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Summary of annual report


Contribute worldwide, so young peoples´ succeed! Summary lives of annual report 2005 1

Thank you to all employees, donators and project partners for the cooperation in the year 2005.

1. The association ”Jugend Eine Welt” – A glance behind the scenes Beginning and organisational structure On June 28th 1997 the founding meeting of the association Jugend Eine Welt – Don Bosco Austria took place in the Don Bosco house in Vienna. Jugend Eine Welt is a legally independent organisation with headquarters in Vienna. The organisation is a member of national and international networks and carrier of the Austrian Donation Seal of Quality (Österreichisches Spendengütesiegel) since its introduction in the year 2001.

Purpose of the association (From: Statutes Association Jugend Eine Welt, §2) Jugend Eine Welt is a non-profit association and aims at national and international aid for young people and development cooperation. The association is based on these pillars: Project sponsorship and project procurement, voluntary service for young people as well as lobbying and the raising of awareness in Austria.

Employees 2005: Function Management Chairman of the board Office- and project management Management assistance Fundraising and donation management Financial management Education and public relations projects Education and public relations projects Projects Voluntary services and computer support Office assistance Fundraising Accounting and project assistance Don Bosco Travels Projects Press- and public relations

Name Ing. Reinhard Heiserer P. Mag. Petrus Obermüller SDB Mag. Hannes Velik Mag. Bernadette Kempter Ernestine Tesmer Mag. Marianne Tiki DI Erwin Hinterholzer Mag. Ingrid Klein Mag. Stefan Bock Stefan Gusenleitner Mag. Norbert Kempter Mag. Georg Bauernfeind Mag. Monika Dankova Mag. Barbara Velik Mag. Ines Refenner Mag. Sandra Jetzinger

P. Petrus Obermüller is responsible for the allocation of donations and donation campaigns together with manager Reinhard Heiserer. Josef Mitschan is responsible for data security in cooperation with SAZ-Marketing Services Ges.m.b.H. Vienna.

Original annual report in German language available at: 2

Summary of annual report 2005

2. Highlights 2005 2.1 Highlights of sponsored projects abroad 2005 • • • • •

Columbia- giving street girls a new future Pakistan – hope after the big earthquake Brazil – self-determination instead of dependence Nepal – Rural development program as pilot project West Africa – making progress possible

2.2 One-year voluntary service 2005 • • • • •

Applying Preparation Mission ceremony The service Back home

Voluntary service in figures Total duration of voluntary service 2005 Type of service Summer voluntary service One year voluntary service Civil service alternative European voluntary service Total Total in Weeks

Number of volunteers 3 21 23 1 48 1273

2.3 Highlights of aid-policy education work 2005 • • • • •

We are keeping at it One week of “Welt erleben” (Experiencing the world) High school organises “North/South Day” Jugend Eine Welt at the children’s party MOSAIK Wooden millennium goal at the UNO City

2.4 Fundraising Highlights 2005 • • • •

Organisation “family for you” helps Jugend Einde Welt Supporting a Don Bosco project instead of birthday present School donates money for education centre in Sri Lanka Namesake helps Salesians

2.5 Highlights Press- and Public Relations 2005 • Bread for Bethlehem: Hand-carved cribs from the Holy Land • The world of the street children: ”Michael Magone and the true courage” • Don Bosco sister Maria Wachtler is “in the thick of it with the Yanomami” • Visit by cardinal Oscar Rodriguez

Summary of annual report 2005


3. Project work 3.1 The principles of the project – “Education overcomes poverty” The emphasis of “Jugend Eine Welt” lies in the support of social- and education projects of the Salesians and the Don Bosco sisters all over the world. The projects supported by “Jugend Eine Welt” are planned and carried out independently by the project partners on the spot. Project applications that come into “Jugend Eine Welt” are selected and dealt with in cooperation with the power of attorney for missions. Since “Jugend Eine Welt” has limited funds at its disposal, not all incoming projects can be sponsored. Therefore the association tries to pass on applications to other organisations or sponsors and arranges projects also for private groups as well as clerical and governmental authorities. Projects, which are already sponsored by “Jugend Eine Welt” or are settled in program countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation, are prioritized. For new projects continuity and possibility of networking with other campaigns of “Jugend Eine Welt” (volunteer service for example) and the Don Bosco Network are especially important. Care centres for street children, vocational education centres, training workshops, youth centres as well as family support programs and activities for the protection of children and women are supported. The most important sponsorship guidelines: The project has to deal with a problem, which is of importance for many children and adolescents of both genders and serve the welfare of poorest population. The capacity for self-help of the poor must be built up and supported. Above that the economic and social development of the population should be supported through the project and their situation should be improved and sustained.

Project work in figures Project areas Development cooperation (E) Pastoral (P) Disaster relief/ Reconstruction (K) Education (B) Total

% 58,12 8,26 17,71 15,91 100

Emphasis by countries is put on Africa before Asia and Latin America. A detailed listing of all single projects including all sponsor sums can be found in the German annual report 2005.

