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This is not graffiti. In today’s day and age, we have the liberty and freedom to express ourselves in all forms and manners. We can do it within 140 characters in twitter, on fashion blogs and in video diaries on YouTube. If graffiti was a form of vandalism to rebel, an art of expression-today we are gifted to express ourselves in all mediums. We are limitless with the power to be heard. We are a generation unbound by rules. We have the freedom to speak, to act, to walk, to wear, to cry, to scream, to learn, to choose. We are a generation of graffiti artists, waiting and itching to be heard. Yours is a power gifted by freedom. Use it well.


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Kara Ortiga Editor-in-Chief

Betsy Aquino Features Editor

Meggie Monzon Features Editor

James Javier Layout Editor

I would describe my fashion sense as bargain. My favourite curse word is fuckness monster. If I could vandalize an important monument it would be the Washington Monument. I would write “I am an incredibly large phallic symbol” because that would be really awkward. You can see me express more of myself online at http:// kasmira-simone.tumblr. com/.

I would describe my fashion sense as trendy yet comfortable. My favourite curse word is ssshhheettt! If I could vandalize an important monument it would be the Oblation. I would write the word “HERO” below it because I want to emphasize that we don’t need superpowers to save a nation and that we can become heroes too in our own little ways. You can see me express more of myself online at www.

I would describe my fashion sense as simple and comfortable. My favourite curse word is tangina!!! If I could vandalize an important monument it would be the Oble. I would write “kiss my ass” because I think it’s funny. You can see me express more of myself online at facebook. Add me up (Meggie Monzon).

I would describe my fashion sense as anything-goes. My favourite curse word is darn. If I could vandalize an important monument it would be the Rizal Monument. I would write “Touch me not” because that would be epic (fail)! You can see me express more of myself online at randomlydetermined.

a friendly message from your HR VP

Hey AdCore, I was asked to do the execore part of this month’s Juiceletter and I honestly don’t know what to say. So let’s get on and start with a bit of reminiscing. July was a busy month for all. What with the RnR as we welcome our applicants and reunite with our members, to AdVent where we were one with the stars, to the AdVenture to BBDO Guerrero where we got a taste of the advertising world, to the Freshie Week where we partnered with the University Student Council in welcoming the fresh meat of UP, to the first AdVance where everyone learned a lot. Other than that, there was also the tambay week and the launching of our home away from our tambayan home- our website. You name it, we did it. So everyone, give yourselves ten slow claps because you really deserve it! Anyway enough reminiscing and let us do some forward thinking! Another month spells a whole lot of events and exciting news to look forward to. Another AdVance for our creative juices, another TBS, another AdVenture, the PR event, the ACLE, the Federation of Advertising Organizations and more bonding for each and every one of us! Yay to AdCore! Okay I have nothing left to say. Just always remember, the execore is always here for you! Everything we do, we do for you and for our organization. (HAHA CHEESE) See you around and always tambay!

Love, Jowee Caraso VP for Human Resources

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 01


ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 02

Advent by Anna Mangahas ad•vent [ad-vent] /΄æd vεnt/


dVent this semester was held on June 25 at BA 301, from 5.30-9pm. The event had a galaxy theme and was called AdRomeda, inspired 1. by a neighboring galaxy called Andromeda. It was a chance for the The applicants’ and members’ orientation seminar, held after the mems and apps to interact and get to know each other, as well as for the recruitment and reaffirmation at the beginning of the semester apps to get to know more about AdCore, the departments and the projects for each. 2. An event of the Public Relations and Promotions Department The night started with opening remarks from the President followed by an ice breaker, Hard Sell, where groups had to make an advertisement 3. with themes such as selling shampoo to a bald man and handcuffs to a A seminar where applicants can learn more about the organization and its prisoner. Dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread was also served. departments At the end of the evening, some alumni, last year’s President Jenina 4. Santos, VP for Fin and Corp Aff Gen Magtalas, and VP for PRP Raenald de A seminar where applicants and members can get more information on Jesus, gave their insights on what it was to be in AdCore. To top it all off, the different projects of each department for the current semester very inspiring closing remarks were given by former SEaL VP for AY 20082009 Bobit Ebarle. 5. Where applicants can mingle and talk with the members of UP Advertising Core for the first time 6. An event where there is food Related Words: Orsem; June 25, 2010; BA 301; 5.30-9pm; AdRomeda; galaxy; black; glittery; dinner will be served; spaghetti; garlic bread; soft drinks; Team AdVent

