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Urasoe City is located in the southern half of the Okinawa main island. Though it seems overshadowed by its neighboring city, Naha, which is the prefectural capital of Okinawa, back in the old days Urasoe was an important region politically during the Ryukyu era. At one time, kings took residence at Urasoe Castle between the years 1200 ~ 1400. This was long before Shuri became the capital city of the

The view from the "Hacksaw Ridge" (Urasoe Castle Ruins).

Ryukyu islands. To this day, the people of Urasoe are proud of their community and long treasured history.

Before Sho Hashi, the 2nd King of the Ryukyu Kingdom, consolidated the island as one politically ruled country, the main island was divided into three main regions. It is often said that Sho Hashi was the first king of the Ryukyu Kingdom. He was responsible for unifying the king-

dom, however, he had appointed his father, Sho Shisho, as the figurehead first king of the new country. These regions were referred to as “Hokuzan (northern region)”, “Chuuzan (middle region)”, and “Nanzan (southern region). Urasoe Castle was the capital of the Chuuzan region. The kings that ruled from there were King Shunten, King Eiso, and King Satto. King Eiso was called “Tedako” which means

“Son of the Sun” in the Okinawan dialect. Even today, Urasoe is called “The Town of Tedako”. King Shunten also had an interesting aura surrounding his background. Legend has it that King Shunten is the son of Minamotono Tametomo, who was a royal samurai from Japan. It was said that Tametomo had drifted to the Ryukyu’s where he would later meet a woman who would have his child. Tametomo eventually went

Excavation continues around the Urasoe Castle Ruins.

The cave that the future king, King Eiso, and

his mother waited in for Tametomo's return.


overshadow: 見劣りさせる consolidate: 統合する、固まる aura: オーラ、前兆

drift: 漂う、漂流

derivative: 派生した

Past to Present

by Jun Ikemura

back to Japan, leaving Shunten and the mother behind. Both waited for Tametomo back at the cave where they took temporary residence. This cave is located in the now Makiminato District of Urasoe. It is widely believed that this name is a derivative of the words “Machi Minato”. In Japanese, this translates to “waiting” (machi) “port” (minato) perhaps giving reference to the long wait the mother and the future

The paved road of the Urasoe Youdore.

endure: 持ちこたえる、耐える

king would endure. Additionally, a famous rock high up in the Urasoe Castle hills is also named after the famous samurai from Japan. The rock is named “Tametomo Iwa”, and sometimes called by Americans as the “Needle Rock”.

After Shuri became the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom, some Sho royal family members stayed at the Urasoe Castle. That is why King Sho Nei and King

significant: 重要な、意味のある

Eiso's tombs (called Urasoe Youdore) are located at the Urasoe Castle Ruins instead of Shuri. Sho Nei, in particular, lived at the Urasoe Castle for a very long time. He was responsible for making an official paved road to Shuri Castle from Urasoe Castle. That road is called “Nakagami Housei Kaido” and parts of that road still exist today. Along this road was the Ahacha Bridge which was significant for traveling

during that time and still exists today at the Ahacha District but has been partly rebuilt for preservation.

Urasoe Castle Ruins, is also the collocated with the famous “Hacksaw Ridge” from the Battle of Okinawa. Because of area’s tremendous height the castle grounds was also called “Maeda Kouchi”, kouchi meaning “highland”. It was the highest point of Urasoe City and the Japan-

Not all Ryukyu Kings are laid to rest at Shuri. Some are entombed here at the Urasoe Castle Ruins.

preservation: 保存、維持  collocate: 結びつく、配置する


The Needle Rock, an important landmark during the Battle of Okinawa.

ese military stayed at the hill to prevent the U.S. military from attacking the Japanese headquarters at Shuri. This would be the ridge that the Americans would valiantly fight their way up to. There were many caves nestled inside the hillside where the Japanese army would fight and attack from. Many Urasoe citizens were killed during the war; it is estimated that more than half


The view from Urasoe Big Park.

