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Escape to Kunigami Village

By Jun Ikemura

A super panoramic view from Kayauchi Banta.

Located in the northern most part of the main island of Okinawa is the quiet village of Kunigami. It is an area mostly left untouched by the fingerprints of modern society. Here you will find an abundance of nature, both on the ocean front and within the jungle enclosed. At its apex is Hedo-misaki, a rocky, narrow peninsula that sits in the middle of the East

China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. For those who wish to get away from the tumultuous busy lifestyle, Kunigami Village is an escape. Ninety percent of the village is forest and is currently home to many National Protected Species, such as the Okinawa Rail and the Pryer’s Woodpecker. It’s about 194.8 square km in area and is the 5th largest municipal

body on Okinawa. From Naha City, Kunigami is 100km to the north, but just 28km south from the next prefecture – Yoron Island of Kagoshima Prefecture, which can be visible on a clear day. Kunigami is also home to the highest mountain on the island, Mount Yonaha at 503m. This is the second highest mountain in the entire prefecture, with Mount

Omoto of Ishigaki Island edging Yonoha by about 22 meters at 535.5 meters in elevation. Kunigami overall has many mountains and river streams. Its most famous waterfall is Hiji Waterfall on the Hiji River. If you love nature, then Kunigami will not disappoint you. Hiking, canoeing, bird watching are just a few of the many adventures you can partake in.

The road leading to Kayauchi Banta - a sense of Old Okinawa.


fingerprint: 指紋

A narrow path - at one time, only one person could fit through this natural corridor to get to the other side.

abundance: 豊富さ apex: 頂上、最高潮 tumultuous: 騒々しい protected species: 天然記念物、保護種

A giant Okinawa Rail waits for visitors.

Hiji Waterfall is highest waterfall on the Okinawa mainland. Ashimui Utaki is one of the most sacred places on Okinawa

So next time you need to free yourself from all of life’s worries, drive to Kunigami Village. Your soul will be glad you did.

Spots of Kunigami Village 1. Kayauchi Banta

Kayauchi Banta (Cliff)

is located at near Hedo Point. Height above sea level averages about 80m. The view from this location is breathtaking. 2. Hiji Waterfall

Hiji Waterfall is located within the forest of Kunigami Village and is one of most famous waterfalls on Okinawa. It stands about 26m in height and is the tallest waterfall on the

Okinawa main island. It is about 1.5 km from the parking area to the waterfall with an average hike between 45 minutes to an hour. Though a well-laid out path exist, the hike up to the waterfall may pose a challenge for small children and senior citizens. Expect to get a little wet along the way. A change of clothes is recommended. 3. The Okinawa Rail


Elevated above in the Kunigami Forest is a giant observatory shaped like that of an Okinawa Rail. It is about 10m in height and has a wonderful panoramic view of the horizon with the ocean and the sky in the backdrop.

elevated: 高い sea level: 海抜高度 sacred: 神聖な、礼拝の range: 並び、集まり distinguishable: 識別出来る

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The Okinawa Rail

An Okinawa Rail named "Kyon Kyon" is being fed at the Kuina-no-Mori facility.

The Okinawa Rail, also known as the Yanbaru Kuina in its native dialect, is a ground-living bird belonging to the Rallidae family of bird species. It is a flightless bird having an average body length of 35cm. Its most notable features are its red eyes, orange beak, and its white stripes laced along its breast. Its first recorded discovery was in 1981 in the northern forest of the Okinawa main island. The name ‘Kuina’ is the Japanese

equivalent to the word rail. The term ‘Yanbaru’, a word meaning ‘northern forest’ in the Okinawan dialect, was affixed to describe where the bird was found – hence, the name, Yanbaru Kuina. Since then, the bird has become an iconic fixture in Okinawan culture. Statues and cartoon characters of this bird can be seen all over the island. Because the Okinawa Rail cannot fly, it is vulnerable to other wild animals, particularly the mongoose, which is

not native to Okinawa. The mongoose was brought here long ago to prey upon the Habu which where endangering human lives. In an ironic twist of fate, the mongoose, a daylight animal, did not often cross paths with the Habu, a nocturnal creature by nature. Instead, it would feast on the rails’ eggs and younglings during the day, severely damaging their numbers. Deforestation and deadly vehicle run-ins have also contributed to the dwin-

dling population. Its numbers were so greatly reduced that they were added to the endangered species list and designated a national treasure to help preserve its numbers. Education and safe-driving awareness campaigns are being carried out by government agencies and volunteers, who arduously work day and night to keep the Okinawa Rail safe.

