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Okinawa welcomes 2017, Year of Rooster, in many ways 2017 is the Year of Rooster

the F Plaza bldg. The party opens at 19:00 and the revelry runs through the night until 5:00. Tickets are ¥3,000 and include finger food and a free champagne toast. VDJ Ta-Shi is the special guest of the night who leads the party on the club floor. Hotel Nikko Alivila in Yomitan welcomes 2017 with a 5-minute fireworks starting exactly at midnight. Admission to watch the fireworks at the resort is free, and as the resort is located next to the Murasaki Mura Theme Park that is hosting an ongoing Ryukyu Lantern Festival, combining the two would make a terrific experience. Hotel Moon Beach in Onna has a free countdown program


from 21:30 to 24:10 featuring a Polynesian Show, live Okinawan Shimauta (folk song) concert and fireworks at midnight. The countdown event at Loisir Hotel in Naha is also free and starts at 22:00 with a live concert and ends with a midnight fireworks show. Kanucha Resort in Abu, Nago City, a luxury resort across the bay from USMC Camp Schwab, decorates its entire area every year with a million LED lights for a seasonal event called “Stardust Fantasia.” As a part of the event, a special countdown laser show takes place Dec. 31st Continues on page 2

Practically every club and party hall is having a Countdown party that often continues until morning.

s the Year of Monkey turns into the Year of Rooster on Dec. 31, most of the people use the occasion to take part into some kind of countdown/New Year welcome ritual. Whether it’s the eating of midnight ‘toshikoshi soba’ at home with the family, reveling in a large party at one of

the resorts or hotels on the island, or visiting a shrine or temple for a ‘hatsumode’ prayer, is a matter of preference, but practically everyone who’s able to, does something to celebrate. All hotels, resorts and clubs throughout the island have a countdown event to welcome the New Year, and plenty of outdoor

events are also on tap. Following is a random collection of a few events at various parts of the island. American Village area in Mihama is illuminated with LED lights and the whole area will have several countdown events. One is the All White Party at Club ddRAIG on the 3rd floor of

New Year revelers often change venues as the night proceeds not forgetting a visit to one of the shrines for Hatsumode.

Times are changing and Japan Update must, too Japan Update 2017

To all readers and clients

From 2017 Japan Update will take a new magazine format and title.

Thank you always for your continuing support of Japan Update. We have been publishing Japan Update weekly newspaper for 30 years, as we welcome the year 2017. Over the years, almost everything has changed, of course, including the media environment. We have published local Okinawa news, event schedules, and much more information about Okinawa in print, but the times, and our readers, have been changing, and we also decided to change our media from 2017. From now on, the timely information like news, and event information will be published online, and deeper local information about Okinawa, its culture, history and places worth visiting will be published in print. The name of the printed paper will change to “Okinawanderer” which means “ focus, find, touch and feel more of Okinawa.” It means introducing local people, deeper local information on Okinawa

like sightseeing spots, local life and festivals, questions and answers for foreign residents and visitors, education, food, medical services, and much, much more. The format of the print paper will change to a magazine, which means glossy paper and pages stitched together. Instead of weekly, the new magazine will publish twice a month, on the 10th and 25th of each month. That will give us more time to search and interview our subjects much deeper, and allow us more time to get better photographs for the articles, among other things. The publication will be still delivered to a lot of facilities on U.S. bases on Okinawa. It will also be available as a free publication in all FamilyMart convenience stores on the major cities and towns on Okinawa main island, thanks to our new contract with FamilyMart! And of course, at many shops, tourist offices, shopping centers, airport, exchanges, schools, and universities on the island! The information in the magazine is going to run simultaneously online, of

course, and we will thrive to expand information on Okinawa to all over the world, and attract visitors worldwide! We hope you will join us with our new grand project, and cooperate with us as much as before. Thank you for your support of Japan Update, and please keep supporting Okinawanderer in the future! Jun Ikemura President Ryukyu Press, the publisher of Japan Update December 2016

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Dec. 22, 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016


Hatsumode, first visit to shrine is proper way to begin New Year


All shrines are very crowded from the evening of Dec. 31 through Jan. 3rd.

he first visit of the year to a shrine or temple is an important Japanese tradition. About three quarters of the Japanese are said the bee following the tradition with the first visit usually taking place on the first three days of the new year, which are days off from work to almost everyone. During the visit, people offer one year of gratitude, and pray for safety and peace for the new year. The prayers can be made whether in a shrine or temple, the difference being that Shinto religion is practiced in a shrine and Buddhist worship takes place in a temple. Most people in Japan practice both faiths and there are no restrictions of doing so. Shinto tends to be viewed as the religion of earthly matters and shrines are often used to host weddings and are where one would go to pray for success in life or business. On the other hand, Buddhism is considered the religion of spiritual matters, and temples usually host funerals and are where you would go to pray for your ancestors. As everyone tries to get into a shrine

on one of the first three days of the year, they are very crowded. Especially after midnight on Jan. 1st, one can expect to stand in line for a long time to wait for a turn to give prayers. On Okinawa, Naminoue Shrine in Naha is the most popular destination with tens of thousands of people visiting the shrine standing in lines well before the midnight. The two other most popular shrines are in Futenma and Onoyama in Naha. All three are open 24 hours a day during the New Year holidays to accommodate the visitors. During the visit, people write their wishes on wooden plates called “ema” and draw fortune letters called “omikuji” that are hung on a special wall at the shrine. There are stalls that sell lucky charms that people take to their home, and charms from the previous year must be returned to the same shrine they were purchased, and burned in a bonfire outside the shrine. The most popular shrines on Okinawa are open through the night and very crowded with during the first three days of the new year.

