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Okinawa International Carnival highlights international heritage of Koza by Jun Ikemura

The Okinawa City International Carnival takes place on Saturday, Nov. 25th, and Sunday 26th, in areas around Gate 2 Street, Koza Music Town and Chuo Park Avenue. Admission to all events is free. The International Great Tug-ofWar, a carnival parade and The Samba Queen stage are the high points for Saturday. Although the rope is smaller at the International Carnival tug-of-war than in the big Naha event, the fun is at least as big. The tug-of-war is open to all to take part, although young children should be kept clear of the rope. The first day of the International Carnival also features an international parade with participants from various countries, including the United States and Philippines, presenting their cultures through performances.

More than 200 motorcycles parade through Gate 2 Street Saturday.

This year, the “Otaku Festival” a special event for anime lovers featuring special performances is taking place in front of Koza Box and Music Town on both days. Motorcycle riders from all over the island will assemble on Gate 2 Street on Sunday. The street will be closed to traffic and packed with some 200 bikes for the occasion. The annual Gate 2 Festival gathers more than 200 rumbling — and somewhat loud — Harley Davidson motorcycles on the street. The motorcycles stage a parade that takes place at 1 p.m., Sunday, blending the cultures of Okinawa, the United States and bikers of other nations into one fun Sunday afternoon. A rock concert and dance performance are also in the Sunday program. There will be plenty of food vendors

Many foreign participants of the tug-of-war make the event truly international.

and souvenir stands available to spectators, each offering a specialty unique to Okinawa, America, or some other country. There will be plenty of games and activities for children, as well. Organizers remind the public that streets and roadways in the area will be subject to traffic restrictions during the weekend event. They encourage people to park a distance away, because parking in the immediate Chuo Park Ave. and Gate 2 Street areas is mostly prohibited. All of Gate 2 Street, a.k.a. Highway 20, between Goya Crossing and Hwy 23 overpass will be closed 10 a.m. ~ 9 p.m. both days. Saturday one lane on Route 330 is closed 2 p.m. ~ 4 p.m., as well as part of Culture Center Street will be closed 1 ~ 4 p.m.

Samba Carnival showcases vivid colors and beauty.

O t ak u Fe s in Ok in awa t ur ns Koz a to Anime ci t y!

Many cosplayers featuring popular anime characters walk around the venue.

‘Otaku Fes in Okinawa’ takes place in the Koza district of Okinawa City on Nov. 25 and 26th, as a special project of Koza International Carnival held on the same dates. The Otaku Fes in Okinawa takes place for the first time and features special programs, such as anime-related events, and everyone can expect to have much fun! “Otaku” is a Japanese word originally meaning a “fan” or “geek” that has now spread world-wide and is mostly understood meaning a geek or fan interested in anime, and the event thus is a festival for anime lovers. Koza has a reputation of being a very international town, and the annual Okinawa International Carnival is the most international festival on the isDJ Caesar

land. Organizers of the Otaku Fes aim to become a major international anime festival in the future. The festival welcomes cosplayers of all ages, and festival goers can expect to meet plenty of famous anime character cosplayers at the venue. Visitors will have an opportunity to take pictures with the characters on both days from 10:00 to 20:00. “AniLove”, an outdoor anime song stage, will be open in front of Koza Box 17:50~18:10, and 20:30~21:00 at Music Town on Saturday, and 15:20~15:40 at Koza Box and 19:00~20:00 at Music Town on Sunday, where famous Anime Song DJ's from Tokyo will spin special anime music. One of the top VR technology en-


gineers in the world, Japanese “GOROman” who is a former facebook VR engineer will have a talk show on how to play in the VR world at Start Up Cafe from 14:00 to 16:00 on Saturday. The program also includes Otagei (Otaku dance) lecture and stage by “Ginyu Tokusentai”, one of most popular otaku dance groups in the otaku world. Their performance will take place at Koza Box from 17:30~18:10 and 20:30~21:00 at Music Town on Saturday, and 15:00~15:40 at Koza Box and 19:00~20:00 at Music Town on Sunday. Admission to all performances is free. This is an excellent opportunity to feel and touch the world of otaku in Japan, don’t miss it! See more at Ginyu Tokusentai

Naha Base Air Festival features Japanese air show by Jun Ikemura

Public has a chance to see some of the aircraft truly close and personal.