You can find many historical ruins at the Urasoe Big Park.

of Urasoe’s population had population expanded very perished during that dread- fast after the war. Within ful period. Okinawa, it is the 4th largest populated city while After the Battle of Oki- being 2nd in terms of its nawa, the U.S. Military population density. Many took part of Urasoe City head offices of large comand made it into a military panies are located in Uralogistical base which is now soe City. This includes Camp Kinser (formerly Orion Beer, Okinawa Elecknown long ago as Makim- tric Company, Okinawa inato Logistical Base). And Toyota, and Ryukyu Nisbecause it was a commuter san. Additionally, many area close to Naha, Urasoe government facilities are lobecame prosperous and its cated in Urasoe, such as the

tremendous: とてつもなく大きい、恐れさせる

U.S. Consulate Naha, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Okinawa, the National Theatre Okinawa, and the Urasoe Art Museum.

Recent trends include the development of the Minatogawa District. The “Minatogawa State Side Town” consists of old military housing buildings, more than 40 years old, which are now being used

hacksaw: 弓のこ ridge: 尾根 nestle: 横たわる、軒を連ねる

perish: 死ぬ、殺す

The Kaamiiji, shape of a Turtle's head.

The tomb of Chokun Tamagusuku, located above the Maeda Tunnel.

as shops. This area has gained in popularity over time with many tourists visiting this special hidden shopping spot.

Japanese Professional Baseball team trains in Urasoe during spring camp (February through March), and handball has become a very popular sport within Urasoe is gaining little the city, from kids through popular with sports as well. adult, many who are top The Yakult Swallows, a level in all of Japan.

As far as the future of Urasoe, expect to see some changes. Route 58, running through Urasoe, is one of the most heavily congested areas. With the recent expansion of the Urasoe West Coast Road in 2018, traffic is expected to reduce quite

The Nakama Hiijyaa, an active water spring today in the Nakama District.

a bit relieving pressure of the morning 58 traffic. Also, Highway 58 is expected to become a 4-lane highway in the near future, and the Yuirail (Monorail) is scheduled to extend up to Urasoe City with stations at the Kyozuka and Maeda

The Ahacha Bridge, reminiscent of the old days during the Ryukyu Era.

logistic: 兵站の、物流の

commuter area: ベッドタウン

prosperous: 繁栄して、好調な population density: 人口密度


The Urasoe City Museum, a very modern and aesthetically designed artwork in and of itself.

Minatogawa State Side, a recently growing popular shopping spot. National Theatre Okinawa in Jitchaku, Urasoe City.

Districts and the final station at the Uranishi. All is should be completed in 2019. Lastly, the largest supermarket on the island, a San-A store, is scheduled to open in 2019 near Camp Kinser.

Urasoe has definitely grown and changed since its origins many centuries ago. It is a very exciting city with much to offer in terms of its history and future commercial prospects. It is often

The Highway 58 road project in Urasoe is expected to ease traffic through the city.

overlooked by other well-known areas in Okinawa and gets lost in the conversation when it comes to Okinawa tourism. However, if you look carefully, one can spot many special treasLook for new Yui-rail stations in Urasoe City. Opening up soon!

ures hidden under the surface. Urasoe, can sometimes be thought of a lost city right in front of our eyes, but once the blinders are off, one can truly see a remarkable sparkling gem within.


The T. Premier League, The Japanese Professional Table Tennis League

The T. Premier League is a Japanese professional table tennis league. The season began in October 2018 and Okinawa’s own professional table tennis team, the Ryukyu Asteeda, will have their first home game on December 3rd (Mon.) at the Ginowan City Gym starting at 19:00.

Table Tennis is a worldwide popular sport, with most people having played it at least once in their lifetime. In Japan, table tennis recently became more popular with the rise of several Japanese table tennis players like Ai Fukuhara, Kasumi Ishikawa, Sayaka Hirano, and Mima Ito who won the Women’s Silver Medals at the London Olympic and the Bronze Medals at the Rio Olympic. On the men’s side, Jun Mizutani won the Silver Medal, as well as the men’s group, won the Bronze Medals at the Rio Olympics. These recent showings have given much attention to the sport of table tennis and more recently, to the T. Premier League.