Okinawa Gokoku Shrine, 沖縄県護国 神社 is in Naha City in Onoyama Park. People go here for family safety, traffic safety, warding off evil spirits, recovery from illness, success and prosperity in business and realization of general wishes. It is open around-the-clock December 31st through January 3rd, and from 8 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. from January 4th onward. Visitors can park at Onoyama Athletic Park. Naminoue-gu Shrine, 波上宮, is considered important for family safety, safe childbirth, prosperity in business, good health, warding off evil spirits, public wellbeing, good catch of fish and safe journey, and is at 1-25-11 Wakasa in Naha City. It is open 24 hours from December 31st through January 3rd, and from 7 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. from January 4th. Only pay parking is available in the area. Okino-gu Shrine, 沖 宮 , is at 44 Onoyama-cho in Naha City. It is open 24 hours from December 31st through January 3rd and from 7 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. from January 4th through 7th. Approximately 200 parking spaces are available through January 3rd. Futenma-gu Shrine,普 天 満 宮 , is known for prayers for a good catch of fish and safe journey, good harvest, traffic safety, prosperity in business, good marriage, safe childbirth, academic success and blessing of newborn babies. It is located at 1-27-10 Futenma in Ginowan City. It’s

Year of Rooster Continued from page 1

starting at 22:30 to highlight the changing of the year. Opening the evening is a special live performance by songstress EPO at 23:00. A balloon release at midnight will carry everyone’s wishes for peace and prosperity for the next year in addition to fireworks. After the countdown, balloon release and fireworks at midnight, there’s an Otoshidama lottery with a pair of hotel tickets and a number of original goods as prizes. Tickets for the event cost ¥2,000 for hotel guests and ¥3,000 for visitors.

open 24 hours from December 31st to January 3rd and 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. from January 4th. More than 300 parking spaces are available, and the shrine runs free shuttle busses from free temporary parking areas. Okinawa Narita-san Fukusen-ji Temple. 成田山福泉寺, promotes prosperity in business, traffic safety, good health and family safety. It is located at 617 Ishado in Nakagusuku Village. It will also be open 24 hours from December 31st through January 3rd, and from 6 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. from January 4th. About 400 parking spaces are available.

People throw money into ‘saisenbako’, the offering box at Futenma Shrine. Churasun Beach in Tomigusuku, south of Naha, is open from 18:00 to midnight on Dec. 31st for a countdown party on the beach. The evening features live music by DIAMANTES, and fireworks that will ring in the New Year 2017 exactly at midnight. Ticket to the event cost ¥2,000 in advance and ¥2,500 at gate. Uchina Farm features the Itoman Peaceful Illumination that is the oldest illumination show on the island. The lights will be on from 18:00 to 24:30 on the New Year Eve. Fireworks at midnight cap the event. Admission to the event is restricted to high school students and older persons and costs ¥500.

Dec. 22 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016



Japan Update Classifieds

All Santas invited to free bicycle and boat rides at Comprehensive Park

All staff at Okinawa Comprehensive Park will dress as Santas from Dec. 23 through 25th.


kinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park is organizing a special Christmas event inviting all Santas and Santa-fans to come to the park to enjoy a free bicycle ride or a boat trip on the pond in the park. Park officials say that everyone who comes to the park dressed in a Santa Claus costume on Dec. 23 through 25th will get a free onehour ride on a rental bicycle along the bike paths in the park or take a boat to a leisurely row on the pond amidst the ducks. The Comprehensive Park is located at 5-3-1 Hiyane, Okinawa City ( A71FeK51Fhx)

The bicycles are available from 9:30 to 16:30. The riding time is one hour and the last riders must return the bicycles by 17:30. The boats are available from 9:30 to 17:00 for 30 minutes each. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to ride the boat without a parent. All the workers in the park also wear Santa Claus costumes on the three days. A “Mochi-tsuki” or rice cake pounding event will be held in the Kyodo Hall in the park on Dec. 23rd only. The pounding starts at 13:00, and the mochi is then handed over to visitors until everything is gone. Admission to the event is free. The Okinawa Comprehensive

Athletic Park is divided into separate areas called the green, ocean, and sun zones, forest and water zones, and the beachside zone. The park has seven entrances so it’s possible to park near the facility one wants to go. All parking areas are free. There are six sports facilities including the only cycling ring in the prefecture and a boating and camping area on the southern part of the park. The north side of the park has an athletic stadium, tennis courts and a gym. The swimming pool has a 100-meter long water slide that is open in the summer time. The park recently started to rent barbeque ovens for camping for ¥1,000 a day.

