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Manza Beach Resort

Summer is around the corner! Starting in March, many beaches around Okinawa will reopened again to the public with the first beach opening celebration taking place on Saturday, March 17th at the ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort in Onna Village. The resort is located along a narrow peninsula projecting out towards the East China Sea making it almost entirely engulfed by the ocean. The view from the hotel is remarkable, and its center location on the island makes it easily accessible to visitors from any direction.

In celebration of this occasion, the ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort will grant free access to one of their popular venues called the Ocean Park. For one day, kids through adults can jump around on floating obstacle courses, slides, and trampolines all for free on


the 17th from 09:00-17:00. In addition, the resort’s semi-submarine, the Submarine Jr. II, will be free admission from 13:00~17:00. You don’t want to miss out on this excellent opportunity. It’s a great experience for kids as they explore the vast ocean life underneath. Free parking will be available on that day as well.

If you can’t make it on opening day, great offerings will still be available from the resort. From March 1st through the 18th, you can get a free ride on the Submarine Jr. II with your lunch receipt from the resort’s dining facility, the Aqua Belle. The Aqua Belle will be offering a special 35th anniversary all-you-can-eat lunch buffet featuring 35 flavors of their original Aqua Belle curry, the ever popular Misaki-beef hamburgers, and 35 dessert selections along with an extensive salad menu, deli-

peninsula: 半島

Manza Beach Resort, 360 ⸰ of Panoramic Paradise.

cious choice of breads and much, much more. Lunch buffet costs ¥2,435 for adult, ¥1,335 for child (4~12yr) and infants (0~3) eat for free. Prices are in JPY. Price does not include tax. Sales and gratuity taxes may also apply. Bring your military ID for 10% discount. USD are also accepted. Lunch time is from 11:30~14:00 every day. Bring coupon from this magazine to redeem offer.

Yoshio Kaneko, the resort’s Marketing Director, says, “We invite you all to enjoy our entertainment and dining facilities. Just come and have fun at the beach, pamper your palate with a delicious meal, relax in our spa or just have a good time by the poolside. We are happy to help you relax and have a fabulous time at our resort. I’m looking forward to your next visit with us!”. He also encourages visitors

to check into the many hotel guest packages for special events such as weddings, meetings, and parties. The hotel has 397 rooms, all with an ocean view. The resort is an ideal spot for couples in their 30’s and 40’s, as well as for families and seniors. Many guests who attend the resort wedding ceremonies also stay at the hotel. The hotel offers plenty of fun activities for the locals, as well for the U.S. military and foreign community alike.

Staying at the hotel is great, but if you are just visiting for the day, there are a wide-range of activities to make your stop an enjoyable one.

ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort 2260 Seragaki, Onna Village. 0 9 8 - 9 6 6 - 2 2 1 2

engulfed: 〜に囲まれる gratuity: サービス料、チップ pamper: 満足させる palate: 味覚、嗜好

35th Anniversary Celebration

The Ocean Park, an experience like no other. Let the blue sky and emerald ocean take all your worries away.

Take a ride in the Submarine Jr II! See the ocean beauty, as it comes alive in front of your very own eyes.

The new Oriental Grill. Grand opening, January 2018.

A special 35th anniversary all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

Beach Opening on Okinawa!! Manza Beach, Onna Village – First beach to open for business on Okinawa.

Are you ready to have some fun?! Get ready to get back in the water because March is the opening season for Okinawa

beaches. Check out the summer opening schedule below. And of course, always bring skin protection, know your aquatics

ability, and know what to watch out for when it comes to ocean life. Have fun, but always‌ safety first.


Sunflowers in Winter? Yes, in Okinawa!

Naturally, when you mention sunflowers, most people immediately think of an array of yellow lit flowers stretching out towards the horizon with a backdrop of a deep blue sky, under the glazing summertime sun. Except…in Okinawa, we call it winter. Sunflower Festivals are normally held during the winter due to the

Over 100,000 sunflowers expected to bloom at the annual Kitanakagusuku Sunflower Festival.

island’s warm climate this time of year. The most popular Sunflower Festival is the Kitanakagusuku Village Sunflower Festival at the Shiosaien Field in Kitanakagusuku Village (2070-16 Atta, Kitanakagusuku Village) from March 3rd through the 18th. They are expecting more than 100,000 sunflowers this year. Entry is

free. Opens 10:00~16:00 every day. They have an official Facebook Page; use search term, “HimawarInKitanakagusuku in the Facebook search bar.

