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Don’t leave your dog home when making memories at Surf Side by Jun Ikemura

Restaurants and coffee shops that welcome customers with their pets begin to be quite common, but lodgings for visitors who travel with their pets are almost unheard of. B&B Surf Side Okinawa offers accommodations to people seeking a place to stay with any kind of dog, from small to big, and what’s best from the point of view of the dog owner, the pet can stay in the same room. Many visitors and their dogs choose to stay at the pension, because its location on a hilltop with plenty of green around. It’s also close to open beaches, and thus very comfortable and relaxing place where visitors can

take long walks with their dogs. Naturally, a pet is not required, and many people stay at the hotel because of its nice surroundings and comfortable location. The Surf Side has three twin-bed rooms, one with three beds, another room that can accommodate four people and one maisonette type room that has two beds and a sofa that can be converted into an extra bed. Room charges start from only $94 per night including breakfast. Customers who want to stay with their dog are asked to bring toilet sheets for the pet, plus its collar and food. They also ask customers not to let the pet on the beds. Yusuke Sato, the owner

of B&B Surf Side Okinawa, says, “I see many foreign families and single persons who have pets on OKinawa, and I believe it’s more than Okinawans, but there are not so many places that allow pets. However, a pet is a member of the family, and needs accommodations, too, if it travels together. It’s not right to exclude the pet from family vacations. I also have a dog, and I understand this very well. So please, all of you come and stay, and make a great experience of your stay on Okinawa. I'm sure there are no borders between people of any nationality who love dogs!” He also explains that although his establishment does not serve dinners, there

The breakfast has nice volume, but you have to Guest rooms are tidy and cozy. bring your dog’s breakfast with you.


Anyone is welcome to Sur Sside, including the family pet dog.

are quite a few restaurants nearby that welcome pets with their owners. “We are happy to introduce them,” Sato says. Booking a stay at Surf Side is very easy through Expedia hotel booking website, where one can make reservations in English, and pay by credit card in advance. A link to the Surf Side is on the pension’s facebook site. Just look “b&b surfside” on facebook. Reservations can also be made on their official website at Check-in is from 2 p.m. on, and check-out by 10 a.m. Address: 249-1 Onna, Onna village.

Lush green panorama surrounds the pension.


Cafe & Restaurant Taro is link between historical and modern Okinawa by Jun Ikemura

A very common restaurant lunch menu on Okinawa reads “A lunch”, “B lunch” and “C lunch”. The concept is uniquely Okinawan and not found in Japanese chain restaurants or upscale establishments. Instead, they serve the fare local common folks eat for their everyday lunch that are almost like homemade meals. The origin of such menus goes back to the 1950's, and it’s believed that the first such menu was created by the “New York Restaurant” in Okinawa City. Letters A, B and C refer to the grade of the dish with A being the most sumptuous followed by B and C. The A-lunch often has volume that small eaters and women find difficult to finish. Most restaurants that serve the menu will have it available whenever they are open regardless whether it’s lunch-time or not. Cafe and Restaurant Taro located in the Yafuso district of Urasoe is one of those eateries, and very famous and popular among locals. It’s located on Hwy 58 across from Camp Kinser, and it’s easy to spot for its bright green and orange signboard even though its name is written only in kanji characters. Cafe & Restaurant Taro opened in 1971, just a few years after the Okinawa reversion to Japan. When the owner, Mr.


Nakanishi, opened his coffee shop he named it Taro that is a very common name of a Japanese male. He located his business in Yafuso, as it was the busiest district in Urasoe City, and his 24-hour coffee shop proved to be a big success! He first served coffee only, but eventually started serving food, too, and it became even more popular. Finally, he built his own business building that houses many tenant shops in later 1980's, in which the restaurant Taro currently resides on the first floor. Because of its long history, its not uncommon to see families with three or even four generations to eat there. Its customers range from small kids to old persons. You can see families with infants, and groups of old people having a chat. Young single customers bring their computers and smartphones to take advantage of the free WiFi and power outlets near the tables. According to manager Taichi Nakanishi, the son of the owner, many people still opt for an A or B-lunch despite the menu having expanded over the years. In a matter of fact, the number of dishes on their menu is astonishing. It includes Japanese plates, sashimi, bowls, western style dishes, Chinese and, of course, Okinawan meals includ-

