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Acrobats on flying trapeze are favorites of the audience!

Kinoshita Circus “Proudly continues to be the best!”

by Jun Ikemura

Japan’s oldest circus is about to begin a two-month series of performances that start on Dec.15th. Advance tickets are now available for the performances in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku, where the circus is pitching its big top. The Kinoshita Circus is one of the world’s three major circuses, and has been entertaining crowds in Japan since its foundation 115 years ago. 1.2 million people came to see its shows last year! During its two-month stay on Okinawa, twice a day performances are presented from Mon. through Sat., and

three on Sundays and Japanese holidays. Monday through Wednesday and Saturday, the programs start 11:00 a.m. and 1:40 p.m. Fridays and January 1st performances are at 1:00 and 3:40 p.m. Sunday shows are 10:10 a.m., 1:00 and 3:40 p.m. The circus is closed on Thursdays. Spectators rave about the wild beast show featuring lions. Animals, including a white lion with his beautiful mane of shining white hair, sit on predetermined stands waiting for the trainer’s signal. The lion show prom-

A show with ferocious animals is one of the most thrilling programs of the circus.

ises to be full of surprises, often involving audience participation. The “Safari Spectacle” and “Adorable Elephant” shows are also in the program. General advance tickets are ¥2,600 for adults, ¥2,900 at door. Tickets for kids under 15 cost ¥1,600 in advance and ¥1,900 at door. Reserved seats must be purchased at least 4 days before the performance date. The circus is at 3-35 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City. For more information 098-856-0045

Circus without clowns would not be the real thing.

Hatsumoude, first visit to shrine is proper way to begin New Year by Jun Ikemura


Hatsumoude, the first visit of the year to a temple or shrine, is an essential part of Japanese New Year.

he first visit of the year to a shrine or temple is an important Japanese tradition. About three quarters of the Japanese are said to be following the tradition with the first visit usually taking place on the first three days of the new year, which are days off from work to almost everyone. During the visit, people offer one year of gratitude, and pray for safety and peace for the new year. The prayers can be made either in a shrine or temple, the difference being that Shinto religion is practiced in a shrine and Buddhist worship takes place in a temple.

There are a few rules everyone should observe when visiting a shrine or temple.


How to worship at a Shinto shrine

1) Prepare yourself. Before leaving your home to the shrine, make an effort to bathe, or at least wash your hands and face. Cleanliness is vital in Shinto.

2) Making a polite bow before entering the shrine under the torii. Often there will be a long pathway lined with toro called lanterns. After making a bow right under the Torii, follow along it.

3) Purify yourself. Stop once you reach the chozubachi, the water basin. Over the chozubachi, take the wooden dipper in your right hand and fill it with water. Pour the water over your left hand. Then take the dipper in your left

and pour water over your right. Third, pour some water from the dipper into the cupped palm of your left hand. Rinse your mouth with this water, spitting it back out into the palm of your hand. You can dry your hands with a handkerchief, if you like.

4) Proceed to the main part of the shrine. It is made not to stand in the center before a shrine if possible, and bows small. If there is someone there, wait patiently at the bottom of the stair for them to finish. Depending on how large the shrine is, it may be permissible for two or more people to worship at the shrine. 5) Worship. Climb the stair. Throw your coin, often a Goyen ÂĽ5, into the saisenbako, the offerings box.

Then ring the suzu , the bell, firmly a couple times. Take a step back, bow twice, then clap twice. Spend a few moments in prayer, if you like. Then bow only once again.

6) Finish! Proceed back down the stairs. At this time, you can perhaps purchase an omamori or amulet, hang an ema, a prayer plaque, or partake in any special event the shrine might be holding. ple

How to worship at tem-

There are some customs you need to follow when at a temple. Washing hands, donating money and checking out your luck are a few of them. Compared with Shinto, Buddhism doesn’t have complicated worshipping procedures.