The league debuted in 2018 with the season starting from October and ending in March. As of now, there are only 4 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams. Each team will face the other 3 times during a season, for a total of 21 games. They have home and away games, as well as what they call a “central game” which is at a neutral location to determine the season’s third place winner. Only the top 2 teams will face off at the end to determine that year’s champion.

When teams face off, they have to play 4 matches against each other; the first match consist of “Doubles” with 3 games, the second match is “Singles” with 5 games, the third match is “Singles” with 5 games, and the fourth and final match is again “Singles” with 5 games. If further games are required, then another sudden death round is added consisting of “Singles” for 1 game. The Ryukyu Asteeda was founded in 2013 in Oki-

debute: 初お目見えする、デビューする

nawa and joined the T. League in 2018. The name “Asteeda” is a combination of two words; “Asu” (‘tomorrow’ in Japanese)” and “Teeda” (meaning ‘sun’ in the Okinawan dialect [sometimes spelled “tida”]). Together, these words mean “Shine Tomorrow”, a metaphor giving reference to “giving power and glory to the Okinawa table tennis team”!

12/3 (Mon.) Ryukyu vs. KM Tokyo at the Ginowan City Gym 19:00~ 12/4 (Tue.) Ryukyu vs. T.T. Saitama at the Ginowan City Gym 19:00~ 12/24 (Mon. Japanese Holiday) Ryukyu vs. Okayama at the Ginowan City Gym 14:00~ 12/25 (Tue.) Ryukyu vs. KM Tokyo at the Ginowan City The home game on Oki- Gym 19:00~ nawa are scheduled below. December 3rd (Monday) is 2/11 (Mon.) Ryukyu vs. KM the first home game for the Tokyo at the Tomigusuku Asteeda at the Ginowan City Gym. Please cheer them on City Gym, starting Time and make table tennis TBD. “boom” here in Okinawa! 2/12 (Tue.) Ryukyu vs. KM OkinaWanderer offers free Tokyo at the Tomigusuku game tickets (Free seating) City Gym, starting Time for the first 10 readers (10 couples), please send an TBD. email to 2/21 Ryukyu vs. Okayama at or a the Ginowan City Gym, startmessage to the OkinaWan- ing Time TBD. derer Facebook Page. Official Asteda website is at 2/22 Ryukyu vs. T.T. Saitama at the Ginowan City Gym, u-asteeda/ starting Time TBD.

neutral: 中立の、一方に肩入れしない

face off: 対戦する sudden death: 突然死、一回勝負

The Chura Shima Air Festival presents,

Japan’s ‘Blue Impulse’ Aerobatics Flight Team

The Japanese Air SelfDefense Force’s aerobatic flight team, Blue Impulse, will be performing at the Chura Shima Air Festival aboard the JASDF Naha Air Base on Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th. The JASDF Naha Air Base is adjacent to the Naha International Airport.

something special to see. The program includes overhead flights of various rotary and fixed wing aircrafts from both the Japan Air Self Defense Force and Japan Coast Guard. The fly-bys start at 12:30 and will continue through 14:30.

The Blue Impulse aerobatic flight team is scheduled Admission to the festival to perform from 15:00 to is free and will open at 10:00 16:00 on Saturday and the afon both days. The festival ternoon on Sunday. will close at 19:00 on SaturOne of the special highday and 16:00 on Sunday. For those who have lights at this year’s air festinever seen a Japanese mili- val is the F-15 Night Flight tary air show, the festival is Projection Mapping Effects Japanese Air Self-Defense Show featuring their very best, The Blue Impulse.

rotary: 回転構造式の、ロータリー式の

fly-by: 低空飛行

People taking this rare opportunity to see military air crafts up-close. (Japanese Air Self Defense Churashima Air Festival).

Saturday morning, with the JASDF Southwestern Naha Band performing, and Oroku High School Band in the afternoon. Local performers No military show is will take to the stage on Suncomplete without static dis- day. plays of military equipment. There is no parking at The Air Festival will have on display equipment from the the Naha Air Base. Visitors Ground Self Defense Force, must park at Chura-Sun the Maritime Self Defense Beach in Tomigusuku City Force, and the Air Self De- and take a free shuttle bus to fense Force. The displays the festival. It will be free to will be open to the public to park at the Chura-Sun beach see, touch, and to take pic- on both days. tures with. The Gushikawa Military organizers say Junior High School Band is scheduled to play on the tar- portable chairs and pets are mac in front of the hangar on not permitted at the air show. Show. This is scheduled for Saturday only from 18:20 to 18:30 with much eagerly, anticipated buzz.