A-lunch is an unique and popular dish at Okinawa restaurants.

ing Okinawa soba! Nakanishi says, “We have this many different dishes, but the most popular is still “A lunch” even after all these years.” Perhaps the most unique feature in the restaurant is Karaoke. There are six separate karaoke rooms that cost just ¥500~¥1,000 per hour to use depending on the size. Customers can enjoy singing Karaoke and bring any food from other shops also, except alcohol drinks, in the rooms. Nakanishi says that customers use the rooms for group parties, meetings, and just for singing. The second floor of the building is also fun. There is “Bar Wave” that offers billiards and darts. The cost is reasonable ¥600 per hour to play billiards and ¥300 for darts, and customers can buy drinks from a vending machine in the bar. Another tenant on the second floor is Karaoke and Dance Hall “Bus Stop” where customers sing

Restaurant Taro’s customers have six karaoke rooms available .

Karaoke songs on stage, while others listen at the counter or tables. The space is also available for meetings and party with dishes brought in from restaurant Taro. As the year-end party season approaches, Cafe & Restaurant Taro could be a unique place for your group’s year-end party. Cafe & Restaurant Taro is open every day except New Year and Obon Holidays from 10 a.m. to midnight. The last order is 11 p.m. Bar Wave is open 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (until 2 a.m. on weekends) and Bus Stop is open 5 p.m. ~ 12 a.m. Chartered parties are available day time. Yen and dollars are accepted, but change is paid in Yen only. Parking for more than 50 cars is available at behind the building. Cafe & Restaurant Taro Address is 3-34-2 Yafuso, Urasoe city.

Billiards and darts spice up the mood at night time.


S o b a i s O k i n a w a’s s o u l f o o d by Jun Ikemura

Everybody in living on Okinawa should try Okinawa soba at least once. And once they try, almost everyone becomes addicted to the island’s noodles! Okinawa soba is so special dish for locals that October 17th is named as the Day of Okinawa Soba. On that day, celebratory events take place around the island, with some shops actually giving away bowls of free soba. Many soba restaurants also prepare original sets or offer discount services, and everyone encourages people to try to visit and eat Okinawa soba during the week. It seems that over 2,000 restaurants put Okinawa soba on their menu, and estimates are that 200,000 portions of soba are eaten each day

on the island. Almost all tourists visiting here try Okinawa soba. It’s one of the most popular foods in Okinawa, and almost everyone who lives here has his or her favorite soba joint. Following the reversion of Okinawa, the organization governing fair trade claims stirred things up. According to their rules, Okinawa soba could not be sold as soba, because it didn’t use soba buckwheat. The trade people noted soba is defined to include at least 30% buckwheat. Nonetheless, Okinawa has been calling its noodles Okinawa soba, and there were many voices crying out to protect it as soba. On the day of Oct. 17th, 1978, the Japanese Fair Trade Commis-

Everyone should try Okinawa soba, the soul food of Okinawa while staying on the island.


sion decided to admit that the noodles everyone in this prefecture eat on a practically daily basis can be called “Okinawa soba.” Okinawans call “Okinawa soba” as “soba” but in mainland Japan, “soba” is a different dish, as ingredients and materials are not the same. Okinawa soba has wheat noodles, stodgy soup and pork in the dish, but soba noodles in mainland are thin and gray, and made of soba buckwheat flour called “sobako”, and the broth is non-fatty made

without pork. That’s why Okinawa soba technically is a not soba under the definition in the books and the Fair Trade Commission regarded it initially as a kind of fake that infringes on mainland soba makers “rights”. The thick wheat noodles of Okinawa soba resemble udon, while the soup is more similar to ramen broth, and its flavored with konbu, an edible seaweed, and katsuobushi flakes and pork. Standard toppings are kamaboko fish cake, sliced scallions and a thick slice of stewed san-mai niku pork belly or pork ribs, and usually garnished with pickled ginger.

