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Show highlights mystery and mythology of Ryukyus Ryujin-no Utage


Ryujin-no Utage is an annual spectacle that amazes spectators with dragons and Ryukyu performing arts at Ishikawa Dome on Dec. 10th and 11th.

yujin was a God who reincarnated into a dragon, and controlled and governed water. To please the God, people in the

Ryukyu Kingdom used music and Taiko drums, and those ancient rituals are the basis of an annual musical spectacle that takes place in the Ishikawa Dome on Dec.

10th and 11th. The performance starts at 18:30 on both days with the venue opening two hours earlier. The show oozes mythology and

mystery of the ancient Ryukyu, and is very popular both among local people and visitors. Food and game vendors are operating booths outside of the Ishikawa

Dome before and during the performance. More than 20 groups and performers will take part in this Continues on page 2

Air Festival showcases JASDF Blue Impulse acrobatics Churashima Air Festival 2016


erformances of the Blue Impulse, the acrobatic team of the Japan Air Self Defense Force, will be the highlights of the Churashima Air Festival to be held at the JASDF Naha Air Base on Sat. Dec. 10, and Sun. Dec. 11. The admission to the festival is free that opens at 10:00 on both days. The festival closes at 19:00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday. For those who’ ve never seen a Japanese military air show, the festival is something to see. The JASDF Naha Air Base is adjacent to Naha International Airport, with which it shares the runways. The program includes overhead flights of various Japan Air Self Defense Force and Japan Coast Guard aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing. The fly-bys start at 14:00 and continue through 15:00. The Blue Impulse acrobatic flight show takes place from 15:05 to 16:30 on both days. A F-15 night flight projection mapContinues on page 3

Children will have their own space.

Flybys and aerial aerobatics steal the show on Saturday and Sunday at Naha Air Base.

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Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016


Warm, dry weather promised for Sunday Naha Marathon


Runners fill Kokusai Street in Naha shortly after the morning start of the marathon.

Ryujin-no Utage

0,000 runners picked from a much larger number of applicants will line up behind the starting line at Meiji Bridge on Highway 58 in Naha to start the 32nd Naha Marathon. The weather forecast for the day is sunny skies with a probability of rain at 10% and temperatures up to 26 make conditions perhaps a bit challenging. The Naha Marathon began in 1985 in commemoration of the 25-year sistercity relationship with Honolulu, Hawaii. The full marathon 42.195-kilometer course through the five cities and towns in the southern region of the island, including Haebaru and Yaese Town, then south to Itoman, and back through Tomigusuku and to the finishing line in Onoyama Park in Naha City. The route has changed a little for this year towards the end of the course, mainly because of the changed traffic flows after the completion of the Tomigusuku and Itoman elevated bypass roads. The

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amazing show on stage. The host group Ryujin Densetsu is known for its variety of powerful acts mixing drums, lion dance (Shishimai) and Hatagashira performances. Hidekatsu is a wellknown composer of modern version Eisa songs, local popular singer Chiaki and ‘Wakateeda’, a group that performs regularly both in and outside Okinawa and overseas are among the performers. Violinist ARIA and modern ballet dancers will add some spice on the stage. Heshikiya Youth Eisa group and Kozue Taira with her traditional dance arranged in pop-style will also perform in the show. The show has a japanese language website at Advance tickets for S-seats are ¥3,000, and general seats ¥2,500 for adults in advance. Tickets for high, junior high and elementary school students cost ¥1,500 in advance. All tickets cost ¥500 more at door. Admission is free for pre-school age and younger children provided that they share a seat with a parent. Tickets are on sale at Familymart e-plus, Dining Kitchen Oz, studio café ‘ROSSO x ROSSO’ and MCCS Tours Plus. To get to Ishikawa Dome drive on Hwy 58 north from Kadena. After passing Okinawa Renaissance Resort, take the road towards Ishikawa. The silver color Ishikawa dome is on the left just after you pass under the elevated Okinawa Expressway. Free parking area is next to the dome.

The show employs plenty of special effects for an extraordinary dramatic impact.

route now goes from Itoman Rotary past Tomigusuku City Office on Hwy 331, to Nakachi Crossing and left onto Oroku Bypass, then passes Tomigusuku Police Station on the north side, along Oroku Bypass past AEON Naha to Yamashita Crossing and then continues to the finish line in Onoyama Park. Last year, 26,679 people started the course and 18,326 runners, 14,363 men and 3,963 women, made it through the finish line within the 6-hour time limit meaning 68.69% of the participants completed the race. Participants outside of the island and overseas accounted for over 40 % of all runners, totaling more than 10,000, which is a definite proof of the popularity of the race. The Naha Marathon has grown to become the island’s premier race event, It has come far from the first race on Dec. 8th in 1985, when 5,139 runners battled the rain and 19.7C temperatures. Of those, 95%, 4,301, completed the race.

Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016


Japan Update Classifieds

Hideki Urakami exhibits art with “characters of heart” 2010 he began working as a Kokoro Moji (heart characters) artist, holding a brush in his mouth to create his unique works of graphic design art. In 2013, his works were exhibited at a Cherry blossom festival at Vancouver in Canada, where he also demonstrated his working techniques for the first time in front of an audience that had a big impact on people

watching. Since then, he has had exhibitions throughout Japan. The Kokoro Moji art exhibition will be held at Ayakarino Mori in Kitanakagusuku Village near Costa Vista Hotel on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 14:0018:00, and at Curt Conrad House in 708 Esu, Uruma City, on Sunday, Dec. 4, from 12:00-17:00. Urakami will give a demonstration of his work on both days.

Churashima Air Fest

Artist Hideki Urakami creates art holding the brush in his mouth.

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The kanji character above, “oru,” meaning “weave,” was created as a symbol of Ashikaga, a city that has a long tradition in textiles. This kokoromoji the character is composed of seven hiragana characters - か 、 が 、 や 、 く 、 み 、 ら 、 い - (kagayaku mirai) that means “sparkling future,” which is what the city aims to. n unusual art exhibition English subtitles explaining called “Kokoro Moji” each work are listed at the (characters of heart) will Kokoro Moji exhibition. be held at Ayakari-no The artist whose Kokoro Mori in Kitanakagusuku near Moji works are on exhibition is Costa Vista Hotel, this weekend. Hideki Urakami. He was born Kokoro Moji is a special Feb. 9, 1973 in Ageo, Saitama form of art that presents artistical- Prefecture, and now resides in ly drawn kanji characters that are Kasukabe, in the same prefecture. composed of hiragana characters In 1993, at the age of 21, he that together form a meaning, was diagnosed with distal myopawhich in turn is related to the thy, a.k.a. distal muscular dystrokanji. phy, a disease characterized by A big part of the intrigue is progressive wasting of distal musto decipher the hiragana charac- cles. Although he retains feeling ters from the kanji and then try to throughout his body, he has little figure out the connection between or no ability to move his arms or the kanji and the meaning of the legs, or any other parts of the hiragana hidden in it. body requiring muscle action. In

ping show is scheduled for Saturday only from 18:20 to 18:30. No military show is complete without static displays of military equipment, and that’s true for the Churashima Air Festival. Military displays from the Ground Self Defense Force, Maritime Self Defense Force and Air Self Defense Force will be open to the public to look, touch and take

JASDF and Japan’s Coast Guard aircraft is on static display during the Churashima Air Fest.

JASDF Blue Impulse aerobactics team will show their kills on both days.

pictures. Oroku High School Band is scheduled to play on the tarmac in front of the hangar on Saturday morning, while the JASDF Southwestern Naha Band performs a show on the stage in the afternoon. Local performers will take the stage on Sunday. There is no parking at the Naha Air Base venue. Visitors must park at Naha Military Port and take a free shuttle bus to the festival. Military organizers say portable chairs and pets are not permitted at the air show.

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Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016


Chibana Exchange membership card saves paperwork


Rina (left) and Anna are ready to serve customers at Chibana Exchange.


ometimes it feels like one of the fastest growing businesses on Okinawa are small shops that specialize in currency exchange, and actually, with the number of foreign visitors to the island soaring and a large number of residents working for the U.S. military and related civilian companies that pay wages in U.S. dollars, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. When there’s a demand, there’s a supply. Chibana Exchange opened Sep. 15, 2016. The shop is close to Kadena Gate 3 right next to Family Mart Chibana 4-chome branch. The shop is open from 9:30 to 19:00 on weekdays and 9:30 to 18:00 on weekends. Their telephone number is 098-9896203. According to local regulations, a person who exchanges foreign currency worth over ¥100,000 must write personal information like the name and phone number on an exchange slip. This is required based on international agreements to prevent money laundering. Chibana Exchange has a way to make this faster and easier by issuing repeat

customers a free membership card. The shop keeps the personal information of the customer on file and fills in the paperwork. All the customer has to do is to show the card. Takashi Yorikawa, the owner of the Chibana Exchange and another shop in Hamby that he has run since May 2015, says, “We try to make exchanging currency as easy as possible. Whether you need foreign currency before traveling overseas or want to exchange your foreign money back to Japanese yen, we can make it easy for you. We exchange U.S. and Canadian dollars, Euro and currencies of 9 other countries of Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.” He adds, “The year end holiday travel season is coming. Now is the time to make the plans.” The daily exchange rates are on their blog at Both shops are open seven days a week and only close for the New Year holiday from Dec. 31 through Jan. 2.