Entry costs for adults is ¥500 and ¥200 for kids 18 and under.


flightless: 飛べない

A natural 'motif' of the Yanbaru Forest inside the Kuina-no-Mori facility.

notable: 目立った、注目すべき equivalent: 同意義の fixture: 常連 vulnerable: 攻撃されやすい


KamiSushi has Moved to a Brand New Location!

by Jun Ikemura

Taisho" Kamiya still serving the same delicious meals with a smile at their brand new location!

Diehard sushi lovers in Okinawa know where to go when it comes to some awesome and delicious sushi. They flock to Chatan Town at the one and only, Kamisushi. Here, locals and island visitors get to experience some of the most beautifully-made, mouthwatering tasting sushi on the island. And if you are looking for more of the traditional Japanese dishes, like tempura, they have that too, as well as a wide assortment of drinks and cocktails. But it’s their rolls that keeps the customers coming back. Everything from their Dragon Rolls to their Tiger and Rainbow Rolls will sure leave you the impression that you’ve died and gone to heaven.

atmosphere. Customers can watch their meals being prepared in front of them or gaze through their open kitchen to watch the magic unfold before their very eyes. But most importantly, you are served with an Okinawan smile!

Kamisushi wants you to join in on their celebration as they have moved to a new location. Sushi lovers will be glad to know that the new single-story building offers better parking accessibility than the previous location. Mr. Kamiya, owner of Kumisushi, loved the old location at the two-story Mihama Complex Facility. It was a major attraction, but due to recent land developments, parking had become an issue Kamisushi has developed an out- and customers were left frustrated as standing reputation amongst its repeat they often had to circle the area for a customers for its friendly and dynamic parking spot. The new location is at 3The Japanese-style ambiance makes you feel right at home.


diehard: 頑なに抵抗する人

2-2 Mihama, Chatan, close to the former location. You can find it here at this map pin, Don’t worry, the location has changed, but the taste hasn’t. Here customers can feel more relaxed as they sink their taste buds into some of the finest sushi on the island. Mr. Kamiya wants to spread joy through his handmade sushi. He wishes for everyone to enjoy themselves, meet new friends, interact with the staff, and most of all, feel at home. The new Kamisushi is open for lunch 11:30 ~ 14:00. Here they recommend one of their ¥980 choice sets of sushi, fried chicken, or teriyaki. In the evening they open from 17:00~23:00. Closed on Tuesday. Major credit cards are accepted.

Try the ¥980 lunch special today!

flock to: 群がる、押し寄せる reputation: 評判、名声 gaze: じっと見る interact: 触れ合う


Kunigami Village

Hedo Point is the northern most point on the Okinawa main island.

point of the Okinawa main island. Here you can view both the Pacific 4. Ashimui Utaki (Sacred site) Ocean on the right and the East 7. Road Station Yui Yui KuChina Sea to the left. On New Year’s nigami Ashimui Utaki (Sacred site) is one of the seven most sacred places Day, it has become a famous spot to The Yui Yui Kunigami Road Staon Okinawa and of the seven, it is the watch the first sunrise of the year. tion is the northern most road station furthest north. There you can see a 6. Daisekirinzan in Okinawa. Here you can find many mountain range with 4 distinguishnatural products and farm goods, able peaks. Ashimui means all four Daisekirinzan is sightseeing spot like green tea, tankan oranges, mountains chained together. Because of its spiritual significance climbing consisting of jagged limestones that pineapples, and other vegetables that the mountain top is now prohibited are uniquely formed within the forest are locally produced. Souvenirs and jungle. It is part of the Ashimui Utaki sweets are also available on location. to the general public. sacred site. Here there are well or- The Yui Yui Road Station has a 5. Hedo Point (Cape Hedo) ganized walking trails for both kids statue of the popular Okinawa Rail, and senior citizens. Visit their web- also known as the Yanbaru Kuina, Hedo Point is the northern most site for more information near the parking area. 1605 Okuma,

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jagged : ギザギザの specifically: 明確に national treasure: 天然記念物 endangered species list: 絶滅危惧種

Feel the exotic nature at Daisekirinzan Park.

Sculptures of the Yanbaru Kuina can be found all over Kunigami Village.

The Forest Park offers you a chance to relax and breathe.

At the Forest Toy Museum, you will find custom-made toys made from trees of the Yanbaru Forest.