The origin of Okinawa soba is like this; in the Meiji era of Japan, a Chinese cook was invited to Okinawa by a mainland Japanese man, and he opened “Shina soba” restaurant in Naha. As time went on, his noodles developed into Okinawa soba. Those who want to delve deeper into making Oknawan soba noodles can take advantage of Okinawa soba making hands-on experience. For example, Sun Foods Company in Itoman ( and Taste of Okinawa in Naha ( offer such tours, and we at OkinaWanderer can make the arrangements. If interested, an email to or a message on facebook at “Okinawanderer”.


Event Schedule

Sep. 1st~Oct. 30 – Ryukyu & Okinawa collector exhibition at Naha City Museum. On 6th floor of Palette Kumoji, Naha. 10:00~19:00 every day except Thursdays. ¥350 for adults, Children under 15 free. Sep.15~Oct. 22 – Discover the artistic Ryukyu lacquerware at Urasoe City Art Museum, admission ¥800 for adults, ¥400 for university students, ¥500 for seniors over 65, free for children under 18. Sep.16~Nov. 19 – Crayon Shinchan 25th anniversary art exhibition at AEON MALL Rycom Okinawa. 10:00~18:00. Admission ¥600 in advance and ¥800 at door for adults, ¥300 in advance and ¥400 at door for children, under 3 years old free. Oct. 3~ Nov. 11 – The TheoJansen Exhibition Okinawa 2017 “Strand Beest meets Okinawa” at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum. ¥1,000 for adults, ¥700 for Hight school and University students, ¥500 for Elementary and Junior high students in advance. Under 6 are free. Add ¥100 for door tickets. 9:00~18:00 except Mondays, and until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday. Last entry is 30 minutes before of closing time. Oct. 11~ Oct. 29 – The MARVEL Exhibition “AGE OF HEROES” at the 6F of Ryubo Department Store in Kumoji in Naha. ¥2500 for special ticket, ¥800 for Adult, ¥500 for High school and Junior high students, ¥400 for kids and


free for under 6. Add ¥200 for at door tickets. 10:00~20:30. Oct. 7~ Dec. 31 (Every Fri., Sat. and Sun.) – Ryukyu Dramatic Night Garden in Naha at Fukushuen Chinese Garden. 2-29 Kume, Naha city. ¥600 for adult, ¥300 for kids (6~12) and free for under 6. Oct. 13 – Okinawa Americana (Merry x David Ralston) live at MOD'S in American Village in Chatan. Open 19:00, Start 20:00. ¥2000 in advance, ¥2500 at door need to get 1 drink. TEL 098-9365708 MAIL Oct. 14~15 – Kin town festival at Kin town athletic field (7758 Kin, Kin town) Oct. 14~15 – Camp Courtney Flea Market at Camp Courtney Commissary area, Uruma city. 7:00~10:00, admission free. Oct. 14~15 – Toropa 2017 “Tropical beach music party in Ginowan 2017” at the Tropical beach in Ginowan city. 12:00~21:00 Live music by Emi Tawata, Nanbu Mango Parties, KACHIMBA4 at Oct. 14. Toreomono, BUMBA, The ManRay and Nangoku Salon at Oct. 15. Free to enter. Oct. 14 – Orange Range presents TV's Night 2017 in Bull Fighting Circle Final at the Bull Fighting Circle in Koza Athletic Park in Okinawa city. 13:00~ MAIL Oct. 14~15 – the 31st Kitanakagusuku Shiosai Festival at Shiosai Park in Kitanakagusuku village. 14:00~21:00.