Expressway to close for nighttime bridge maintenance

part of Okinawa Expressway and Naha Airport Expressway will be closed south of Nishihara entrance/exit for four nights from 21:00 to 6:00 from Dec. 11th through 15th for bridge maintenance work. The closed sections will be Naha – Nishihara on Okinawa Expressway, and from Haebaru kita – Nishihara on Naha Airport Expressway. NEXCO West Japan Kyushu Branch advises public to exit at Nishihara on the way south at night time, including Naha Airport, and continue on Route 330 to Naha.

Likewise, drivers coming from Naha on the way north should take Route 330 and enter the Expressway from Nishihara. Those who need to go to or from Haebaru Kita have to take a detour either driving to Route 330 in Naha or use on Route 329 through Yonabaru. In case the maintenance work can’t be completed or otherwise concluded in time, the alternate closing nights will be Thursday – Friday, Dec. 16~17 and Sunday, Dec. 18, through Wednesday, Dec 21. For inquiries, call NEXCO West Japan 24-hour Customer Center toll free at 0120-924-863.

The maintenance work will close the expressway for four nights south of Nishihara entrance/exit.

Okinawa flu epidemic

The Ministry of Health announced Friday that the seasonal influenza epidemic has now spread throughout the country having began more than a month earlier than last year. According to ministry figures based on the number of patients visiting a doctor for influenza, Okinawa has relatively the most people affected with the epidemic, followed by Tochigi, Fukui, Hokkaido and Iwate. The number of people suffering from the flu is still increasing. This year’s epidemic started the second earliest since the ministry started keeping track in 1999.

This weekend and the following days of December make the most dynamic period of this year. Your sense of competition and impatience in general drives you to try to achieve everything, and the result easily is a burn out. There could be many surprises ahead and you will need a good sense of humor to get through.

As the romantic planet Venus is moving away from your sign, your love life is heading into a quieter period that could last until the end of the year. Especially next week you must remember that using power and manipulation does not take you very far. Instead you should enjoy your memories and reflect on your achievements.

Missing python found

A ball python that escaped its cage in a beauty shop in Matsuyama, Naha City was found it in the attic of the shop Saturday night. The shop owner found his 1.5-meter long python after he heard a sound from his ceiling. The python that is not dangerous or venomous had somehow gotten out of its glass terrarium and climbed into the ceiling. After initially looking for and failing to find his snake, the owner reported it to police. The owner said that he heard the snake making a scratching sound as it moved inside the ceiling, and used a deck brush and umbrella to coax his pet back to its enclosure. Naha Police said, “It was good that the shop had no customers when the snake was found, and both the owner and the python are safe. Although the python is not dangerous, we would like the owner to watch his pet be more carefully from now on.”

Wine sales in Okinawa grown 14-fold in 5 years

Although the quantity of wine imported from overseas to Okinawa and its cost are decreasing, the overall quantity of wine sales in the prefecture shot up 40 percent over the period of five years from 2009 to 2015. According to Okinawa Customs, 163 kiloliters of wine was directly imported to Okinawa in 2015 that is 3.4% less than the previous year. The cost of the imports was ¥53.39 million that is 0.8% less than the year before. Both have been decreasing for two years in a row. The quantity has dropped 35.7% from the 457 kiloliters in 1998 that was the peak year for imports. According to Okinawa Customs, the main reason is the decrease in the number of companies that import wine directly into the prefecture. The number of wine importers has decreased about 40% since 2012. Although the number importers has decreased, the quantity of wine sold in Okinawa has been increasing every year since 2009. The total quantity of wine sold

If you are living in a steady relationship, you could find yourself setting a very critical eye on your partner, and also evaluating your own true feelings. Seeking solitary escape from your everyday life seems to be the idea. Physical activity would be the right medicine in this situation, so get out of the house and take a nice walk.