by Lola Techie


ast June 28, AdCore’s members and applicants dared to take on their first AdVenture and first exposure to the real advertising world for this semester, at BBDO Guerrero/Proximity in Makati Avenue. To start off, we entered one of the agency’s meeting rooms, where a sign that said “NO IDEA, NO ENTRY” welcomed us. There, we met Ms. Belay Santillan, the agency’s former general manager, who shared the 411 on BBDO Guerrero. AdVenturers learned a substantial number of things about BBDO Guerrero - from the history of the agency, to its evolution of expanding to various countries across the globe, as well as its most famous campaigns. After the inspiring talk, Ms. Pia Loader, the Human Resources Assistant, started touring us around the office. “Office” probably isn’t the best operative word to describe the workplace, as anyone could see that it encouraged creative minds to just let their ideas flow. As the employees are not separated by cubicles, it can also be seen that the design encourages team work, taking away any feeling of rigidness (like how most of us think offices are). On one of their walls, you can see what seems like over a hundred awards, confirming the prestige the BBDO Guerrero is known for. Indeed, AdVenturers were inspired by BBDO’s commitment to providing the “best work” for their clients. Another AdVenture is coming up this August, and we hope more members and applicants will come and join the experience. Until next time!

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 03

Three Great Campaigns. One world-renowned agency.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 04

How we did the brainstorming for AdVance by Kristine Erni

“What are the most value-adding needs of AdCore that we can satisfy?”


his was the core insight that the team took inspiration from in organizing AdVance. No… pinpointing those needs was not an easy process. It was comprised of a wave of discussions and debates and an influx of overflowing ideas. In order to organize those pools of ideas, the team had to come up with a story—a story that would narrate a sequel of events.

The team wanted AdCore to have the advertising agency experience—one in which not everybody has the privilege to take part of. The team was full of great plans, inspired by our core insight which they are passionate to execute extraordinarily. Despite the heavy academic work, swamped extra-curricular schedule and lack of sleep, the team made way to organize a series of spectacular events, AdVance.


by Matt Yu


ast July 10, a Saturday, Team Advance excitedly kicked off its first of a series of workshops for the semester dedicated to enriching its members’ knowledge of the advertising industry. This seminar, titled Mindmap, was meant to give AdCore members and applicants a taste of one important aspect of any ad agency, Accounts Management and Strategic Planning. To show off how well connected our members are, AdCore was able to snag a veteran and expert on the subject, Ogilvy and Mather’s very own Accounts Executive Carlo Tan. The event started off a bit on the rough side as it was delayed by 30 minutes due to the lack of participants that were present at the venue. A rookie mistake for the Team Advance (yours truly) for not announcing the start of the event to accommodate Filipino time, and not spamming the pubmat/announcements to the point of annoyance . Slowly but surely, the AdCore people showed their dedication to learning and to the org as they trickled into the venue one by one and the show went on. After a few introductions from Mr. President Adrian Manlapig, Creatives Vice President David Val Christian B. Agoncillo and Team AdVance head myself, Matt Yu, the speaker then started his talk, churning out a few icebreakers consisting of hilarious ad videos just to introduce the importance of the less-heralded Accounts Department in the agency. He explained how an agency cannot stand on the Creatives alone, then went on to talk about what it means to be an account manager, its job description and also the traits one needs to be great in Accounts. One important lesson learned, diba Jhanette? Accounts people are and have to be PSYCHOTIC (if my memory serves me right). The accounts part of the seminar then ended with a well-devised activity for all of the participants. We were grouped into three groups and each group had an accounts-related problem that they needed to solve using their wit and skills. This activity would also show us whether we were indeed good enough to be in a top ad agency. The problems were: 1) Your boss caught you, ‘the accounts manager & friends’, partying the night away without having invited him. 2) An important anniversary ad for an account you were working on did not appear in the newspaper it was supposed to be on, the space for the ad was left

blank by the printers. 3) Your Creative Director discovers that the ads he approved weren’t used as the final ads. Instead, you chose the ad your client wanted, which was designed by someone else. The planning stage served as a halftime break for the talk and also as snack time where participants munched on cupcakes which they washed down with cool iced tea. The activity was hilarious and showed off the acting chops of several members of AdCore (future FAMAS awardees?). Mr. Carlo Tan declared all of us good Accounts people but especially liked the one with the Creative Director involved. Starring real-life sweethearts David & Yas, it was one emotional display. As the activity winded down, the second half of the talk began. The second half was a short yet insightful lesson on Strategic Planning. The highlights were the interesting slides of discovering your personality in relation to the traits and characteristics we display. Note to all: President Adrian is a Driver, personality-wise I mean. Following this was a brief question and answer portion which also gave us a few more insights about the topic, such as Accounts people also being able to do what Strat people do. The event ended with the awarding of a Certificate of Appreciation and token to the speaker. Once again, I have my deepest gratitude for the people who made this event possible, those who took time off to attend, and to the speaker Mr. Carlo Tan for the delightful day of lessons and insights learned. Watch out for AdVance 2 coming this August! See all of you there!