Shimenawa, sacred New Year rice straw festoon brings good luck

himenawa,” literally a “closing rope” is a decoration mostly seen at Shinto shrines to mark holy places where spirits reside. A variation of shimenawa is also known as a New Year decoration that is hung over the entrance to homes, on the front doors. The New Year shimenawa is a sacred rice straw festoon decorating most front doors of houses and businesses during the New Year holidays. It marks a boundary between this and the other world where the gods live, and hanging it on the door means welcoming the gods from the other world and keeping out the evil. Huge sacred shimenawas often hang permanently at shrines and other sacred places

in Japan. At homes, during the New Years, depending somewhat on the district, almost everyone hangs the shimenawa on the door from Dec. 28th through Jan. 15th. It’s not good to postpone putting it up to Dec. 29th, because “ two” means “double” and the kanji for “nine” that is read “ku” can also sometimes mean “suffering” so, 29 could be read to mean double suffering. The shimenawa is usually decorated with a couple of items after it’s been braided, such as a zigzag-cut white paper “shide” that means thunder, an orange meaning “descendants prosperity”, and other auspicious items. Okinawa again is a bit different from Japan. Here the shimenawa are decorated with the same items as in Japan, but a

piece of charcoal wrapped in kelp is added, which means “a prayer for the health of one’s descendants and prosperity for the family.” The piece of charcoal wrapped in kelp is an especially lucky charm on Okinawa, and the story behind it can be found in the lyrics of many Okinawan folk songs. A kelp wrapped charcoal will also bring the New Year into the kitchen where the god of fire is enshrined in each local home. The custom of hanging shimenawa on front grilles of cars for New Year holidays was very popular until a couple of decades ago, but is rare in this day an age. Some taxis and most of trucks still hang the Shimenawa for the first day of business in New Year as a prayer for safety on the road.

New Year Shimenawa for sale at San-A department store cost just under ¥600 each.

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K’s Diner spices Indian curries with karaoke, live band Dec. 22, 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016


three days in advance by calling 098-9368878. K’s Diner Curry House gives a free soft drink, chicken tikka or samosa if you tell them you saw this story in Japan Update. Business hours at the restaurant are lunch 11:00 to 15:00 and dinner 15:00 to 22:30. It’s open seven days a week. K’s Diner Curry House can be found on Tabelog or facebook by searching K’s Diner. They are located in Hamby at 1-1115 Chatan, Chatan-cho ( maps/F7yhCJn92Y72).

K’s Diner Owner Tamang Amrit (middle back) attracts customers with the party atmosphere of his diner that is like no other Indian restaurant. ardly a week goes by without a Curry House serves reasonably priced new Indian curry restaurant open- meals. The lunch sets start from ¥750 and ing somewhere on the island. One include curry, nan or rice, and salad. The of the newest of the genre is K’s dinner sets start from ¥1,500, and kids’ sets Diner Curry House in Hamby near Araha from ¥650. The restaurant uses original Beach that aims to attract diners to have a spices from Tokyo in all of their curries. party singing karaoke and even listening to Owner Tamang Amrit is from Nepal a live band that will appear on stage to and worked in Tokyo for 10 years, and entertain at parties after 20:00 by advance says just by chance he found the best request. Indian curry restaurant he had ever tried in Open since the end of June, K’s Diner his life. Two Indian chefs, Sing Satpal and

Sweety Sodhi, were the force in its kitchen, and eventually Amrit befriended the two and told them about his future dream, “I love your cooking. Please come to work in my restaurant when I open my business.” Now they are creating their wonders a K’s Diner Curry House. Amrit says “ I love curry and went to many places in Tokyo, however, it took a while before finding what I’d call the best curry restaurant in my life. When I finally visited that restaurant, I instantly fell love with their cooking. I fell so lucky to have found the best chefs to join me to start to my business.” The two chefs had worked in restaurants in India for 20 years. Both eventually ended up in Tokyo where they met Amrit and decided to join him to start business in Okinawa. Asked why in Okinawa, and the answer is simple, “Because the island is beautiful and people are nice.” K’s Diner Curry House party plans are good for ‘bonenkai,’ traditional year end or other parties. The restaurant has party plans starting from ¥3,000 per person that includes four kinds of curry, nan, rice, tandoori chicken, salad, dessert and more. Soft drinks and alcohol are included. A reservation for the party should be made two or


bras for dresses cut low in the back. The shop is now celebrating its 9th anniversary. Owner Minae Tawata used to work at a dress shop as the store manager. She decided to open her own business nine year ago after having a baby, thinking she could work on more flexible schedule. Now her daughter is already 11 years old, and her dream is to join her mother at aj someday in the future. Tawata says, “I love talking with customers and coordinate a proper party outfit for them. All of my customers have left the shop satisfied, and almost all come back. My American customers come here to get ready for service anniversary balls, proms, and all kind of parties and special dinners.” She always welcomes every customer with her friendly smile. Some people have trouble to find a fitting dress from the rack. No problem, aj will fix it to just your size. The alteration takes about three to four days. The cost of alteration is very reasonable, for example