It’s finally the end of the year 2017, and so it’s time to ask how was your year 2017? Good memories, bad memories, each person has their own. Probably many local people are still hard at work in their companies. In Japan, including Okinawa, most businesses will close on Dec. 28th or 29th, and the last working day is called “Shigoto Osame” or “Goyou Osame” that simply means “Closing Business Day.” Following kind of conversation is very common between friends or families this season. “When is your company Shigoto Osame”? Also, on the day of Shigoto Osame, most companies are not working business as usual, but spend the day cleaning the office in and out-


side. The first day of business after the New Year is called “Shigoto Hajime” or “Goyou Hajime” meaning “Business Starting Day,” which usually is January 4th or 5th, because it’s a “Oshogatsu” celebration through January 3rd when families get together to celebrate the new year with “Osechi Ryouri”, special “New Year dishes.” Kids will get “Otoshidama,” small envelopes of New Year gift money from family members, relatives and parents' friends. Many families go shopping with the aim getting “Fukubukuro” which is a “Lucky Bag.” Right after welcoming the new year, just past midnight on January


1st, many people visit a shrine or temple to make wish for the new year. The custom is called “Hatsumoude” that means the “New Year visit to a shrine or temple.” You will see long lines of people making their Hatsumoude at most shrines and temples during the first couple of weeks after the New Year. When you visit a shrine or temple for Hatsumoude, toss a coin or two, anything from 1 to 500 yen, (some people toss even bills), into a box called “Osaisen bako” at where you pray. The money is considered an offering to the god. At the shrine or temple, you can also buy “Omikuji”, a fortune paper. They are quite popular at Hatsumoude for people to read their for-

What do yo u do o n Oki nawa du ri ng the New Yea r? by Jun Ikemura

Although the lunar calendar is still used in some parts of Okinawa, Oshougatsu, "the New Year holidays" is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, and is one of the most important holidays in Japan, including Okinawa.

tune forecast for the coming new year. It’s usually said that visiting Hatsumoude by the 15th of January is preferred, although there are no exact rules for that. You can visit whenever you like, and your first visit to the shrine or temple will be the “Hatsumoude” for you.

The most popular Hatsumoude places on Okinawa are “Naminoue Shrine” in Naminoue, Naha, “Gokoku Shrine” in Onoyama, Naha, “Okino-gu Shrine” also in Onoyama, Naha, “Futenma Shrine” in Futenma, Ginowan, and “Naritasan Fukusenji Temple” in Ishado,

Nakagusuku. There are more smaller local shrines and temples on Okinawa, and we hope you try to visit one for Hatsumoude of the New Year 2018. Have a Happy New Year!!



Event Schedule

Oct. 7~ Dec. 31 (Every Fri., Sat. and Sun.) – Ryukyu Dramatic Night Garden at Fukushuen Chinese Garden, 2-29 Kume, Naha City. ¥600 for adults, ¥300 for kids (6~12), under 6 free.

Oct. 28~Feb. 28 Kariyushi Million Fantasy at Okinawa Kariyushi Breach Resort Ocean Spa, Onna village. From sunset to midnight every day, 1,400,000 LED lights illuminate pool garden, garden concert. Admission free.

Nov. 1~Feb. 14 Ashibina Winter Elegance illumination 2017 2018 at Outlet Mall Ashibina, Toyosaki. 17:00~20:30 Free admission.

Nov. 1~Feb. 28 Stardust Fantasia 2017 – 2018 at Kanucha Resort Hotel, Abu, Nago City. 18:00~23:00 in Nov. and Dec. 19:00~23:00 in Jan. and Feb. ¥1,000 per person in advance, ¥1,500 at entrance. Children under 12 free.

Nov. 3~Jan. 8 – Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition at OIST, Onna Village. 9:00~17:00. Admission free.

