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Dragon Boat bell rings in Okinawa summer Jun Ikemura


The most exciting events taking place in Okinawan fishing ports throughout the prefecture during the early summer are the dragon boat races called “Haarii” using traditional fishing boats called “Sabani.” Local Okinawan fishermen traditionally hold the Haarii races at their fishing ports in all parts of the island to pray for abundant catches and safe seafaring. Okinawan people say that the Haarii bell that sounds the pace for the paddlers on a haarii boat also rings in the beginning of the summer season. The most notable of these races is “Itoman Haarii” that takes place every May 4th of the lunar calendar, which this year is Monday, May 29th. The event features dragon boat

races in different categories, including high school students against teachers, and races featuring rival areas of Itoman City. The first race starts at 10:00 and heats continue throughout the day until 16:00. The most unique feature of Itoman Haarii races is “Kunnukase” that is unique to Itoman. In it, the 12-member crews of the racing teams dive into the water at the halfway point of the race and turn their boat upside down. They then straighten the sabani up, bail the water out and start to race again. Another special events is a race to catch a live duck with bare hands while swimming. It takes cunning and skill, as the competitor has to approach the duck from below in order to catch it before it realizes

what is happening. The Itoman Haarii is not an event to be missed, as crowds of spectators flock to the southern Okinawa city for this day of colorful fisherman (called “uminchu” in Okinawan) activities, folk music and of course, foods. The action takes place starting in the morning at Itoman Fishing Port. Admission is free for the races, but food and drink purchases cost. Originally, Haarii was a festival for praying for the bumper fish catch and voyage safety of fishermen. In recent years, it has become popular again and has become an event in which women, children, and also visitors can also participate.






Event Schedule

May 20~June 30 – Hydrangea Garden Yohena 2017 9:00 - 18:30. Hydrangea Garden Yohena at Ogimi, Motobu Town. Admission adults: ¥400, kids: ¥200, children under 6 free. Discounts available for groups of more than 20 people. (¥350 for adults, ¥150 for kids) May 27 – “Open Fight” Karate Tournament 2017 at Ginowan City Gym. 10a.m.~ admission free

May 29 – Maeganeku Haarii at Maeganeku Port, Onna Village. May 29 – Aharen Haarii at Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island.

May 29 – Nashiro Haarii at Kitanashiro Beach.

May 29 – Minatogawa Haaree (Haarii) at Minatogawa Fishing Port, Yaese Town. 8:00~ May 29 – Ohjima (Oh Island) Haarii at Ohjima Seashore, Nanjo City. 8:30~

May 29 – Itoman Haaree at Itoman Fishing Port. 10:00~ Admission free, no parking at the venue. Use shuttle bus from Itoman City Hall.

Jun. 3 – Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan Town. 12:00~15:00 Jun. 4 – Foster Flea Market on


Camp Foster, 12:00~15:00



Jun. 4 – Baten Haarii at Baten Fishing Port, Nanjo City

Jun. 4 – Henza Haarii at Henza Minami Port , Uruma City Jun. 4 – Kyan Haarii at Kyan Fishing Port, Itoman City. 9:00~

Jun. 4 – Kenken Haarii at Hamasaki Port, Motobu Town. 12:00~

Jun. 9 – The Day of Rock “Rock’n Roll will never die” at the Music Town in Okinawa city. 18:00 open, 18:30 start. Ticket: ¥2,500 in advance, ¥3,000 at door. Performers: SAMMY PROJECT BAND, KOZA B.C BAND, YAASUU, Sunny Sun Shine, Art. For more information at Music Town 098-932-1949.

Jun. 10 – J3 League 2017 soccer: F.C. RYUKYU vs. NAGANO PARCEIRO at Okinawa Comprehensive Sports Park, Hiyane, Okinawa City. 19:00~

Jun. 10 – Camp Courtney Flea Market on Camp Courtney Commissary Area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00

Jun. 10 – Gusuku (Castle) Yoga in Kitanakagusuku at Nakagusuku Castle Ruins Park, Kitanakagusuku Village. 17:00~18:30. Jun. 10 – Okinawa Latina presents

the Musical "1,2,3,CHIN!" at the Music Town in Okinawa city. Open: 16:00 Start: 18:00. ¥3,000 for adults, ¥1,800 for kids (12~18 years). No reserved seats. Fore more information:

Jun. 11 – Camp Courtney Flea Market on Camp Courtney Commissary Area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00

Jun. 11 – TAO DRUM performance at Okinawa Convention Center. 16:30~ Tickets: ¥5,000~¥6,500 (Children under 6 not admitted) h t t p : / / w w w. d r u m 645

Jun. 11 – 1st Okinawa Karate Performance at Okinawa International University Gym. 10:00~ Admission, free.

Jun. 17 – MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 at Coastal Resort Hirara on Miyako Island. 11:00~ Advance tickets: ¥6,000 for adults, ¥4,000 for students (sold only in outlets on Miyako Island), children under 12 free. Reservations required at

Jun. 18 – The 34th Okinawa Governor’s Cup Dragon Boat Races “Manza Haarii Festival,” sponsored by ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort. 9:30~15:30. To participate, fill the form and e-

mail or fax back. Forms available for download on Manza Beach Resort website. For details, please call 098-868-7797, or fax 098-8631849.

Until May 28 – Iheya Kakashi Festival (Scarecrow Festival) on Iheya island. Watch scarecrows standing all over Iheya Island. Admission free. 8:00~18:00

Until end of May – Strawberry Picking at Strawberry Farm, Ginoza Village.