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 05


ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 06

UPClose Freshie Week 2010 by Danne Lim


ne of our first partnerships that we have established this semester is with the Univeristy Student Council (USC’s) Freshie Steering Committee, as we took part as one of the head organizations for the recently-concluded UP Close: Freshie Week 2010 that was held last July 1216, 2010. We were privileged to bag the publicity head position through a communications plan pitch that we presented in front of around 30 student organizations and local councils. The week kicked-off with the Freshmen Rookie Camp where freshies were invited to play a good game of paintball for free. Afterwards, the freshmen enjoyed a friendly competition at the Freshie Amazing Race and ended the day with a free film screening of the movie UPCAT. An organization fair at the AS Parking Lot happened on Tuesday, where orgs conducted fun games and gave away freebies. One of the most anticipated events, the College Pasiklaban was a sure hit for the competing colleges and the freshies alike. Finally, to cap the whole week off, ElectiVe: The Channel V Orientation, the free freshie concert was held in the UP Bahay ng Alumni. Bands that performed include Sugarfree, Sandwich, UpDharmaDown, and Pedicab among the many others. Some freshmen also strutted their stuff in the runway for Mossimo. ElectiVe was surely a success. It was a memorable night for everyone, whether they are freshmen or upperclassmen. Throughout the week, an interactive exhibit was also displayed in the 2nd floor of the AS lobby to give the freshies a better idea of what UP life is truly about. We were able to extend our promotions in different media such as in roving tarpaulins, online, print and even in radio via Magic 89.9 and television via Channel V. UP Close 2010 has allowed us to utilize our strength as an organization in giving back to the UP community. We are extending our gratitude to all applicants and members who helped out in the whole process. AdCore could not have done it without each of you! Until the next university-wide project!

UP Close Interactive Exhibit

ElectiVe: The Channel V Orientation

Freshie Fair

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 07

College Pasiklaban

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 08

Punch Creatives: Up Up, and Away! by Anna Mangahas


ast school year, the advertising agency arm of AdCore was founded and called Punch Creatives. The members who make up Punch take on the role of account managers (from the Finance and Corporate Affairs Department) and talent pool (not restricted to the Creatives Department), which rotates every semester. It is also a project where applicants can intern, either as an account manager or an artist.

GSK has become a repeat client and Punch worked on the design of their medical literature to be given to their clients in order to provide information about their products. Another big client is the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). Punch worked on the template for their report (of the May 2010 Presidential Elections) that was presented to the Congress. It has also done academics-related projects as well.

Last semester, advertising and promotions for Punch Creatives became more intensive and had a total of five projects, including some from GSK. This semester, Punch Creatives went to the next level and has already successfully completed six projects and currently has seven ongoing projects.

In the span of less than two years, Punch Creatives has achieved much and helped establish the organization to be a student-run advertising agency that adheres to its three core values: creative professionalism, inspired involvement, and steadfast excellence.

by Jowee Caraso


he recruitment and reaffirmation week of the UP Advertising Core I would say would fall under the “slow but sure� category of things. The Greek inspired 2 week long RnR started out a bit slow. On the first week, only several people applied for the organization and also a handful reaffirmed their membership. People and several of the alumni said that the first week of RnR was always slow but nevertheless it sent some panic vibes within the ExeCore. Doubling our publicity and convincing efforts, the second week of recruitment went well. There was a steady stream of applicants from all over the university and the organization members were flocking to our Parthenon booth. RnR week was like a reunion to all. Members that we seldom bump into went to see the AdCore booth and it was enough to make anyone smile and feel that warm and fuzzy feeling. Some of the applicants were

long lost friends and it was exciting for some of the members to realize that they were going to spend more time with them again through AdCore. All in all, I would think that RnR was a success. Even though it was slow at first, AdCore proved they had grace under pressure as they worked harder to make sure that more people would get to experience and live what AdCore is really about.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 09

