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By Dave Williams, Chair he Task Force for Faith Development made its initial report to the session on Tuesday evening, May 22. I presented several motions to the session for approval, and the work of this task force will help shape the manner in which faith formation and spiritual growth are integrated into the fabric of congregational life at DPC for years to come. Significant recommendations from this task force include the following: 1. Expanding the focus of the Christian Education Council by renaming it to the Faith Formation Council and expanding the scope of its responsibilities to include spiritual formation and disciplines, the action/ reflection model, responding to God’s call by putting faith into action, and small group formation. This council will retain its current responsibility for Christian education. 2. Piloting several small groups this fall, each of which will be led by a staff member. Each group will have a different focus, and the lessons learned from this pilot program will be incorporated into the process of forming additional small groups.

3. Encouraging the Adult Education Committee to expand the practice of offering short-term classes all year, instead of only in the spring and fall. 4. Encouraging the Worship Council to work with the staff to offer an additional worship experience to the members of DPC, beyond what we now have on Sunday mornings. 5. Orchestrating a panel discussion on faith development this September with members of the faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary and several pastors currently serving a church. More details on this exciting event will be published as we get closer to September. As part of its preparation work, the task force has interviewed several members of the staff and congregation, and visited many churches, both Presbyterian and those of other denominations, to speak with them about their approach to faith development. All of the documentation of the task force is maintained on a special website and is available to anyone wishing to see it. This includes summaries of church visits, meeting minutes, work plans, and the task force charter. The URL is http:// No password is required. Continued on page 2

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D P C C H A N C E L C H O I R T R AV E L E D T O COLUMBIA, SC , FOR MAY CONCERT By Tom Wigley he Chancel Choir was fortunate to have a mountaintop experience in Columbia on May 19 when the South Carolina capital city opened its arms to welcome us. Choristers enjoyed the city’s sophisticated culinary scene, the beauty and magnificent acoustics of St. Peter's Catholic Church, and The DPC Chancel Choir had this view of the sanctuary of took time to visit some of St. Peter’s Catholic Church from the balcony choir loft the city’s unique sights. Most stayed in the historic The choir sang the p.m. mass that Saturday. Congaree Vista area a few "Solemn Mass" by Vierne Following the mass, Matt blocks from the church. for the well-attended 5:30 McMahan, organist and choirmaster, was featured in a recital on the Peragallo pipe organ, playing the Widor 6th Symphony, magnificently, of course! To enjoy an album of photos of the church and sights of Columbia, go to this Shutterfly website: http://dpcchoir2012columb

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Before their Saturday morning rehearsal, choir members paused for a photo on the steps of the church.

Task Force on Faith Development | Continued from Page 1 In addition to the work on faith development, the task force has met with several session councils to discuss and discern methods for assisting members of the congregation to make and maintain a connection with DPC through service and reflection. This area should prove to be espe2

cially fertile ground for members as they continue the journey of becoming disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in learning more about the task force and the role of faith development at DPC, please contact Dave Williams.


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JOIN YOUR FRIENDS AT DPC AND Proud class members hold up letters spelling out “KINDERGARTEN” at their graduation ceremony. Their parents beamed as each was celebrated individually for special qualities such as “cheerfulness” and “paying attention.”



By Ellen McClure Our 3-year olds refined their language ecatur Presbyterian Children’s skills and played hard. Community (DPCC) closed one of Our 4-year olds explored science and its best years with post-planning social studies through their units, and at the end of May. We said laid a solid foundation for goodbye to the children and reading and math, all the parents on Friday, May 25, amid a few tears and many while never missing the well wishes for a great opportunities to play. summer. And our 5-year olds grew DPCC welcomed 200 incredibly long legs and children during the 20112012 school year and became readers and writers gathered many wonderful of phonetically-spelled memories each day. stories and journals. Our infants and toddlers Many thanks to the in Parents Morning Out (PMO) grew a lot, parents, teachers, Board, and “owning” the PMO Council, who generously space and playground The Visiting Artist program shared their time, gifts, and brings puppeteers to DPCC. with enthusiasm and devotion to young children. curiosity. Our 2-year olds grew so much taller We are looking forward to August to see and more verbal in the course of the what new adventures await in the 2012year, bringing joy and laughter as they 2013 school year. learned to play together. 3

Celebrate July 4th Bring your picnic, blankets and chairs and enjoy a leisurely evening on the lawn for the Independence Day Holiday. July 4. Fireworks begin after sundown from the direction of Decatur High School. The Congregational Care Council will set up a table for desserts under the awning in front of the McGeachy Building. They’ll provide ice cream and cones for all to enjoy, and invite you to share your cupcakes, cookies or watermelon with the group.