¥1,000 to ¥2,500 ($10 to 25) for fixing hem with lining or flaring, ¥1,000 to ¥1,500 ($10 to 15) for strap adjustment for halter strap, ¥2,000 to ¥3,500 ($20 to 35) for body resize with zipper and an additional ¥500 to ¥1,000 ($5 to 10) for silk, delicate or special materials. The alteration fees must be paid in cash either in dollars or Yen. The shop is open from noon to 20:00 daily but closed irregularly. Payments in dollars, yen, and major credit cards are accepted. The shop is located at 3-4-16 Mashiki, Ginowan ( maps/4SWPQuB7C452) on the main road between Highway 58 and Okinawa Convention Center. Their phone number is 098-890-1786. The Google map may take you to the backside of the shop. The shop is on the other side and there are six parking spots right next to the shop. There is Karaoke House Flamingo is right next to the shop as well.


Ginowan party dress shop celebrates 9th anniversary

aj shop is in Ginowan, about 200m from Hwy 58 towards Convention Center. ressing up is important for people preparing to go to a party and, especially for ladies, that often entails hours of scouting department stores, boutiques and brand-name stores. Then there are party shoes, matching bags and accessories to consider.

aj owner Minae Tawata has run her successful party dress business for 9 years.

All that takes time and effort. ameroticajapan, usually known for its customers as “aj” has everything a woman would need for the party season in the same shop. The dresses are formal, cocktail-size from XS to 2XL and from short to long. Also, they have NuBra-brand strapless and backless

Chefs Sing Satpal (left) and Sweety Sothi rule in the kitchen.

It seems like everyone wants to have some of your time and attention this Christmas, although that should not be a big problem considering your level of energy. If you still have some last minute presents to buy for your friends and family, don’t worry, you can still find what you want as you have a knack to intuitively select just the right present to everyone you care of.

Although you have made your intentions clear to your partner, results are still very much up in the air. Maybe you have to repeat yourself to make sure that the message becomes clear. If some people turn to be difficult and cause problems, a few strong words in the right place and right time should do the trick. You have to keep focused in your future, as that’s something you can influence.

ALT arrested on suspicion of trespassing and robbery

Naha Police arrested a foreign national assistant language teacher (ALT) on suspicion of robbery and trespassing. According to Naha Police, 23-year-old Henry Charles Enarson was arrested Saturday after he allegedly broke into a woman’s second floor apartment, grabbed the female resident by the neck and then ran away after taking her mobile phone. Enarson reportedly works as an assistant language teacher at a high school in Naha. Police say, the woman heard someone trying to turn the doorknob at 5:40 in the morning. When she went to investigate and opened the door, Enarson broke in. When questioned, Enarson has reportedly kept silent about the incident. He also refused to take an alcohol test.

Okinawa Zoo to get white lion next spring

The president of Tohoku Safari Park visited the Okinawa City Office Friday, to announce that the Safari Park was planning to send a white lion to Okinawa Zoo a.k.a. Okinawa Kodomo-no Kuni. White lions are a color mutation of African lions that line in wild in the Timbavati area in South Africa. Elephants of the Tohoku Safari Park are sent for years to Okinawa Zoo to spend the wintertime here, and they are now sending the lion to return the favor. “We hope that children in Okinawa would enjoy the white lion,” the Safari Park president said. There are 20 white lions in Tohoku Safari Park, and the one selected to come to Okinawa is a male born on Nov. 14. The lion has a completely white fur and beautiful blue eyes. It weighs about 4 kg now, and will be sent to Okinawa after being weaned from its mother next spring. At that time expected to weigh about 20 kg. According to Tohoku Safari Park officials, the cub will be the first white lion on exhibit in the Kyushu/Okinawa area.

MV-22 Ospreys return to flight operations

MV-22 Ospreys based on MCAS Futenma with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force resumed flight operations Monday. "We have conducted a thorough, careful and exhaustive review of MV-22 aviation safety procedures and briefed Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials," said U.S. Forces, Japan Commander Lt. Gen Jerry P. Martinez. "While the investigation is ongoing, we are highly confident in our assessment that the cause of the mishap was due solely to the aircraft’s rotor blades coming into contact with the refueling line. We greatly appreci-

Although you project an image of self-confidence, you may feel the exact opposite inside. It is only natural to have a soft spot in regards of certain personal matters. Maybe you could open up to an older relative you trust. You are going to receive an invitation that might not be exactly what you had hoped for, but it’s very possible that it all ends up with a very pleasant surprise.

