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Date and time: 31st February At 11:30 AM

Location: Music Studio, Southall.

Script scene no’s Shots 62 to 82. See Shooting Script For More Detail.

Contributors: Bee 2 and maybe Taj-E from Soundpipe Records. Meet them at the given address at 11:30 AM.

Contributors Contact Details: Raj (Operations Manager) – 07540342441

Crew: Presenter – Jagvir (Me) Camera – Jasraj Rai

Equipment DV camera, Rode Mic, Tripod, 2 batteries, DV tape, Charger with wall connection Travel Arrangements: Meet Jasraj Rai at Stratford rail station then take the train to Ealing Broadway then change for the train towards Southall rail station. Then take appropriate bus to location.

call sheet for bee2 interview  

call sheet for bee2 interview

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