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Life A Quarterly Newsletter of ITT Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

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Vol. 1 Monsoon Edition

Celebration of Safety Week at ITT India

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'Accept Only Zero' - the slogan echoed for one long week in every ITT premises. The 39th National Safety week was based on just one motto, no accidents - no mishaps; not lowering the count but bringing it down to zero... Read more on pg 6 >>


MD’s Desk

Dear ITTians,

Without employees, other factors such as money, machine, materials, methods and market cannot be acquired and utilized.

- Sam Yamdagni President & Managing Director - India


Welcome to the inaugural issue of ITT Life, a quarterly e-newsletter highlighting everything that is happening within ITT India. “Where there is a life, there is Water”. Water is an essential for Life and ITT is the leader in Water Technology. With this nuance, ITT Life is taking its birth in this beautiful season of the year. Most importantly, this newsletter is a high point for bonding within the organization. We are growing day by day and in these exciting times, it becomes more imperative for us to come together to enrich our knowledge and share your experiences - professional, personal and spiritual.

MD’s Desk

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for developing a great culture in ITT India, where every employee is part of the solution and not that of problem and we should continuously improve that with a focus on innovation and break through thinking. Because without employees other factors such as money, machine, materials, methods and market cannot be acquired and utilized. The organization where people is significant input and output is bound to be successful. It is been a great year so far. In the last two quarters we had great

achievements, last quarter was our best so far, we did US$ 5 million of sales. We had successful China and India Forum hosted by us in J o d h p u r. Our Executive Management Team from Head Quarter, Presidents from all business units alongwith other International and Indian participants discussed to develop breakthrough strategies in our targeted business segments and how to align our organizational capabilities to meet customers’ requirements. Followed by the forum, our Executive management team visited our Baroda facility, had meeting with Ministers, Government officials and potential customers. Our CEO has also


MD’s Desk

expressed his willingness to invest more in India. I am glad to inform you that we are investing more for our Baroda test facility expansion to provide testing of large pumps used in Power and Irrigation sectors as there are very few facilities to test large pumps in India. In the last quarter we have a l s o w o n s o m e breakthrough jobs for treatment and the other business segments. This is also good opportunity to review our business by


MD’s Desk

considering what we have been doing and make plans of what we should be doing in the future. We need to further reiterate what has been particularly emphasized during the last few months, that personal contacts and relationships with customers are some of the vital things for development of business. All the employees are needed to be passionate about our customers, partners, products and technology.

regional and cultural flavours and at the same time be a forum that displays ITT’s core values Respect, Responsibility and Integrity. Here’s wishing all of you a productive and effective year ahead. Happy reading... - Sam Yamdagni President & Managing Director - India

At last, a warm thank you to all those who wrote in “ITT Life” and I invite you to make this newsletter not just a collection of articles, but a matrix of experiences. Your newsletter will reflect diverse


Cover Story

Cover Story

Celebration Of Safety Week At ITT India

Employees performing fire drill Safety Gallery - An Exhibition Centre

With an objective to make all our employees, customers, vendors & visitors acquainted with ITT ESH GOAL on ‘ACCEPT ONLY ZERO’, ITT India celebrated 39th National Safety Week during 4th March, 2010 to 10th March, 2010. The intention behind this event celebration was to create

awareness amongst all level across the organization by ensuring participation and interaction of employees through various competitions, training, awareness lectures, fire drills and visual management programs.

Lecture on heart diseases prevention

Quiz Competion



Cover Story

Cover Story

Apart from these, special awards were distributed for best ESH performance at Baroda plant.

} Safety Man of the year - Manish Vadodaria (Officer warehouse) } Best ESH supportive department – HR Department } Best ESH zone in workshop (system maintenance based) – Testing area. Award distribution

Safety screen inauguration

The participation from plant and regional offices located all across India was incredible in various activities & competitions. To appreciate the efforts, panel of judges selected winners and two runners up in each competition. Prize distribution ceremony was organized at ITT Vadodara plant and other regional offices. Celebration concluded with get-to-gather and high tea with a commitment from all employees to ‘ACCEPT ONLY ZERO’.

Award distribution

- Pritesh Shah




Business Avenues

Greaves Bomag Shifts To ITT After 2 Long Years Of Trials Persistence paid off at Greaves Bomag, one of the major Tandem Roller manufacturers in India. Greaves has finally decided to shift to ITT for water spraying solution for their tandem rollers. The efforts of M/s Auto and Construction Equipment Corporation, ITT’s distributor, finally delivered results when the first purchase order was received from Greaves, last month. This marks the beginning of regular supplies of Flojet Motor Operated Diaphragm pumps to Greaves. Auto and Construction has already placed the


first order of 120 pumps worth $9K on ITT for Greaves. Bomag, the p a r e n t c o m p a n y, uses a hydraulically driven Centrifugal pump for water spraying application. The pump itself was wonderful and Greaves was very happy with the performance. The pump came in a kit from Germany and Greaves had to do nothing much.