As planet Venus is slowly moving into your zodiac that could mean more active love life, but that can also mean more drama and tension, and that could put stress on your relationship. For the first few days of December you could have difficulty in knowing what is real and what is not before clarity sets in.

in fiscal 2009 was 223 kiloliters, which shot up to 3,149 kiloliters in fiscal 2014. According to the family income and expenditure survey by the Government Statistic Bureau, the annual expenditure for wine of one household in Naha City in 2015 was ¥2,550 that is more than double the ¥1,059 in 2007. According to Okinawa Customs, most of wine sold in Okinawa comes through mainland Japan, and is not imported directly from overseas. Among the directly imported wines, Chile is the largest supplier with 91 kiloliters, Italy the second largest with 52 kiloliters, and France the third with 16 kiloliters.

Okinawans near bottom among online shoppers

According to a Japan Direct Marketing Association survey on the online shopping in Japan, the average annual amount a resident of Okinawa spends shopping online is ¥71,875 that puts the prefecture on the 45th place among all the 47 prefectures of Japan. That is over ¥40,000 less than people in Tokyo. Also, among people who ever have sent a gift to someone using an online shopping site, Okinawa residents are in the 47th place. People living in Tokyo spend the most at online shopping – ¥114,025 per year. The second is Chiba with ¥109,750, and residents in Miyagi Prefecture spend the third most at Y107,188 yen. Ishikawa Prefecture is at the bottom with ¥70,488. Mie Prefecture has the largest number of people who have ever sent a gift from online shopping site, where 52.5% of residents have done so. The second largest one is Tochigi, followed by Nara and Hyogo. In Okinawa, 36.5% of the residents have used the service. On the other hand, 44.5% of people in Okinawa use smart phones when ordering goods online that is the largest rate in Japan, and at the same time, Okinawa has the lowest rate or people who use a computer when ordering online. According to Shinichi Yano, a researcher at the associa-

Many Geminis are taking bold steps in their life at this time, and indeed, there could be quite a few possibilities ahead as the year works its way to the end. And when a new opportunity arises, make sure that you take a good handle on it immediately. Delays and changes in your plans are also in the stars, so be ready.

Although you may desire the activity of past few weeks, a bit slower pace at this time is also an opportunity to relax and reflect. Once you have figured out what your plans for the near future are, you can charge ahead with everything you’ve got. New ideas and challenges would be very welcome, but you have to take them head on.

tion, “The price competition and rebate system by the cell phone companies may induce people to increase the use of cell phones for shopping.” The survey was conducted on the Internet in the beginning of September, among people who had used online shopping services within the last one year. Answers from 200 people in each prefecture, and 300 people from most populated prefectures, about 10,000 in total were used for calculating the survey results.

Tour company to drill for hot spring on Taketomi

Taketomi Kuroshio Kankou, a local tour company on Taketomi Island is planning to start next February to drill for a hot spring on Taketomi. According to company sources, a geological survey in July 2015 confirmed there is an active fault under the island that has a 80 to 90-percent possibility of producing hot spring wells. Company officials are planning to schedule a meeting for next January to explain the plan to local residents. The plan calls for preparing a detailed facility plan by next spring and commencing the operation in January 2018. Once open, it would be the first hot spring on Taketomi and the southernmost in Japan.

Elderly driver crashes into convenience store in Naha

A 78-year-old driver lost control of his car and crashed into a convenient store front in Matsuo, Naha, Thursday morning. According to Naha Police, the driver started his car that had been parked on the street across the road, when the car suddenly jumped onto the sidewalk and crashed into the convenience storefront. The crash broke the store’s front window, but no one, including the driver, was injured. Traffic accidents by elderly drivers have lately been drawing increasing attention nationally. Naha Police calls for atten-

tion to the problem, and urges elderly people who are no more sure about their driving skills to quit and start using public means of transportations. “People who feel uneasy when driving should think about returning the license for everyone’s good,” a Naha Police spokesman says.

Regular Aguni flights to resume from next fall

The Ministry of Land and Infrastructure announced Tuesday that regular lights between Aguni Island and Naha would resume from fall 2017. The flights have been suspended since an accident at Aguni Airport runway occurred more than a year ago. First Flying Co., Ltd., the company that operated the route before is appointed to operate the resuming flights. According to First Flying and other knowledgeable sources, First Flying already started classroom training for pilots on Nov. 10 as required by the ministry. The flight training is scheduled to start at the end of February 2017, and the exams for pilots and copilots are expected to be completed by autumn 2017.

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The next two or three weeks mark a wonderful and romantic period for you, not to mention a busy social life with many year-end parties and such. And if some disagreement arises in your relationship, that would be best to nip right in the bud before your otherwise pleasant life would get greatly disturbed.