Village. ity opened. 1477-35 Ada, Kunigami Yanbaru Forest Park, collocated at Village. the park’s information center. The museum’s aim is to connect children 8. Kuina-no-Mori (Live Okinawa 9. Yanbaru Forest Toy Museum with nature by using toys made of Rail Learning Facility, Page #4) trees found in the Okinawan jungle. “Yanbaru Mori no Omocha Bi- Kids from infants to middle school The Kuina-no-Mori translate to ‘Forest of the Okinawa Rail’ in Eng- jutsukan” means the Yanbaru Forest ages can indulge themselves with the lish. This facility was specifically de- Toy Museum. It is a museum like no signed to learn about the Okinawa other, consisting only of toys made of numerous toys on station. Open Rail and how to protect them as a wood that come from the Yanbaru 10:00~16:00 every day except Tuesspecies. The Okinawa Rail is consid- Forest. Yanbaru is a regional nick- days. Entry ¥400 for adults and ¥100 ered a national treasure and is cur- name of the northern area of Oki- for kids 3~12 years old. 1094-1 Henrently on the endangered species list. nawa often being associated with the Kunigami Village. The Okinawa Rails is difficult to see deep forest jungle. The museum is lo- tona, in nature and most Okinawans have cated in the Hentona District of Ku- h t t p : / / w w w. k u n i g a m i - f o r e s t never seen one before until this facil- nigami Village. It is part of the Kunigami

pose: 課す、もたらす、気取る collocate: 配置する、結びつく indulge: 熱中する numerous: とてもたくさんの 


Foster Festival

SAT 5/12 SUN 5/13



This ev This ent is open ttoo all DDoD oD ID ccard ard holders and Japanese citiz ens. event citizens. pets,, glass bottles, DDoo not bring pets bottles, outside alcohol alcohol or coolers. coolers.


mccsok mccsok csokina inawa.c om/festiv om/f estivals estiv als faceb fac ebook om/mccsok om/mc csokina csok inawa.diningandent a.diningandenter ertainment

It’s almost time for the annual Foster Fest! So make sure to mark your calendar for a fun-filled weekend. This FREE event will be held on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 from 1 to 9 p.m. both days at the flea market site on Camp Foster. There will be fun for all ages, including Fun Land’s rides and bouncers, game booths and awesome live entertainment. Hungry festival-goers can chow down on a variety of mouthwatering delights, like sizzling burgers from Bulldogs, succulent BBQ beef brisket and burritos from Hickory House All-American BBQ, cheesy pizza and Miami-inspired selections from 305 Latin Bistro. Patrons 20 years of age and older can enjoy refreshing adult beverages from Kanpai Lounge. The headliner this year will be the fast-rising R&B-

pop singer, songwriter and dancer Kehlani. Signed to Atlantic Records, Kehlani is known for bringing back the traditional ‘90s R&B vibe. Some of her most popular songs include “Gangsta,” “Faking It,” “Good Life,” “CRZY” and “Distraction.” Catch Kehlani LIVE on Saturday, May 12 at 7 p.m. The Foster Fest welcomes all service members, their families and Japanese citizens. However, no one will be admitted with pets, backpacks, outside alcohol, glass bottles or coolers. FREE shuttle buses will provide transportation to and from designated parking lots on the base. Also, as always, MCCS encourages everyone to drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive! Daiko and taxi services will be available.

For more information, visit

Event Schedule

Apr. 27~May 28 – Royal attire for the Kings of Ryukyu Exhibition at Naha City Museum in Naha City (4F Palette Kumoji Department Store 1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha City). 10:00~19:00 (Closed for Thursdays) ¥350 for adults, Free for students. Apr. 28~May 31 – Iheya Island Scarecrow Festival at Iheya Island. 8:00~18:00. Entry Fee. Mar. 11~Jun. 10 – 12 Yachimun (pottery) studios work exhibition at Moon Beach in Onna Village. 10:00~19:30. Free to enter. May 12 - Basketball B.League Championship Tournament Quarter Final 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Nagoya Diamond Dolphins, 13:00 at the Okinawa City Gym. see ticket prices a t html May 12 – Mother's Day May 12 – Okinawa – Indonesia Exchange Meeting at Haebaru Community Center in Haebaru town (236 Kyan, Haebaru town). ¥1000 for entry. May 12~13 – Camp Foster Festival 2018 at Camp Foster in Chatn Town. 13:00~21:00. May 12~13 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. May 12~13 – All Japan ProWrestling Okinawa Tournament at Namura Hall in Naha (1-5-1 Namura Plaza Bldg. Matsuyama, Naha). 17:00~ Special Ring Side ¥7000, Ring Side ¥5000, Stage S ¥7000, Stage A ¥5000, Standing