Business Avenues

The resistance to the change was tremendous. It was a tough task of convincing the design team in India to switch technology to a diaphragm pump which was a more compact, maintenance-free and cost-effective solution. The whole team at Greaves had to be convinced - the R&D team, the Marketing team, the Service team and finally the Procurement team. This called for multiple tests and trials at Greaves facility, which is 50 kms off Chennai in South India. The current monthly requirement of Greaves Bomag is 20 pumps per month. With the economy booming, this is only going to increase in the months to come. This win has taken the market share of ITT, to close to

60%, in the tandem roller market – a speciality industrial market for Flow Control India.

- Melvin Abraham


Geared Up

Pumpsmart Certificate Course At Baroda Plant

A Training Program was conducted from June 22 to June 23 2010, at ‘Earth’ Training Hall, Baroda. This event was organized to help employees gain knowledge on PumpSmart, a state of the art product by ITT. Twelve ITTians and a distributor participated in this event. Training commenced with some insights of the product from Mr Kaustubh Vaishnav (Director – Operation).

Mr Adarsh Iyengar (Regional Manager) who has gained rich experience from Pump School ITT USA took it from there. He shared his valuable knowledge and experience on PumpSmart with the participants. Training concluded with a written test for all the participants. Vote of thanks was given by Mr. C. Ramachandran (Training Manager) and distributed certificates to the participants.

- C. Ramachandran 12

Colours of Life

Volley-Ball Premier League (VPL)

Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. With this simple idea, sports and activities were initiated by few employees at ITT. This regular exercise helped increase the overall quality of life for all. In short while, playing sports became one of the favorite activities. Apart from being fun, sports offered several health benefits, thus contributing to one's physical and mental well-being. Games, being a part of day to day routine, served the purpose of establishing the fact that human beings are not machines. The sport activities helped us in living up to this fundamental fact of one's professional life. Yes, the fact of

work life is that human beings are not machines and they have a life to live! Soon a Volleyball court was prepared with a perfect surface to play on. This small step gave birth to Volley-Ball Premier League (VPL) and a small association of employees which organized matches for its members. As the league progressed, it was seen that everyone was eager to get on field and deliver their best. It helped generate positive energy within all; not only did it refresh us but also created efficient team builders. Every team made their own strategies for each match and showed a professional approach towards the game. First League was played between 3 teams having 6 players each. It helped in the development of a sportive nature, which will help each player throughout his life.

- Akshay Patel 13

Colours of Life

Colours of Life

Bend It Like ITC!

some ‘not to be missed events’ of the game, I realize that I have not only made it to the Football Fan Club of my organization but also have gained some serious lessons for my professional life. “I passionately believe that communication and teamwork is important for all individuals, both on and off the field. This is the reason why I encourage people to talk to each other in as many ways possible. What would have been a better option for conversation than to discuss football, share their passion and their journey to World Cup and beyond.” said Brazilian Legend Pele.

WE ARE A TEAM: Spaniards celebrate after achieving their ultimate GOAL

A month long treat of The FIFA world cup 2010 got the whole world engulfed in Football fever and working professionals were no exception to it. But along with the entertainment it delivered, the employees at India Technology Center found a lot to learn from the mega sporting event. Spain becomes ‘Champions of the World’ and Netherlands goes home disappointed. The Vuvuzelas fall silent, Jabulani is off the field, Jerseys are hung and end to discussions on the late night match. It’s quite natural for sport enthusiast like me to suffer from ‘football hangover’. Today when I think about the time I spent with my peers discussing


I passionately believe that communication and teamwork is important for all individuals, both on and off the field. - Pele Brazilian Football Legend

Say it a lesson on how to overcome obstacles, expressing creative flair, encouraging teamwork, loyalty and honesty; the game of Football teaches us all. Two dismal performances at successive world cup by the English team suggest that people and companies do best when they stay true to what they are and who they are. The French were even worse. Striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting their coach while the team got beaten by Mexico; the players revolted and the team was eliminated in the first round, it was humiliating. But when Ego gets out of control, it