You could find yourself burdened with too many responsibilities and things you think you must do. Remember that too much is too much. Being so busy does not leave much time for romance, and that’ s not good to your relationship. Luckily there are many good friends around who can help you to get through your workload.


You seem to have trouble in reaching your goals, and that leads to frustration and even anger. You just have to accept that some delays are inevitable, and there is very little you can do about it. Luckily one of your traits is perseverance. As long as you don’ t give up and keep your eye right on the target, you’ll be OK. You have had your party and enjoyed it, but now is the time to slow down, and to say the truth constant parties and busy social calendar are getting old. Luckily, some Aquariuses know how to relax even if no vacation is in sight, and some good news or a little present from a friend next week are sure to brighten you up.

Your self-confidence is at its peak and that reflects in your success at work. Although there could be some obstacles ahead, you will have no problem overcoming them. Once you get over it your effectiveness becomes evident to everyone. But be careful, as there is someone who is not quite honest with you an could mean trouble. It has been hectic and more of the same is in the future. Demands at your work and from your lover are going to grow sky high. An ambitious project is in the works, and that does not make your life any easier. Luckily there’ s some romance in the air, too, and that would bring you some welcome relief when you need it most.

native English speaking instructors to fill a variety of teaching positions for STOP LOOKING! PIT STOP USED CAR spring 2017. IAC Tomigusuku opened SALES has what you need, high qualiin May of 1999; we now have several ty at low prices. We give cash credit hundred students and some of the for junk vehicles, all refunds are 一 本 堂 は 3 0 〜 5 0 歳 未 満 で 販 売 経 験 が あ る 方 best EFL instructors in all of Japan. yours. TRADE-IN VALUE UP TO $ を 大 募 集 中 ! 沖 縄 土 産 、 武 道 具 ( 空 手 着 ) Currently, IAC has two English lan1,500. Every vehicle comes with a 2- を 販 売 し て お り お 店 は ゲ ー ト 通 り に あ り ま guage institutes in Okinawa and Years JCI, Current Road Taxes, す 。 勤 務 時 間 は 1 5 〜 2 0 時 。 ま ず は 気 軽 に お Fukuoka respectively. IAC also has 電 話 く だ さ い 。 098-989-9001 (2時 以 降 ) Preventative Maintenance, Recycle, IPPON-DO, an Okinawan souvenir and successful Ryugaku offices in each Registration with warranty up to one martial arts goods shop on Kadena prefecture which specialize in the year. We provide the BEST FINANCGate 2 Street, is looking for sales staff. arrangement and support of people ING PROGRAM on island at 0% Some experience required, age from who wish to study English abroad. In INTEREST with NO MONEY DOWN 30 up to 50 years old. Work hours addition to English language services, REQUIRED, we match down payment daily from 15:00 to 20:00. If interested, we have Woody’s International Cafe up to $ 1,000. CASH DISCOUNTS please call 098-989-9001 after 14:00. Gastro Pub and Grill, a favourite spot AVAILABLE. BEST PRICE for JCI for both locals and visitors to INSPECTION AND REPAIR. FREE Wee Care International Preschool is Okinawa. IAC employs a diverse SHUTTLE SERVICE and FREE LOAN- looking for preschool teacher. If you group of foreign and Japanese staff, love children, please call 098-926ER VEHICLES available. Call Us! 098each of whom play an integral role. 898-4061 or 090-3328-7341 and ask for 2549. TOM. Email View Temporary Help Wanted: Santa need- We have a variety of classes and programs which include an international our web-site, ed on December 22nd - 25th (Thurs. ~ English daycare, Elementary aged Sun.), 17:00 - 22:00 for Sam’ s children’s classes, Junior High classRestaurant Group. Will pay WallZack LLC. Seeking motivated ¥10,000/day. Please call Darin (9:00 - es, High School and Adult classes, Bilingual staff members. Currently we 18:00) at 933-5882 for more informa- private and special classes, overseas study preparation classes, business are looking for staff that are proficient tion. English classes, and English profiat general computer skills, book-keepP/T English Teacher Wanted: Naha ciency test classes. We also have ing, and accounting. Our company ¥2,000~¥2,500/hour English World in contracts with, and teach at Nursery deals primarily in the IT field, however Naha is looking for an experienced schools and Kindergartens, technical IT skills are not required. Please conEnglish Teacher to teach lessons and and business colleges, government tact us at:, hold cafe style conversation classes. groups, the national coast guard, and or contact me at:080-6482-5735 (Matt Here are the Details: 1. All adults 2. flight attendant and ground staff Walls) for inquiries. We are looking for someone who can English classes. ] For full time posiwork twice a week, ideally Mondays tions IAC provides visa sponsorship, 10:30am~1:30pm and Tuesdays a competitive salary, a renewable コザ自動車ではフルタイムの販売スタッフ 6:30pm~9:30pm. (There is some flexiyearly contract, workshops and trainを募集中! 日本人へはもちろん、外国人へ bility if needed.) If interested please ing, opportunity for advancement and の 販 売 も 可 能 な ス タ ッ フ を 募 集 し て い ま す 。 contact with possible assistance with regards to 日常的な英会話力、接客販売ができる程度 your current Resume or apply via our で構いません。 フルコミッション、基本 w e b s i t e transportation and accommodation. Whatever the endeavour is, the IAC 給+コミッション、どちらの体制でも可能。 外国人も沖縄に滞在する際には今や車が必 family is committed to providing qualTeach in Okinawa! - 2017 Learning ity English instruction and assistance 須となっています。立地的にも車種揃え的 English is an “adventure” in language to those interested in the cultural にも外国人をターゲットにしやすい環境で すので、すぐに結果が出せます! 英会話ス and culture! IAC Academy of adventure that is learning English. If キルをアップさせながら働いてみません Language and Overseas Study is cur- you are interested in learning more か? ご応募お待ちしています。 Tel: rently accepting applications from


