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Summary of annual report


Contribute worldwide, so young peoples´ succeed Summary oflives annual report 2003 1

Thank you to all employees, donators and project partners for the cooperation in the year 2003.

The association Jugend Eine Welt Beginning and organisational structure On June 28th 1997 the founding meeting of the association Jugend Eine Welt Don Bosco Austria took place in the Don Bosco house in Vienna. Jugend Eine Welt is a legally independent organisation with headquarters in Vienna. The organisation is a member of national and international networks and carrier of the Austrian Donation Seal of Quality (Österreichisches Spendengütesiegel) since its introduction in the year 2001.

Purpose of the association (From: Statutes Association Jugend Eine Welt, §2) Jugend Eine Welt is a non-profit association and aims at national and international aid for young people and development cooperation. The association is based on these pillars: Project sponsorship and project procurement, voluntary service for young people as well as lobbying and the raising of awareness in Austria.

Employees 2003: Function Management Office- and project management Management assistance Project and office management assistance Project partnerships Office for voluntary service Fundraising Webmaster Office assistance

Name Ing. Reinhard Heiserer Mag. Hannes Velik Mag. Bernadette Süssenbek Nina Fritsche DI Erwin Hinterholzer Brigitta Bauchinger Mag. Josef Mitschan DI Gernot Landskron Engelbert Brandstätter

P. Petrus Obermüller is responsible for the allocation of donations and donation campaigns together with manager Ing. Reinhard Heiserer. Mag. Josef Mitschan is responsible for data security in cooperation with SAZMarketing Services Ges.m.b.H Vienna.

Original annual report in German language available at: 2

Summary of annual report 2003

Highlights 2003 1. Press and Public Relations

2. In former times: “Schwabenkinder”, today: children of the streets

3. Press talk with Don Bosco personalities u Don Francis Alencherry, responsible head of mission and development of the Salesians. u Brother Raymundo Mesquita, UNICEF-prize winner and expert for children’s rights from Brazil. u Thomas Astan, today’s father and initiator of a project for street children in Berlin.

4. Campaign “Football for Street Children” u World champions support street children u Austria’s national football team supports “Football for Street Children” u Jugend Eine Welt supports world-wide projects under the motto: Education overcomes poverty

5. Voluntary Service u Project trips – visiting volunteers u European Voluntary Service (EFD) u Don Bosco Youth Net (DBYN) Total duration of voluntary services 2003: The volunteers did 907 weeks of voluntary work in the year 2003. Type of service Summer voluntary work One-year voluntary work Civil service alternative European voluntary service Total Total in Weeks

Number of volunteers 5 18 18 3 44 907

6. Lobbying and Education u Information stands at events u Workshops within the “Fair Weeks“ u Magazine for donator’s “Don Bosco Weltweit”

Summary of annual report 2003


Project work The principles of the project – “Education overcomes poverty” The emphasis of Jugend Eine Welt lies in the support of social- and education projects of the Salesians and the Don Bosco sisters all over the world. The projects supported by Jugend Eine Welt are planned and carried out independently by the project partners on the spot. Project applications that come into Jugend Eine Welt are selected and dealt with in cooperation with the power of attorney for missions. Since Jugend Eine Welt has limited funds at its disposal, not all incoming projects can be sponsored. Therefore the association tries to pass on applications to other organisations or sponsors and arranges projects also for private groups as well as clerical and governmental authorities.

Projects, which are already sponsored by Jugend Eine Welt or are settled in program countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation, are prioritized. For new projects continuity and possibility of networking with other campaigns of Jugend Eine Welt (volunteer service for example) and the Don Bosco Network are especially important. Care centres for street children, vocational education centres, training workshops, youth centres as well as family support programs and activities for the protection of children and women are supported. The most important sponsorship guidelines: The project has to deal with a problem, which is of importance for many children and adolescents of both genders and serve the welfare of poorest population. The capacity for selfhelp of the poor must be built up and supported. Above that the economic and social development of the population should be supported through the project and their situation should be improved and sustained. Project in figures Project areas 2003 Development cooperation (E) Pastoral (P) Disaster relief/ Reconstruction (K) Education (B) Total

% 77 34 2 5 118

Emphasis by countries is put on America before Africa and Asia. A detailed listing of all single projects including all sponsor sums can be found in the German annual report 2003. 4