Nov. 23~Feb. 18 Tonan Night Decoration 2017 at Southeast Botanical Garden, 2146


¥2,900 at door. ¥1,600 for children under 15 in advance and ¥1,900 at door. Additional special seats available with extra ¥2,200 for ringside A, ¥1,800 ringside B, ¥1,500 ringside C, ¥1,500 Royal Blue seats, ¥1,200 Royal Yellow seats and ¥800 for Nov. 25~Dec. 25 – Flower special free seats. Every ThursChristmas 2017 at Bios Hill, day no show except on Jan. 4. 961-30 Kadekaru, Ishikawa, No show on 12/31, 1/10 and Uruma City 2/14. Dec. 2~Feb. 25 – Ryukyu Dec. 15~Jan. 21 – Ryujin Lantern Festival at Murasaki Mabuya ARISE World at AEON Mura Experience Kingdom, Mall Okinawa Rycom, Kitanak1020-1 Takashiho, Yomitan. agusuku. 10:00~18:00 ¥600 in 18:00~22:00 every day. Enadvance, ¥700 at door, ¥400 for trance ¥500 in advance, ¥600 at children under elementary door. ¥500 for high and junior school age in advance, ¥500 at high school students. ¥400 for door, free for children under 3. elementary school students. Dec. 16~Jan. 3 – “Pillars of Light for Peace” at Peace MeDec. 9~Jan.8 – Yanbaru Art morial Park, Mabuni, Itoman Festival 2017-2018 at Shioya City. 18:00~22:00. Admission Elementary School, 538 Shioya, free Ogimi Village Dec. 16~ Jan. 3 – Itoman Dec. 9~Jan.14 – Masakatsu ShiPeaceful Illumination at Itoman moda: “Dinosaurs in Koza” at Agricultural Park, Mabuni, ItoRycom Anthropology, Plaza man City. House Shopping Center. 11:00~19:00. ¥500 to enter, jun- Dec. 19~25 – “Chatan After ior high school students and World War” Exhibition at Chatan Nirai Center, 467-1 younger children free Kuwae, Chatan. 9:00~16:30. Dec. 15~ Feb. 26 – Kinoshita Admission free. Circus at Toyosaki Town special field in Tomishiro City. Entry fee ¥2,600 for adults in advance and Dec. 22~29 – Christmas FanChibana, Okinawa City. 17:00~22:00 ¥1,800 for adults, ¥1,000 for high school students, ¥500 for junior high and elementary school students. Free for under 6. (¥2,000 for adults from 12/22~25)

tasy 2017 at Okinawa Kodomono no Kuni (Okinawa Zoo), 5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City. ¥1,800 in advance and ¥2,200 at door. Junior High School students and younger ¥1,000 in advance and ¥1200 at door. Children under 3 enter free. Dec. 23~Jan.8 – Ryukyu Flower Tour at Okinawa World, 1336 Maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjo. 9:00~18:00. Admission free except to selected areas

Dec. 23~24 – Christmas Event in Okinawa Prefectural Comprehensive Park. Come dress as Santa Claus, Dec. 23~25 and rent bicycles and boats for free! Also come see Santa pounding mochi (Rice cake). Mochi event is free for public, come and join us! Event starts at 10:00~ until all mocha is gone on all 3 days.

Dec. 29 – Energy Challenge Okinawa 2017 World Tournament at Itoman Fishing Port. 13:00~ Dec. 31 New Year Eve

Dec. 31 – Countdown Party at Hotel Mahaina, Motobu Town.

Dec. 31 – 7th Heaven Koza Countdown Party! 2017-2018 at 7th Heaven Koza, Okinawa City.

Dec. 31 – Mongol 800 Countdown “Happy 20th Anniver-

sary” at Okinawa Convention Center, Ginowan City. Live performance by Mongol 800, HY, Kariyushi 58, Kiiyama Shoten, Tsubu Mustard Ashimine, Diamantes, BEGIN. 18:00~ ¥7,500 in advance, ¥2,000 for junior high and high school students (only door ticket), Children under elementary school age free. Dec. 31 – Sadao China Presents Countdown Live at Live House Shimauta, 1-2-31 Makishi, Naha. 20:00~

Dec. 31 – Lucky Lips Vo. Takumi Final “2017-2018 Countdown Party” at Gold Disc, 1-14-19 Matsuyama, Naha. 20:00~ ¥2,500 in advance, ¥3,000 at door.