Help Wanted

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about the employment opportunities IAC has to offer then please send a CV to the email address provided below.

Looking for friendly bilingual(Japanese and English) hostess to work at either Sam’s by the Sea Awase(098)937-3421 or Anchor Inn Ginowan City(098)897-5555. Working hours will be from 18:00 till 22:00. Pay starts from ¥800/hour. Please call the restaurant manager for interview times.

Koza Used Car Sales company is looking for a full time sales rep. Must speak fluent English and some Japanese, light Japanese writing or reading needed. Pay is either full commission, basic salary plus big commission, or negotiable. Almost all military personnel need a car on Okinawa, and your sales skills would earn great rewards! Please feel free to apply. Koza Used Car is located between Kadena AB Gate #2 and #3. Tel: 098938-8651 Email: a/


インターン生、ボランティアスタッフ大募 集!実践的な英語を使って職場体験してみ ませんか?お仕事はほぼ英語を使った業務 ですがスタッフは日本人という環境ですの で安心して実務体験ができますよ!海外で 働いてみたい、英語を使った仕事をしてみ たい。そんなアナタの一つのきっかけ作り になってもえるチャンスです!基本的に年 齢および英語力のレベルは問いませんが、 向上心のある方の応募をお待ちしています。 一週間でも一ヶ月でもアナタのお時間に合 わせてお仕事してみませんか? 他にもジ ャパンアップデート紙面のモデル、フリー ライターなども募集しています。詳しくは メ ー ル に て お 問 い 合 わ せ く だ さ い 。 i n f o@ ja pan updat e. c om 池村まで。

Japan Update Classifieds

Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016


Garaman Hall features music of northern Europe music on a CD called “Sidrabs.” In the same year, she perfumed as the Latvian guest at the WOMEX (World Music EXPO) event. The performance earned her a nomination for the Latvian Music and Latvian Annual Theatre Awards. The concert takes place at the Garaman Hall at Ginoza Culture Center. Doors to the venue open at 18:30 and the concert starts at 19:30


hours a day) of by email at Please don’t forget write your name, phone number, name of the concert, and how many tickets you need when making a reservation. Advance tickets are available until midnight on the day before the concert. More detail visit their website (Japanese) at

III MEF Band presents Annual Christmas Concert


By Cpl Matthew Kitzen-Abelson

Marja Helena Fjellheim Mortensson from Hedmark, Norway, will sing Lapland folk songs called ‘yoiku’ at Garaman Hall on Friday.

wo young ladies from Northern Europe are performing winter songs at a Chritmas Concert at Ginoza Culture Center Garaman Hall tomorrow, Dec. 2. Young yoiku singer Marja Helena Fjellheim Mortensson was born in the Hedmark County in Norway, in 1995. Her family herded reindeers to make a living, so most of her songs tell about the life with reindeers. She also dedicates her songs to saving the Southern Sami language. In 2013, she earned the Culture Award of Hedmark, and a year after, she found herself performing as the “Young Artist of