Fresh meat and Old meat: RNR Week

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 10


NOW? Taking a peek into the lives of some of UP AdCore’s former alumni

By Kara Ortiga

Best thing about the job: learning, people and money. I’ve never learned so many things in the span of 2 months anywhere. P&G employees are the driven sorts with whom I want to be associated with; what’s more I have a BLAST hanging out with them. I’m well compensated for the work that I do and since I promised myself that I’d spend my first 3 months of salary on ANYTHING I WANT, well you get the picture. When not working... I watch my TV series (True Blood, Mad Men) and movies I missed, read my books, hang out with friends and family. I watch the news or scour the Internet for interesting topics and news bits (these serve as good conversation points with office mates and friends). About entering the real world. The first 3-6 months is hard, everything is so new and different from the classroom setting we’re used to. (1) Be willing to learn – you’ll make mistakes buts it’s important is what you take from these experiences.

Jen Santos BS Business Administration graduated 2010 Assistant Brand Manager of Pampers, Proctor & Gamble Philippines

(2) Talk to your boss and get mentors – ask them for their stories so you’ll know what you should do, not do and at least try to do, it will help. (3) Be yourself – it’s important for you to have a firm grasp of self so that you don’t get swallowed alive by the corporate world. For sure you won’t be friends with everyone in the company, so keep your friends from college, high school and grade school if you can. Keep doing activities that make you, uniquely you, trust me it’ll keep you sane during those stressful days. Jen says, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Good luck Seniors/ Terminals, enjoy this year!

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 11 09

Job description. My work is basically Business Leadership, which is being the point person for anything and everything about the brand.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 12

Job description. I am now the Associate Product Manager for Ventolin, the #1 Anti-Asthma medicine in our market and also GSK Philippines’ biggest brand. I am primarily responsible for the brand’s marketing strategy. The top 3 perks. 1- Lots of local and foreign travel opportunities! (we need to regularly go on field work to meet our doctors/customers nationwide, we also hold and participate in a lot of medical conventions to spread the latest scientific breakthroughs) 2- GSK Car Plan! 3- Free vaccines! Farrah’s weekends. I love treating myself to some alone time shopping or walking around and then maybe meeting up with friends for a movie or a play or for chismis at a café. If I really have time, I love to hit the beach and skimboard or watch a whole set of series by the shore or just sleep in the sand. The real world. College is as real as the “real world” out there. I mean, at this point of your lives, your reality is the fact that you’re in college, so give it your best and you’ll see how it can be beneficial afterwards. In challenging yourself to gain experiences not any other normal student can do. Sell yourself with your collection of equally fun and excellent experiences; experiences that you still have time to enrich now, experiences that are not just for your job interview but also for yourself. Farrah says, your journey depends on how you’ll steer it.

Farrah Rodriguez BS Business Administration graduated 2009 GlaxoSmithKline Philippines, Inc.

No-routine-work-days. I usually come in at 9:30 in the morning. I’d start by surfing the internet for inspiration and “getting in the zone”. If there’s any leftover Photoshop work from pending projects, I try to finish that in the morning. Afterwards I use my lunch break to go to the gym. I know that sounds unorthodox for the conventional employee, but what I realized about being in Creatives is that it’s up to us how we divide our time, as long as we meet the deadlines and don’t slack off. Best thing about your job. Ogilvy has a nurturing culture. And you definitely learn a lot working with among the smartest, most inspiring and creative people you could ever meet. Leisurely creating. I try to make time for my own artistic development, mostly drawing and painting practice. The kind of artwork that I do in the office is different from my personal art. I also have a bunch of story ideas up in my head. One day, they’re gonna have to come to life. Exerpts of wisdom.

Andrea Pua B.S. Business Economics graduated 2009 Ogilvy & Mather

• The global standard should be your benchmark for excellence. • Don’t ever underrate hardwork and discipline. If you’re in a creative field, keep practicing your craft until it becomes second nature. • Your youth is an opportunity to take risks and seek options. But it’s not an excuse for being being stuck in an endless cycle of “it’s greener on the other side”. Anday says, if you haven’t read ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell, please do.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 13

Job Description. I’m in the Creatives department of OgilvyONE, which is the one-to-one marketing arm of Ogilvy. So websites, viral videos on YouTube, creative gimmicks for Facebook, etc are part of what we do.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 14