Another popular sunflower event is at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park. A maze composed of live sunflowers will be set up to

entertain your kids. With 2 meters of wall to wall sunflowers, there will surely be plenty of fun to go around. But don’t worry about getting lost! The maze is manageable in size. You’ll make it out before winter is over! Location: 444 Mabuni, Itoman City.

Who says getting lost can’t be fun? A-maze yourself in a maze of sunflowers. Fun for all kids and adults.


array: 多数の、ずらりと並んだ

grazing: 牧草 term: 用語、言葉 maze: 迷路 compose: 〜からなる,構成する


Ryukyu Mura

“Onna Village” Ryukyu Mura is a theme park where visitors can enjoy the old lifestyles and traditions of the Ryukyu people. Here you will find a multitude of workshops like Bingata

dyeing, playing the Sanshin, Shiisa making, baking Sata Andagi (Okinawan donuts), or donning a traditional Ryukyu kimono. Don't witness the experience. Live it!

The Yamada Castle ruins are located in the Yamada district of Onna Village. It is said to be the location where Lord Gosamaru was raised as a child. An influential character from old Okinawan history, Lord Gosamaru would lend his support to

another important historical figure, the first King of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Sho Hashi. Story also has it that Gosamaru used stones from the Yamada Castle to make his own, Zakimi Castle, now in present day Yomitan Village.

“Tanchamebushi” Song Monument

Most people in Okinawa should have heard of the song, “Tanchamebushi”. It is often used for TV and radio commercommercials, and can also be heard on the Okinawa monorail, better known as the Yui Rail. At the Naha Airport monorail station, tunes from Tanchamebushi song are used as chimes for arriving and departing rail trains. Though most Okinawans might have heard of this song, only a few may know its origins. It is

said that the song was created 250 years ago when greeting a King to the village of Manza, which is now part of present day Onna Village. The song was used to bring good fortune to fisherfishermen in hopes they would bring home a good catch for the vil lage. These days, the song is played on a loud speaker in the Tancha district and a monument has been erected to give tribute to the song.

Nakayukui Market

There are many road sta tions or “michi no eki’s” on Ok inawa. Here you can find various kinds of local dishes, sweets, souvenirs, fresh vegetables, and much, much more! Though OkiOkinawa doesn't have a major interisland railroad system, these michi no eki’s, spread through out the island, serve as a nice rest stop for many travelers vis iting the island. The “Nakayukui Market”, a road station in Onna Village is one such place, attractattracting visitors from all directions.

In fact, Nakayukui means “take a rest for a while” or “rest along the way”. So, while you are there, grab yourself something to bite. Hot or cold, they have plenty of selections to choose from. Try the Okinawan donut, the “Sata Andagi”, or the minced fish, the “Kamaboko”. They also carry a variety of sweets as well, like shaved ice and ice cream. Next time you are in Onna Village, stop and rest at the Nakayukui Market.

Yamada Castle Ruins

multitude: 多数、大衆

don: 着る lord: 権力者、領主 influential: 影響力の大きい erected: 建てられる grab: 掴む

– A Relaxation Paradise Onna Village is located on the west coast of central Okinawa and occupies a long, narrow stretch of the coastline, extending 27.4 kilometers north to south and 4.2 kilometers around its girth. Onna Village is one of the more popular resort locations on the island, being home to some of the most gorgeous hotels in

Cape Manza

Okinawa, like the ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort in the Seragaki district. Still, new hotels are being built, and why not? Its location and beautiful ocean front view is ideal for the relaxing soul. Let Onna Village be your next stop. Make it part of your Oki experience!

Cape Manza (Manzamou) is one of the most popular, picturesque sightseeing spots in Okinawa. Located in Onna Village, the cape’s natural landscape is composed primarily of sedimentary rock turned limestone, harden by years of hardhitting waves along its coastline. Its most recognizable feature is its elephant snoutlike rock formation protruding from the cliffside. The name “Manzamou” is said to originate from King Sho Kei in 1720 during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. He had referred to the cape’s plateau-like feature as “a field where ten thousand

Fere means “outlaw” in the Okinawan dialect. Long ago, outlaws would hide on a rock and steal baggage from unsuspecting travelers as they passed by. Their technique? A simple hook. This rock became known as the Fere Rock, or Outlaw Rock depending on the interpreta-

by Jun Ikemura

people can sit”. The term Man means 10,000, Za meaning to sit, and Mou meaning field; Hence, the term Manzamou.