Oct. 14 – Family Fest Wai Wai Plaza 2017 at Okinawa Christian Junior College (777 Onaga, Nishihara town). 14:00~17:00 Oct. 14~15 – World Beer Fest Okinawa Octoberfest 2017 at Chatan Fisherina in Chatan village. 15:00~21:00 Oct. 14~15 – Basketball B.League 2017 – 2018 Golden Kings vs. Shiga Lakestars at Okinawa city gym. Sat: 19:05 Sun: 14:05 Tickets ¥3,500 (arena center), ¥2,800 (arena ends), 2nd tier rafters ¥3,300 - ¥2,00 for adults, children ¥1,000, see html Oct. 14 – Onna Village Fireworks Festival at Moon Beach Hotel (1203 Kaneku, Onna village). Entry free. 17:30~20:00. Oct. 15 – Uminchu Tore Tore Asaichi (fish auction) at Nanjo fishing port (1198 China, Chinen, Nanjo city) 8:00~ Oct. 15 – Nakijin Haarii tournament at Unten fishing port in Nakijin village. 9:00~14:00. Oct. 15 – Summer Festival in Kanna beach at Kanna beach in Ginoza village (postponed from 9/16 because of typhoon) 10:00~16:00. Oct. 15 – Comic Con Okinawa at Camp Foster in Chatan village. Free to enter. 10:00~18:00. Oct. 15 – Okinawa Jazz History Concert at Tedako Hall in Urasoe city. 17:30~ ¥300 in advance, ¥3500 at door. Oct. 16~22 - Ong's Thai Massage

Okinawa special diploma seminars. “Care after childbirth” is on Oct. 16 and 17, “Massage for pregnant mothers and baby” is Oct. 18, 19 and 20, and “Guasa therapy” on Oct. 21 and 22. Each seminar has space for 8 persons only, and costs ¥32,000 including text, materials and the diploma publication fee. Ong's Thai Massage Okinawa at 070-4479-2761, email or check their Facebook page at “Ong's Thai Massage Okinawa”. Oct. 17 – The day of Okinawa Soba

Oct. 21~22 – Uruma festival at Gushikawa Athletic Field in Uruma city.

Oct. 21 – Jungle Fest at Camp Gonsalves in Takae, Higashi village. 9:00~15:15. unglefest Oct. 21~22 – Camp Kinser Flea Market at Camp Kinser, Urasoe city. 12:00~15:00.

Oct 21 - FC Ryukyu vs. FC Tokyo U-23 – J3 League soccer match at Okinawa comprehensive park, Okinawa city. 19:00~

Oct. 21~22 – Yomitan Yachimun and Craft Market at Gala Aoiumi in Yomitan Village. 10:00~19:00

Oct. 22 – Yomitan fest bullfighting tournament at Murasaki Mura in Yomitan village. 12:00~

Oct. 22 – “Niibichi” wedding entertainment tournament


Horoscope Oct. 10th ~ Oct. 24th Somewhere in your mind you have this image of a person whom you have never met but whom you would like to meet and become friends with. You must keep your eyes and ears open. Every new day is full of new possibilities. Sometimes your dreams withdraw further from you, but once they come back they feel as familiar as always. You need stick with the fundamentals in your life and stop daydreaming.

Although it’s a waste of time most of the time to ponder what other people think about you, this weekend you could be surprised about their attitude. Just as you thought that your good deed has been ignored, you see only admiration all around you. There’s also someone that you would like to spend more time with. You get a reason to take a delight of someone else’s success, and be very satisfied.

You should think one more time whether you want to take distance from some certain people who have been a part of your inner circle of friends. Are you really in a hurry or could you give them some more time? Your love life could become a little awkward. Are you really interested in a certain person, or have you become more tolerant in your attitude. You are also hoarding stuff for no reason, and you should get better organized.


This time of the year promises to be refreshing for you, and everything proceeds with speed. A project your have recently put time and effort to begins to show promise. You can expect much more encouragement and help from your family than you had expected and hoped for. There’s also a young person who want to be a part of your project, and is willing to prove to be worth of your trust.

You feel energized and smart, and regardless how much energy you have, you absolutely want to accomplish something. Whether it’s completing a crosswords puzzle or enlist in some new educational course does not matter that much. It would be easy to reach the same state of mind also in the future if you only stretch your horizons a bit. Someone is going to leave you speechless, and that’s a big surprise to you.

To build on your current romantic relationship is going to require struggle from both sides. Do not forget that it’s worthwhile to fight for something good. Some ideas and people tend to disappear from us if they are left without attention. I don’t think you want that to happen. You might want to think about your life a little deeper. You tend to live in a moment as it’s very easy for you to skim the cream from the top.