Churashima Air festival is something special to see for those who’ve never seen a Japan Self Defense Force air show. The JASDF Naha Air Base is adjacent to Naha International Airport and it shares the runways. The festival program includes overhead flights of various Japan Air Self

Defense Force and Japan Coast Guard aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing on both days, and an F-15 night flight projection mapping show is scheduled for Saturday after sunset. No military show is complete without a static display of military equipment, and that’s true for the

Churashima Air Festival. Military hardware displays from the Ground Self Defense Force, Maritime Self Defense Force and Air Self Defense Force will be open to the public to look, touch and take pictures. There is no parking at the Naha Air Base venue. Visitors must park at Naha

Military Port or Chura Sun Beach and take a free shuttle bus to the festival. Portable chairs and pets are not permitted at the air show. Admission to the festival is free. The gate opens 10:00 on both days. The festival closes at 19:00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday.

The festival program includes air flight show.


by Jun Ikemura

Most of you who have taken a drive around the island have seen shops displaying rotisserie chickens frying on skewers in a restaurant window, but actually, those kinds of stores are not very common in Japan. Tourists visiting from mainland are usually surprised to see those restaurants that are plentiful throughout the island and easy to find. Why? Because of Okinawan emigrants. Since 1899, plenty of Okinawans started to emigrate to places like Hawaii, and Brazil, Argentina and Peru in South America in search of jobs and better life. More than 70,000 had left by 1924. After the World War II, another wave of emigration took place and tens of thousands of Okinawans moved. Then some of the emigrants started to come back to Okinawa, and opened restau-

rants serving rotisserie chicken that they called “Bueno Chicken” that was an immediate success among local people. That is the story why there are so many rotisserie chicken restaurants around Okinawa. Of course, each shop has a different taste and their own closely guarded recipe to prepare the dish. One of the best known is named “Kokekokko House” meaning “Cook-a-doodle-doo House.” This chicken restaurant has served a very special Bueno Chicken since 1983. The restaurant uses only locally-raised chickens instead of imported ones from overseas or mainland Japan. That’s why the chickens are very fresh. They also only serve only chickens roasted on the same day. The chickens are fed herbs that gives them their basic flavor, they are very juicy soft. The specialty of

Cheerful staff welcomes you.


Kokekokko House garlic chicken is super addictive!

Kokekokko House chicken is the Garlic Chicken that many regulars swear are without peer anywhere. They blend a special garlic sauce to marinate the chicken and the result is outright heavenly! When visiting the shop, the sweet smell of garlic permeates the air all the way to the parking lot making one’s mouth water even before entering the shop. The chickens turning on the rotisserie only increase the appetite! The prices are very reasonable. A whole chicken costs ¥1,700 and is large enough to serve 2 or 3 people. A halfchicken costs ¥850. If the customer wishes, the chef cuts the chicken. The menu also includes a Herb Chicken for ¥800 that is very good for salads and sandwiches, and for those who don’t like garlic – or have a meeting

Rotisserie chicken displayed in front of the shop.

to attend the next day. Most of the chicken dishes at the restaurant are sold “To Go,” although there are eat-in tables and Kokekokko serves chicken meals like Chicken Curry, Garlic Chicken Plate, and salad made mostly using Okinawan locally-grown vegetables. Of course, everything is available To Go. As a special service, Kokekokko wraps “To Go” chickens in a special package that prevents any smell escaping into your car letting you save the aroma until you open the package. That’s why a garlic chicken from Kokekokko is also a popular calling present to any occasion. Gift box packages with a Japanese “noshi” (charm sticker) are available, too. Delivery service is available to off-base locations island wide for an extra ¥790 fee, perfect for the coming party season! Kokekokko House is located at 1-3-7 Kamiyama, Ginowan city (on Hwy330). It’s open 11:00~20:00 except Mondays and Japanese holidays. Christmas season is the busiest time for chicken restaurants in Japan, and if you want to get one on the Christmas Day, a reservation by Dec. 10 is necessary. Major credit cards are accepted. Their telephone number is 098-892-1600.


Ryujin-no Utage brings mys

Shishimai, a.k.a. Lion Dance is integral part of the show.

People of the Ryukyu Kingdom believed that Ryujin was a God who reincarnated into a dragon, and controlled and governed water. To please the God, people used music and Taiko drums, and those ancient rituals are the basis of a musical spectacle that takes place in the Ishikawa Dome on Dec. 9th

and 10th. The performance incorporates the dragon theme throughout the show that mixes traditional, classic and modern dance and music. The stage is on the Ishikawa Dome bullfighting ring, in a facility that usually is dedicated to Okinawan-style bullfights, where spectators can sit

to watch the show from any side. Almost 20 groups and single performers will take part in this amazing spectacle on stage. The host group Ryujin Densetsu is known for its variety of powerful acts mixing Eisa, lion dance and hatagashira performaces. Hidekatsu is a familiar composer of

stery of yore to modern age by Jun Ikemura

Raging fires around the stage adds dramatic effect on the show.

