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Social Dance Relief If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, you’re fully aware of the serious impact of Hurricane Sandy. If you’re involved in just about any fundraising endeavors to assist with all the recovery undertaking, you may be able to organize a fundraising event having a twist. A priority is to set a particular goal. The harm from the superstorm is indeed so vast that you will want to set a certain target. Is that to provide adequate shelter for the neighborhood’s denizens? Perhaps to fund a security patrol in a given area to keep residents safeguarded? A food drive to make sure the youngsters and aged are provided for? Provide medical care to those most short of funds? Whatever your goal, ensure it is as specific as possible. The more specific, the better it is to promote your occasion and obtain donations. Second, be structured. Select the best individuals for each period of the project. For example, board chairpersons are responsible for giving substantial amounts of their time and energy to the success with the event and encouraging others to accomplish the same. Choose people who are enthusiastic about the cause, able to dedicate the amount of time required and possess the expertise in the area in which you need them to work. Toward whom is this event designed? Is this a broad fundraiser to which everyone is asked? Or is the event aimed at a specific group in your community for example business owners, churches or teachers? Decide on the invitation listing for the most advantage from marketing channels you choose and so maximize the charitable contributions or share efforts. Be sure everyone knows concerning your event, like the who, what, when, where. Distribute brochures at district centers and supermarkets, publish online to free neighborhood event calendars, and see if the local paper will donate some print coverage. Have a press release or summary of your function ready to keep the message steady. In relation to advertising efforts, hit Facebook and Twitter hard. Set up a certain event page and include blog posts and status updates like sort of a countdown on a daily basis to generate and maintain interest in your function. Both Facebook and Twitter own a tremendous reach, so use it. Be sure to publish pictures, both of the specific cause you’re promoting (the neighborhood food bank, for example) and also the people working to organize the event. This may seem odd, however consider making the particular fundraiser event a truly entertaining social night for everyone who takes part. One of the best ways is to hold a social dance. Rent a local hall undamaged from the storm, charge a donation for admission, hire a good quality band (not a DJ) and show folks a great time for their evening. Should you prefer a top quality live band, take into account Skyline Drive Orchestra. They’re a wedding band new jersey, and they can cover music from big band swing up to rock and

roll. People in the New York/New Jersey area have endured weeks of suffering and privation. Have those who can contribute have some fun while helping out their own fellow neighbors right there in their city. While Skyline Drive Orchestra is primarily a wedding band NJ, they could handle any social function with ease. Not many wedding bands new jersey could put on an evening full of live talent the way Skyline Drive Orchestra can easily. A neighborhood fundraising occasion social show is one of the tasks wedding bands NJ would be suitable to cover, given that it’s in their own yard. Give them a call and see!

Skyline Drive Orchestra

Social Dance Relief  

If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, you’r...

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