Until end of May – Strawberry Picking at Chura Ichigo, Itoman City

Until end of June – Omoro Obake Haunted House Special. half price to enter for local residents. ¥600 for adlults, ¥500 for students, ¥350 for children. On 3rd floor of HapiNaha on Kokusai Street, Naha City.

Kokusai Street Transit Mall

May 28

13:00~17:00 Eisa Performance in front of Ichigin Street.

13:00~17:00 Street Performance at Mutsumibashi Space. Jun. 4

13:00~17:00 Street Performance in front of Ichigin Street.

13:00~17:00 Eisa Performance (Naha Eisa) at Mutsumibashi Space.


Horoscope May. 25th ~ Jun. 09th Just now almost everyone competes for your friendship. As you are a happy go lucky person, this is love on a comfortable and safe level. There will be talk of money problems in your workplace, and some things may feel negative to you, but as it’s temporary, just be careful. Avoid making costly purchases and over-confidence this weekend.

It would not be wrong to go on our own and be innovative, but think twice before you try to rekindle an old flame. The stars are not positive for you to have a romance in general, and you should probably concentrate on your work. Everything seems to cost a lot more than you have thought, so it’s wise to be frugal this weekend.

The weekend seems to be the best but at the beginning of next week, however, you should be a little more careful, especially regarding romance and love. Changes at work do not seem to give you much new right now, but won’t be all that bad, either. Be careful with your health. Here it may be best to let routines prevail.

This could be a weekend with sweet romance. Now you can win the heart you yearn, and it's because you believe in just yourself. Stars say you have an appointment with Amor himself. Training more in your job would be only good for you, and you could take advantage of the knowledge in a positive way, and get a little surprise.

You can’t repair issues of love just now. Instead, buy yourself something nice. To take a trip would be a good idea, but the right destination would be a bigger city. This is also the right time to suggest changes in your working routine. You project a very positive aura, and you'll be able to indulge a little. Take time off and be lazy.

You seem to be popular with your friends. This weekend you can expect sweet stimulating love. You are among those, who have a good idea that can strengthen your self-esteem. You seem to be lucky enough now to be able to find exactly what suits you, and even money shouldn’t be a problem. But gamble carefully and in small bets.

Sure, you have it good, but a thought inside your head says you could have it even better in your love life. But it’s best to take it easy and not to change anything. Let others take the initiative at your work. It would be best not to make any changes. Try to rest and relax. Money is nice to have and you could be lucky with slots.

An old friend would like to hear from you. It might have something to do with your school days but it should be good news. Something could happen that irritates you, so make sure you are alert. Also, try to understand your friend’s nagging. Remember your old lucky numbers, as with them you’d have the best chance to win.

You appear to be so pleasantly happy and loving that everyone wants to seek you company. This should be a good week. Certainly you are commended for your work. If you get invited to a party, absolutely go. You may want to buy some new clothes, but do not buy too much. But don’t push your luck with gambling this weekend.


You can expect to hear positive news from a friend that make you very happy. Someone is steering you to a new direction that you should not resist, as the end result would be rewarding. But you should try to have some self-control. Think carefully before you change anything. A colleague has the best solutions to your problems.

Children dominate your life this week. Their desire seems to be in your company. You should have a nice time together with everyone enjoying. Your love life is at its best level. Inspiration should be your best friend, and it should solve problems you’ve had and end with a great success. But whatever happens, do not daydream.

If you now have an opportunity to travel and get into a different environment, you could find happiness. Even an earth-shattering romance would not be out of question. Pay attention to media this weekend as there is a useful hint for you. Light physical exercise would get your fitness in balance. Pay especial attention to your finances.


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U. S. Navy currently seeks one (1) Dental Lab Technician, at 3d Dental BN/U. S. Naval Dental Center, Okinawa. Requirements are posted at: es/3denoki/Pages/BusinessOpportunities.aspx. Call

かも、ハーリー鐘が鳴ると梅雨 が明けると言われていて、その ハーリーが行なわれるユッカ ヌヒー(旧暦5月4日)はなん と、もう来週の月曜なんです よ!? その云われ通りに梅 雨明けしてくれたら、なんとも あっという間の梅雨だったと いう嬉しさもありながら、ダム

Ryukyu Press Publication

President Translation Accountant

645-3257 for inquiries.

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An Okinawa local English magazine "OkinaWanderer" is looking for a proof reader freelance position. If one have a Writing and DTP layout skill such as Indesign or Quark Express, full time position available. For more information, ask by email at or Facebook "OkinaWanderer".

は大丈夫なんだろうかという か、 、よくよく考えてみればち 心配も少しありますね。 。 と、 ょっと恐いかも。 。ここでは詳 今回の OkinaWanderer では梅 細述べませんが、機会があった 雨に関連して『てるてる坊主』 ら是非調べてみてくださいね の紹介もしてみたんですが、こ (^^; それから雨に関連し のてるてる坊主、調べてみると て雨具などを紹介してみても 結構ホラーなおまじないアイ 面白いのかな〜と思ったりも テムらしいんです(^^; 確 したんですが、ウチナーンチュ かに、その形状とか吊るすと は傘をささないとよく言われ

Jun Ikemura Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

るのと同様に!?在沖外国人、 特に軍人などは基本傘は差さ ないらしいんです(^^;なん でも、いかなる際にも両手が塞 がって任務に支障が出ないよ うに。とかという規則らしいん ですが、なるほどというのと、 なおさら彼らの梅雨時期の大 変さを伺い知れますね(^^;

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