Dynamic and vigorous stage impresses audience throughout the show.

modern Eisa songs, local popular singer Chiaki, Kozue Taira, Ayano Uema and ‘Ryukyu-koku Matsuri Daiko’ that performs regularly both in Okinawa and outside of the Island and overseas are among the performers. Rock violinist ARIA will add some spice on the stage. Doors to the performance open

at 16:30 on both days, and the show starts at 18:30. Advance tickets for S-seats are ¥3,000, and general seats ¥2,500 for adults in advance. High School, junior high school and elementary school students enter for ¥1,500 in advance. All tickets cost ¥500 more at door. Admission is free for pre-school age and

younger children provided they share the seat with a parent. Tickets are on sale at Lawson, Coop Apre, Takara Record shop and studio café ‘ROSSO x ROSSO’. For more information, check the website

Celebrate the Season

Taking a picture with Santa is offered at the festival both days.

MCCS will be spreading some extra holiday cheer this year as they present the 24th Annual Courtney Christmas & Holiday Festival. This FREE event is geared to all ages and will provide plenty of merriment for everyone this holiday season. This year’s festival is scheduled for December 9 and 10 from 1 to 9 p.m. both days on Camp Courtney near the Commissary/Exchange complex. This year’s fest will offer many favorite attractions—including Fun Land, FREE live entertainment, game booths, delicious cul-


tural foods and American favorites such as Bulldogs Burgers, pizza, Hickory House All-American BBQ and Kanpai Lounge serving refreshing adult beverages. In Santa’s House, kids can meet with the jolly one, have their picture taken, share their gift wishes and receive a present. This year’s entertainment will include a FREE live performance by American Alternative Rock sensation Third Eye Blind Saturday at 7:30 p.m., DJ Manifesto Saturday at 5 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. as well as a holiday-themed Third Eye Blind

Photos by MCCS

laser light show taking place Sunday at 8:10 p.m. Many lucky festivalgoers will even leave the fest with an early Christmas gift! There will be many prizes available for lucky winners—including toys and more from event sponsors Mattel, Red Lobster, Nago Pineapple Park, BAE Systems, GEICO and Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort. Make your holidays holly and jolly this year at Camp Courtney Christmas & Holiday Festival. Admission to the festival is FREE and open to all SOFA ID card holders and Japanese. Please be prepared to

show a photo I.D. at the gate. No one will be admitted with pets, bottles, outside alcohol or coolers. Please be responsible; don’t drink and drive. Both taxi and daiko services will be available. All patrons must park in the designated parking area and walk to the festival grounds via the main Exchange/Commissary gate (Gate 12). For more information, call 645-5828 or visit MCCS Festivals & Special Events online at or


Event Schedule

Oct. 7~ Dec. 31 (Every Fri., Sat. and Sun.) – Ryukyu Dramatic Night Garden at Fukushuen Chinese Garden, 2-29 Kume, Naha City. ¥600 for adults, ¥300 for kids (6~12), under 6 free. Oct. 28~Feb. 28 Kariyushi Million Fantasy at Okinawa Kariyushi Breach Resort Ocean Spa, Onna village. From sunset to midnight every day, 1,400,000 LED lights illuminate pool garden, garden concert. Admission free. Nov. 1~Feb. 14 Ashibina Winter Elegance illumination 2017 2018 at Outlet Mall Ashibina, Toyosaki. 17:00~20:30 Free admission. Nov. 1~Feb. 28 Stardust Fantasia 2017 – 2018 at Kanucha Resort Hotel, Abu, Nago City. 18:00~23:00 in Nov. and Dec. 19:00~23:00 in Jan. and Feb. ¥1,000 per person in advance, ¥1,500 at entrance. Children under 12 free. Nov. 3~Jan. 8 – Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition at OIST, Onna Village. 9:00~17:00. Admission free. Nov. 18~Dec. 3 - Ichihanari Art Project +3 on Ikei Island, Uruma City. 10:00~17:00. ¥500 for persons over 15 years old, under 15 free. Nov. 18 – Korinawan Music Festival at Ti-da33 Cape Zanpa Park, Yomitan. Music live of Okinawan, Hawaiian and Korean. ¥1,000 for adult, free under 18. 15:00~


