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From unique to formal gifts, find it all at the Fundu.

On the surface Okinawa City may appear like any other city, but deep behind the scenes is a town filled with a rich and colorful history. As the second largest city in Okinawa Prefecture, its reputation has become synonymous with music and dance. Renowned for its talented Eisa dancers, the city has also become the island’s epicenter for live music. Dubbed as Music Town,


local musicians frequent the area providing local entertainment for music lovers of all genres.

But amongst the locals, Okinawa City is also well known for something else… its traditional craft work. This tradition predates both Eisa and modern live music well over a few centuries. In fact, one of the city’s historical gems, the Chibana-

Both traditional and contemporary gifts available.

surface: 外見、表面上

Hanaori, originated around the 18th century during the time of the Old Ryukyu Kingdom. The ChibanaHanaori is a special style of traditional woven fabric that was developed in the Chibana region (now Okinawa City’s present day Chibana District). The method is still used today and is considered a National Traditional Craft of the Ryukyus. Its colorful and

unique pattern is what brings the fabric to life and is often found in many forms of attire used in Okinawan cultural dances and ceremonies.

Okinawa City’s handcraft legacy still continues today. Here one can find a multitude of studios specializing in Ryukyu glass, Shiisaa statues, Okinawan pottery, lacquerware, bingata dyeing, and much, much

Check out craft works from 17 Okinawa City studios.

synonymous: 同義語の renowned: 名高い、名声のある epicenter: 発生地、中心地 dub: ニックネームで呼ぶ 

Find Your Treasure at the Koza Craft Hall Fundu

By Jun Ikemura

Entrance to the Fundu, located on Gate 2 Street.

more. Many of these artisans have a willingness to share their love and passion for the traditional arts, but it’s often difficult to showcase so many specialties in one venue – until now.

Recently, 17 craft studios from Okinawa City have gathered and combined their passion to form the “Koza Craft Hall Fundu”. Located on Koza Gate 2 Street, the Fundu carries all

handmade craftworks, each uniquely made – and definitely nothing you will find anywhere else in the world. So, if you are looking for that one gift for that special partner, family, friend, or even for yourself, this is the place to go. But don’t expect to see a 100 Yen shop here; prices fit the quality of handmade art. And for those who seek custom-made items with a particular type of tapestry, color of Ryukyu glass,

or bingata dye, you may be in luck, as some of the artisans do custom craft work on location. Additionally, workshops are offered on a regular basis for those wanting to make their own gifts.

Okinawa City is truly an international city welcoming all from around the world. The artisans from Koza Fundu would like to welcome you to see their craftwork firsthand or visit one of

gem: 逸品 willingness: 意欲、やる気 artisan: 職人 firsthand: 直に、自分の目で aboard: 〜の中へ、搭乗して

their workshops. They would even be open to providing a workshop aboard one of the military installations. You won’t be disappointed. So next time you are in the area, come visit the Koza Craft Hall Fundu located at 1-11-2 Chuo, Okinawa City. 098-934-2213. Open 365 days 11:00~21:00 (April~October) 1 1 : 0 0 ~ 2 0 : 0 0 (November~March). Major credit cards accepted.


The New Eisa Museum

The new Eisa Museum opened on March 25th of this year and is located inside the Koza Music Town Sound Market. Here you will find all the information about Eisa Dancing – Okinawa’s esteemed traditional folkdance entertainment. Discover everything from


Learn all about Eisa at the new Eisa Museum.

the style of music and dance to the instruments that are being used, like the Sanshin and the Taiko drum. Learn about the various groups around the island that perform Eisa, along with their unique style and approach to the dance. Visitors can even try on an Eisa costume or

esteem: 〜を高く評価する

play with the taiko drums, and if you wish, even have your photos taken. Attendees will get a chance to go back in time, as archive footage is played of the All Okinawa Eisa Festival, Okinawa City’s most popular annual Eisa event. The museum is English friendly, and it

opens from Thursdays through Tuesdays from 10:00~21:00. It is closed on Wednesdays. Entry fee are ¥300 for adults, ¥100 for elementary through high school students, and free ages under 6. For more information, call 098-9895066.

attendee: 参加者 archive: 保存記録、公文書 footage: 全長 全長、フィルム映像


Koza; The Other Okinawa City B.C. Street


Photoes by Okinawa Prefectural Archives

If you’ve been in Okinawa for a while, there’s a good chance that you heard the name “Koza” at least once. This is especially true if you’ve been around parts of Okinawa City; places like Koza Music Town, Koza High School, Koza Used Cars are just a few that often get mentioned. It has become a household name, often being associated with night entertainment and live music. But you might be surprised by the mystery behind the name’s origins.