Every day, tourist flood the area to take their own memorable photos, and nearby at the entrance, sit souvenir shops of Okinawan-made items. Manzamou faces the East China Sea and is now part of the Okinawa Kaigan QuasiNational Park. Originally established as a Prefectural Park in 1965, it was later designated as a national park when Japan assumed control of Okinawa in 1972.

tion. The rock sat along a strategic road that connected both northern and southern areas during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Hence, this road would be a magnet for attracting danger and other wild shenanigans.

Fere Rock

occupy: 占める、占有する girth: 胴回り ideal: 理想的な picturesque: 美しい、魅力溢れる lime stone: 石灰石 snout : 突き出た鼻


Event Schedule

Jan.1 - Mar. 31 Shurijo Castle Park 25th anniversary photo exhibition of Shuri Castle Park at Shuri Castle Park Southern Palace. 8:30~18:30 Feb. 17~Mar. 17 – Okinawa Zoo Flower Festival at Okinawa Zoo, 57-1 Goya, Okinawa City. 9:30~17:30, Adults ¥ 500, Junior high and high school students ¥200, ¥100 4~12 years old. Closed Tuesdays. Feb. 23~Mar. 11 – Photo exhibition Pacific Pitch U.S. - Japanese Baseball Diplomacy at Nago City Central Library. Admission free. Feb. 1~Mar. 31 – Kanucha Flower Garden Festival at Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago City. Free to enter. Mar. 2~21 – Higashi Village Azalea Festival at the Azalea Park in Higashi Village. 9:00~18:00. (766-1 Taira, Higashi Village) ¥300 over 15 years old. Mar. 3~Apr. 8 – Bougainvillea Festival at The Southeast Botanical Garden in Okinawa City. ¥1500 for adults, ¥100 for High School Students, ¥500 for Junior High School and Elementary School students, free for under 6 years old. Mar. 3~25 – Nago Flower Festival 2018 at Wansaka Oura Park in Nago (465-7 Oura, Nago). 10:00~19:00. Free to enter. Mar. 3~18 – Sunflowers Festival in Kitanakagusuku (2070 Atta, Kitanakagusuku. Near Kitanakagusuku Junior High School). 10:00~16:00. Free to enter. Mar. 8~11 Okinawa City Art Craft


Fair Vol. 16 at Plaza House Shopping Center in Okinawa City. 10:00~20:00 Entry free. Mar. 8~11 – Ryukyu Shimpo Orchid Festival at the Makeman Urasoe Main Store in Urasoe City. 9:30~20:00 Free to enter. Mar. 10~11 – Naha Meshi (dish) Grand Prix Tournament and Naha Sports Festival at Onoyama Park in Naha. Mar. 10~11 – Katsuyama Shikuwasa (Okinawan citrus) Flower Festival at Kastuyama Community Center in Nago City (467 Katsuyama, Nago) 9:00~ Free to enter. Mar. 11 – Okinawa City Junior Orchestra Concert at Okinawa City Civic Hall in Okinawa city. ¥1000 Mar. 11 – The Kakazu Cup Sports Bicycle Tournament at the Okinawa Prefectural Comprehensive Park in Okinawa City. 9:00~ Mar. 11 – Sunrise Market Vol. 6 at Sunrise Naha Shopping Street in Naha. 10:00~16:00. Free to enter. Mar. 11 – Coral Festival in Itoman at the Road Station Itoman in Itoman City. 13:00~18:00 Mar. 11 – March Bullfighting Derby at the Ishikawa Dome in Uruma City (2298-1 Ishikawa, Uruma City). 13:00~ ¥3000 for men, ¥2000 for women, ¥1000 for kids and free under 12. Mar. 11~May 6 – Sunflower Maze at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman city. 8:30~17:30. Free to enter.