Original annual report in German language available at: 4

Summary of annual report 2005

3.2 Project example: Sri Lanka – Life after the Tsunami The 26th of December 2004 will remain in our heads as one of the worst natural disasters since mankind. Tsunami – a word, which we can only understand with an abstract conception of endless suffering. But for the affected people in South-East Asia it means the destruction of the existence of their lives, the loss of family members and friends as well as the short-term deletion of any hope for a better future. Apart from Thailand, India and Indonesia, Sri Lanka is one of the countries worst hit.

Basic needs such as housing and fishing boats were washed away or destroyed, landscape and soil devastated, children became orphans and many individuals became the only survivors in their whole family. The Don Bosco Salesians, who have been active already since the year of 1956 in Sri Lanka, took up coordinated and long-term emergency measures. Through years of experience and the knowledge of the political, social and economic conditions they offer unbearable help.

Don Bosco’s support of victims of the flood catastrophe up to now Emergency measures Means of transport for the coordination of the reconstruction Reconstruction (housing construction, fishing boats, etc.) Child care centre Murunkan Rebuilding of a destroyed kinder garden, Tricomalee TOTAL SUM


Jugend Eine Welt continues to support the reconstruction after the flood catastrophe in Sri Lanka on the long run. In total the measures with a total volume of approximately 1,3 million Euros are planned. Apart from private donator our projects are also supported by the “Österreichischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit” (Austrian Development Cooperation), Caritas Austria and “Nachbar in Not” (Neighbour in Need).

Summary of annual report 2005


4. Example for a one-year voluntary service Voluntary service in India The project Navajeevan Yuva Bhavan in the town of Vijayawada – which lies in the southern state of Andhra Pradeshin India – was brought to life in 1989 by the Salesians of Don Bosco with the goal to make the integration in life possible for street children. This is done through splitting into more project areas, such as the general street work, the offering of emergency shelters and education possibilities, accommodation in the children’s village, the hospital and the drug prevention centre. Katharina Jordan from Maria Saal is working as one-year volunteer in the project supported by Jugend Eine Welt until the upcoming summer. Email from Katharina Jordan: “… Today I was in Sethu again and there were only about 10 children present, since the others were lucky to spend Christmas and New Years with their families. That’s why the day’s schedule was more relaxed. Today I realized how much I missed the girls, my sisters. Another volunteer and me, we went to a girl’s home, where we visited two children. They were supported by the sister of the volunteer – as sponsored children. Should anybody be interested in a sponsorship, I will gladly send some information. For my girls in Sethu I also had a small Christmas and New Years present (but I would have given it to them anyway even without a special occasion). Every child got a small pencil case, a pencil and a ballpoint pen. I would like to thank everyone who is pleading for my projects consistently the last few months. A lot of donations have been arriving the last time. I am very touched about the fact that there are so many people who support the project and help me to offer a better life to these children– both, in a financial and emotional way. Thank you all, Greetings from the hot India, Katharina”


Summary of annual report 2005

7. Financials 2005 Origin of funds Donation income Public funds Other income, financial result Funds from regular/ official church budgets Total income – Expenses donator advertising and follow up Net earnings

€ 2.335.595,71 532.203,01 350.566,62 16.692,00 3.235.057,34 -365.987,25 2.869.070,09

Use of Funds Contributions project work: Project funds: Pastoral work Development work Disaster relief Total project funds: Project preparation and realisation Total project work: Contributions education/ lobbying/ information Administration expenses Creation of reserves Expenses for statuary determined purposes

196.244,98 1.381.078,10 420.711,17 1.998.034,25 144.766,50 2.142.800,75 378.106,27 130.249,09 217.913,98 2.869.070,09

% 72,20 16,45 10,84 0,52 100,00 -11,31

74,69 13,18 4,54 7,60 100,00

€ 1.371.958,26 350.572,10 69.023,42 14.270,00 1.805.823,78 -278.663,49 1.527.160,29

193.640,08 841.238,17 70.600,00 1.105.478,25 99.673,44 1.205.151,69 203.311,06 95.327,54 23.370,00 1.527.160,29

% 75,98 19,41 3,82 0,79 100,0 -15,43

78,92 13,31 6,24 1,53 100,0

Audit, Donation Seal of Quality 2005 More information about the Austrian Donation Seal of Quality can be found under

Summary of annual report 2005


Areas of activity of Jugend Eine Welt


Voluntary Services

Aid-policy education and public relation work


Service For friends of Don Bosco for world-wide support of disadvantaged children and adolescents

Donations account: PSK 92.083.767 JUGEND EINE WELT - Don Bosco Aktion Austria St. Veit-Gasse 25 A-1130 Vienna Tel.: +43/1/8790707-0 • Fax: +43/1/8790707-15 E-Mail: • Internet: DVR: 0970026 • ZVR: 843744258

Annual Report 2005  

Annual report 2005

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