Job Description. I work for a wedding photographer as an apprentice and graphic artist for a photographer named Nelwin Uy . Two kinds of days. I have two kinds of work days. On non-wedding days, I come to an office and edit photos and lay albums out for clients. On wedding days, I run with my boss and he trains me. When you do what you love for a living. First of all it’s [my job] something I absolutely love doing! I love editing photos and I love to shoot, so this was perfect for me. But on top of that, I also get to travel (my boss is a destination photographer, so people have him go out of town all the time) and I get to eat at receptions! College blues. I miss EVERYTHING about college. Classes, the ability to cut them, seeing my friends all the time, and just being on campus are wonderful things. I miss it so much and I’ve only been out for less than three months. Dream Jobs. It’s okay to hold out for the perfect job. I struck gold with mine, but I know not everyone can be this lucky, so just be patient and know yourself well enough to recognize what you can do well and what you like doing. Sandra says, Find work you love.

Sandra Dans BFA Visual Communication graduated 2010 Apprentice photographer

(or The Orange League)

By Betsy Aquino


o you love AdCore and you just can’t hide it?

These department members tell us what AdCore is for them and why they think they are orange enough to be part of the first batch of The Orange Order.

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 15

The Orange Order

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 16

Name: Crysthel Pamintuan Nickname: Kite Course and Year Level: BS BAA - 3rd year Position in AdCore: Orange Pulp Fin and Corp Aff Manager Member Since: 1st sem, 10-11 Why do you love AdCore? Because Adcore is the most FUN-FILLED org in UP. Tell us one thing that you think is uniquely AdCore. Being the only student run advertising agency.

Complete the statement: Because of AdCore, I will always have friends that can help me in my REPORTS *video editing, photoshop, powerpoint presentation*. If you could give a message to any (or all) AdCore member(s), what would you say? When your down and troubled and you need a helping hand, always remember that the first half of CBA 4__ (please insert tambayan room number haha) will be there for you. Just call Adcore out loud, and soon WE will be knocking upon your door.

What is your most unforgettable AdCore moment? Every moment with Adcore is unforgettable..:)) If you could dedicate a song to AdCore, what would it be and why? Kidnap my heart: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me But you made me believe Kidnap my heart Take me with you Kidnap my heart Make my dreams come true Take me away cause falling in love Ain't very far, not far from the start Kidnap my heart.â&#x20AC;? Reason: Because I am in love with AdCore<3

Kite Pamintuan


Tell us one thing that you think is uniquely AdCore. Its CHARM. My impression of people changed when I entered AdCore. Some of the quiet people I knew were really active in this org. That’s what’s so special about it – its ability to make everyone feel important and special.

Why do you love AdCore? AdCore has the most amazing people and the most creative members. Everything they do is productive and may sense. They’re professional but they know how to have fun.

What is your most unforgettable AdCore moment? Apps Orsem last sem. I remember me and my friend sneaking out of the event when it was near our turn to do a magic trick/ talent. SORRY, we were really shy (weh).


Kat Eusebio

If you could dedicate a song for AdCore, what would it be and why? Walking on Sunshine. Because that’s the feeling I get when I’m with AdCore people. Everything feels so light and chill (in a good way) and the atmosphere is really home-y. Complete the statement: Because of AdCore, I will eat less. (ANG SABAWWW) If you could give a message to any (or all) AdCore member(s), what would you say? Hi AdCore! Keep having fun because it shows in all the work we do. When we love what we serve, we do everything excellently. When something doesn’t go according to plan, remember that people in AdCore are your friends, they won’t get (sooo) mad and they definitely won’t judge. Be active because we were destined to make this org great  <3, Kateu

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 17

Name: Katrina Eusebio Nickname: Kat Eu Course and Year Level: 3rd year, BS BAA Position in AdCore: ACLE Head, Addendum Creatives Manager Member Since: This sem 

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 18

Name: Kamille Barroga Nickname: Kamille Course and Year Level: BS BAA, it’s complicated Position in AdCore: AVP-SEaL Member Since: Forever ^^ Why do you love AdCore? It has become my second home…a big part of my college life. Tell us one thing that you think is uniquely AdCore. Its people- a unique fusion of professionalism and creativity What is your most unforgettable AdCore moment? 09-10 Execore elections If you could dedicate a song for AdCore, what would it be and why? Never Say Never by Justin Bieber. HAHAHA I just can’t get it out of my head. LSS much. :))) Complete the statement: Because of AdCore, I will never say never… I will fight till forever… haha If you could give a message to any (or all) AdCore member(s), what would you say? Hi AdCore! Looking forward to more tambays, successful events and fun activities with you guys! See you around (especially in our second AdVenture!! Wooohoo shameless plug ;)) Go AdCore! ^^

Kamille Barroga


If you could dedicate a song for AdCore, what would it be and why? Defying Gravity! Because nothing can bring AdCore down.