Admission is ¥2,500yen in advance and ¥3,000yen in door. Children up to student age get in for free but need a numbered reservation ticket. Preschool and younger children are not allowed to enter. Advance tickets are available at Garaman Hall website (Japanese) http://garaman .jp/sf/events/form.php?num=18 2, by calling 098-983-2613 (24

the Year” at the Riddu Riddu Festival, an annual festival in Norway dedicated to preserving the Sami culture and language. She also performed at festivals in Taiwan, Siberia, and the Republic of Congo that year. The second guest at the Christmas concert is Laima Jansone from Latvia, who is a good a master at playing Latvian traditional instrument called Kokle. Kokle is string instrument similar to Kantele in Finland and koto in Japan. After she graduated the Latvian Music Academy, she learned playing kantele in Finland. In 2011, she released her

alm trees, Mai-Tais and mojitos on white sandy beaches, and 75-degree weather -all in mid-December. The allure of Okinawa during the cooler seasons is tantalizing, but when the Christmastime rolls around, most of us dream of snow, hot chocolate, and cozying up to a crackling fire with our loved ones. Although the strange weather and the reality of living on a subtropical remote island halfway around the world may leave a void as the holidays approach, music can offer the comforts of Christmas at home. Join the III MEF Band from Dec. 7th to 10th at Foster Theater for the Annual Christmas Concert Series, and be whisked away to the timeless, mystical realm of Christmas. Under the direction of CWO2 Andres Navarro and GySgt Michael Stanley, the Band will perform traditional favorites, such as "Carol of the Bells," themes from "The Nutcracker," and "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,'' in a presentation reminiscent of variety shows from the days of Dick Clark and Ed

No reason Christmas can’t come to a beach.

Sullivan. A total of five ensembles and four soloists will take the stage, with Master of Ceremonies Cpl Ryan Van Gosen guiding listeners through an evening that promises to make Christmas on Okinawa feel like home. Ticket reservations may be placed in person at the III MEF Band Hall, located on Camp Foster between Ocean Breeze and Foster Community Center, or by calling DSN 645-3919.


Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016

Japan Update Classifieds

Foreign tourists are discovering Okinawa in droves


China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It is a great location. Besides dipping in the ocean or lying on the beach, those who enjoy water sports can go diving or kayaking about 10-15 minutes away. A short walk away there is a concentration of restaurants and shops where visitors can eat delicious food and go sightseeing and shopping. Those who happen to be on Okinawa for a wedding can take memorable wedding pictures at nearby Araha Beach. Another must see place on Okinawa is the Churaumi Aquarium, the second largest in the world, that presents a comprehensive view of life under the ocean surface. As rays, schools of fish and sharks glide by a visitor easily becomes spellbound by their grace and speed. I return to the aquarium every few years, and the view never ceases to amaze me. It’s a wonderful place to bring your partner, friends or family. Purchasing an

annual pass will enable you to return whenever you want to enthrall a friend or just escape the world for a moment. If you go, visit after 16:00 and you will receive a discount ticket and still have enough time to experience the entire aquarium. Okinawa is such a small island, and to those who you live here, it often feels as if there isn’t much to do. But for tourists, it’s such a unique place to explore. Okinawa sits in a conveniently close traveling distance from many countries in Asia, is an integral part of Japan and yet offers an experience that comes with its’ unique mix of cultures. It is most likely that the tourists are the ones who discover new places and adventures on our island. So, if you are looking for something fresh to explore, follow the tourists. You never know what new adventure lies just around the corner on this island of Okinawa.

A Group of Chinese tourists taking selfies at a sightseeing spot is a common sight. By David Higgins

ecently, I visited the Rycom Mall and immediately noticed how many foreign tourists there were meandering through the shops. Rycom Mall is by far, the largest mall on the island, but I have never considered it to have any outstanding character or to be particularly enticing. This leaves me to wonder why so many tourists have chosen to congregate at this particular mall when there must be a variety of other places for them to visit on the island. Ever since Rycom Mall opened, the mall has been packed with locals, Americans, and tourists from every corner of the earth. I regularly notice the fleet of tour buses parked by the main entrance. On most of the buses, the names of the tour

groups are written in Chinese. I recently asked one of the drivers why he brought a group of tourists to this mall, and he responded that it was because it was included in their tour plan. The group was picked up at the airport, traveled to Shuri Castle and explored around Kokusai Street area, and then made a stop at the Rycom Mall for shopping on their way to a resort hotel up in Nago. This would also explain why there is such a vast selection of souvenirs in the mall. If you are in need of souvenirs to send to your friends and family back home, this is the place. American Village seems to be another hot spot. A few years back, there were more Americans than any other foreigners, but now there seems to be a lot more tourists from Asian countries such as

AEON Rycom Mall has become one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

Japan Update Classifieds

Dec. 01, 2016 - Dec. 07, 2016


Pizzeria da ENZO combines Italy with authentic Okinawa Christmas treat, a sweet bun containing dry fruits and almonds. ENZO is the only place on Okinawa that serves it. A reservation two days ahead is required for take-out orders. Mentioning this article in Japan Update gets you a free soft drink with your order. Pizzeria da ENZO is located at 715, Maeda, Onna Village, Okinawa. Their telephone number is 098-9235924. Prices mentioned above do not include tax. For payments, all major credit cards and cash in yen are accepted.