The Naha Air Base facility is also part of the Naha International Air Port.

eagerly: しきりに、熱心に anticipate: 期待して待つ、早める



Courtney Holiday Festival - Two Days of Festive Fun

MCCS will be spreading some extra holiday cheer this year as they present the 25th Annual Courtney Holiday Festival. This FREE event is gear toward all ages and will provide plenty of merriment for everyone this holiday season. This year’s festival is scheduled for December 8 and 9 from 1 to 9 p.m. both days on Camp Courtney (near the Commissary/Exchange complex). This year’s festival will offer all your favorite attractions, including Fun Land, FREE live entertainment and game booths. Plus, Santa’s House where kids can meet with the jolly one, have their picture taken, share their gift

wishes and receive a present! There will also be delicious cultural foods and American favorites, such as Bulldogs Burgers, pizza, 305 Latin Bistro and Hickory House All-American BBQ; plus refreshing adult beverages courtesy of Kanpai Lounge for patrons 20 years and older. Headlining this year’s festival is country music singer and songwriter, Randy Houser. Signed to Universal South Records in 2008, his single “Anything Goes” became a Top 20 hit on the Billboard country singles chart. In 2013, his singles “How Country Feels” and “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” off the

album How Country Feels peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s US Country Airplay and Country (Canada) charts. Catch Randy Houser onstage Saturday, December 8 at 7 p.m. As if that’s not enough, festival-goers may even leave with an early Christmas gift! There will be tons of prizes and giveaways going out to lucky winners—including an overnight stay for two with breakfast at the Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort. Have a holly jolly Christmas this year at the Courtney Holiday Festival. Admission is FREE and open to all SOFA personnel, and U.S. and Japanese citizens.

Photoes by MCCS

Please be prepared to show a photo ID at the gate. No one will be admitted with pets, bottles, outside alcohol or coolers. As always, we encourage everyone to drink responsibly—don’t drink and drive. Both taxi and daiko services will be available. All patrons must park in the designated parking area and walk to the festival grounds via the Exchange/Commissary gate (Gate 12). For more information, call 098-970-5828 or visit MCCS Festivals & Special Events online at or


~Jan. 6 – Color Leaf Garden Fair at the Tropical Center & Oceanic Culture Museum in Ocean Expo Park in Motobu Town. 8:30~17:30 ¥760 for adult, Free for elementary and middle school students. Oct. 26 ~ Jan. 27 – The Natural Soundscapes of the Ryukyus at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum in Naha City. 9:00~17:00. Oct. 8 ~ Dec. 9 – The Battle of Okinawa Exhibition at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City (614-1 Mabuni, Itoman City). 9:00~17:00 Free to enter. Nov. 3 ~ Jan. 31 Senaga Starry Night Projection Mapping Show at Senaga Island in Tomigusuku City. 19:00~ 6 times a day. Free to enter. Nov. 22 ~ Jan. 20 – Jomon and Okinawa (The symbolism of Kaen Flame-style Pottery and the Jade Road) at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum in Naha City (3-1-1 Omoromachi, Naha City). ¥1100 for adult, ¥600 for College and High School Student, ¥300 for Jr. High and Elementary School Student. 9:00~18:00. (open until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays) Closed every Monday and Jan. 3Rd, but open for Dec. 24 and Jan. 14 (Japanese holidays). Nov.1 ~ Feb. 14 – Stardust Fantasia 2018-2019 at Kanucha Resort in Nago City (156-2 Abu, Nago City). 18:00~23:00. ¥1000/person in advance, ¥1500 at door. During Dec. 22~25 add an additional ¥1000 for each. 0980-55-8880. Nov. 1 ~Feb. 28 – Kariyushi Dream Fantasy at Okinawa Kariyushi