nawan people. One of these camps was built in Goeku Village, in a subdistrict called Goya. Bordering Goya was Koja, a district belonging to the neighboring Misato Village. When the camp was established in 1945, it was designated as Camp Koza. Here, is where the mystery deepens. At that time, there was no such word as ‘Koza’, in either the Japanese or Okinawan language. So why was it chosen? There were two reasons; first, this was a case of mistaken identity and second, …a spelling After the Battle of Okinawa, error. Because the district boundaries refugee camps were established all over were not as apparent back then, US the island to shelter the war-torn Oki- service members would often confuse


household: 世帯、お馴染みの

refugee: 難民、避難者

the areas of Goya as to belonging to that of Koja. To further add to the confusion, ‘Koza’ was just a mispronunciation by Americans who misunderstood the actual pronunciation of Koja, often pronouncing it with the letter ‘z’ instead of a ‘j’. What would otherwise be Camp Koja, was now branded as Camp Koza, though in reality it should have been named Camp Goya. Nevertheless, the word Koza was now added to the Okinawan lexicon and would forever be enshrined in the annals of Okinawa history. Continues to page 8

war-torn: 戦争で引き裂かれた lump into: 〜を同等に扱う

decommission: 閉鎖する、退役させる

resurrect: 生き返らせる、復活させる


Koza; The Other Okinawa City

By Jun Ikemura

Back-in-day; Bars still in action from the Koza Era.


merge: 合併する、結合する

mart: 市場、販売所 thrive: 繁栄する、富む remote island: 離島 island chain: 諸島

A 360 degree panoramic observatory inside Okinawa City Hall.

Continued from page 6

There are many different theories to how Koza got its name, but this version is the one that is widely spoke of. After the camp was decommissioned in 1946, the name Goeku Village was reinstated, but only for a short while. Residents who remained in the village kept the Koza name alive and in 1956 decided to rename the village as Koza Village only to be upgraded later to Koza City that same year. Then in 1974, Koza City and its neighbor Misato Village merged to form Okinawa City.

The US military would go on to build a much larger base near the old camp. This would become Kadena Air Base. As years followed, shops and marts would grow and thrive in the Koza area, as well as in the surrounding districts of Yaeshima, Business Center Street (B.C. Street – current Park Avenue), Teruya District, Goeku District, and Gate-2 Street. Wanting to start a new life,

thousands upon thousands of Okinawans, to include those from the remote Ryukyu islands, the Amami island chain, as well as citizens from other foreign countries, flooded in to capitalize on the region’s success. Despite being renamed Okinawa City for over 40 years now, the name Koza still resonates among the current generation of Okinawans, many still referring downtown Okinawa City as “Koza”.

Because of its crossroads with the American military and other foreigners from around the world, Koza City, for all intents and purposes, was truly the first international city in Okinawa. It became the gateway for introducing rock music, American culture, and a new form of nightlife and entertainment. It is without question, an important chapter in one of many colorful chapters of Okinawa history and even more so, will always have a special place in the hearts of the Okinawan people.

capitalize: 利用する、出資する despite: 〜にもかかわらず resonate: 鳴り響く、響き渡る intent: 意図、目的



Event Schedule

Mar. 11~Jun. 10 – 12 Yachimun (pottery) studios work exhibition at Moon Beach in Onna Village. 10:00~19:30. Free to enter. Mar. 11~May 6 – Sunflower Maze at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. 8:30~17:30. Free to enter. heiwakinenzaidan Mar. 17~May 6 – Naomi's Party, Naomi Watanabe Art Exhibition at AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom. 11:30~19:30 ¥600 for advance. ¥700 at the door. Free for under 6. Apr. 1~30 – Irukanda Flower Festival at Kongou Sekirinzan Park in Ginama, Kunigami Village. ¥820 for adult. ¥520 for 4 to 15 age. 9:00 ~ Close. Apr. 13 – Beach Opening, Sunset Beach in Chatan Town. Apr. 13 – Beach Opening, Araha Beach in Chatan Town. Apr. 14 – Beach Opening, Sesoko Beach on Sesoko Island in Motobu Town. Apr. 14 – Beach Opening, Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island in Tokashiki Village. Apr. 14 – Kids Terurin Festival at Park Avenue in Okinawa City. 14:00 ~ Close Apr. 14 – Okinawa International Cosplay Festival 2018 at Depot island, Mihama, Chatan. Noon to 17:30. Apr. 14 – Ryukyu Kaiesnsai (Fireworks Festival) at Tropical Beach in Ginowan city. Gate opens at 15:30, and the Fireworks starts at 19:30.