This Christmas you are in a kind of a sensitive mood and that could bring to the forefront something that has troubled you for some time. This is a good time to resolve mysteries, and bring some light to the past. If you feel unhappy about something that has happened recently, you should talk to your friends about it, and then leave it behind. There’s nothing to regret.

ate the strong support from our Alliance partner in the aftermath of this incident." U.S. Forces, Japan began notification of continued flight operations to the Government of Japan on Friday and concluded with a final briefing this morning. Lt. Gen Lawrence D. Nicholson, the Commanding General of III Marine Expeditionary Force, notified the Okinawa Prefectural Government and Okinawa Defense Bureau on the resuming of the flights. “After a thorough and careful review of our safety procedures, checklists, and aircraft, I am highly confident that we can continue safe flight operations of the MV22 in support of our Alliance partner and obligations,” said Nicholson. “It is very important for Japanese citizens to understand and share our utmost confidence in the safety and reliability of the MV-22, or we would not continue flight operations. It is equally important that we ensure our pilots have every opportunity to conduct training, which allows us to remain proficient, and enable us to respond when most needed in support of the Alliance,” Nicholson concluded. All Ospreys on Okinawa were grounded following the last week’ s crash. Resuming the flights, the U.S. military conformed it’s position that there’s nothing wrong with the aircraft itself, and the accident was caused by a rotor of the aircraft hitting a refueling hose during a training mission, and that broke the rotor and forced to aircraft down. The Japanese Defense Ministry agreed that the safety of the Ospreys had been confirmed. “Restarting flights other than those involving aerial refueling is understandable,” Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said Okinawa Governor Takashi Onaga called the Defense Ministry move to accept the flights “outrageous,” and said that he could no longer deal with the central government in Tokyo. Onaga and the Prefectural Government had demanded a stop to all Osprey flights in Okinawa.

Two new vocational colleges to open next spring

Sankou Gakuen, an incorporated educational institution based in Tokyo, is opening two vocational colleges, “Okinawa Kodomo Senmongakkou” and “Okinawa Bridal & Hotel Kankou Senmongakkou” this April. Both will be located in a 9-story building in Tomari, Naha. The schools have a total student capacity of 480, and will be the first colleges by Sankou Gakuen in Okinawa. Kodomo Senmongakkou has a 3-year General Department to train childcare professionals and a two-year nursery department. The education of the General Department consists of a Child Psychology Course, Child Sports Course and Child Music Course. The Bridal & Hotel Senmongakkou

Something that your have expected for a long time is going to lift up your mood considerably. Some people close to your are going to make an invitation that you simply can’t ignore, but you should think very carefully who you are going to ask to company you. Would this meeting with your friends advance the relationship between you two? And do you really want that to happen?

Some comments made at your birthday party have been stuck in your mind, and the problem is that you really don’t understand it at all. An open discussion with everyone involved could clear the air. There’s an idea proposed by your partner that you don’t agree at all, and you think is outright dumb. But are you sure? Maybe there’s something positive in it, but it’s for you to find out.

consists of a Bridal and a Hotel and Tourism Departments, both featuring 2years courses. The Bridal Department offers a Wedding Planner Course and a Bridal Dress, Hair and Makeup Course”, while the Hotel and Tourism Department offers Hotel Concierge, Tour Guide and Okinawa Sightseeing Service courses. The school aims to teach students practical skills with internships in local hotels and tourism-related companies. Sankou Gakuen manages about 60 schools and colleges nationwide. The manager of its Okinawa pre-opening office said, “ We hope that the Kodomo Senmongakko would help to resolve the shortage problem of child caregivers and nursery schools, and the Bridal & Hotel Senmongakkou would develop human resources for tourism that is one of the main industries in Okinawa.”

Ogimi Village Office worker nabbed for DUI

Nago Police arrested 25-year-old Daichi Yamashiro, an Ogimi Village Office worker Monday, on suspicion of causing a traffic accident while driving under influence of alcohol. According to Nago Police, Yamashiro drove a car on Highway 58 around 15:10 on Monday, and caused a traffic accident in Yofuke, Nago City. Yamashiro has admitted to the charges. After his arrest, Yamashiro was sent to the Naha Public Prosecutors’ Office on the same day.

Okinawa birth rate Japan’s highest 42 years in row

Okinawa Prefecture Public Health and Medical Policy Division made public the demographic statistics in Okinawa on fiscal 2016 on Monday. Regarding the rate of births per 1,000 in resident population by the prefecture, Okinawa had the nationally highest rate for the 42nd consecutive year. At the same time, the death rate in the prefecture was the lowest for the 14th consecutive year. The natural increase and decrease showing the difference between births and deaths was 5,615 that is 603 more than the previous year. Its rate per 1,000 in resident population was 3.9, and is the highest of all prefectures of Japan. The nationwide average is minus 2.3. Only Tokyo, Aichi, and Shiga prefectures in addition to Okinawa have positive rates, meaning the population is increasing. There were 16,941 births in the prefecture, 568 more than the previous year, and the rate per thousand is 11.9, which is a 0.3-point increase and 3.9 points higher than the national average. The average rate of live births per woman stands at 1.96 that is 0.1 points higher than the previous year, and nationally the highest by 0.51 points. That rate has been the highest in Japan for 31 consecu-

tive years. 11,326 people died that is 35 less than the previous year. Cancer was then number one killer with 3,122 deaths, followed by heart decease with 1,544 deaths, and pneumonia claimed 900. The number of marriages was 8,695 that was 222 more than the previous year and it’s 2nd highest rate per 1,000 in the nation. The number of divorces was 3,603, which is 32 more than the previous year, and the nationally highest rate for the 12th consecutive year.