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MCGILLS RETURN TO MALAWI, WILL H E L P W I T H S A N I TA T I O N N E E D S From Jim and Jody McGill s a family, we are gladly returning from Decatur to Malawi at the end of July or early August. We again need to find a house and figure out how to finance and find a car. Our work responsibilities are in flux. Michael and Jason—our eldest twins—are to start boarding school about eight hours south of us, and the schooling for the younger four remains unclear. The country of Malawi has gone and is going through significant trials and changes this past year. The fuel crisis had continued to escalate so much that people parked their cars for a month at a time waiting for fuel. Workers install a rope pump on a new well at The cost for a gallon the “Smart” training center in Malawi. of gasoline was over $8.00 legally and double that from the black market. The lack and cost of fuel was impacting the cost and availability of items such as sugar. The price of sugar went from K 100 last year to K 300 mid-March and K 500 in April. People are queuing for staples like


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bread and sugar. Personal and political freedoms were suppressed with political opponents of the president arrested. The judicial system of the country was at a standstill as the judges were on strike. However, on April 5, President Bingu Wa Muthaika died suddenly from a heart attack. Then discussions and negotiations took place over whether to follow the 17year-old constitution. The pro-constitution supporters won, and the vice president, Joyce Banda, became the new president of Malawi. President Banda is already at work talking to governmental representatives of the UK, U.S.A., European Union, and others to reinstate Malawi back into good standing with the international community. One example of what Jim will be continuing to work on is the establishment of a "Smart Centre"—offering "Smart" solutions to the water and sanitation problems that face many Malawians. The Smart Centre will be a training facility to train and certify people in the proper techniques for hand drilling and hand digging wells, for fabrication of pumps, and for building of latrines. They also will link financing options for both buyers and sellers of these technicians’ products.


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ear the end of the school year, four girls came up the stairs on a Monday morning. They were unannounced and unexpected. On their own, though with help from GVS friends, they had all four carefully filled out applications to come to GVS, as well as their official withdrawal forms from DeKalb County! We were stunned by their courage and the obvious hope they had. They wanted to come to GVS! Kelley Provence, our Academic Director, gave them assessments and then told them they had to go back to their DeKalb School for now pending a decision

DeKalb system or study for the GED. You at Decatur Presbyterian Church have been a vital part of helping these four girls, and nearly 100 other adolescent refugee girls. As they go forward in the world with all their hopes and dreams of helping others, they will always on this highly unusual way remember Decatur Presbyto come to a new school. terian and the shelter proThe following day, the vided here. teachers voted to accept Here they have the desthem rather than wait until perately needed safe and the start of the next school welcoming space. Many of year. The end of the story you have also volunteered for these four girls was a your time and wisdom. As happy one: they will get the the year ends, please know individual help they need to that we are all grateful for succeed in school whether your generosity of spirit, they go back into the treasure and time!

S Y M PA T H Y Family and friends of Dr. Jean Staton, who died 5/6 Marginny Smith and Henry Reaves on the 5/6 death of Marginny’s brother-in-law Bill Edmondson

JOYS Beau and Brinsley Thrash Thigpen on the 5/7 birth of Jane Fulton Thigpen. The proud grandparents are Jane and Mo Thrash.

Luke and Rachel Ellis (and Noah and Rosie) on the 5/9 birth of Max Simmons Ellis (8 lbs., 14 oz.)

Ellen McClure on the 5/15 birth of granddaughter Alice “Allie” McClure (8 lbs., 10 oz., 21 inches) to Jack and Kayla (and Everett) McClure.