Why do you love AdCore? I love AdCore because it’s a melting pot of creative, talented people. It’s also the best place to be sabaw and let loose. *jelly dance*hahaha!

If you could give a message to any (or all) AdCore member(s), what would you say? Hey AdCore! I just have to say…WOW. This organization has continued to amaze me since the first time I heard about it. With all its accomplishments, it has really made its way up as an esteemed organization. I’m really proud to be a part of this legacy and as members we should continue to hold our heads up high. Although I don’t get to hang out much in the tambayan, and am not as visible, I hope I get to know you all better. I believe that the members (and soon-to-be members) of this org are great, inspiring people, and it will be a pleasure getting to know them. To the applicants, open yourselves up to all the friendships, possibilities, and opportunities the org has in store for you. With AdCore, there is no way to go but up.

Tell us one thing that you think is uniquely AdCore. Something uniquely AdCore, eh? Hmm…the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that most of our activity titles have the syllable Ad- in them. I never knew so many words existed with Ad-. HAHAHA! (Sabaw side note: May naisip ako! AdAm and Eve! HAHAHA! Corny!) What is your most unforgettable AdCore moment? I actually have two unforgettable AdCore moments. The first was in fact, the first time I got to know the organization. It was the orientation and they asked us to come in either orange and black, or in a circus costume. Me, (being my “creative” self) came in a full-blown lion costume and was from then known as “Meggie the Lion.” (Thank you, Fran Gonzales. Haha!) The other unforgettable moment was the induction party, where the seniors said goodbye, and the new batch said hello. It made me realize the value and sense of belongingness of being a part of AdCore.

Complete the statement: Because of AdCore, I will become a better person (naks!).

PRP Meggie Monzon

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 19

Name: Margarita V. Monzon Nickname: Meggie Course and Year Level: Third year, BS Psychology Position in AdCore: Features editor of the Juiceletter, PRP member Member Since: Last sem!

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 20

Name: Maria Kriselda J. Sebastian Nickname: Myx Course and Year Level: European Languages ; 3rd Yr Position in AdCore: HR Manager TBS Member Since: AY 09-10 2nd semester Why do you love AdCore? What’s not to love about it? People are so nice. They’ll let you feel that you really belong.  Tell us one thing that you think is uniquely AdCore. I think AdCore is unique because although we are really goal-oriented, we never fail to have fun while working.  What is your most unforgettable AdCore moment? Water Balloon Fight. It’s Hardcore AdCore!  If you could dedicate a song for AdCore, what would it be and why? “Just call my name and I’ll be there” by WolfGang. Self-explanatory.  Tee hee. Complete the statement: Because of AdCore, I carried 100 plastic bags of water, 4 bottles of coke and a bag of sandwich myself. HAHA. If you could give a message to any (or all) AdCore member(s), what would you say? Hello AdCore! Thanks for making me feel that I am really a part of this org! At first, I thought I’d have a hard time balancing my other commitments with AdCore work but you guys make it easier. Thanks

especially to my VP Jowee and to Boss Adrian for always checking up on me. And to my Buddy Donald, you’re one of the reasons why I really like AdCore, you taught me how to be “malandi”. HAHAHA.  I owe my “kalandian” to you. GO HR! GO AdCore! I love you all to the FIFTH POWER. 

Myx Sebastian


Wanna be part of the next batch of The Orange Order? Just keep participating in AdCore activities and events. Who knows, the next featured member could be you!

Myx Sebastian This painting entitled “A visual interpretation of a mime” was dedicated to Donald, Jowee and Adrian.

Marvin Ramos An Edward and Bella digital painting

If you have personal artworks, literary poems or essays, photographs, online blogs or whatever it is that you want to share, please do not hesitate to email us at right now!

ORANGE JUICE 01 JUNE 2010 | 21

PULPY GOODNESS This section of Orange Juice hopes to bring to you some of our organization’s own fresh serving of creativity, spunk and passion.

TEAMJUICELETTER CONTRIBUTORS Kristine Erni Matt Yu Jowee Caraso Anna Mangahas Danne Lim Myx Sebastian Marvin Ramos


Orange Juice: July-August 2010  

Libertad: the freedom issue!

Orange Juice: July-August 2010  

Libertad: the freedom issue!