Colours of Life

is big trouble. The Italians were terrible and they went home on the first plane available, proving the fact that history counts for nothing. Germans played attacking football that made the Brazilians look dull. Only the ruthlessness of the Spanish defense snuffed out their creativity. What’s the moral? Transform yourself with style. We never thought that the Spain could ever do it. This time they taught us all a lesson of perseverance. Hang in there. Don’t give up on faith. Keep believing and you will get there in the end. “Squad’s teamwork and commitment were the keys.” Spain Captain Iker Casillas said. “All work and no play make Bhavin a dull boy. I did not mind losing sleep, but I would have problem falling asleep and missing a great match. Apart from the late night Maggie parties, the coordination between team members to achieve one goal caught my attention.” - Bhavin Amin

“As Netherlands beat Brazil out of the blue and two low profile team making it to the World Cup Final; daring to take up new challenges is becoming highly essential in this competitive world.” – Shailesh Devani

Colours of Life

“The beauty of the game lies when a player enters the battlefield; he knows that he is on his own, yet the individual should realize and align his role with the team to achieve the target. Get a Red Card and your Team is gone; whether it is Brazil, Germany or Netherlands.” – Nishant Dubey

“Football means a blend of team effort, tactics, communication and passion. The world cup overall was fun with lots of ups and downs and major upsets, but had a disappointing final with the only goal in last moments.” – Akash Jani What we at ITC strongly feel about these kinds of events is that they bring in a certain level of excitement and fervour in the work environment. They break the monotony and even rejuvenate employees to perform better. While talking about this spectacular sporting event, we not only discussed about how the match went on but the debates on management fundas were also common. Organizations can tone down these lessons a bit. But if we want to see us succeed, we have to take a leaf from football’s playbook too.

- Vidit Shah



TechKnow Window

Controlling Rigging Accidents Initiator

Safety (ESH) Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving


Fixing Flanges Initiator


Ranjeet Parmar

Improvement Area

TechKnow Window

Mahendra Makhwana

Vinay tamhankar

Before In testing area, rigging of pipe spool is critical. Earlier it was taking lot of time to rig the spool before lifting. Also incase of improper rigging, spool can fall down and could cause injury.

After On each and every pipe spools, red color marking was done on the rigging point for spool, reducing chances of improper rigging leading to accident


Improvement Area Safety (ESH) Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving

Small, short &

Small, short &



Energy saving

Energy saving

Sachin Paradkar



Earlier flanges were kept loose during edge preparation with grinding machine. Following were the risk areas during this operation:

Fixtures of different sizes were developed to hold flange during edge preparation. This removes the chance of injury as following risks are reduced:

} Injury due to braking of high speed rotating disc caused due to force resulted during imbalance of flange (kept loose) } Cut injury during rotating flange with hand during ongoing operation

} Imbalance of flange during grinding work as flange is secured tightly of fixture } Also with fixture, rotation of flange can be ensured by rotating fixture instead of flange.


TechKnow Window

Daily Crane Checklist

Initiator Hiresh Chauhan

Saving Welding Time Initiator



Hiren Shah

Supervisor Vaibhav Soni

Improvement Area

Safety training

Improvement Area

Safety (ESH)

Hitesh Chauhan, a trained and skilled inspector for daily crane inspection, initiated and conducted refresher training for newly joined workmen, those who have passed ‘Crane Rigging amd Lifting Operation’ training. He explained them each and every check point with checklist and practical demonstration. This enabled smooth functioning of Daily Crane checklist process.

Safety (ESH)

Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving Small, short & beautiful Energy saving


TechKnow Window

Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving Small, short & beautiful

Before Earlier, valve was fixed in chuck and then welding torch was set at the base of valve body and tube for welding. This arrangement used to take about 15 min to set up and weld one joint. During each process argon gas purging arrangement had to be done separately from the top.

After New fixture was developed which remains clamped in chuck. Every time only tube and valve body is to be inserted into fixture. Welding torch setting is easy due to availability of more height. Argon purging is done from bottom. These has reduced total arrangement and welding time by around 10 minutes.

Energy saving


TechKnow Window

Protecting Fixtures

Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving


Tackling Trip Hazards





Pinakin Patel

Hiren Shah

Narendra Patel

Parag Shah

Improvement Area Safety (ESH)

TechKnow Window

Before Earlier fixtures for valve marking machine were kept on table. During frequent changing of fixture, it time was wasted in identifying the required one and it also used to damage fixtures due to more handling.

After Prepared groove for each fixture of equivalent size on Thermocol sheet. This reduced time requirement for fixture identification and chances to damage the fixture during handling. Waste thermocol sheet were used for preparing groove.