r e e . Jan. 1~3 Shurijo Castle Park f New Year Celebration at Shuri Castle Park, Naha. 8:30~ Jan. 7 – Happy Maririn Sunday Jan. 1 - Basketball B.League Hand Made Market at Maririn 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Ginowan, 7-10-27 Oyama, GiKings vs. Shimane Susanoo nowan City, 11:00~17:00, Magic, 19:05 at Okinawa City Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena cenJan. 7 – New Year Rock Festival ter), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd at Koza Music Town Sound Martier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for ket, Okinawa City. JET, Freddie adults, children ¥1,000, see Eto, SS Company, Sideways BrothersBand&Sister, INFREE, e.html Haebaru Bepops. ¥2,500 in adJan. 2 - Basketball B.League vance, ¥3,000 at door. 15:00~ 2017 – 2018: Ryukyu Golden Jan. 8 – Coming-of-Aged Day Kings vs. Shimane Susanoo Magic, 18:05 at Okinawa City Jan. 8 – Ryukyu Philharmonic Gym. Tickets ¥3,500 (arena cen- Orchestra New Year Concert at ter), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd Sugar Hall, 307 Sashiki, Nanjo tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,000 for City. 13:30~ ¥2,500 for adults, adults, children ¥1,000, see ¥1,000 for students, ¥3,000 par ent and a child pairs. e.html Jan. 13~14 - Camp Courtney

Dec. 31 – Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival at the Peace Memorial Park, Mabuni, Itoman City. Jan. 5 – 5th Elements & Neysa live concert at the Arcade Resort 22:00~1:00. Admission free. Okinawa Hotel & Cafe, 1-8-5 Dec. 31 – Kanna Resort & Villas Chuo Okinawa City. Open: 6 Countdown Party at Kanna Re- pm., music starts 8 p.m. Tickets sort & Villas Okinawa, 397-1 ¥2,000. Kanna, Ginoza. 21:00~ ¥3,500 Jan. 6~7 - Camp Foster Flea including 1 drink. Market on Camp Foster, Jan. 1 – New Year Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admisJan. 1 – New Year Sunrise sion free.

9th only. Tickets ¥500, ¥200 for children under elementary school age, under 3 years free. 098-879-3010. Jan. 14 - Tominchu Handmade Market at Tomigusuku Gym, 298 Yone, Tomigusuku. 10:00~16:00.

Jan. 14 – OZ Academy Ladies Pro Wrestling tournament at Namura Hall, 1-5-1 Matsuyama, Naha. 14:00~ Special Ring Side seats ¥5,000, reserved seats ¥4,000, non-reserved seats ¥2,500. Jan. 20~21 - Camp Kinser Flea Market on Camp Kinser, Urasoe City. 12:00~15:00, admission free.

Jan. 21 – Ocean Expo Park Trim Marathon at Ocean Expo Park, Motobu. 9:30~

Jan. 21 Gusuku Yoga at NakaFlea Market at Camp Courtney gusuku Castle Site, Nakagusuku. Commissary area, Uruma City. 14:00~ 15:30 ¥900 in advance, 7:00~10:00, admission free. ¥1,000 at door. ¥500 for junior high and high school students. Jan. 14 – Churashima Century elementary school students and Run 2018 at Onna village. younger children free. Jan. 14 – New Year Party 2018 Jan. 24 – The Day of Muuchi at Tedako Hall, Urasoe. 13:00~16:00 Japanese New Jan. 27~28 – Okinawa Custom Year Experiences, Introducing Car Show 2018 at Toyosaki New Year customs of various Chura Sun Beach, Tomigusuku. Watch at The Peace Memorial Jan. 7 – Sunrise Market Vol.4 at countries, dancing, costume 10:00~18:00 ¥900 in advance, Park, Mabuni, Itoman City. Fom Sunrise Naha Shopping Street, wearing and much more. Ad- ¥1,000 at door. info@okinawaNaha. 10:00~16:00 Admission vance reservations by January around 7:15~


Horoscope Dec. 25th ~ Jan. 9th Although you tend to be rather shy – and some people even could call you a hermit – you should do your best to change your image as much as you can this time. In other words, be alert and try to communicate more. You are likely to meet an attractive person who is catching your eye, and that could prompt you to change your style and looks. You might be a little unhappy with your life just now, but this is going to change fast.