Nov. 23~Feb. 18 Tonan Night Decoration 2017 at Southeast Botanical Garden, 2146 Chibana, Okinawa City. 17:00~22:00 ¥1,800 for adults, ¥1,000 for high school students, ¥500 for junior high and elementary school students. Free for under 6. (¥2,000 for adults from 12/22~25) Nov. 24~26 – Tsuboya Pottery Festival at Tsuboya Elementary School. 3-14-12 Makishi Naha. 10:00~18:00 Free. Nov. 24~26 – Mabuioto vol.9 (Soul of Music Festival) at Gangara Cave Café, 202 Maekawa, Nanjo, 17:30~ ¥5,400, children under 6 not allowed. Nov. 25 - Waseda University vs. Keio University baseball exhibition match at Koza Shinkin Baseball Stadium, Okinawa City. 16:00~ ¥2,500 for adults, ¥800 for high school students, free for children under 15. Nov. 25~26 – Karate 1 Series A Okinawa Tournament 2017 at Okinawa Budokan. 52 Onoyama, Naha, ¥2,000 in advance, ¥2,300 at gate. Nov. 25~26 – Ginowan Industrial Fair at Ginowan Seaside Park. 10:00~17:00, admission free. Nov. 25~26 – Sugar Ride Kumejima 2017 – Kume island. 8:00~ Nov. 25~26 – Uruma City Product Fair at Ayahashi Hall, Uruma City (Ocean Road Station). 10:00~17:00 Nov. 25~26 – Miyako Island Industry Fair at JTA Dome, Miyakojima City, Miyako Island. 10:00~17:00

Nov. 25~26 – Okinawa International Carnival, Okinawa Samba Carnival and Gate 2 Festival at Koza Gate 2 Street, Okinawa City. 13:00~21:00. Nov. 25~26 – OtaFes anime-related event in Koza, Okinawa City. 10:00~20:00. Nov. 25~Dec. 25 – Flower Christmas 2017 at Bios on the Hill, 96130 Kadekaru, Ishikawa, Uruma City Nov. 26 – StrandBeest Beach Run at Azama Sun Sun Beach. Theo Jansen Exhibition after event. Nov. 26 – Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Festival 2017 at JGSDF Naha Base, 679 Kagamizu, Naha City. 9:00~14:30. Admision Free. Nov. 26 – Yui Rail Festival 2017 at Yui Rail Main Office, 377-2 Ashimine, Naha City, 12:00~17:00 Admission free. Nov. 26 – Tofu Workshop at Itoman Public Market, 989-83 Itoman, Itoman City, 11:00 ~ 13:00. Adults (13 and up) ¥2,500 / $25, children age 2 - 12 ¥1,500 / $15 English speaking staff available. Dec. 2 – Nishihara Music Festival at Sawafuji Hall, Nishihara Town. ¥1500~ adults ¥1,000, students ¥500, children under 15 free Dec. 2~3 - Camp Foster Flea Market on Camp Foster, Chatan. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Dec. 3 – Naha Marathon, Start/Finish at Onoyama Park, course through southern Okinawa. Dec. 3 – Soccer: FC Ryukyu vs.

Kataller Toyama – J3 League soccer match at Okinawa Comprehensive Park, Hiyane, Okinawa City. 13:00~ Dec. 3 - Japan Handball League 2017-2018: Ryukyu Corazon vs. Toyota Gosei Blue Falcon at Ginowan City Gym. 14:00~ Dec. 8~10 – Ginowan Handicraft Fair at Ginowan City Hall, 1-1-2 Nodake, Ginowan City, 10:00~18:00. Dec. 9 – Kunigami Trail Running Tournament at Kunigami Forest Park, 1094-1 Hentona, Kunigami Village Dec. 9~10 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Dec. 9~10 – Churashima Air Festival 2017 on JASDF Naha Air Base, 301 Touma, Naha City, 12/9: 10:00~19:00, 12/10: 10:00~16:00, admission free. Dec. 9~10 – Pet Carnival at Okinawa Convention Center. 10:00~17:00 ¥1,000 for adults, ¥500 for kids, under 6 free. Dec. 9~10 – Camp Courtney Christmas Festival 2017, at Camp Courtney commissary area, Uruma City. 13:00~21:00, admission free. Dec. 9~10 – Ryujin no Utage 2017 at Ishikawa Multipurpose Dome, Uruma City. Dec. 9~Jan.8 – Yanbaru Art Festival 2017-2018 at Shioya Elementary School, 538 Shioya, Ogimi Village


Horoscope Nov. 25th ~ Dec. 9th Because of a positive aspect of planet Jupiter to your zodiac you have more energy than usual for the next couple of weeks. Butt a side effect could be that you could become compelled to spend too much. When the urge hits, you should concentrate on thinking what you could use your money for later. A budding romance seems to be in the horizon, and if you want it to proceed, you have to put a little effort in it.

