募希望者は履歴書 をメールでお送りください。 i n fo @r y uk yu pres s . com 池 村 ま で。 宜 野 湾市 真 志喜 2-610 ( 株 ) 琉 球 P ress 098943-6180

Information Wanted イベント情報お待ちしておりま す!各行政機関、地方自治体、 イベント主催者の皆様、沖縄を 盛り上げたいと思い頑張ってい る事業者様方!英字マガジン O kina Wa nder では 皆様 から の あらゆる情報提供をお待ちして おります。外国人にも紹介した いお祭りやイベント事、外国人 にも参加してほしい行事ごと、 全世界へ向けて発信したい各市 町村の面白いネタ、公共施設、 マイナーなスポット、あまり知 られていない歴史、沖縄の良さ を世界へ向けて発信したいと頑 張っておられる事業などなど。 O kina Wa nder erを通 してその 素晴らしい情報を全世界へ発信 致してみませんか?世界を視野 に地元の良さをアピールしてい きましょう!基本的には非営利 目的のイベントや事業のご紹介 となりますが、詳細はメールも しくはお電話にてお問い合わせ ください。共に沖縄をもっとも っと世界へアピールしていきま し ょ う ! Email: i n fo @r yu ky upr es s. c om まで

いくんです。畑にまく用の水 なんでしょうね、荷台の高さ があっても水をタンクへ入れ やすいように消防車のホース のような太い径のホースが何 本も準備されてあって、それ で入れるもんだからあっとい う間に満タンになるわけなん です。さらに!このカー自体

が公園みたいになっていて、 この湧き水を温泉のごとく常 時掛け流しているプールもあ るんです(^^; サイズは さすがに小さいんですが、こ れは子供たちに取ってはたま らなく楽しいはず!西崎の親 水公園の滝石も楽しいし、糸 満も立派な水どころでした♪

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