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Many people fall in love with Okinawa after visiting the island, and many of those would like to settle to live here for the rest of their lives. But when it comes to settling down, a question about the feasibility of building one’s dream home here arises, and therein arises a problem. How to buy land and build a house? Few people have the money at hand to purchase the land and build a house in cash, and unless you are a permanent resident, local banks will not give you a loan and mortgage. However, a local construction company Kyan Kensetsu has seen a business chance in this, and they are very willing to help foreigners with long term plans to live on the island and build the home of their dreams here. Kyan Kensetsu Co., Ltd. has been in the business for 58 years, doing construction work and civil engineering


feasibility: 実現可能性

in all areas of Okinawa Island. The company office is at 1-12-6 Iso, Urasoe City ( One day, an American married couple visited K.K. to ask for help. They had already bought a piece of land but couldn’t build a house because they could not get a loan to finance it. Kazuhito Kyan the CEO of Kyan Kensetsu really wanted to help them, so he found a way to build the house. That was about ten years ago, and the first nonJapanese client for K.K. After that, he was flooded with inquiries, and he realized that there are many foreign people who want to build their own house on Okinawa but have a problem to get financing. He therefore started a new business for people who have problems getting a mortgage. His business offers to help customers pur-

chase land at their favorite location, and then builds the house according to the customer’s ideas and designs. Up to now, K.K. has built a total of 45 dream houses on the island all of his customers are satisfied and love it. Kyan says,

“Don’t give up your dream. I know there are many ways to build your house on Okinawa. Just call us if you are interested.” For more information, call 098-876-3518 (English) or visit website.

Kyan Kensatsu helps foreign residents become owners of their dream houses on Okinawa.

arise: 起こる、発生する willing to: 進んで〜する mortgage: 住宅ローン flood: 殺到する、氾濫する 

Take Me Out To the Ball Game!

Fresno Athletic Club visits Meiji Jingu Stadium, 1927 Tokyo Courtesy of the Nisei Baseball Research Project

The U.S. Consulate General in Naha is excited to bring the photo exhibition Pacific Pitch to Okinawa. The photographs in this exhibition span almost the entire length of US-Japan relations from the 1860s through today. The photos show how the people of our two countries have bonded over the love of our shared

national pastime. From the Meiji era, when baseball was first introduced to Japan, through the euphoria that surrounded Babe Ruth and the All Star team’s visit to Tokyo, to the trauma of World War II and how baseball helped bring us back together as friends, and on to the modern game, this exhibition of historic photos

Chunichi Dragons manager Wally Yonamine celebrates title championship with his team, 1974 Tokyo Courtesy of Kyodo News

through the 18th and at the Nago City Central Library from February 23 through March 11. When the exhibition is in Urasoe, it will also include selected items from the U.S. Consul General’s personal collection of signed balls, bats, and other memorabilia.

Ichiko baseball team practices baseball after school, ca. 1898 Tokyo Courtesy of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame

Lefty O’Doul shakes hands with Prince Akihito at a Seals game, 1949 Tokyo Courtesy of the Con Dempsey Family Archive

consulate general: 総領事館

shows that it truly is not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. This exhibition will not just appeal to baseball fans, but to anyone who is interested in the history of USJapan relations or the power of sports to bring people together. The exhibition is free and will be at the Urasoe Art Museum from February 2

Joe DiMaggio provides batting tips to the Hiroshima Carp with help from Kenshi “Harvey” Zenimura (left), 1954 Tokyo Courtesy of the Nisei Baseball Research Project

span: 期間、及ぶ bond: 結びつける、結合 euphoria: 高揚、陶酔 memorabilia: 記念品


Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan, and that means it’s the warmest place in the country in the wintertime. Because of that, many sports teams come here for training in the winter and off season. Baseball teams are most visible, as 9 of the 12 pro-teams come to Okinawa to hold their spring camps in February. The training camps have become an important business for tourism in Okinawa, as a huge number of fans come to see their favorite teams as they prepare for the upcoming season. Nowhere else can one see so many pro-baseball teams in one day, and this attracts fans and media people alike, not to mention local baseball fans. The spring camps offer a wonderful opportunity to see the pros training, and maybe you can even find your favorite Japanese team to follow? Central League

