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Media Kit . 2013 JUICE Mobile is an agency exclusively dedicated to mobile advertising. In the

The JUICE Story. JUICE Mobile is an award-winning mobile marketing and technology firm solely dedicated to growing and monetizing the mobile advertising market.

36.9b in 2016

Based in Toronto, JUICE Mobile is a privately held company that was founded in 2010 in response to the rapid growth and adoption of mobile devices. While other firms simply ‘add’ mobile to their online ad offerings, JUICE creates connected solutions that encompass the best in technology and brands. JUICE is completely independent which allows us to provide solutions that best serve our client’s needs. JUICE Mobile is passionate about growing the mobile marketing industry.

6.43b in 2012

FIRSTS, AWARDS AND RECOGNITION • Canada’s Most Promising Digital Media Company, Digi Awards (2012) • Global Television’s Touch phone skipping campaign won Silver, Consumer Services in the Experiential and Innovative Media, CMA Awards (2012) • JUICE launched Canada’s first mobile CPA technology with call centre integration (2012)

Mobile ad spend is expected to reach $36.9 billion worldwide by 2016. Source: eMarketer 2012

• JUICE launched Canada’s first mobile-specific 52.5m in RTB platform (2012)


• Canada’s Top Digital Executive, Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of JUICE Mobile, Digi Awards (2011)

2.9m in 2012 2

Our Clients. Our Success. JUICE Mobile’s innovative products and services lead agencies, brands and publishers to maximize advertising revenue in the mobile space.


92% of consumers share mobile video clips with others, allowing digital video advertising to also go viral. Source: IAB

We deliver results in all things mobile: marketing, advertising, creative, product development, analytics, creative advertising and technology.



75 of the top 100 brands ranked by Advertising Age are JUICE clients, including:

JUICE has one of the largest pools of exclusive premium publisher partnerships in North America, including:


Mobile Solutions. Consumers are mobile. Are you? Mobile is not niche or experimental – it 2016 is present and growing faster 36.9b thanin any medium EVER!


From ideation to activation, JUICE provides mobile solutions that 6.43b in 2012 connect you to your overall marketing objective.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 73% of mobile-powered shoppers preferred mobile to retail clerks for basic assistance. Source: Google 2012 52.5m in 2013

Nectar™ Nectar™ is the world’s first mobile platform that empowers both publishers and advertisers executing in the mobile space. 2.9m in 2012JUICE’s proprietary mobile marketing technology eliminates price from the buying equation and uses a unique algorithm to allocate an optimal buy according to core marketing principles.

Mobile RTB Platform Unlike traditional RTB methodologies, our platform connects publishers, app developers, brands and advertisers with targeted consumer categories across the entire mobile ecosystem.

JUICE Premium Ad Platform Get the most reach and scale in North America. JUICE proudly offers agencies and brands a premium platform to outsource and manage mobile ad serving and analytics. We oversee all mobile buying – with a complete end-to-end service offering one point of contact, one invoice, and one reporting structure.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Another JUICE innovation, our new CPA product integrates seamlessly with your call centre. The product evolves traditional Click-to-Call (C2C) and mobile CPA campaigns to provide a more accurate representation of acquisition through analytics and software integration.


Ad Formats. Mobile Creative and Development: JUICE designs, produces and delivers a wide variety of standard, rich and custom ad formats.


Our specialties in creative and mobile development activate cross-media campaigns and allow brands to engage customers in two-way conversations. View our sample work or contact us to review our entire product at:


Mobile will drive one-third of paid search clicks by end of 2013. Source: ClickZ

• Static or Animated Display Ads JUICE ad units perform with mass scale on any platform, device and operating system. Rich • Expandable Ad Units From simple to multi-faceted panels, JUICE offers you a variety of executions.


• Pre-Roll Available in mobile as well as tablet with the option to add a social call to action to increase brand awareness.

• Wipe Away Unit Wipe away an entire screen with the tip of your finger to reveal your brand message.

• Countdown Unit JUICE builds momentum for your product launches with a real-time countdown or live social feed.

• Interstitial Unit Command the consumer’s complete attention using interactive ads with a full screen mobile experience!


The Founder. Neil Sweeney

52.5m in 2013

PRESIDENT & CEO, JUICE MOBILE Neil Sweeney has excelled in the technology, media and entertainment industries for more than 15 years. Sweeney has held senior positions with both venture-backed start-ups and the top publicly traded media companies in Canada.

2.9m in 2012

As mobile advertising began to evolve “beyond the banner,” Sweeney saw demand in Canada’s advertising industry for a firm focused exclusively on the mobile and connected device space. In 2010, he founded the award-winning mobile marketing and technology firm, JUICE Mobile. The company quickly gained recognition as Canada’s leading independent mobile firm, winning Canada’s Most Promising Digital Media Company at the 2012 Digi Awards. During the past two years, JUICE Mobile led more brands into the mobile space than any other firm in Canada. Over his distinguished career, Sweeney earned senior leadership positions in sales, business development, and strategy at firms including: Stream the World, CanWest Media, Astral, Standard Broadcasting and CTV. Sweeney also received several academic and business awards, including a Media Innovation gold medal for his integration of mobile technology into the 2006 Grammy Awards show. Most recently, he won Canada’s Top Digital Executive at the 2011 Digi Awards.

Worldwide tablet shipments soared to a record 52.5 million units during the Q4 2012 holiday season. Source: DC 2013


Contact. 52.5m in 2013 CONNECT WITH US Company Website


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2.9m in 2012

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Did you know: The number of mobile devices exceeded the world’s population in 2012.

Nikki Hawke Director of Marketing and Communications 647-262-7526

Source: Cisco


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JUICE Mobile | Media Kit  

2013 Media Kit by JUICE Mobile, an award-winning mobile marketing and technology firm soley dedicated to growing and monetizing the mobile a...

JUICE Mobile | Media Kit  

2013 Media Kit by JUICE Mobile, an award-winning mobile marketing and technology firm soley dedicated to growing and monetizing the mobile a...