Mar. 13~18 – Naha City Persons with Disability Art Exhibition at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum in Naha City (3-1-1 Omoromachi, Naha). 9:00~18:00 Free to enter. Mar. 17 – St. Patrick's Day 2018 at Park Avenue in Okinawa City. Mar. 17 – Beach Opening Party in Manza Beach Resort in Onna Village (2260 Seragaki, Onna Village). Free Ocean Park beach attraction, Free ride on the Submarine Jr. II. Mar. 17 – Czech Philharmonic String Quartet concert at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City. ¥3500. Mar. 17 – Ryukyu University English Drama Performance at Ginowan City Civic Hall (1-1-2 Nodake, Ginowan City). 16:00~18:30. ¥1500 for adults, ¥1000 for students. Mar. 17~18 – Kajimaya, the Okinawan Non-verbal Performance Show at Koza Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. ¥2000 advance, ¥2500 at door, ¥1000 elementary school students and free for under 6. Mar. 17~18 – Nakijin Shuzo (Awamori distillery) 70th Year Anniversary at the Nakijin Distillery in Nakijin Village (500 Nakasone, Nakijn Village). 10:00~17:00. Free to enter. Mar. 17, 18 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Shimane Susanoo Magic, 19:05 (Sat) 18:05 (Sun) at the Okinawa City Gym. Mar. 17~18 – Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free.

Mar. 21~Apr.8 – Okiten (Okinawa Art Exhibition) 70th Anniversary Exhibition at the Urasoe City Gym in Urasoe City (1-13-1 Nakama, Urasoe city). 10:00~18:00 ¥1000 for adults, ¥500 for kids. Mar. 23~25 – Okinawa Azalea Exhibition at the Neo Park Nago. 9:00~17:30. ¥660 for adults, ¥330 for High School and Junior High School students, ¥220 for 4~12 age. Mar. 23~25 – All Okinawa Yachimun (Pottery) Market at Moon Beach in Onna Village. 10:00~20:00 Free to enter. Mar. 24 – Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Special Parade on main street in Nago City. 15:30~ Mar. 24~25 – Happy Smile Sundry Goods Market at Chatan Dome in Chatan village. 11:00~16:30. Mar. 24~25 – Camp Schwab Festival at Camp Schwab in Nago. 13:00~21:00. Free to enter. Mar. 25 – Eisa Hall Opening Event at the Eisa Hall in Music Town Sound Market. ¥300 for adults, ¥100 for kids, free under 6. Mar. 25 – Araha Marine Fest PWC tournament race at Araha beach in Chatan. Mar. 25 – KABAASAI Yanbaru Food Festival at 21 Century Forest Park in Nago. 11:00~16:00. Mar. 25 – Motobu Bullfighting Tournament at Motobu Bullfighting Ring in Motobu Town. ¥3000 for men, ¥2000 for women, ¥1000 for kids and free for under 12. 13:00~

American Game Show

Step up to the challenge on the American Game Show!

Want to have a night of fun with the family? Come on out to the American Game Show! It's family friendly and each show has a different theme and/or special guest entertainer. It's the closest thing to a Vegas style show that you will get in Okinawa! What is the American Game Show? It's a spinoff based

on popular TV game shows such as Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor, etc. However, it has been refined for our local community where you can be the contestant on our various interactive games. Contestants have a chance to win a variety of prizes ranging from hotel stays, lunch/dinner, cash, and more! The purpose of the Ameri-

can Game Show off base is to foster international relations as our shows are done in English and Japanese. Having the venue off base gives us an opportunity to give back to the local community. Our American Game show team consists of active duty personnel, civilians, local nationals, and people from different parts

spinoff: 派生した、副産物 refine: 改良する interactive: 双方向の foster: 発展させる active duty: 現役の

of the world. Putting a smile on the faces of the guests makes us the most happiest! The next American Game Show will be held at Chatan Chamber of Commerce Hall on Saturday, March 17th. Doors open at 1700 and the show starts at 1800. Advanced tickets can be purchased. For more details, contact David @ 080-3369-4977.


Horoscope Mar. 10th ~ Mar. 25th You should trust your intuition, especially when your job is concerned. There should be a new friendship ahead that could offer you a lot and open you a door to useful relationships. Caring about other people are on the forefront at this time. You will get an opportunity to express your true feelings in love.

This is a time for new beginnings. You over could expect some little surprises from you, so be ready to use your imagination. If you are going to enter in any kind of contract, be very careful. Read everything twice, and sign off only when you are sure you understand what you’re entering into.