Apr. 14~15 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Apr. 14~15 – Shimazake Festival (Awamori Festival) at Okinawa Cellular Park in Naha. 11:00~18:00 ¥1500 in advance. ¥2000 at door. Available to drink all 46 Awamori distiller's Awamori on Okinawa. Live music by Kiiyama Shouten (both days). Apr. 14~15 – White Beach Festival in White Beach in Uruma City. 12:00~20:00 Apr. 14~15 – Okinawa Motor Festival in Izena island. Apr. 14~15 – Slow Food Fest in Ryukyu 2018 with Alice Waters at Ai Ai Farm in Nakijin Village. Apr. 15 – Camp Hansen World Famous Mud-Run at Camp Hansen in Kin Town. 8:30~17:00 Registration (February 9-April 13) $35 per Adult $90 per Team (3 participants per team) $10 per Child (ages 5-14) TEL 098-970-3533 M A I L Apr. 15 – Tsunagu Fest at Nigiwai Hiroba in Naha City (2-7-10 Matsuo, Naha City). 11:00~17:00. Entry is free. Charity event for animals cruelty prevention and pet adoption assistance. Sales from the event will be donated to animal protection orgainzations. MAIL Apr. 15 – Koza Terurin Festival at Chuo Avenue in Okinawa City. 12:00~21:00. Free to enter. Apr. 15 – Beach Opening, Bibi Beach Itoman.

Apr. 19~22 – Okinawa International Movie Festival at some around of Okinawa. Apr. 21 – Murasaki Live in Koza at 7th Heaven Koza (1-2-10 Chuo, Okinawa City) Apr. 21 – Beach Opening,Tropical Beach. Apr.21 – Beach Opening, Aka Beach in Zamami island. 11:00~ Apr. 21~22 – Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Apr. 21 – Beach Opening, Azama Sun Sun Beach in Nanjo City. 14:00~ Apr. 21 – Kouri Island Magic Hour Run in Nakijin village. 15:30~ Apr.22 – Beach Opening, Nishihara Kirakira Beach in Nishihara Town. Apr. 22~May 6 – Ie island Lily Festival at Lily Field in Ie island. Free to enter. Apr. 22 – Okinawa International Movie Festival ceremony on Kokusai Street in Naha. 12:00~14:30. Apr. 28~30 – Craft Fair Nanjo City Okinawa Collection at Tamagusuku Gym in Nanjo City (Behind the Nanjo City Hall, 200 Fusato, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City). 10:00~18:00 (~17:00 on the last day). 300 car parking spaces available. Free to enter. Apr. 28~May 7 – Nakijin Carp Streamer Festival at Nakijin Road Station in Nakijin Village. Apr. 28~29 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary grounds, Uruma City.

7:00~10:00, admission free. Apr. 28~May 6 – Peace Memorial Carp Streamer Festival at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. 9:30~17:00 Apr. 28~29 – Ginowan Hand Craft Festival at Ginowan city hall in Ginowan (1-1-2 Nodake, Ginowan city). 11:00~18:00 (Sat.) 10:30~16:30 (Sun). Free to enter. Apr. 28 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Alvark Tokyo, 18:05 at the Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for adults, children ¥1,000, see Apr. 29 – The Day of Showa (Japanese Holiday) Apr. 29 – Payao Fish Festival at Payao in Okinawa City (1-11 Awase, Okinawa city) 10:00~ Apr. 29 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Alvark Tokyo, 13:05 at the Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for adults, children ¥1,000, see Apr. 30 – The Day of Showa observed. May 2 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Osaka Evessa, 20:05 at the Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for adults, children ¥1,000, see

Tsunagu Festival: Raising Awareness on Animal Abuse The 4th Annual Tsunagu Festival takes place Sunday, April 15th from 11:00 to 17:00. This is a special festival designed to raise awareness on animal cruelty and abuse. In Japanese, tsunagu means to connect or to join, and that’s what it aims to do; by connecting abused pets to possible new owners through adoption. The event will take place at the Nigiwai Hiroba Field in Naha City (2-7-10 Matsuo, Naha) just one block behind Kokusai Street. Organizers wish to educate people about the existing problems of pet abuse and how we can help put a stop to it. Like any festival, this event is intended to bring people to-

gether in harmony. There will be stage events, food/beverage stands, and pet accessories and souvenirs shops to bring you a little closer to your pet. All sales made at this event will cover operating cost with the rest of the proceeds being donated to animal protection associations. Over ¥320,000 was donated from the last festival. There will be a special station to facilitate pet adoptions and to provide volunteer pet caretaking. Please come check it out! For more information visit there Facebook page, UNAGUOKINAWA.