Three cruise lines mulling opening Okinawa base

Three large cruise lines that are operating worldwide are reportedly studying a possibility of establishing a base port in Okinawa. The three companies, Carnival Corporation, the No.1 cruise company with 10 cruise line brands that has 48% worldwide market share, Royal Caribbean International, the No.2 cruise ship company with 24% market share, and Gentin Hong Kong that runs Star Cruises, Asia’s largest cruise company are reportedly think of establishing a base port. According to several people familiar with the matter, the companies are evaluating Motobu, Hirara, and Ishigaki Ports. The companies want to secure priority use of the wharf at each port. National and private organizations involved in the discussions with the cruise companies say that they are ready to proceed with the necessary improvements in the port facilities. They are also asking the cruise companies to invest in local tourism related and commercial facilities in exchange to the priority use of the wharf in each port. Government officials say that the possible investment by the cruise companies would mean more port calls at the three ports and continuing use of the ports in the future.

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Tel: 098-943-6180 Fax: 098-943-6181 Mail:

You have many reasons to be optimistic this time. Unexpected encounters with people you haven’t even though much about could help you to open up your mind, so why not seek something out of ordinary. You just might meet someone who could change your life for the better. The main point is to be brave. There’s always a new day that can change everything for the better.

Are you considering whether you should ask a certain question or make a request? You should go ahead and say it aloud because waiting does not make the answer any better. In any case, you have to make clear to everyone what you really want. Maybe communicating with someone special has been a challenge, but you have to take the bull by the horns, and make the first move.


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Do you feel lately that many people have given you a helping hand. You should thank them by helping them whenever you get a chance. Being together with as many friends as possible will greatly change your attitude towards your life in general. This Christmas weekend you can expect to have some memorable and romantic moments that are well worth waiting for.

Just when you didn’t expect it, a little romance is walking through your door. Being surprised could cause you to give a wrong answer. You have to give yourself time to think, but don’t think too long, or the opportunity could disappear. Someone is expecting your decision on the New Year holidays, You have to be clear about your position, but some flexibility is also necessary.

Help Wanted 一本 堂は 30〜50歳 未満で 販売 経験 があ る方 を大募集中!沖縄土産、武道具(空手着) を販売しておりお店はゲート通りにありま す。 勤務 時間 は15〜 20時 。ま ずは 気軽 にお 電 話 く だ さ い 。 098-989-9001 (2時 以 降 )

IPPON-DO, an Okinawan souvenir and martial arts goods shop on Kadena Gate 2 Street, is looking for sales staff. Some experience required, age from 30 up to 50 years old. Work hours daily from 15:00 to 20:00. If interested, please call 098-989-9001 after 14:00.

Temporary Help Wanted: Santa needed on December 22nd - 25th (Thurs. ~ Sun.), 17:00 - 22:00 for Sam’ s Restaurant Group. Will pay ¥10,000/day. Please call Darin (9:00 18:00) at 933-5882 for more information.

P/T English Teacher Wanted: Naha ¥2,000~¥2,500/hour English World in Naha is looking for an experienced English Teacher to teach lessons and hold cafe style conversation classes. Here are the Details: 1. All adults 2. We are looking for someone who can work twice a week, ideally Mondays 10:30am~1:30pm and Tuesdays 6:30pm~9:30pm. (There is some flexibility if needed.) If interested please contact with your current Resume or apply via our

w e b s i t

You will notice over the Christmas weekend that many people really appreciate your friendship very much, and you really need this kind of encouragement from time to time. Although everything is going smoothly at work, matters of heart are in need of your attention. Be patient. Make clear what your goal and wishes are, and you will see results sooner than you had thought.

Someone is going to give you an idea, and even if you don’t find it useful just now, you should not discard it right away but store in your mind for the future. When you make yourself available for people around you, you get a very good idea about their character. Help them to find the right direction by being open and honest. And if they need a real friend they will find one in you.


Teach in Okinawa! - 2017 Learning English is an “adventure” in language and culture! IAC Academy of Language and Overseas Study is currently accepting applications from native English speaking instructors to fill a variety of teaching positions for spring 2017. IAC Tomigusuku opened in May of 1999; we now have several hundred students and some of the best EFL instructors in all of Japan. Currently, IAC has two English language institutes in Okinawa and Fukuoka respectively. IAC also has successful Ryugaku offices in each prefecture which specialize in the arrangement and support of people who wish to study English abroad. In addition to English language services, we have Woody’s International Cafe Gastro Pub and Grill, a favourite spot for both locals and visitors to Okinawa. IAC employs a diverse group of foreign and Japanese staff, each of whom play an integral role. We have a variety of classes and programs which include an international English daycare, Elementary aged children’s classes, Junior High classes, High School and Adult classes, private and special classes, overseas study preparation classes, business

English classes, and English proficiency test classes. We also have contracts with, and teach at Nursery schools and Kindergartens, technical and business colleges, government groups, the national coast guard, and flight attendant and ground staff English classes. ] For full time positions IAC provides visa sponsorship, a competitive salary, a renewable yearly contract, workshops and training, opportunity for advancement and possible assistance with regards to transportation and accommodation. Whatever the endeavour is, the IAC family is committed to providing quality English instruction and assistance to those interested in the cultural adventure that is learning English. If you are interested in learning more about the employment opportunities IAC has to offer then please send a CV to the email address provided below.