Hiroshima Toyo Carp At Koza Shinkin Stadium in Okinawa City 2/16~2/27


visible: 目に見える、知られた

Hanshin Tigers At Ginoza Village Baseball Stadium 2/1~2/28

Yokohama DeNA Baystars At Ginowan City Baseball Stadium 2/1~2/28

Yomiuri Giants At Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha 2/15~2/28

Chunichi Dragons At Chatan Town Baseball Stadium 2/1~2/28

Tokyo Yakult Swallows At Urasoe City Baseball Stadium 2/1~2/26 Pacific League

Rakuten Golden Eagles At Kumejima Town Baseball Stadium 2/1~ 2/11 Kin Town Baseball Stadium 2/13~2/23

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters At Nago 21st Century Forest Park / Kaigin Stadium Kunigami 2/17~2/23 Chiba Lotte Marines

At Ishigaki Central Baseball Stadium 2/1~2/19


Pre?season matches

2/24 Hiroshima Carp vs. Rakuten Eagles at Koza Shinkin Stadium 13:00~ Chunichi Dragons vs. Nippon Ham Fighters at Chatan Baseball Stadium 13:00~ Yakult Swallows vs. Hanshin Tigers at Urasoe City Baseball Stadium 13:00~ Yomiuri Giants vs. Yokohama DeNA at Cellular Stadium Naha 13:00~

2/25 Yokohama DeNA vs. Rakuten Eagles at Ginowan City Baseball Stadium 13:00~ Chunichi Dragons vs. Hanshin Tigers at Chatan Baseball Stadium 13:00~ Yakult Swallows vs. Nippon Ham Fighters at Urasoe City Baseball Stadium 12:30~ Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Carp at Cellular Stadium Naha 13:00~

upcoming: もうすぐやってくる alike: 同様に、等しく


‘Year of the Dog’ begins in Okinawan fishing communities

Legend has it that Buddha asked all animals to meet him on the Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one, and announced that people born in each animal’s year would have some of that animal’s personality traits. The Chinese New Year this year is Feb. 16th, and

it ushers in the Year of the Dog. During the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom and all the way to the second World War, the lunar New Year, a.k.a. the Chinese New Year was a big deal in Okinawa, but the end of the war brought in the Americans and with them the Gregorian calendar, the traditions of the

Charcoal rolled with kelp offered on a Buddhist altar.


usher: 先駆けとなる、先導する

Fishing boats in Itoman Port fly good-luck banners on the Lunar New Yaer.

lunar calendar and with it the Lunar New Year has been diminishing ever since. But there are some communities that observe the Lunar New Year. The observance centers on towns and villages, where fishing is an important industry, such as Itoman city, Uruma city, Motobu town and O Island in Nanjo city. At fishing ports, many colorful good-luck banners are hung up over fishing boats, and the bumper fish crop for the beginning year and the safety of voyage are prayed for, and the crews of the boats celebrate with drinks and festive foods. The Chinese New Year is still celebrated on a grand scale in Taiwan, China, Korea and a few other countries that traditionally count time using the lunar calendar. Food remains a key element of celebrating the Lunar New Year, with a mandarin orange and charcoal rolled with kelp offered on a Buddhist altar, while people pray to it with hands

joined. After that, people eat pork dishes, such as the Soki soup and Suuchikah, pork preserved in salt. Refrigerators weren’t common in the past, either, so salt was a common part of the diet. Customs were different, but as a means to save meat, since preserving in salt was used, the customs of eating Suuchikah remains from the time when pork was eaten only at special events. Since the mandarin orange is viewed as an offering and is orange in color, it expresses prosperity, and since charcoal does not deteriorate, a healthy long life, and kelp are offered as “Yorokonbu.” Yorokobu means being glad, konbu is kelp in English. Moreover, when the first water is pumped up from a well in the early morning of January 1st of the lunar calendar, it is called Wakamizu meaning young water in English, and when this water is drunk, there is a legend that it can pass good fortune and good health for one year.

diminish: 弱める、減少させる observe: 守る、順守する voyage: 航海 diet: 食習慣


Whale watching season is by Jun Ikemura

Okinawa is one of the best locations for whale watching as the winter brings the annual migration of humpback whales to waters off Kerama Islands where they give birth and nurture their young during the cold months of the year before heading back to their feeding grounds in the northern Pacific. Seemingly slow and lumbering, humpback whales can also put on quite a show, as they can leap vertically almost out of water in a move known as a “breach.” They can be seen

swimming around the islands early spring, when over 300 of the giants come around Kerama to mate and give birth.