Improvement Area Safety (ESH) Process Quality 5 ‘S’ Cost saving

Small, short &

Small, short &



Energy saving

Energy saving

Before In welding cell, there were total 4 sockets available on col. # B04 and B05 (2 sockets on each col.). For any welding, cutting, grinding and pipe cutting machine in welding cell, electrical connections were taken from col. mounted sockets leaving number of cables lying on floor creating trip hazard for workmen.

After Total 6 electrical junction boxes with 3 sockets on each are installed across the welding cell. This enables workmen to get electrical connections near work area. Trip hazard minimized as cables are not lying on the floor movement area.


High Spirits

Hearty Congratulations - Pin Award Winners, Quarter1. Pritesh Shah Carried out Major Projects/Events at ITT India from January' 2010 to March' 2010 including ESH Visuals Improvement, Paper Conservation Project, Employees Training Program, New Safety Inspections for Improvements, ESH Awareness Program etc.

Chintan Joshi Mentored and Coached Team members (direct and in-direct including workers) about ITT Vision and Values by giving examples for each. Trained them to practice ITT Values during day to day activities. Emphasized importance of ITT Values for Individual’s Carrier path and Overall Organization’s Goals. Gave continuous guidance by conducting various sessions and shared best practices of World class organizations with the employees.


High Spirits

Rita Nair & Purvi Srivastava Took care of Medical and Personal Accident Insurance cover for new employees from the first day itself, settlement of all claims with all the benefits in minimal time.

Sameer Rajguru It is a unique case successful transformation into new role; from Application group to Sales. Got into this new role with total dedication and integrity and still took interest and continued to guide the Application Team to perfection. Totally dedicated to work and takes a proactive role in helping out the other colleagues.



ITT Calling!!! The company has been successful in being viewed as an ethically and professionally good organization to work for. It has developed a culture of professional learning and discipline which is good for both personal and professional growth. This became more evident after two of our ex – employees i.e. Mr. Amit Bhatt and Mr. Amit Patni re - joined recently. It’s a two Way relationship… "The employee by the virtue of their earlier stay will fit into the company's culture and way of working from day one and there would be an all round productive benefit" says Rita Nair, Manager HR & Admin. What our Employees Say!!! “ITT’s growth is one of the reasons which motivated me to come back. I am happy to see that it has grown according to the changes that are taking place in the industry”, says Amit Patni. Besides the Value Based Leadership is another reason for which the employees came back. As Amit Bhatt puts in, “Work environment in ITT is much better than elsewhere. ITT



sticks to its basic values of Responsibility, Respect and Integrity. Work freedom here is much better then elsewhere. On this Amit Patni feels that it’s only at ITT, where in a short time we can achieve our VISION.

ITT’s growth is one of the reasons which motivated me to come back.

- Amit Patni

The Management approach is also more transparent and employee centric which has driven them back to the company. Amit Patni has quoted, “The kind of response that I got from the management when I was leaving matters a lot. I had a good experience and feeling at the time of leaving ITT”. Amit Bhatt appreciates good leadership, ownership and support he got from ITT. He says, “The management is very transparent with employees which differentiates ITT from other companies, it stresses a lot on Training which increases the scope of personal development of employees. Also hard work is appreciated and acknowledged by the management thereby increasing motivational level of employees.” It is true that new relationships can evolve from old ones. For example, as members of each other’s networks, a manager and an ex-employee can help each other find what they truly need. Such new paradigms provide a much more viable basis for employeremployee relationships than the now unworkable ideas about longterm entitlements. We at ITT continue to explore such possibilities !!!!!!

The management is very transparent with employees which differentiates ITT from other companies