Beach Resort Ocean Spa in Onna Village (2591-1 Nakama, Onna Village). 19:00~ Free to enter. Nov. 28 ~ Dec. 2 – Run Run Balloon Ryukyu Traditional Dancing at Tenbusu Naha in Naha City (3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City). Nov. 28~30 19:00~, Dec. 1~2 13:00/16:00. ¥2500 for adult, ¥2000 for High School Students and under, and Free for under 6 yrs. Dec. 1 – The Movie Day (Japanese). Special discounts may be available at some movie theaters. Dec. 1 – Live Ginowan 2018 (Dancing, Band and Rap Competition) at the Ginowan City Community Hall in Ginowan City (1-1-2 Nodake, Ginowan City). Dec. 1~2 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 3 – Ryukyu Lantern Festival at Murasakimura in Yomitan Village (1020-1 Takashiho, Yomitan Village). 18:00~ 22:00. The lighting ceremony on Dec. 1st is from 17:30. Dec. 1 – Christmas Illumination Lighting Ceremony at Yonakohama Park in Yonabaru Town (77 Agarihama, Yonabaru Town). 18:00~22:00. Free to enter. Dec. 1 – Japan Handball League 2018-2019 Ryukyu Cozazon vs. Osaki Denki at the Ginowan City Gym in Ginowan City. 18:00~ Dec.1 - Okinawa City Utuimachi Stage (Okinawan Traditional Entertainment) at Nantahama in Okinawa City (1-15-12 Uechi, Okinawa City). 18:00~ ¥2500 in-

cludes one drink. ¥1500 includes one drink for Students 12~22 years old. Free under 12. MAIL Dec. 2 – Naha Marathon (From Onoyama Park throughout the southern part of Okinawa) Dec. 2 – Japan Handball League 2018-2019 Ryukyu Cozazon vs. Blue Thunder at the Ginowan City Gym in Ginowan City. 15:30~ Dec. 2 – Malta Quartet Jazz Live at Cave Cafe in the Gangala Cave in Nanjo City (202 Maekawa, Nanjo City). ¥3000 18:30~ Dec. 8~9 – Naminoue Festival (Music/Food/X-Sports/Flea Market) at Naminoue Umisora Park in Naha City. ¥3000 for 1 day tickets, ¥5000 for 2 day tickets. 12/8 12:00~, 12/9 11:00~ Dec. 8~9 – Churashima Air Fest 2018 (JASDF Air Festival) at Naha Air Base in Naha City (301 Touma, Naha City). 12/8 10:00~19:00, 12/9 10:00~16:00. Free to enter. No parking will be available on the base. Please use shuttle buses from Toyosaki Chura-Sun Beach in Tomigusuku City. Dec. 8~9 – Okinawa Marukuto Flea Market 2018 at the Saion Square in Naha City. 11:00~20:00. Dec. 8~9 – Camp Courtney Christmas Festival 2018 at Camp Courtney in Uruma City. 13:00~21:00 Free to enter. Dec.8 - Okinawa City Utuimachi Stage (Okinawan Traditional Entertainment) at Nantahama in Oki-

nawa City (1-15-12 Uechi, Okinawa City). 18:00~ ¥2500 includes one drink. ¥1500 includes one drink for Students 12~22 years old. Free for under 12. MAIL Dec. 14~16 – Antique Fair at the Okinawa City Industry Exchange Center in Okinawa City (1-11-25 Awase, Okinawa City). Free to enter. Dec. 14~16 – Yuntanza Pottery Market at Yachimun-no-Sato in Yomitan Village (2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan Village). 9:00~19:00 Free to enter. Dec. 14 – World Latin Carnival on the 3F Music Town Sound Market in Okinawa City. 18:30~ ¥2500 advance, ¥3000 at the door. Free for High School Students and under, but need to be accompanied by parents. Dec. 15 – Okinawa Prefectural Library Opening (Naha Bus Terminal Buillding 1-20-1 Izumizaki, Naha City). Dec. 15~16 – Japan Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Okinawa at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City. 9:00~15:00. Dec. 15~16 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Dec. 15 – Kumiodori "Nakankarimakatu" at the National Theatre Okinawa in Urasoe City (4-14-1 Jitchaku, Urasoe City). 14:00~15:55. ¥2100

Horoscope Nov. 25th ~ Dec. 9th The mood this weekend and early next week is jovial and optimistic. Although nothing special may happen, there is certain warmth to be felt. You are likely to hear news concerning your work that at first may cause alarm, but after a while you will come to realize that those changes are for the better. You should take a positive attitude towards you future as you have nothing to worry about, and things are bound to get better.