10th Koza Terurin Festival set for April 15th

A festival in honor of one of Okinawa’s greatest musicians, Rinsuke Teruya, will take place Sunday afternoon, April 15th, at Okinawa City’s Chuo Park Avenue. The nine-hour concert will pay homage to Rinsuke Teruya, the man who lit the match on Okinawan entertainment after World War II

and would later become the icon of Okinawan pop culture. The free concert is being held in Okinawa City, traditionally considered the epicenter for Okinawa’s entertainment and music underground.

Performers will take stage in the afternoon through the evening. Admis-

sion is free. Concert begins at noon and will end at 9 p.m. The concert will feature more than 30 artists, including the Rinken Band, Sadao China, Tetsuhiro Daiku, Shuken Maekawa, Yukito Ara, Toru Yonaha, Yoriko Ganeko, and Tink Tink amongst many others.

Rinjiro Teruya, the organizer of the Terurin Festival, says “we would like to thank all musicians and supporters and fans of Okinawan music from around

the world. Such a grassroots festival couldn’t happen without all your support.” Teruya says the concert will “feature much of the old Okinawan folk music that originated in in Koza by musicians who embody the Okinawan spirit.” He notes that there are so many great songs here in Okinawa but “most of the original singers and musicians have since passed away, and it’s our duty to carry on their spirit and spread it out to future generations to come.”

cruelty: 残虐な行為 abuse: 虐待、乱用 adoption: 養子縁組 icon: 象徴、偶像化される人 grassroots: 草の根の、民衆の


Horoscope Apr. 10th ~ Apr. 24th Various kinds of delays and misunderstandings could spell trouble for you over the next few days. You should plan ahead and be flexible in facing and mitigating ill effects if you encounter trouble. In love, you should pay special attention to everyday cooperation in order to reduce stress. Enjoy the good times and relax.

If you want your current relationship to flourish, you have to be more flexible and forgiving. Forget the idea that you always have to be in right and think about what really is important for you. Trying to reach for perfection often results in disappointment. It would be much better for your to take it a little easier sometimes.

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Old memories have a tendency to turn golden as times go by, especially romantic ones. But is it worth the time to dream about past. It would be better to look forward and reach for something better. You can expect some good news when someone who made you a promise a while ago finally takes action and the results are good.

You could encounter an event this weekend that leaves you a little puzzled. You must be patient, and everything will be OK. A friend who is behaving contrary to the usual has a good reason. You have to see the situation from a new angle in order to understand it. You also have to be prepared to possible changes in your near-term future plans.

At the beginning of next week, you likely are facing a situation that you have to negotiate. Remember that you have more important things to do than start a quarrel. You have to charm your lover into opening up about a certain personal matter. It would help to convince him or her that your feelings are truly genuine.

You could have expected that your plans get delayed and sidetracked, but it’s infuriating, nevertheless. You must now remember that you never wait for good things in life too long. Sometimes, a short break of a day or two helps you to see the situation clearer. And don’t believe everything that you hear. Those people could have their own ideas about your future.

You could unexpectedly meet an old flame and that could mess up your head and raise some mixed feelings. You should think twice whether it’s worth your while to travel on your old path. You should look for the company of someone who can help you to grow into a person you want to be. Even a small change could be important.

Your discussions about your family’s money situation could change for worse. You should clear the matter as early as possible, preferable by the end of the weekend. Keep your cool and don’t waste valuable time pondering different alternatives. You know what you want and what others expect from you, although it’s not always so easy to match the two.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to take our spouses for granted. We think that we know what they think and what is expected from us. It would be a good idea at times to check if that really is true. Maybe now is the right time to see things from different perspective. To have a serious and deep conversation is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Although you expected your business become more difficult, you have not completely prepared for the coming week. Try balancing the different aspects of the trouble before telling those concerned about your opinion. Things can now change from day to day, and no one expects you to rush into hasty decisions, so take your time.

This weekend you can let loose. It has been some time since you had a chance, and of some people around you want to wallow in the past, let them. Why would anyone cling to the past when you have so many exciting and fun things ahead. When a new door opens for you, it means new opportunity after a long dull period of time.


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Ryukyu Press Publication

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( Gi nowa n Ci t y

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Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata


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王朝時代には由緒ある場所で ると、ほんとにいろいろな角 はあったけど、戦前までは田 度の『コザ』が見えて来ます 畑が広がる場所であった。そ (^^)そうそう、特集の中に れが戦後、ほんとにいろいろ てパノラマ写真を掲載してい な歴史を踏まえて紆余曲折あ ますが、沖縄市役所の最上階 り、今では那覇に次ぐ沖縄第 に沖縄市を一望できる展望台 二の都市となっていると。そ があるのをご存知ですか? ういった様々な歴史の端々や ここもまさに Invisible!ぜひ 名残を探索しながら歩いて見 足を運んでみてください!

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