¥3000, Standing Kids ¥1000. May 13 - Basketball B.League Championship Tournament Quarter Final 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Nagoya Diamond Dolphins, 13:10 at the Okinawa City Gym. see ticket prices a t html May 13 – The All Okinawa Spring Bull Fighting Tournament at the Ishikawa Dome in Uruma City (2298-1 Ishikawa, Uruma). Male ¥3,000, Female ¥2,000 and Kids ¥1,000. May 13 – The Isewan Cup 2018 Wind Surfing First Round Okinawa Tournament at Kaichu Douro (Ocean Road) in Uruma City. ¥500 for entry May 13 – Sunrise Market Vol. 8 at Naha Sunrise Shopping Street in Naha. 10:00~16:00. May 14 – All Japan Pro-Wrestling Okinawa Tournament at Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. 17:00~ Special Ring Side ¥7500, Ring Side ¥5500, a reserved seat ¥4500. 18:00~ May 15 – Okinawa Reversion Day (1972) May 16~20 – Nanmin Festival (Naminoue Shrine Festival) at Naminoue Shrine and Naminoue Beach in Naha (1-25-11 Wakasa, Naha City). 5/16 Pre-event party 18:00~ 5/17 Reitaisai Festival 5/19 13:00~ Kids Smo (is this sumo?)wrestling tournament, live music, traditional dance performance and more. 5/20 10:00~ A portable shrine parade from Naminoue Shrine to Palette Kumoji department store, Juri-uma,

Eisa and much more. Entry free. May 18 – UIRA International Exchange Pot Luck Party at Urasoe International Relation Associations in Urasoe City (2-3-5 Ahacha, Urasoe City). 18:00~20:30. Please bring some dishes. ¥300 for join. TEL 098879-3010 MAIL May 19~20 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. May 19 - Yanbaru Tida Music Festival at Tsutsuji Eco Park in Higashi Village. 16:30~ ¥2000 in advance, ¥2500 at door and ¥500 under 18. TEL 098-965-3400 MAIL May 19~Jun. 30 – Night Tour of Bios on the Hill in Uruma City (961-30 Kadekaru, Ishikawa, Uruma City). Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 ¥1500 for adults, ¥1000 for 4~12 age and free under 3. May 20 – Uminchu Tore Tore Morning Market (Fish auction) at Chinen fishing port in Nanjo City (1198 China, Chinen, Nanjo City). 8:00~ Free to enter. May 20 – Bird Watching at Ocean Expo Park in Motobu Town. 8:15~11:00 Must over 15 years old. Need reservation 0980-483782. May 20 – Yomitan Village Haarii Tournament at Uza Beach in Yomitan Village. 8:30~ May 20 – Chimu Chimu Market at Itoman Central Market in Itoman City (989-82 Itoman, Itoman city). 10:00~16:00. Free to enter. May 20 – Bread and Sweets Festival 2018 Spring at Chura Sun Beach in Tomigusuku City.

11:00~16:00. Entry free. May 23~27 – The Exhibition of the Eight Views of Ryukyu drawn by Hokusai Katsuhika. 9:30~19:00. ¥200 for adults, ¥130 for University Students, ¥160 for over 65 years old and free under 18 years old. May 26 – Ocean Cup 2018 Ginowan ~ Kume Island Yacht Race Tournament. 6:00 start from Ginowan Marina. TEL 098-9858001. May 26~27 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. May 26~27 – Mammy's Market at AEON Chatan. 11:00~17:00. Free to enter. May 26 – A Ji Ru Music Festival 2018 at Futenma Shrine in Ginowan City (1-27-11 Futenma, Ginowan City). Open: 12:00 Start: 14:00. ¥3500 in advance, ¥4000 at door for adults. ¥2000 in advnace, ¥2500 at door for Junior High School and High School students, and over 65 years old. Free under 12. MAIL May 26 – Kumiodori "Ookawa Tekiuchi" at National Theater Okinawa in Urasoe City (4-14-1 Jitchaku, Urasoe City). 14:00~16:50. ¥3100. TEL 098871-3350 MAIL May 26 - Wind Orchestra Orion Presents "Joint Concert 2018 Wind Orchestra Orion and Vermillion Jazz Orchestra Big Whoops" at Sawafuji Hall in Nishihara Town (140-1 Yonashiro, Nishihara Town). 17:30~20:00. ¥500 for entry. TEL 080-1757-1403

The New Ginoza Village Road Station – Made for the Kids!

