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COMENIUS MEETING PLANNING IN SPAIN From 10th to 14th March, 2014. Monday, March 10th:  Pick-up of the Comenius teams in Sevilla.  Arrival at the hotel in Valverde del Camino. Tuesday, March 11th:  9:00 Reception for the Comenius Teams in our school “CEIP Menéndez y Pelayo”: o Welcome reception with municipal authorities and the Mayor of Valverde del Camino Mrs. Loles López. o Welcome reception by the head team of the school. o Guided tour of the school to meet its staff, pupils and facilities.  11:00 Introduction Video of the school and our town: o The students of 6 B grade are going to present a video made by them and their teachers.  12:00 Guided Tour of Valverde del Camino by the students of 6º A.  14:00 Lunch with teaching staff which includes a tasting of special dishes cooked by the teachers staff.  From 16:00 to 18:00 Visit one of a well-known boot factory of the town.  18:00 a 20:30 Free time to rest in the hotel.  20:30 Show and dancing activity with students to learn traditional Andalusian dances in a restaurant near to the school, “Hacienda del Zapatero”  21:00 Dinner in the restaurant, “Hacienda del Zapatero”. Wednesday, March 12th:  9:00 Meeting with all the partners to make decisions for all the entire project and the next meeting in Italy. During the Comenius teachers meeting, their students will prepare the next planning activity with the Spanish childrens.  11:00 Visit of educational auhorities in which they will present the Andalusian Educative System to both the Comenius team and to a representative portion of students and families.

 12:00 Recording of a Lipdub activity.  14:00 Lunch in which Comenius partners will learn to cook Spanish traditional food, “Gazpacho y paella.”  16:00 a 18:00: Craft Activity making “trinkets” for a exchange among students (with 5th - 6th grade students and Comenius children). During this time Comenius teachers will meet in a special session using new technologies to learn the basics about the Comenius blog.  18:00 a 20:30 Free time in the hotel.  20:30: Concert by the students from Valverde's school of music in the restaurant “Casa Dirección.”  21:00 Dinner in the restaurant of “Casa Dirección”. Thursday, March 13th  9:00 Meeting point at the school.  9:30 a 14:00 School tour with the students of 5th grade to visit some of the touristic sites of Huelva: o “El Rocio”, a small village which is well known in Spain due to its natural environment of marshes. o The Palacio of Acebrón in the nature park “Doñana”. o Museum of Muelle de las Carabelas (Huelva).  14:00 a 17:00 Lunch and free time in a famous shopping center of Huelva, “Holea”.  17:00 a 19:00 Free time in the hotel until the evening.  19:00 Farewell dinner and party in which parents will prepare their specialties. (Some comenius partners will return to Sevilla after the farewell dinner). Friday, March 14th and Saturday, March 15th  Return for the rest partners to their countries. We hope you will like the planned activities and will accept this invitation. Kind regards. C.E.I.P Menéndez y Pelayo Ctra. Calañas s/n Tlfn: 959559900 Fax: 9596559902 Web: http// e-mail:

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