Meeting friend could result in something special and very happy this weekend. The focus is now in your love life and romance. Maybe someone whom you have met through your work or among an informal gathering of friends is making your eyes shine. Put faith in your future but keep your antennas in alert position as many useful and valuable pieces of information are coming to your way, but you have to ready to grab them.

Pay special attention to your money. People tend to put demands very high when money is concerned, but most of those are unnecessary. When someone is pushing you with something you haven’gotten to accomplish, tell them that even Rome took more than one day to build. The impatience of others is after all a minor inconvenience as it’s mostly the happy go lucky attitude that trumps all others in this part of the world.


Love and money are the two matters that take your time over the next few days. They don’t necessarily intertwine with each other and could be completely separate issues. Getting together with friends could be more fun than you had expected. Maybe plans for future leisure travel are a part of the picture including completely new and exciting ideas. The main thing is that you have to make those gatherings happen.

You should pay special attention to your human relationships. The warmth you feel towards people who are the closest to your heart is best expressed through action. Maybe preparing a fine dinner would be a good idea or start planning a trip together to somewhere romantic. By openly and concretively showing how much you care is a very good way to even further strengthen the bonds that bind you together.

Your enthusiasm to prepare your home ready for the big parties over the yearend may be a little premature. There could be problems with all sorts of scheduling, or computers could be the problem. If you are planning a trip, you may have to change it. Check and recheck everything in the minutest of details, and make sure that every bill has been paid for in time. That would take out a lot of unknowns form your plans.

You are eager to tackle challenges of the future and that gets response from people around you. There are many people who want you to succeed, so you can put your trust on their help. But you also have to remember that no one can read your mind, so you have to open your mouth and ask for help when you need it. Just giving out some hints does not get you very far. Being straight and to the point does. Many people are now trying to get your attention, and sometimes to the extent that it begins to feel like a real burden. On the other hand, a close friend or relative who need your help now, would be very thankful for your support. However, someone is going o ask you something quite embarrassing, and you have to think carefully how you handle it. Maybe the safest route is to claim to be too busy.

This time you have to prepare for a change. Those changes are mostly happening at your work, and they may well mean more work for you. That’s why it’s very important that you pay attention to your health and wellbeing. When you are not at work try to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends, and find something to do that keeps work-related thoughts at bay and where they belong.

As you have been very busy lately, maybe something important has missed you attention. The same busy attitude may have caused your friends and colleagues to avoid communication with you. You have to makes sure that no matter how busy image you give out, people tell you what you need to know. Sure, nothing really serious has happened without your knowledge, but you have to find out for yourself.

You enthusiasm is contagious, and a source of inspiration to others. You can expect some quality time with your friends and family. Think, how often you give a helping hand to your neighbor or ask them to ay a visit. Do not postpone doing this all the way to the holidays. Some of them may be in need of a shot of excitement and encouraging right now. And the day when you need a pat on the back yourself could be near, too.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everybody. Try to find time to meet your friends but pay attention to your expenses. It is often more rewarding to get together in small group than make a major event. Smaller group also gives you more time to talk with everyone deeper, and its often a good way to come up with good ideas or evaluate what is going on. This weekend, don’t expect much romance.