Zamami Island has become the center of the whale watching industry in Okinawa, and the Zamami Whale Watching Society is responsible for alerting the tour organizers for the arrival of the whales and also organizes dozens of tours through March, the peak whale watching season. The entire season is being billed the Zamami Village Whale Watching Festival.

"That she blows!” Is a sight everyone waits to see on whale watching tours.

migration: 回遊、移住

humpback whale: ザトウクジラ nurture: 育てる seemingly: 見たところ lumbering: 動きの鈍い

s on!!

English language information on Za- Watching Society members use the Conmami Island, tours and accommodations servatory to spot the whales, and relay are all available at their website their location to the boats. athttps://zamamitouristinfo.wordpress.c om/ Another ashore site on Tokashiki Island is the Okinawa National Youth CenThere is a choice of watching for ter atop Mt. Akama. The Center offers whales up close from a moving boat, or not only the view, but inexpensive acfrom an observation platform with commodations and more. binoculars at the Whale Conservatory in Unazi on Zamami Island. For those Dive Shops and travel agencies in prone to become seasick, the observation Zamami, Tokashiki, Chatan, Onna and platform is recommended. Whale Naha all have tour programs. Getting to Zamami, one of the larger of 20 islands in the Kerama Island Group, is easy from Naha’s Tomari Port. The cruises take 1-2 hours, and leave Tomari 2-3 times each day. Call 098-868-4567 for reservations and information. Other ferries ply the route from Naha’s Tomari Port to Tokashiki Island. From there, local cruises venture into the whale watching areas.

Whales are the active stars of the winter season off-shore shows!

Close and personal is the theme, but who’s watching who?

breach: 水面に飛び出す

binocular: 双眼鏡 nurture: 育てる ashore: 陸地で ply: 定期航行 venture into : 〜に進出する



Event Schedule

Oct. 28~Feb. 28 - Kariyushi Million Fantasy at Okinawa Kariyushi Breach Resort Ocean Spa, Onna Village. From sunset to midnight every day, 1,400,000 LED lights illuminate pool garden, garden concert. Admission free. Nov. 1~Feb. 14 - Ashibina Winter Elegance illumination 2017 - 2018 at Outlet Mall Ashibina, Toyosaki. 17:00~20:30 Free admission.

Nov. 1~Feb. 28 - Stardust Fantasia 2017 – 2018 at Kanucha Resort Hotel, Abu, Nago City. 19:00~23:00 in Feb. ¥1,000 per person in advance, ¥1,500 at entrance. Children under 12 free.

Nov. 23~Feb. 18 - Tonan Night Decoration 2017 at Southeast Botanical Garden, 2146 Chibana, Okinawa City. 17:00~22:00 ¥1,800 for adults, ¥1,000 for high school students, ¥500 for junior high and elementary school students. Free for under 6. (¥2,000 for adults from 12/22~25)

Dec. 2~Feb. 25 – Ryukyu Lantern Festival at Murasaki Mura Experience Kingdom, 1020-1 Takashiho, Yomitan. 18:00~22:00 every day. Entrance ¥500 in advance, ¥600 at door. ¥500 for high and junior high school students. ¥400 for elementary school students.

Dec. 15~ Feb. 26 – Kinoshita Circus at Toyosaki Town special field in Tomishiro City. Entry fee ¥2,600


for adults in advance and ¥2,900 at door. ¥1,600 for children under 15 in advance and ¥1,900 at door. Additional special seats available with extra ¥2,200 for ringside A, ¥1,800 ringside B, ¥1,500 ringside C, ¥1,500 Royal Blue seats, ¥1,200 Royal Yellow seats and ¥800 for special free seats. Every Thursday no show. No show on 2/14.

