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Discover Kumiodori 2017 Photos by National Theater Okinawa

"Discover Kumiodori" program provides people interested in traditional Okinawan performing arts an introduction to Kumiodori plays complete with multilingual audio guidance.

Introducing popular plays with audio guidance in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages so that foreign visitors can casually enjoy the aesthetic beauty of Kumiodori, which has an approximately 300year history.The Kumiodori is a unique Okinawan theatrical art based on traditional Okinawan music and dance. The storyline of a play unfolds mainly through actors’ lines, along with singing and dancing. In 2010, it was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Please fully enjoy this world-class traditional Okinawan performing art.

Part I "How to Enjoy Kumiodori"

Kumiodori actors will guide you through the history of “Kumiodori” and explain its uniqueness and attractiveness. The audience can also experience Kumiodori by taking part in it. Part II Kumiodori "Nidou Tekiuchi"

A piece based on the local historical legend, the“Gosamaru-Amawari Revolt” in 1458. A story of two orphans who avenge their father, Gosamaru, the former Loyal Retainer of the administration of the Ryukyu Kingdom and kill their fa-

ther's enemy Aji of Katsuren, Amawari. It is the first piece played in the history of Kumiodori. 【Synopsis】

Amawari, lord of Katsuren Castle, destroys Gosamaru, lord of Nakagusuku Castle, whom he considered a nuisance, by branding him as a rebel. Thinking that he killed every single member of his enemy clan, Amawari feels completely safe, but Gosamaru’s two sons (Tsurumatsu, the older brother, and Kamechiyo, the younger brother) had managed to escape during Amawari’s assault on Nakagusuku Castle. Learning that Amawari was

planning to hold a mo-ashibi (party where young people would go out to sing, dance, and drink), the two brothers ask their mother’s permission to avenge their father’s death. She hands them a short sword, a memento of their father, and sends them off, holding back her painful feelings. Disguised as traveling entertainers, Tsurumatsu and Kamechiyo approach Amawari, who is in the midst of a drinking party with his subjects. After performing in front of Amawari, the brothers manage to get him drunk by serving him sake and wait for the chance to seek revenge. They finally succeed in avenging their father Gosamaru’s death.


Ichihanari Art Project draws attention to Uruma’s outer islands by Jun Ikemura

The giant Okinawan Obaa (old lady) statue is an icon of the Ichihanari Art Project.

Ikei Island north of Katsuren Peninsula has seen its resident community to shrink as young people moved off the island to cities and towns in search for easier life, and fewer children were born to the few couples who stayed. A sign of the times was the closure of the island’s elementary and secondary schools seven years ago because of lack of students. To keep the community alive, residents came up with an idea of an art event they named “Ichihanari Art Proj-


ect.” Local people have called Ikei Island “Ichihanari” that means “the furthest” (island from Katsuren peninsula). The Ichihanari Art Project was started to “revitalize the Island by art” and activating the community by utilizing the closed Ikei Elementary and Secondary School buildings. The project has proven successful enough, and the art project has been enlarged in scale to involve not only Ikei Island but also nearby Miyagi, Henza and

Hamahiga Islands. It was also renamed “Ichihanari Art Project +3”. Several artists have adopted the project and incorporated Uruma islands’ distinctive culture and scenery in their works that are on display during the project. The art project runs from Saturday, Nov. 18, through Sunday, Dec. 3. The exhibitions are open 10:00 – 17:00 daily. The exhibitions take place on locations on Ikei, Miyagi, Henza and Hamahiga islands and at the

Uruma Sea Road (Kaichu Doro) Ayahashi Sea Station. Free shuttle buses run from the Uruma Sea Road around the islands on Saturdays and Sundays. A route map to the event locations is available at the Sea Station and the closed Miyagi Junior High School. Tickets to the event cost ¥500 (children under 15 are free), and are available at Uruma City Office and Ayahashi Sea Station. Check more details at


Okinawa’s remote islands highlight their specialty products at the fair.