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編集後記 読者の皆さまこんにちは!今 年も残すところあと一ヶ月ち ょいというところになってき ましたね!?2018年、思 い残していることはないです か!? 最後の悪あがき、今 からでもできる限りのことは やっておきましょう(^^)

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Help Wanted 急募!北谷神鮨ではスタッフ募 集 中 。 18歳 以 上 な ら ど な た で も応募可能です。勤務時間ラン チ 11:00か ら 14:00ま た は デ ィ ナ ー 17:00か ら 23:00。 ユ ニ フ ォーム支給有り。電話連絡から の面接となります。090-37906482 担当者神谷 ホールスタッフ急募!オールデ ィ ー ズ ラ イ ブ ハ ウ ス ・ Gold Disc( 元 ケ ン ト ス ) で は ホ ー ルスタッフを募集しています。 音楽を身近に感じながら、楽し くお仕事してみませんか? ① 17:00~22:00 週 2 〜 3 回 、 時 給850円*高校生は時給80 0 円 。   ②22: 00~ 01:00 週 2

オキナワンダラーも情報誌と いう立場上、12月に入って くるともう年末のイベント情 報だとか、年内のうちに年明 けの情報などもまとめていく 必要があるので。おそらくは 今号が地域発信内容としては 最後の号になってくるのかな と思います。そんな2018

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〜3回、時給1070円*高校 生 不 可 。 ③17: 00~ 01:00 週 2 〜3回、時給850円*高校生 不 可 、 22:00以 降 は 時 給 ¥ 1 0 70。バンドメンバーにつきま し て hも 、 各 パ ー ト 随 時 面 接 、 オーディションを行なっており ます。初心者も大歓迎!まずは ご連絡ください♪ 那覇市松山 1 -1 4- 19 B1 F G ol d D i sc 担当 中 山 ま で 。 098- 868-1268 (17時以降) コザ自動車ではフルタイムの販 売スタッフを募集中!日本人へ はもちろん、外国人への販売も 可能なスタッフを募集していま す。日常的な英会話力、接客販 売ができる程度で構いません。 フルコミッション、基本給+コ ミッション、どちらの体制でも 可能。外国人も沖縄に滞在する 際には今や車が必須となってい ます。立地的にも車種揃え的に も外国人をターゲットにしやす い環境ですので、すぐに結果が 出せます!英会話スキルをアッ プさせながら働いてみません か? ご応募お待ちしていま す 。 Te l: 098- 938-8651 E m a i l : k oz a5 3 5 3 @ a b e am . o c n . n e. j p h tt p:/ /www.ok is ty l us e dca rs /k o za /

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times. Temporary Help Wanted: Santa needed on December

年最後の地域特集は、 『浦添 市』の特集を組んでますよ 〜!浦添市、そう、 『てだこの まち』ですね♪ 英祖王統の 開祖である英祖王は浦添の出 身で、母親が英祖を身籠る際 に太陽を飲み込む夢を見たこ とで英祖は『太陽の子』 、 『てぃ だの子』と呼ばれるようにな

Jun Ikemura Bill Louie Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

22nd - 25th (Sat. ~ Tues.), 17:00 - 22:00 for Sam’s Restaurant Group. Will pay ¥10,000/day. Please call Darin (9:00 -18:00) at 098933-6644 for more information.

ENGLISH FREELANCE TEACHER WANTED!! Global Village International Center is seeking an English teacher to teach our kids classes. WORKING HOURS: Thursdays, 4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm, and Saturday afternoons (1~2 hours). You will get to decide on a mutuallyagreeable work schedule with Global Village on a monthly basis. However, schedule adjustments may need to be made occasionally to meet students’ needs. Salary: ¥2,000/hour Key requirements: MUST BE A NATIVE SPEAKER ・ Dependable ・ Passionate ・ Articulate・ Must display effort and creativity during lessons・ Prior teaching experience is preferred (candidates without experience may still apply). Steps to apply: Step 1 : Request an application form by emailing Global Village at Step 2 : We will send you information on our teaching positions and our application form. Step 3 : If you agree with our terms and conditions, then reply with your completed application form. Global Village Tel:098-8961 5 7 7

るというストーリーなんです 『ハクソーリッジ』の舞台とい ね。首里城が王都になるまで うことで、外国人の観光客が は浦添城が琉球の中心であっ すごく増えてきています。ま たと考えられています。その た浦添大公園も外国からの観 浦添城も近年発掘調査が進 光客に大人気の公園となって み、さらなる琉球の歴史が明 いて、これからどう変わって るみになることが期待されて いくのかがすごく楽しみな街 いますね。さらに浦添城は2 なんですよね♪ ぜひ浦添散 016年に上映となった映画 策してみてくださいね!

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