Feb. 11 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Shiga Lakestars, 18:05 at Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for adults, children ¥1,000, see

Jan.1 - Mar. 31 Shurijo Castle Park 25th anniversary photo exhibition of Shuri Castle Park at Shuri Castle Park Southern Palace. 8:30~18:30

Feb. 10~11 - Uminchu Wharf Market 3 at Uminchu Wharf, Chatan. 10:00~17:00.

Dec.27 - Mar. 31 Zamami Village Whale Watching, Zamami Village.

Jan. 27~Feb. 25 – Ocean Expo Park Churaumi Flower Festival at Ocean Expo Park in Motobu. 8:00~18:00. Free to entry.

Feb. 3~12 - Okinawa International Orchid Show 2018 at Tropical Dream Center in Ocean Expo Park, Motobu Town. Over 20,000 orchids on display. 8:30~17:30. ¥690 for adults, ¥350 for children.

Feb. 10~11 - Sakurazaka ASYLUM 2018 at Sakurazaka Theater, 3-6-10 Makishi, Naha City.

Feb. 10 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Shiga Lakestars, 19:05 at Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for adults, children ¥1,000, see

Feb. 10~11 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free.

Feb. 10~11 Onna Village Industrial Fair at Onna Friendship Experience Center, 5973 Onna, Onna Village. 11:00~17:00. Admission free.

Feb. 10~11 – Naha Chura Sakura Festival (Cherry blossom festival) at Manko Park, Naha. 10:00~

Feb. 11 – Sunrise Market Vol.5 at Sunrise Naha Shopping Street 10:00 ~ 16:00

Feb. 16~18 – Lunar Calendar New Year

Feb. 17~Mar. 17 – Okinawa Zoo Flower Festival at Okinawa Zoo, 57-1 Goya, Okinawa City. 9:30~17:30, Adults ¥ 500, Junior high and high school students ¥200, ¥100 4~12 years old. Closed Tuesdays.

Feb. 2~18 – Photo exhibition Pacific Pitch U.S. - Japanese Baseball Diplomacy at Urasoe City

Museum, 1-9-2 Nakama, Urasoe City. 9:30~17:00. Admission free.

Feb. 23~Mar. 11 – Photo exhibition Pacific Pitch U.S. - Japanese Baseball Diplomacy at Nago City Central Library. Admission free.

Feb. 17~18 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free.

Feb. 17 – Japan Handball League 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Corazon vs. Toyota Motor East Japan Regarosso at Tomishiro Gym, 298 Yone, Tomigusuku). 14:00~

Feb. 18 - Okinawa Marathon around Okinawa city.

Feb. 18 – Yaese Spring Fest 2018 at Kochinda Athletic Park, 1076 Kochinda, Yaese Town. 10:00~17:00 Admission free.

Feb. 23~25 – Okinawa Design Festival at Urasoe City Museum. 9:30~19:00, admission free.

Feb. 24~25 – Okinawa Sevens 2018: International Women’s Sevens Rugby Tournament at Zanpa Misaki Ball Park, 1885 Uza, Yomitan Village. Admission free.

Feb. 24~25 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free.

Feb. 24~25 – Yomitan Yachimun Market (Pottery market) at Farmers Market Yomitan Yunta Ichiba, 2346-11 Kina, Yomitan village). 10:00~19:00


Horoscope Feb. 10th ~ Feb. 24th Your love for adventure and noble thoughts will come to the fore at the beginning of February. You are a keen observer and able to make the best of any situation. If you miss something special, a short trip would be a good idea. However, you could find whatever you are looking for closer than you would think. You mind is full of new ideas, but are you ready to deliver?

Do your plans and dreams seem to be more realistic now than a month ago? At least they should. It seems to become easier for you to get along with your friends and colleagues, and you know exactly what you want to do next. If at all possible, make sure that you go through all important discussions and meetings by mid February, as you are going to be too busy with other things later.

Planet Mars is prominent in your life at his time, and it is bringing some strong feelings to the surface both at home and work. Although you could tell people about your wishes, you are not yet ready to really share your dreams with others. Something is holding you back, or maybe you hesitate to commit yourself. Listen to your voice of reason even if it conflicts with your heart.


Family and friends are taking a big chunk of your time, which is actually the continuation of your efforts at the end of last year. Although it’s increasingly easy for you to communicate with people around you, you still shouldn’t let your guard down too much. Some small decisions require your attention, and you should not ignore those as they could become big major questions later.