The new Ginoza Village Road Station grand opening.

The new Ginoza Village Road Station opened April 28th. It is not your typical road station found here on the island. Here, kids can play to their full delight, both on the ground and in the water! To top it off, you have the beautiful panoramic ocean view to the east, where you can just sit and relax. The new road station is a huge upgrade from its former facility which only featured

typical: 典型的な

a few local vendors and a small farmer’s market consisting of local produce, like their famous Ginoza strawberries. But don’t worry. All still remains. The biggest feature now is the brand-new building juxtaposed on the south wing of the facility. You can’t miss it! The dome-like structure gives it a 21st century touch. Collocated is a new playground facility and water play area for

juxtapose: 併設する、併置する  collocate: 配置する  tribute: 贈り物、賛辞

The new Ginoza Village Road Station lets kids to soak in the fun.

the kids, along with a new café on the 2nd story with an awesome view of Pacific Ocean. Additionally, as a special tribute to the Hanshin Tigers Japanese baseball team, the team paraphernalia are put on display at the new exhibit room. This highlights a special commemorative relationship with their Osaka counterparts as they come to Ginoza every February for their annual pre-season training. So, don’t miss out on all the fun! Put the Ginoza Village Road Station next on your bucket list. You’ll be glad you did.

counterpart: 相手、片割れ


Horoscope May. 10th ~ May. 24th You should keep aiming at fulfilling your dreams. Although there have been opportunities in the past, the time is right now. You should not be shy, but bravely ask what you really want. Pay attention to your money as there are extra unforeseen expenses ahead. You don’t want to get tangled in a mess like that.

The coming weekend and days after that are full of strong emotions, and there is a possibility that you could end up stating your points of view stronger than you’d intended. Make sure that you know the facts. Your life is going to become easier once you go through certain facts, although some changes are inevitable.

Although you consider yourself a sane and reasonable person, the fact is that not everyone thinks the same as you. People who have not been in the same situation as you do not necessarily understand your attitude. That’s the reason why you should not waste your time to explain, why a certain matter is so important to you.

You have much more knowledge than you give yourself credit for. You also are mature enough to see your life as it is. You should be ready to seize an opportunity when one arises. You are also able to help your friends without being obnoxious. You should trust in your heart and ability. Your inner voice tells you what’s right.

A fact of life is that there are both ups and downs, but you are not quite sure where you stand in the scheme of things. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. That will give you energy for the tribulations ahead. It is very important at this time that you discuss openly with your closest friends and family about your problems.

You feel like you are facing a big and important change in your life, but the problem is that you are not sure what this challenge actually is. You should be optimistic, and concentrate on possibilities that this change could open up. The only thing you really need is trust on your abilities and patience and that’s not too much to ask.

You have to decide whether a certain person among your friends needs your helping hand. But you have to approach the matter delicately. A friendly stance is better than aggressive, and that also ensures a long-lasting and satisfying solution to the problem. You have to show patience at home and avoid hurting others’ pride.


You are facing a task that will take much energy and time, but you should still bet on it. Whether this has something to do with your home or work, optimism is the key. Trying to cut corners is not goo, and would only confuse others involved in this. Strong determination is the right attitude that will propel you forward.

In your everyday routines, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. Something is going to divert your attention from a matter of urgent importance. You have to prioritize everything you have to do, and especially you have to ignore those who make the most noise in order for you not to deviate from the correct path.

You should concentrate on plans that are highly possible to realize. Everyone has a tendency to just drift into situations without thinking why and how. Instead, you should decide what are the important things in your life, and what are you going to do about them. Using your imagination effectively is also important.

You must trust in your feelings. Think about the time when your life was simpler. Would it be possible to regain your attitude of the time? You should go through the facts of your current life and sort them out in the order of importance. Although you might lack self-confidence just now, you still have your wise brain to use.

You should avoid making life too complicated. Balancing your life between work and home would be easier if you just did your best without taking on too much stress. Mulling things over and over in your head or even with your friends does not guarantee good results. You should trust in your experience and intuition more.


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Help Wanted

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea

Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times.