‘Ritou Fair ’ puts focus on outer islands by Jun Ikemura

A three-day annual fair called ‘Ritou Fair’ opens Friday, Nov. 17 at Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Onoyama Park in Naha to promote products, beauty, and tourism of 18 communities on Okinawa’s outer islands. The fair runs through Sunday Nov. 19. The event focuses on the


food, traditional performing arts, tour opportunities and businesses and specialty products of the communities. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who have not had a chance to visit those places and learn what they have to offer. Each of the communities has booths and displays to

showcase locally made products, which all are also for sale. Performers of traditional performing arts and music from each of the communities are on stage throughout the event. The fair runs from 10:00 to 19:00 on Friday and Saturday, and closes 30 minutes earlier at

18:30 on Sunday. There is no parking at the Cellular Stadium but a temporary parking is available at the Naha Military Port, and a free shuttle bus runs between the parking area and the Cellular Stadium from 9:00 to 20:00.


Okinawan Kumiodori is UNESC by Jun Ikemura

Kumiodori is a classical Ryukyu musical and theatrical performance with a story presented using lyrics, traditional sanshin music and dance. Chokun Tamagusuku, who lived 1684-1734, is credited with creating Kumiodori. He was appointed Odoribugyo in 1718 during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom. He created the new performing art using Okinawa’s indigenous performing arts and traditions as its basis, and adding influences from mainland Japan’s Noh and Kabuki, to entertain Chinese envoys, “sapposhi”, attending the coronation of a new king. Sappo was a tributary system, in which the enthronement of an Okinawan king would be granted by an imperial edict from China. Kumiodori was first performed in 1719 at a feast held after King Sho Kei’s enthronement ceremony. Chokun created five masterpieces, and the Odoribugyo who was

named for the job after him also created new plays. At present, approximately 70 kumiodori pieces have been identified. The National Theatre Okinawa was opened in Urasoe City, Okinawa, in January 2004 with the purpose of serving as the point of exchange for promoting tradition and culture in the Asia-Pacific region by utilizing the topographical and historical features of Okinawa, while at the same time, striving for the preservation and promotion of Okinawa’s traditional performing arts, including the nationally important officially Designated Intangible Cultural Asset, “Kumiodori”. The Japan Memorial Day Association has designated the Sep. 3 as the Day of Kumiodori, Sep. 3 was selected as number 9 (September) is “ku” and number 3 can be called “mi” in Japanese.

The National Theater Okinawa shows a lot of cultural program through a year.


CO-registered performing art Photos by National Theater Okinawa

Kumiodori is an indigenous Okinawan performing art with influences of Japanese Noh and Kabuki.

"Shushin Kaneiri" is one of the most famous Kumiodori plays.

In the story, a young lady turned into a demon because she could not control her passion towards a handsome man named "Wakamatsu".


Event Schedule

Sep.16~Nov. 19 – Crayon Shinchan 25th anniversary art exhibition at AEON MALL Rycom Okinawa. 10:00~18:00. Admission ¥600 in advance and ¥800 at door for adults, ¥300 in advance and ¥400 at door for children, under 3 years old free. Oct. 3~ Nov. 11 – The TheoJansen Exhibition Okinawa 2017 “Strand Beest meets Okinawa” at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum. ¥1,000 for adults, ¥700 for Hight school and University students, ¥500 for Elementary and Junior high students in advance. Under 6 are free. Add ¥100 for door tickets. 9:00~18:00 except Mondays, and until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday. Last entry is 30 minutes before of closing time. Nov. 3~Jan. 8 – Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition at OIST in Onna village. 9:00~17:00. Admission free. Nov. 10 - Kadena shopping street Awamori Festival at Kadena Rotary Park, Kadena Town. Nov. 11~12 - 29th Tour de Okinawa 2017 Nov. 11~12 - Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary area, Uruma City. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Nov. 11~12 – Naha Curry Grand Prix 2017 at Tomarin Park, Naha. (3-25 Maejima, Naha) 11:00~16:00. ¥1,000 including two curry half-dish ticket. Nov. 11 – Relay for Life at Tedako Field, Urasoe City. 24-hour char-