Be careful what you ask and say. Especially your colleagues at work could have a very thin skin sometimes. It is very possible that you encounter new people with whom you could start very productive friendships, but you have to be less suspicious of strangers. You have more to win than lose. Be ready to believe only positive talk about a certain person whom you meet next week.

Your charm is coming to the limelight and attracts plenty of friends. You could make a good use of this in all kinds of projects, both private and those concerning business. You should enjoy the feeling that you are in the right place at the right time. Now is a good time to make far-reaching decisions concerning your life that will greatly help you get ahead in the future.

Your work and love life seem to go hand in hand. A possible romance at your working place could demand you to make some decisions. Maybe your partner doubts your motivation. In order to be completely honest you may have to delay giving an answer. Luckily your love life is sorting itself out, and is bound to become much less complicated towards the end of February.

There’s plenty to do on your free time, and all kinds of people extend invitations to you, but for some reason you seem to be attracted to more serious stuff. Could that be the voice of reason in your head? Although you would like to proceed toward a certain direction, you should not exclude other options as they could very well become relevant and even important some day.

Your creativity is coming into focus, and your social life is busy and bubbling with happiness. You could meet a stranger during the first half of February, and this person would present an idea that is sure to get your imagination flying. The question is whether you are ready to accept the idea, or are you determined to continue on your familiar tried and true path. It’s up to you.

There is some unfinished business left from last year that is dragging you down and prevent you from getting a good start this year. Luckily the situation is going to get resolved, an you will be able to advance your future projects. At the same time you will have a chance to see your economical situation more clearly. And then there’s a question regarding your home.

For the next few days it’s really easy for you to get people to understand your message. Your creativity is coming to the forefront and you will discover that some influential people pay attention to what you say. This could also mean a boost to your romance. You should enjoy the weekend to the fullest, as you are right now on the top of your game, and you don’t want to miss the chance.

You are on the top of your game and you are very attractive in your social circles. You are making very clear what your ambitions are, and you really are not going to stay in the shadows. Your goal is to use every opportunity to the fullest, especially if there’s a chance to make money. However, you have to be flexible when necessary, and let the life to take its course. You can’t control everything.


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Help Wanted

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すよ!? 観客数は34万9 000人、県外からの観客は 7万900人と出たようで す!スゴいですね〜!もう明 確に冬場の、いわゆる沖縄で のオフシーズンの誘客コンテ ンツの1つになっていますね 〜!我々ウチナーンチュにと っては沖縄にプロ野球球団も

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も外国人をターゲットにしやす い環境ですので、すぐに結果が 出せます!英会話スキルをアッ プさせながら働いてみません か? ご応募お待ちしていま す 。 Te l: 098- 938-8651 E m a i l : k oz a5 3 5 3 @ a b e am . o c n . n e. j p h tt p:/ /www.ok is ty l us e dca rs /k o za /

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無いわけで、この時期にプロ のスゴさを目の前で見れると か、スター選手に会えるとい う喜びはあるんですが、県外 のプロ野球ファンにとって も、これだけ数多くの球団が こんな小さな島に結集してく れて、球団のキャンプをハシ ゴできるというのもかなりの

Jun Ikemura Team O-Wanderers Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

one year teaching  experience of the  respective language.・ Must be able to comply with the contract period. Steps to apply: Step 1:   Request an application form by emailing Global Village at Step 2: We will reply with information on our teaching positions and application form. Step 3:  If you agree with the position details, then reply with your application form. Web site: Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for in

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魅力なんでしょうね〜! 我々的には選手のトレーニン グを目の前で見れて、ちょっ とおどけたオフショットなん かも見れるのが当たり前だと 思ってしまってますが、本土 のゲーム観戦だとこれだけ間 近で選手が見れたり、リラッ クスした笑顔を見れることは

ごく稀らしいですよ(^^; 野球ファンから羨ましがられ る春期キャンプ!もっともっ と盛り上げて、全球団呼べる ように、来た選手たちやファ ンがまた来年も来たい!プラ イベートでも来たい!と思っ てもらえるよう、ちむぐくる 対応を育てて行きましょう!

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