We are looking for a parttime English conversation class teacher, preferably female. The School located at just 10 minutes from Ryukyu University or Okinawa International University by car. The Class is every Wednesday night. ( 4 times in the month) The Junior high school students (7:00p.m8:00 p.m) and Adults Class (8:10p.m.-9:30p.m.) Salary: ¥1,500 per hour and pay by the day. The primary purpose of the class is to exchange culture and to provide our students exposure to English language. Teaching materials and guidance are available at the school. Please send a simple resume in English at Phone inquiries are also available at 098-870-3350.

Looking for par time bi-lingual Japanese/English Real Estate Agent. No experience needed will train. Good salary. For information call 090-3014-7788 or e-mail medwards888888@yahoo.c om

P/T ENGLISH TEACHER WANTED!! The language school in Ginowan is seeking an English teacher who


兼ねて、国頭村特集を組みま したよ♪ 国頭と言えばもう 読者の皆さまこんにちは! Golden Week ロス、してませ 『自然』という言葉がぴったり んか〜!? 大型連休が終わ でしょう!コレと言って遊べ り、今度はしっかり仕事モー るようなテーマパークだった ドに切り替えて頑張っていき り公園だったりお買い物スポ ましょう〜!さて、今号の ットなんてのもありません OkinaWanderer は、これから が、自然と戯れるならここが の季節に向けてということも 一番!なくらいに自然豊かな

Ryukyu Press Publication

President Assistant Editor Sales Translation Accountant

can work at least a few days a week during our normal business hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 12:00~21:00 and Saturdays from 9:00~18:00. (We are closed on Sun. Mon. and Japanese holidays) Start from 2 hours on Saturdays, with the possibility of more lessons in the future. You will decide on a mutually-agreeable work schedule with Global Village on a monthly basis. However, your schedule may change based on the needs of the students. Salary: ¥2,000/hour Key requirements: Dependable・ Passionate・ Articulate・ Must display effort and creativity during lessons・ MUST BE A NATIVE SPEAKER・ Prior teaching experience is preferred (candidates without experience may still apply). Steps to apply: Step 1 :  Request an application form by emailing Global Village at Step 2 :  We will send you information on our teaching positions and our application form. Step 3  :   If you agree with our terms and conditions, then send us back your completed application form. Global Village Tel:098-896-1577

Koza Used Car Sales company is looking for a full time sales rep. Must speak fluent English and some Japanese, light Japanese writing or reading needed.

場所ですよね♪ ワタクシ E.KEMURA もこの間、取材を 兼ねて一泊の宿泊も兼ねて国 頭村へ行ってきましたよ!南 部からだと、高速使っても3 時間ほどかかる場所なので、 日帰りとなると取材の時間も 限られるし、すでにゴールデ ンウィークに差し掛かってい

Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

Pay is either full commission, basic salary plus big commission, or negotiable. Almost all military personnel need a car on Okinawa, and your sales skills would earn great rewards! Please feel free to apply. Koza Used Car is located between Kadena AB Gate #2 and #3. Tel: 098-938-8651 Email: dcars/koza/

急募!北谷神鮨ではスタッフ募 集 中 。 18歳 以 上 な ら ど な た で も応募可能です。勤務時間ラン チ 11:00か ら 14:00ま た は デ ィ ナ ー 17:00か ら 23:00。 ユ ニ フ ォーム支給有り。電話連絡から の面 接となります。090- 37906482 担当者神谷 アルバイト募集!月に4日〜5 日出勤、1日4〜6時間ほどの お仕事です。内容は紙面の袋詰 め作業、業社への紙面搬入、ル ート配送など。8〜9時スター トで開始時刻によっては午前中 で終了も可能。自家用車持ち込 み必須、学生可、ベースパス保 持 者 尚 可 。 日 給 ¥7000 ガ ソ リ ン代込み。応募希望者は履歴書 をメールでお送りください。 i n fo @r y uk yu pres s . com 池 村 ま で。 宜 野 湾市 真 志喜 2-610 ( 株 ) 琉 球 P ress 098943-6180

たので、それも考慮すると移 動だけで半日は掛かってしま う。それよりは余裕を持って 前日に国頭入りして、その自 然を昼も夜も満喫して、翌日 は早朝から活動!という形を 取ったんです♪ コレがすご く正解で、朝一の比地大滝の 気持ちいいこと!マイナスイ

オン出まくりじゃん!?くら いに自然の空気を楽しんでき ました♪ それ以外の撮影ス ポットもスムーズに回れた し、もちろん夜は夜で都会で は味わえない星も満喫!キャ ンプ場もいろいろありますの でね、ぜひ今号を参考に国頭 探索されてください!

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