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times.

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Dec. 22, 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016

Japanese magazines can offer plenty even if you can’t read them


By Lily Kuwae

hen foreign people think about Japanese publications, Manga or Japanese comics is what they have in mind first. When average Japanese think about our publications, we mostly think about magazines. A short visit to any bookstore will reveal an astonishing array of magazines. Besides those tackling news, sports, gossip and men’s and women’s issues, there are magazines specializing every conceivable topic under the sun. There are magazines that concentrate on manga, anime and games. Of course, plenty of them that have focus on cars, motorcycles, cameras and photography, history, politics, geography, travel and everything else. Manga and magazines occupy about 80% of Japanese publication industry, and their sheer volume is a proof of practically 100 percent literate population of some 125 million people who

almost all have money to spend. Magazines here are engage in a fierce competition, and come up with gimmicks and add-ons that are almost unheard of anywhere else. A Magazine titled “mook” has been a forerunner with add-ons they call ‘appendix.” An appendix can be almost anything. It can be a character doll, bag or accessory, anything that makes the magazine to stand out among its countless competitors. Often the publishers source these addons in collaboration with a fashion brand or a producer of an up and coming manga character, a limited bag or accessory or something that can be added as an appendix to those magazines. In a matter of fact, the appendix are fast becoming more than just additions. Rather, the they are becoming inseparable with some people buying the magazine just to get the appendix and others the other way around. Not only fashion magazines but also

Women’s fashion magazines packed with ‘appendix’ add-ons.

The number of different magazines in an average Japanese bookstore is astonishing. other publications are now using this kind applications, the Japanese publishing industry of techniques that adds value. For example, does not seem to be ready to give up. They some magazines for men add DVDs as an are adding more pictures and putting in less appendix. The Japanese anime titled text, and try to give the reader something “Detective Conan” published its entire more. It’s fast becoming to the point that one magazine on a series of DVDs bundled does not have to be able to read at all or together as a book. Magazines focusing on understand the language. Just looking for the cars or railways no often add a small model pictures would help you to get the message, car or train on each issue. not to mention the appendix. Of course, there are sightseeing guide and local magazines. Okinawa has many kinds of local magazines, perhaps more than other regions. Okinawan guide magazines are first of all for tourists, but there are many that are enjoyable for residents. They often have plenty of discount coupons that recently have taken the form of QR codes that people simply record on their phones for a discount when they visit the business that placed the ad. Although many people claim that magazines and paper publications are fast becoming obsolete in the face of Internet-based A magazine shelf in San-A dept. store.


Dec. 22 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016

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There are many ways to fight holiday binge eating


By David Higgins ‘diet’ is basically a personal pact to eat healthy and exercise regularly. It’s an honorable oath, always set with good intentions to work towards becoming your best selves. If you are like the rest of us, this pact was most likely forged early last January and then reaffirmed as the summer swimsuit months drew near. Regardless of our good intentions, all self imposed food and alcohol consumption restrictions fell to the wayside as we rounded the corner from Thanksgiving and began the race headlong towards the deep vortex of the holiday season. T’is the season to be jolly? With the onslaught of the holiday season comes the holiday song list played on perpetual repeat. What does it actually mean to be ‘jolly’ and how should we interpret ‘jolly’ when we are attempting to limit ourselves from satiating our greatest indulgences.

It’s a good idea to take breaks during holiday shopping and snack on something, but keep it small and healthy.

The holiday season is brimming with engagements and activities such as decorating, shopping, baking, parties, family photos and card writing, which can take its toll, leaving us stressed out and exhausted. This feeling of burnout makes us even more susceptible to the temptations that greet us at every work or house party we arrive at. Although you may have promised yourself not to submit to temptation, at the epicenter of yet another social event lies a tantalizing spread of turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, bread, dips, desserts, beer, wine, and rum. Let the binge-fest begin! Binge eating and drinking is a phenomenon that most North Americans experience while showing their gratitude at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is this binge part of eating and drinking that is just as unhealthy as not eating at all so I’m providing some tips to help you control your holiday eating and drinking while maintaining strong emotional health throughout the holiday season. First of all, if you are out holiday shopping before an impending social gathering, you can ward off stress or fatigue by ensuring that you take intermittent 10 minute breaks. During these breaks, sit down for a tea or a snack and take a mental break from the chaos that is surrounding you. The second tip encourages you to take ‘time outs’ at the party. No one is going to judge you if you tap out at the turkey table and lay down on the floor or a comfy chair for a quick nap. Escape to a quiet room, the back patio or even to the bathroom for a 5minute breather if all of the excitement gets a bit overwhelming. The third tip suggests cutting back on the booze. This might be the most difficult dragon to slay especially when the house or venue you are celebrating at has a fridge full of craft IPA’s and a freezer full of frozen mugs to pour them into at your leisure. Pace yourself and if you have to,