You will have an opportunity to use you charms to the fullest. If you have something important to ask someone, this could be your chance. Trust in your own ability and ideas. Maybe everything do not proceed at the pace you would like to, but luckily you have patience ingrained in your character, and you can be flexible.


You should get going with your plans at work. But you might have to wait for others to catch up, and that takes patience. Try to fit all pieces together as soon as possible as there could be some distraction ahead as early as next week. Everything is not what it seems to be, so better to be prepared.

There’s romance in the air, and you are very popular among your friends. There could be changes in various plans that you have been part of, so you have to make sure that you are on the same page with your peers. There’s a good chance that you could meet someone special, but you have to get out of the house first.

It is easy for you to be yourself at this time, and that will make you feel closer to your loved ones. Trust on your first impressions when you are presented a problem to solve. Tell people around you, both at work and home, your true aims and hopes. During the weekend someone is going to require your special attention.

Now is you chance to shine in the spotlight, and that’s where those around you want to see you, too. You will have plenty of opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities, so enjoy it. Spending some quality time with your lover over the weekend would be very good for your relationship and future.

You finances are on the right track, and that keeps smile on your face. You should use your charm and skill of persuasion to make sure that the trend continues all the way to the best possible conclusion. This weekend you should enjoy being the center of attention among your friends. Modesty does not pay.

You level of energy is high, and that gives you an urge for action. You would like to get ahead especially with your career. Seeking the company of positive people who are ready to encourage you would help. This weekend is full of love and passion, and if you use a little imagination, the situation could become even stronger.

New procedures at work are easier that you had thought, and problems you had anticipated fail to come up. Early next week you should meet someone who would have a significant influence on your future. You will also find strength and courage to face the future with much more open eyes than before.

Sometimes it feels that progress fails to materialize. This should not stop you from planning and getting ready for the future. When you get an opportunity to spend more time with your plans, you will discover that they are easier to realize, too. Besides, you will enjoy the experience much more than you had thought.

There are several changes ahead that will bring plenty of excitement into your life. You are ready to face the challenges whatever they are. You should encourage everyone around you to be more optimistic. Do everything you can to advance your plans, but be ready for possible changes that may occur.


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Help Wanted

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でもあるんですよね〜♪ こ こしばらくはそういう新鮮な 生活を味わっていない E.KEMURA ですが(^^; 気持 ちだけでもフレッシュにいき たいと思います!ただそれで も、ラジオ好きの方にはもう 知ってもらってる方もいらっ しゃる、といいんですが(^

Ryukyu Press Publication

アルバイト募集!月に4日〜5 日出勤、1日4〜6時間ほどの お仕事です。内容は紙面の袋詰 め作業、業社への紙面搬入、ル ート配送など。8〜9時スター トで開始時刻によっては午前中 で終了も可能。自家用車持ち込 み必須、学生可、ベースパス保

President Assistant Editor Sales Translation Accountant

持 者 尚 可 。 日 給 ¥7000 ガ ソ リ ン代込み。応募希望者は履歴書 をメールでお送りください。 池 村 ま で 。 宜 野 湾 市真 志 喜 2-610 ( 株 ) 琉 球 P ress 098943-6180

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for in

Koza Used Car Sales company is looking for a full time sales rep. Must speak fluent English and some Japanese, light Japanese writing or reading needed. Pay is either full commission, basic salary plus big

^ ;な ん と ワ タ ク シ E.KEMURA、この2月から FM オ キナワの夕方の番組『Sh@re TIME』の1コーナー、火曜日 1 9 時 台 の 『 Invisible RRYUKYU』というコーナー に週一回ゲスト出演させても らってるんです〜!!す、す ごくないですか!?というの

Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

commission, or negotiable. Almost all military personnel need a car on Okinawa, and your sales skills would earn great rewards! Please feel free to apply. Koza Used Car is located between Kadena AB Gate #2 and #3. Tel: 098-938-8651 Email: dcars/koza/ We are looking for a freelance bilingual experienced web designer to join OkinaWanderer. Spoken and written Japanese or Chinese are a big plus. If interested in applying, please send your resume and samples of your web design work by email to


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Published by (株) Ryukyu Press 2-6-10 Mashiki, Ginowan city, Okinawa 901-2224 Tel: 098-943-6180 Fax: 098-943-6181 Also visit: Mail: 広告の御用命はこちらまでご連絡下さい。

Tel: 098-943-6180 Fax: 098-943-6181 Mail:


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