- Amit Bhatt 27




Akash Jani Development Engineer RCW India Technology Centre

Mahesh Shah Development Engineer CI India Technology Centre

Manish Panicker Assistant Manager Sales Sales

Satish Puttappa Supplier Quality Transition Manager Global Sourcing

Kalpesh Kakadiya Development Engineer (ETO/BTO) India Technology Centre

Rakesh Patel Software Engineer Control Technologies India Technology Centre

Sachin Vaidya Head of Sales - MFC Sales

Dinesh Patil Graduate Engineer Trainee - Customer Service Customer Service

Mahendra S Parmar Fitter Manufacturing

Nirav Shah Electrical Engineer - RCW India Technology Centre

Ganpatsinh Patel Fitter Manufacturing

Jayanti Gohil Fitter Quality Control and Testing





Bipin Kumar V Kurmi Fitter Manufacturing

Manish P Makwana Fitter Manufacturing

Rakesh R Baria Fitter Manufacturing

Meghana Belsher Administration Executive India Technology Centre

Amit Bhatt Sr. Engineer - Purchase Purchase

Pankaja Dhobe: Sales Coordinator Sales

Alpesh M Parmar Fitter Manufacturing

Arvind R Parmar Fitter Manufacturing

Narsing C Parmar Fitter Manufacturing

Rahul Barse Development Engineer ETO / BTO India Technology Centre

Chitralekha Nahar Sr. FEA Engineer India Technology Centre

Rahul Patel Sr. Project Engineer Sales




Engineer’s Guide



n[adia ma

ITT India hmo J`m EH$ Zm_ ~S>m Xw{Z`m _o§, h¡ ~gVm `o h_ g~Ho$ {Xbm| _|, ~m±Yo aIVm g^r H$mo EH$ gyÌ _o§, V^r Vmo ahVm Aìdb AnZo g^r H$m_m| _|Ÿ&&

Zm_ go ~S>r `hm± H$m_ H$s {Oå_oXmar h¡, H$aVm Omo B©_mZXmar go Cnhmam| go ^aVm AnZr Pmobr dmo h¡, Zm H$moB© ~mYm Am¡a Zm H$moB© naoemZr h¡, V^r Vmo hmo OmVo g~ EH$ h¡, O~ {dnXm {H$gr na AmVr h¡Ÿ&&

Zm Jmoam, Zm H$mbm Am¡a Zm N>moQ>m ~S>m aIVm H$moB© A§Va h¡, Mmh| O¡gm ^r H$m_ hmo XoIVm g^r H$mo EH$ h¡, ß`ma go ~¡R>H$a gwbPmVo `hm± AZgwbPo issues, V^r Vmo {X`m h¡ Corporate Zm_ living our

~T> aho h¡§ Zm W_|Jo A~, AnZo bú` H$mo nmZo _|, H$a X|Jo amV {XZ EH$ h_, EH$ AmXe© g§gma ~ZmZo _|, {_b|Jo g_mZ Adga Ohm± g^r H$mo AmJo ~T>Zo Ho$, V^r Vmo H$hbmE°§Jo h_ gXñ` ITT India n[adma H|$Ÿ&&

values &&



22nd June 2008, bell rang and here is the new me; finished with my last paper of Mechanical Engineering and now I am a high flyer bachelor. Becoming a real bachelor feels like a newly married person imposed by bunch of responsibilities and expectations. Finally I got placed in ITT as Trainee Engineer. While I was befuddled about the professional world, everyone else around me was happy to hear this news of me getting employed.

- {ZemÝV Xw~o

As the date of joining, 10th July was nearing; my panic increased. It felt like as if I was standing on platform and waiting for a train, without a ticket. No practical knowledge, no prior work experience, even no personal opinion about right or wrong; I entered into corporate world just with name of God. As I entered ITT premises, I felt like a VIP. ITTians gave me a warm welcome by standing on their respective places. After that day I never experienced the same. Here all Engineers are of almost same age group, there were no dangerous faces to frighten me. In introduction round almost everyone was saluting me, I don’t know why, may be because



thought that one more genius has entered their community or they were just following company’s norm.

I guess that’s why our pumps are the costliest in world because we don’t compromise on quality.

While moving around, I saw many workstations displaying some 3D graphics and people were playing with it with the help of mouse. At first I thought, company is not paying for playing games on computer? Later on I came to know that it is their job to model parts.

I became more practical, creative and could easily appreciate the importance of an artist /designer. I was able to understand the difficulty they face in performing their jobs to excellence. I really don’t remember when designing became my 1st love; like they say “You don’t love a person but you love the moments you spent with him.” The Bad part of this passion was that the amount of time spent with friends and family gradually decreased. Not a single girl found any room to enter into my life.

After two days of orientation I entered my empire (cubical), my heart beat suddenly increased. After formal introduction with team members, they started asked me different questions on technical knowledge. It was like a refugee who has crossed the LOC by mistake and caught by the army. It was really a new job for me; I was facing lot of problem in understanding designing tools and to what extent will it be helpful to reduce human intervention. It gave me a new perspective towards looking at things which we use in our daily life. If I had purchased a water bottle and didn’t find enough rounds /chamfer /space for gripping it than it definitely is a bad quality product, no matter how cheap it is. But a better way is to pay more money for a useful and good quality product;



But as I am getting more conversant and comfortable with it, I am able to devote some valuable time for my family, friends and for a girl as well. ITT made my career and I accept it from the depth of my heart. Thank you ITT for making my life simple!! I believe “ITT life” will become world’s best!!!

- Nishant Dubey


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