Cooking with Nao

Interior of Pizzeria da ENZO is very stylish. Pets are allowed on the outdoor terrace.

izzeria da ENZO on a hill near Cape Maeda and the Blue Cave, a famous destination for divers on Okinawa, serves authentic Naples Pizza and Italian-style cuisine with matching wines. To compliment the food is the restaurant’s location that offers a view so awesome that very few places on Okinawa come even close. The restaurant has a large outside terrace that offers the best ocean view over a natural beach surrounded by sugar cane fields in front of the restaurant. Customers are also allowed to bring their pets on the terrace to enjoy a lunch or dinner together. ENZO’s policy is to use locally grown ingredients in their foods as much as possible, such as Okinawan pork, fresh vegetables from local farmers, fish and octopus. The heart of the restaurant is a large wood-fired pizza oven that dominates the kitchen area where the cooks work in full view of the patrons. Every pizza served in the restaurant is baked at high temperature

in this oven. Flour for the pizza dough is imported from Italy. Store manager Noriyuki Mogi guarantees his “Pizza fresh out of the oven is awesome.” Besides individual items on the menu, ENZO has party plans starting from ¥3,900 per person. Reservations for party plans have to be made two days in advance. The plan includes pizza, appetizers and pasta plus gelato for dessert. Adding two hours of unlimited draft beer, red and white wine, awamori and soft drinks to the plan brings the price to ¥4,500 per person total. There is also a take-out menu for those who’d like to have a pizza party at home. As the Christmas is around corner, the take out menu could offer an easy option for home cooking. Of course, it’s always a favorite for birthday and family parties. Options include ¥1,500 chicken for 3 to 4 people. Pizzas cost from ¥1,200 up. Party Box for 2 to 3 persons consists of eight kinds of food including garlic chicken and roasted pork, and costs ¥3,800. Panettone is a traditional Italian

When possible, ingredients are local.

Custard Daifuku Mochi - custard rice cake (filling)

by Naoko Ogura-Gayler So we are going to make custard daifuku mochi! But as it is quite a lot to do, I need to separate the recipe into two. In the first week, we can make the filling then I will introduce how to make mochi in the second part. Don’t forget to check out the second part. My recipe is in Japan Update every other week!


(To make 8 to 10 daifuku mochi )

Filling Custard


• 1 egg • 2 tbs sugar • 1 1/2 tbs flour • 100 cc milk • A bit of vanilla essence or vanilla beans

1. Mix well all the ingredients except milk in a saucepan with a whisk. Add the milk and continue mixing until smooth. 2. Cook the mix on a low heat. Stir the entire time while you cook the custard. 3. The custard is easier to use to make daifuku mochi if you cool it down in the fridge.

Dec. 01, 2016 ~ Dec. 11, 2016


• Nov. 25, Christmas Illumination Lighting Ceremony

Kokusai Street

• Dec. 4, 9:00 ~ Naha Marathon

Saion Square

• Year End Illumination Lighting Dec. 17, Okinawamarukuto (flea market) Okinawa Market 2016 - Minami-no Shima no Nomi-no Ichi; aniques, arts, crafts, clothes, kncok-knacks, food. Okinawa Christmas Market is here!!!


Hapinaha on Kokusai Street lights up its Year End Illuminations this Saturday.

Follow us and get local Okinawa info! Japan Update

• Through Jan 31, Illumination Hello Kitty Christmas Tree lighs on until Dec. 25.

Tembus Naha 4F

Musical Bottle Mail - Ship of the Ryukyus • Nov. 2 (Fri), 3 (Sat) & 4 (Sun), 13:00 & 16:00. Tickets ¥2,500 for adults, high school students and younger ¥2,000.

Naha Air Base

• Dec. 10 (Sat), 10:00~19:00 and Dec. 11 (Sun), 10:00~16:00 Churashima Air Fest 2016 • JASDF Blue Impulse air acrobatics show, live music, projection mapping show and more. Blue Impulse night flight show first time on Okinawa!

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