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When the sand rolls affectionately into the arms of a huge, mysterious ocean; it’s hard to indulge one’s mind in useless worries. Headaches swim away effortlessly when one is drinking the breeze around Palm Island Jumeirah. The daily grind is swept into a warm, pleasant sky enveloped with the stroke of majestic blue and emerald when one is on a yacht. Yes, sailing yachts have a way of taking you down the rabbit hole without any of the moss gathered. It is perhaps the simplest magical carpet that one can climb on, to witness the splendor that lies tucked away in those waters around Dubai. The waterscapes of Dubai are a sight to behold. If you could plan your next team huddle over a lovely yacht instead of a boring conference room, imagine the difference that the sheer place would make to everyone’s spirits.

Or if you could organize the next birthday bash or anniversary champagne-pop on a sleek, white expanse of beauty; surrounded with all the comforts, bells and whistles of a usual party nonetheless; think of the fun that all people there would have. But it is easier said than done. For one has to make a number of choices, and hence, an array of arrangements to make this simple wish come true – choosing among various fleet sizes, picking schedules with the availability of luxury yachts, and of course, ensuring everyone has a good time there without any random food goof-ups or beverage stock-outs. You can’t run out of basic stuff when you are on a yacht. You can’t be caught in the nightmare of getting everyone there for a party that you have planned.

Hiring a luxury yacht is more than a simple choice. You need someone who can not only arrange the big day in a smooth and stylish way but also shower you with options that can actually make the getaway relevant and fun. You need ample options, enough logistical support, adequate ancillary arrangements to name a few things. Then you need a service that can add value to the whole event by combining fishing, snorkeling, water sports, sightseeing or other such activities in tandem. A basket that can give you a range of choices – from lazy cruises to adventurous speed boats, from 52 feet to 60 feet to charter services – is what will matter in the actual scenario. You cannot be running around checking whether the service has a house captain or not; or if there is proper attention given for safety of guests and other backup plans.

Small things like fresh towel linen, an assortment of food, cheerfulness of the crew and coverage of coastline would come into play when you are actually out there. It is better to go for a yacht experience by choosing the right rental services and the right booking platform. For instance, when you are transporting your guests for a luxury-dappled cruise party, you cannot be transporting them in cabs or not greeting them with fresh flowers. A service that lets you personalize your plan and add amenities as well as fun to the party or event is what you need instead of running around in a stranded way. Pick a good platform and let a highly efficient online service do all the sailing on the rough waters so that you and your friends can sip in some bubbly in a relaxed manner and let the wind dance through your hair as you stare awestruck somewhere far at the wonders of Arabian waters. Yachts are fun and the fun is double when you go along with your friends.

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Me & my friends & a little bit of yacht luxury  

sailing yachts have a way of taking you down the rabbit hole without any of the moss gathered. It is perhaps the simplest magical carpet tha...