Filling your plate should be 80% vegetables and less higher calorie stuff.

there is probably an app with an alarm to let you know when you are going a bit too far. The fourth tip is to fill your plate up with 80% vegetables so that there is less room for the higher calorie items that add the holly jolly to your belly jelly. The final tip is to be sure that you always have a game plan before you arrive at the holiday parties. Map out your culinary game plan and make decisions about how much you are going to drink and eat when you are calm and rationale before taking a seat at a table full of temptations. Prep yourself with positive self talk such as, ‘This might be tough but I have a plan to only drink 3 IPA beers in ice frosted

mugs over the evening and I can do this.’ If all else fails, drink a full glass of Perrier or water for every alcoholic drink you consume to help pace yourself and slow down the process of getting drunk and sloppy. If any of these holiday survival tips save you or your loved ones from binge eating and drinking yourself into oblivion, be sure to leave us some feed back and let us know whether our articles are assisting you through this crazy walk called life in Okinawa. Until then, celebrate with balance, love and safety in mind and you will have nothing to regret or give up for the New Year. Happy holidays to you and yours, both near and far!

Pizzeria da ENZO fetes countdown with live music

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Dec. 22, 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016


Cooking with Nao

Tofu chicken nuggets



Pizzeria da Enzo caters a countdown dinner with live entertainment on Dec. 31.

016 is almost over and the time to plan how to celebrate the New Year is upon us. For those who are not so keen to participate in a big ball in a hotel or resort, Italian Pizzeria ENZO caters a less formal alternative on New Year Eve, a delicious Italian style dinner with pizza and some wine accompanied by a performance by singer Nayuta and rapper Dr. Peacemaker? Nayuta is a singer song writer who performs with an ukulele. She was born in 1992 in Yokohama. She went to an international school since she was two years old and became completely bilingual English and Japanese. She moved to Okinawa in 2009, and in 2010 released her first album “Nayutautau” that was produced by Rinken

by Naoko Ogura-Gayler

Teruya, one of the best-known musicians in Okinawa. The other guest is Dr. Peacemaker, a rapper who writes really deep yet happy lyrics. In 2012, he organized and built a record company called “FreeHug Records” and released a happy songs album titled “More Music, More Life/Ayaka + Dr. Peacemaker” He now performs as a DJ at dance shows all over Japan. Tickets to the countdown cost ¥2,160 including tax, one drink and food. The countdown starts at 22:00 and continues to 2:00. Call 098-923-5924 for reservations. For payments, all major credit cards and cash in yen are accepted. Pizzeria da ENZO is located at 715 Maeda, Onna-son ( /maps/B8B78djU3KE2)


• 7 oz / 200g tofu • 7 oz / 200g minced chicken • 4 tbs mayonnaise • 3 tbs flour • 1 tbs cooking sake • 1 tsp salt • 1/2 tsp nutmeg • Vegetable oil

1. Drain any excessive water from the tofu by wrapping it in kitchen paper and placing a small plate on the top. Leave it for 10 minutes. 2. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan. 3. Take a golf-ball size of the mix and make into a nugget.

Deep fry option – Heat oil in a saucepan to around 340 degrees F and cook the nuggets golden.

Fry/Grill option – Heat oil to medium heat, just enough to cover the bottom of a pan. Place the nuggets in the pan and cook until the bottom side becomes golden. Then turn them over and cook the other side until also golden.

Dec. 22, 2016 ~ Dec. 31, 2016

Times bldg.

• Dec. 25, 18:00-18:30 and 20:00-20:30 Diamantes mini live


• Until Jan. 31 Illumination • Hello Kitty X’mas tree light up until Dec. 25 • Dec. 23, 14:00 and 16:00 Flamenco • Dec. 25, 17:00 Christmas Music live

Saion Square

• Year End Illumination

Tsutaya Shintoshin Branch

• Until Dec. 30, Art Aquaeium Wakuwaku Kidsland jr. 10:00-19:00, Mon~Fri, admission ¥350 9:00-19:00, Sat. and Sun., admission ¥400 Children try their hand in making bakauke rice cookies in Hapinaha.

Follow us and get local Okinawa info! Japan Update

San-A Naha Main Place

• Dec. 24, 15:00 and 17:00 Masa’s Magic Show

• Dec. 25, 13:30 Christmas Girls’ Festival - local Okinawan idol groups live Both days Santa Claus comes to the shopping center, pictures with Santa Claus, admission free


• Year end illumination • Hi-chew and Bakauke making

Kaerupia Naha

• Dec. 23 and 24, 10:00-17:00, Christmas Festa Cooking and Christnas tree decoration, bingo, workshops for kids and parents, admission free

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