Summary of annual report 2003

Financials 2003 In the year 2003 Jugend Eine Welt had funds at the amount of EUR 1.402.985, 49 at its disposal. This is an increase of 1 percent compared to the previous year. This sum is composed of donations of single persons, support of groups, sponsorships through the Salesians, interest earnings and public money dedicated for the purpose. The presentation of the finances follows the new accounting guidelines of the coordinating department of the Austrian Bishop conference for international development and mission (KOO). The new presentation gives better insight into the origin and use of the funds and can therefore not be compared directly with last year’s statistics. More information about the KOO can be found online under Origin of funds (in Euro) Donation income


Minus assignable expenses of donation campaigns, processing and donator follow ups

Net income - donations



Public funds


Other income (membership contributions)


and non-performance income: Received transfers from KOO-members Other funds (interests, income from securities)

31.507,09 4.720,82


Funds form official church budgets

36.638,35 13.959,16

Net income


Use of Funds (in Euro) Contributions project work Project funds: Pastoral work


Development work


Disaster relief Project preparation and realisation Contributions education/ lobbying/ information Administration expenses

Expenses - Total


852.425,38 98.771,39

938.456,77 272.833,69 77.530,70


Audit, Donation Seal of Quality 2003 The financial statement of Jugend Eine Welt is examined by an inter-organisational auditor as well as by an independent, accredited auditor, Mag. Wilhelm Zmatlo. Jugend Eine Welt was one of the first Austrian non-profit organisations, which received the Donation Seal of Quality on November 14th, 2001 and is entitled to the Donation Seal of Quality 2005 due to last year’s examination. More information about the Austrian Donation Seal of Quality can be found under

Summary of annual report 2003


Project example: Nicaragua: Vocational Training as Fight against Poverty The Salesians have been active in vocational training of adolescents in Nicaragua for over 40 years. The aim has always been the integration of children and adolescents from low-income families into the labour market, in order to contribute to lasting fight against poverty. For this purpose not only solid knowledge in the respective special fields is important (at the moment there are 15 job profiles), but also a comprehensive education concept is pursued. In order to promote personality development of adolescents and to strengthen their readiness for taking responsibility for the community, culture and sport projects are carried out. All activities try to meet Don Bosco’s role model: “The welfare of society depends on good education.� Jugend Eine Welt finances the expansion of the training facility and the purchase of new machines with support of the Austrian development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Half of the project expenses of 145.345, - are taken over by Jugend Eine Welt. This support is to be seen as aid for self-help, since self-financing of the training facilities can be increased with new machines, so that support of the running costs is not necessary in future. As example there is a production plant for embroidery, which produces individually embroidered polo shirts and caps for export. In Austria these items can be obtained by the EZA 3. Welt GmbH.

Original annual report in German language available at: 6

Summary of annual report 2003

One-year voluntary service Extract from report by Monika Juranek from Innsbruck Has worked for the Don Bosco Sisters project “City of Hope” in Lusaka (Zambia) since 2003-9-10 The idea for the “girls at risk” centre was born in the year 1993 and “City of Hope” was opened in 1995. At the beginning there was only simply lodging for 4 or 5 girls and the Don Bosco sisters. With time the project was expanded and now exists of an orphanage a school and a training centre for different vocations. For all of this houses were built. Additionally there is also hall, a convent and houses for volunteers. Looking at the project now, it is hard to imagine, how much was created in this relatively short time period. At the moment there are 80 girls in the orphanage, where the number of girls, who the sisters of City of Hope take care of, is far larger. The school is attended by 580 girls and 230 boys. In the training centre more than 58 young women are taught in the courses agriculture, sowing and house-keeping. Next year some young men will be accepted also. The main aim City of Hope is, to give young people hope and future perspectives. This is put into action with love, trust and most of all with hard work. In the orphanage I determine the field in which I work in, my chores and the connected responsibilities. Sister Maria allows me to choose the activities with the children. On one condition: The 9 small girls (age 7 to 9) have to be kept busy from 2 to 4 p.m. So I try out different activities like knitting bracelets and teaching them multiplication tables and pursue the goal, which I set myself: To give the girls security and warmth, which they are missing so often. Mostly I feel the actual activities as unimportant and the occupation with the girls as more important. With all the idealism it is nevertheless still difficult, since there are always cultural differences. The language is also a barrier again and again. My language problem My initial joy of having come to an English speaking country already passed in my first week: I didn’t understand a word. Even though I never thought to be an English genius I still thought that I would understand more, but this African English is impossible! In the meantime I understand a lot, but still there are enough communication problems – especially with those who do not speak English and those many too many. In Lusaka there is not only one language but a great mixture of the 72 national languages. Summary of annual report 2003


Let´s do our best and God adds the rest! Don Bosco

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Annual Report 2003  

Annual Report 2003