Your romantic side is coming to the forefront this month. You have many conflicting responsibilities that are competing for their share of your time with your social life, so it’s important to be especially flexible. You can expect to hear some good news regarding your family that lift your spirits even if the news do not concern you directly in person. You can expect your Christmas to be a bit different this year, but nice nevertheless.

You can look forward to a busy week or two ahead. It’s very important that you plan ahead as much as you can to make sure that you don’t miss any of the fun. You are likely to meet someone new, and the ensuing relationship will prove to be deeper than you first thought. Be ready to help those around you whenever your experience is useful. You must also think about your future, as you can’t let the situation continue as it is.

This time of the year is romantic, perhaps because the days are a little shorter and the nights longer. Erotic vibes are in the air this weekend, and certain people are now trying to grab your attention. You want security and someone older than you could now catch your attention, mostly because the aura of wisdom increases with age. Your thoughts are not quite present, and something is bothering you. But don’t worry it’ll be all right.

Approaching holidays are exciting you, and also make you feel good. When in good mood you could reveal something that you could regret later. Remember that secrets are meant to be kept. Being sensitive to the feelings of your companion will strengthen the bonds between you, and would show how much you really care. There’s something that’s bothering you and you really can’t do much about. The only solution is to wait it out.

Everyone seems wanting to have a part of you just now. It’s a nice feeling to be popular, but your time could be a problem. If you don’t want to say “no” to anyone, you should at least ask if some things could be postponed. You should make the best of the days of expectation before Christmas. You should also pay attention to the needs of your lover, and give as much as you are given. You would be glad that you did afterwards.


Do not allow your current lousy mood to suppress your spirits forever, because the situation surrounding you is going to improve soon. Take care of the small details of your daily life, but do not neglect to pay attention to the big picture, too. There’s someone who’s really enjoying your company more than you think. But for now, take it easy, as you are not likely to be able to concentrate on much of anything.

Your mind seems to be working sharper than usual this weekend, and it would be easy for you to solve problems that people ask your opinion of. But be careful when giving any advice concerning money. An occasional comment from someone in your social circles could hurt your feelings, but you should stay strong and not pay much attention. A disagreement within family could bring fore your tendency to be protective.

At this time of the year it’s all too easy to keep wallowing in your past love, but it would be much better for you to look forward to what is waiting for you. As you are looking for your new love interest, you should fix your attention to someone who’s easy-going and optimistic. Pay attention to your finances and make a budget that you can stick with. Take care of your responsibilities, as they are now important to your future.

There could be new plans or some travel ahead. You are full of energy and getting little by little to the right moor for the holidays. It’s more important to do things together with others than show everyone all what you can do. Home and activities related to your home is also starting to take over your mind. Troubles with finances may have bothered you for some time, but that is going to change even if you take no action at all.

There’s someone who you always have thought as a good friend and who now seems to want to be something more. Be kind even if you are not interested in the proposition. A sudden improvement in your finances could make you think seriously about realizing a long-standing dream. But you should keep your feet firmly to the ground. Money is important to you, and having it a little more does not change the equation.

A person who’s been infatuated with you for some time could open up this weekend. If you are not interested, you must be polite and show sensitivity. A surprise meeting with an older friend makes you think about your future, and especially whether you are on the right path. You also have a desire to keep everything from people close to you, and instead retire into your own secret world. You could enjoy it, but sometimes you have to open up a little.


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ばもっともっと不思議な光景 で、 見よう見まねでやった方が いいのか、 分からないから同じ ようにやる必要はないのか、 困 惑してしまう部分でもあるか と思うんです。 そういうことを 今回はメインに紹介していま すので、ぜひぜひフムフム、な るほどね!と読んでもらえる

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