ity event to support cancer patients. Nov. 11 – Bar Walk Naha Vol.7 in Naha City. 15:00~23:59. Nov. 11 - FC Ryukyu vs. Tochigi SC – J3 League soccer match at Okinawa Comprehensive Park, Okinawa City. 18:00~ Nov. 11 - Japan Handball League 2017-2018: Ryukyu Corazon vs. Toyota Brave Kings at Okinawa Convention Center. 18:00~ Nov. 12 – Children with Disability conference in Uruma City Art Theater Hall, Uruma City. 175 Nakamine, Uruma City. Nov. 12 - Sunrise Market Vol.2 at Sunrise Naha Shopping Mall, Naha. 10:00~18:00, admission free. Nov. 12 - Jazz in Nanjo at Sugar Hall, 307 Sashiki, Nanjo City. 14:00~ ¥3,000 for adults, ¥1,500 for high school students, ¥300 for Junior high school students, ¥200 for elementary school students in advance, and add ¥500 each at door. Tel: 098-947-1100 m/jin11th Nov. 18 – JICA International Exchange Festival at JICA, Urasoe City. 9:30~18:00, admission free a d m i s s i o n . terprise/kaihatsu/festival/ ml Nov. 19 – “Welcome to the World of Science,” OIST Science Festival 2017 at OIST Main Campus 10:00~16:00. Science demonstra-

tions, lectures, admission free. Nov. 19 – Mamachari (basic bicycle) Racing Tournament at Chura Sun Beach, Tomigusuku, 10:00 start. Nov. 16~19 – Shuri Textile Fabric Exhibition at Tenbusu Gallery, Kokusai Street, Naha City. 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City. 10:00~19:00. Admission free. Nov. 17~19 – Okinawa Remote Island’s Industrial Fair 2017 at Okinawa Cellular Park Naha. 10:00~19:00 Nov. 17 Promenade Concert 2017 at Koza Music Town, Okinawa City. 18:30~ Admission free. Nov. 18~19 – Camp Festival “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU” at the Residents of the Prefecture Forest, Onna Village. 2028 Afuso, Onna. Starting at 8:30. Camping! Live Music! Outdoor activities! Yoga! Food! Kids’ play ground! 2-days admission ticket ¥4,000, Nov. 18 ticket ¥3,000, Nov. 19 ticket ¥2,000, 2-days admission with parking space ¥5,000, Nov. 18 with parking ¥4,000, Nov. 19 with parking ¥2,500 and tent space ticket ¥4,500. Nov.18~19 – Yanbaru (Northern part of Okinawa) Gourmet Concour at Okinawa Ocean Expo Park, Motobu Town. 10:00~17:00. Nov. 18~Dec. 3 – Ichihanari Art Project +3, Ikei, Miyagi, Henza and Hamahiga islands and Ocean Road, Uruma City. 10:00~17:00 ¥500 for adults, admission free for

children under junior high school age. Nov. 18~19 - Camp Kinser Flea Market on Camp Kinser, Urasoe City. 12:00~15:00, admission free. Nov. 18~19 – Nakagusuku Castle Site Projection Mapping show at Nakagusuku Castle site, Nakagusuku Village. 15:00~ Nov. 18 – Discover Kumiodori at the National Theater Okinawa in Urasoe city. (4-14-1 Jitchaku, Urasoe city) English, Korean and Chinese audio guide available. ¥2100 for adult, ¥1000 for students. 14:00~ Nov. 18 - Okinawa Pow Pow – Okinawa reggae beach fest 2017 at Umisora Park, Naha City. 15:00~ Nov. 18, 19 - Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018 Golden Kings vs. Nagoya Diamond Dolphins Sat. 19:05~ Sun. 18:05~ at Okinawa City Gym. Nov. 19 – Chubu Trim Marathon at Okinawa Prefectural Comprehensive Park area. 8:30~ Nov. 19 – Super Car All Stars at Outlet Mall Ashibina, Tomigusuku City. 10:00~20:00, admission free. Nov. 19 – Makiminato River clean-up at Uranishi Junior High School, Urasoe City. (3-1-1 Toyama, Urasoe City) 9:00~11:00. Nov. 23 – GODAC Open House at GODAC, 10:00~17:00, 5-minute lectures on deep sea shark anatomy, fishing games, ROV experience, admission free. 0171123.html


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日の公演では『Discover Kumiodori 2017』と題し、英語、 韓国語、中国語の多言語ガイ ダンスも対応ということで、 なんなら英語で聞いてみても 面白そうじゃないですか!? ぜひ外国人のお友達を連れ て、琉球の文化を供に味わっ てみてはいかがでしょうか?

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