This weekend is a little quieter than usual and offers you a good chance to relax a bit. You should evaluate your working schedule with an eye of securing more time for leisure. Spending a weekend in the company of your family only may not look so attractive first, but that could lead you to consider changing you plans over the next few months. You might even discover a completely new and exciting side in your partner.

The focus over the next few days should be your finances. That does not sound very exciting, but you could also end up with solutions that are nothing short of brilliant. If you want to make progress in your career you should consider giving those around you more chances to help you. For this weekend, you should plan something romantic, but you also should be ready to show your true feelings openly.

You would like to get rid of old ideas and negative relationships. You can almost feel how just a thought of such a chance brightens your mind. There could be some problems after the weekend, and the sooner you fix the situation the better. Once you solve your problem, your social life is bound to change for the better. You must assume a new important responsibility, but luckily you can take it easily.

A situation relating to your old flame is leading you onto a familiar path, but the positive point this time is that you know now how to pick only the best parts. As it is, there’s no reason to make any compromises. It could be difficult to convince everyone to accept the situation first, but this is something that is going to change as times go by. Just remember to slow down with anything that involves feelings and emotions.

The start of this weekend may look slow first, but your enthusiasm is going to quell any such thoughts. You love fast tempo and getting things done in a hurry, especially when you see that it often means progress. Healthy habits are becoming more important to you as a source of energy. There’s always a way to do better, so don’t let your pride tell you that you have already achieved the pinnacle and everything is all right as is.


You would like to lessen the load you usually carry at your work, and that could be very good for your wellbeing, but it surely would be a shock to others who have accustomed to relying on you. Next week, you can expect some relief, almost like a new beginning. One of your friends is planning to reveal you a secret. You should not panic but be prepared mentally. Trust your feelings and be ready to read between the lines.

You can expect your money situation to improve considerably, and that means that you have more room to play with a problem that you could possibly encounter within a few days. Try to take some distance to people who have become all too dependent on you. When you force them to face the possibility to make it on their own, they become more independent and recognize that you are not in their disposal all the time.

This is as romantic and exciting as it gets to you. Passions and imagination rule, and you should not hide your feelings and emotions either. And why would you pass on your chance to experience a bit of real ecstasy and a bit of happiness, even if in passing. After all, nothing is forever, so you should enjoy as long as you can. But you should also pay attention to your money situation, and be ready to take action where needed.

Your health and feeling good should be in the limelight over this weekend even if that forces you to rethink many aspects of your life. Consider you diet, physical activity, personal relationships and work. Do not forget to evaluate your social life. Why would you waste your time associating with people who have negative attitude. You should take any changes you face in your life curious and as a challenge to be conquered.

People who are testing your patience are in for an unpleasant surprise. Too much is too much! Changes come from the heart and decisions could be very final, but don’t shut out the possibility to make things up if everyone agrees to new rules. There could be many other changes over the weekend, although some of them will be delayed all the way to next year. Some others can’t wait, as this is the new route to follow for you.

You would like everybody to be happy, but sometimes you seem to forget your own needs. This would be a good time to think about your own life and wellbeing. This weekend promises to be exciting. Just think ahead where you could be and with whom. There’s someone who’s pointing this out to you, but in a quiet way, and it’s up to you to figure out how it’s going to work. Once you resolve the puzzle, the rest becomes history.


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Help Wanted

急 募 ! 北 谷 セ ガ 2階 、 神 鮨 で は

など崩されないように気を付 けていきましょう〜! さて、 今号の OkinaWanderer では、 コザが一年で最もインターナ ショナルな街になる 『オキナワ 国際カーニバル』 をメインに取 り上げていますよ〜(^^) 国際カーニバルでは同時進行 でゲート2フェスティバル、 サ

Ryukyu Press Publication

President Editing Sales Translation Accountant

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Jun Ikemura Team O-Wanderers Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

933-6644 for more information.

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タク文化も大々的に紹介して いこうという試みで、 街に本格 的なコスプレイヤーが集まり、 オタ芸集団のステージ、 東京で 活躍する有名アニソン DJ の ライブステージもあるらしい ですよ!さらにミックス色が 強くなった国際カーニバル、 ぜ ひ楽しんでみてくださいね!

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