Feelings of freedom and optimism run through the coming week as you are getting used to a thought that your idea could really bear fruit. Do not doubt yourself. Although the situation is new, it does not have to be scary. In order to clear your thoughts you should think how would you advise a friend in a similar situation. You should complete a project you have prepared for the whole long summer. It’s a time to reap the rewards.

There’s a new idea floating around that would create quick positive results if you put your time in it. You should take a more positive attitude on developing yourself, and stop regarding it as a burden. One of your friends needs your help to get back on his or her feet. Someone is also going to say you something that impacts you strongly. But maybe you should take it with a grain of salt, even if it sounds assuring.

Your social life, love and romance become all intertwined over this weekend. Your visions and dreams could take you to a completely new path in your life, but could your dreams come true? Sometimes it could be a good idea to list your wishes on a piece of paper. In that way they feel much more real. Besides, Saturday or Sunday is a significant day in your life as you have to decide something important.

You feel strong this week, but you should not take a stance that you know everything. Relaxed and assured appearance attracts draws people closer to you, especially those you want to impress. You have more influence than you think, mostly good but some of it a little suspicious. Give more space to your deep thoughts. Someone is going to say something that leaves you wondering, although it doesn’t matter for long.

You are starting to pay more attention to an aspect of your life that you have neglected lately. Maybe it has something to do with your health and wellbeing. You should listen to your body more carefully. Let your intuition show you the way ahead. You have already praised someone’s accomplishments before you realize that they are not his. There’s also someone else who’d like to know the truth.

You can’t pull magical tricks from your hat all the time even if others seem to think so, but you have to try to stay patient in front of those unrealistic expectations. Maybe you are a victim of your earlier success. In any case, don’t make your life miserable by following random ideas of others. You are also wondering why someone has started believing in fairy tales. You could quietly tell this person how things really are.


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やれることをこなしていきま しょうね〜! さて、今号で はいろいろとサービスやオキ ナワンカルチャー、そしてい よいよ始まった B.LEAGUE に関連してキングスのメンバ ー紹介も組んでいます♪ ほ んと今季は思い切ったと言う か、これまでには無いカラー

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際には今や車が必須となってい ます。立地的にも車種揃え的に も外国人をターゲットにしやす い環境ですので、すぐに結果が 出せます!英会話スキルをアッ プさせながら働いてみません か? ご応募お待ちしていま す 。 Te l: 098- 938-8651 E m a i l : k oz a5 3 5 3 @ a b e am . o c n . n e. j p h tt p:/ /www.ok is ty l us e dca rs /k o za /

President Editing Sales Translation Accountant

1. Director of Design (Architectural & Civil) 2. Construction Manager (Requires Japanese 1st Class or equivalent USPE) 3. Proposal Manager 4. Design Coordinator 5. Project Manager 6. Civil Engineer 7. Architect 8. CAD 9. QCM 10. SSHO We are looking for experienced engineers and

のチームに生まれ変わってい ますね♪ ウチナーンチュメ ンバーが減ってしまったのは 少し残念ではありますが、逆 に別チームへ移籍した選手が その各々のチームで大活躍 し、それこそ沖縄のバスケ愛、 知名度が普及していくといい ですね(^^) お客様紹介で

Jun Ikemura Team O-Wanderers Team O-Wanderers Masako Tokikawa Yuka Arata

staff willing to be part of a team in the global constructions project network. Applicants must be competent and knowledgeable in their respective fields, ability to work well in a team setting

and have excellent communication skills in English. U.S. Military Base experiences required. For queries and submission of RESUME, send e-mail to

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は、なんとワンちゃんと一緒 に宿泊することができる恩納 村のペンション B&B Surf Side Okinawa さんを、 そして これまたローカルの人間なら 一度は建物を見たことある、 ここ前々から気になるけど入 ったことない、という声が非 常に多いでしょう、浦添の

Cafe & Restaurant 太郎!さ んを紹介です♪ ウチナーン チュにとってもなかなかディ ープなスポットですが、それ なりの特徴が詰まっていると いうことは、外国人にもあっ たらいいなというサービスで あることは間違いない!と。 是非読んでみてくださいね!

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