Students who have been refugees from across the global gather with their teachers and volunteers for a group photo at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. 5

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njoy browsing, reading and checking out books in the DPC library! The following books have recently been added to our collection, and you can find them on the “New Books” shelves on the right hand book case nearest the door. The first two were given by a member in response to an earlier DecPress request and the last six also were donations. Adult Children of Alcoholics by Janet G. Woititz. The dedication reads, “To a recovered alcoholic whose greatest gift to his family was 32 years of sobriety. Thanks Dad.” The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller Volumes 1 and 4 of Feasting on the Word: Year C edited by David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor, which completes this commentary set for Year C Reformation Commentary: Ezekiel, Daniel edited by Carl L. Beckwith

Theology of the Cross by Charles Cousar Henri Nouwen by Robert Jonas, a collection of short essays by Henry Nouwen Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well by Billy Graham unChristian: What a New Generation Thinks about Christianity by David Kinnaman The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels by Thomas Cahill Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews: A Jewish Life and the Emergence of Christianity by Paula Fredriksen Paul: The Mind of the Apostle by A. N. Wilson Three books about angels: Where Angels Walk edited by Joan Wester Anderson; Angels Among Us in Guideposts; and A Rustle of Angels by Marilynn Webber

RELIEF FROM PARKING ISSUES To help control use of the church’s parking lot, the session has approved a trial partnership with Benchmark South Parking Company, effective immediately. This company also manages parking in the busy Chick-Fil-A lot near us. Their attendants will help control parking during the day by asking those who pull in, but are not coming to the church, to find another lot. So if you are coming to the church for a Bible camp, PW meeting, or memorial service (especially on weekdays) you should find it easier to get a spot in our lot. 6



To offset the cost of this free service, Benchmark will monitor the lot in the evenings and charge for parking. Of every $5 collected, DPC will receive $3. Church members and visitors will never have to pay — day or night. Display your parking sticker (available in the church office) or tell the attendant your affiliation. We have no plans to ever tow or boot vehicles. We are grateful to the Property Committee and Adminstration Council for paving the way for this improvement.


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ith camps and mission trips upon us, our two summer interns will jump into their new assignments at Decatur Presbyerian Church. They were commissioned during the worship service June 3 after both completing their second year at CTS. Lucy Baum grew up in Durham, NC, with her parents and two brothers. She attended Davidson College where she studied religion, Ultimate Frisbee, and latenight pizza. She recently married Matt Baum. Lucy is excited to become a part of the life of the congregation this summer, and she is grateful for the opportunity to explore

YOUTH SUMMER EVENTS Wed, June 20| 6:30 PM High School Youth Sunday School Planning and Cookout Home of Mike Florence

Rev. Ken Hughes commissions our new interns, assisted by Rev. Dr. Jap Keith, who helped establish the program at DPC.

and grow with DPC. Jacob Geerlings is from Chattanooga, TN, but has been studying in Atlanta six years, interrupted with one year in Kenya as a Young Adult Volunteer. His wife is Kate.

Jacob looks forward to gathering with you in worship, sharing our stories and naming God's work among us, and living life together. A math major and music minor, Jacob likes to find patterns and play with symbols.

H O S P I TA L & H E A L T H C O N C E R N S Linda Bailey’s sister, Janice, radiation for lung cancer Marceil Joyner’s friend, 6-year-old Audrey Stanger, in TN, doctors found a second tumor DPCC teacher Amy Wilson diagnosed with breast cancer Ben and Laura Butler’s son Alan , second heart surgery, Texas, back at work part time and getting stronger Mark Kinzer, melanoma in eye Jean Elliott, 4/17 surgery for colon cancer, rehab at Cobblestone at Park Springs

Linda Shelles, stroke, recovering at home after rehab DPCC student Conner Armistead, son of Doug and Jennifer Armistead, 4/24 surgery to remove cyst from brain Elizabeth Turk, recovering at home from 5/14 colon surgery Rita Gamble, 5/16 colon surgery Terry McMahan, brother of Matt McMahan, recent heart stint, upcoming surgery to remove cancerous kidney, Gadsden, AL Susan “Suzy” Parker, twin sister of Sally Gutzke, respiratory trouble, other health issues, Birmingham, AL 7

Sun, June 24 | 12 - 7 PM All Youth Retreat Center Service Project Includes swimming and boating, lunch and dinner Suggested donation: $5 Tuesday, June 26 Tubing for Girls (rising 6th- 9th graders) $5, plus lunch Wednesday, June 27 All Youth Braves Game $10, plus food Week of July 22 All Youth Movie & Pizza Night Donation for pizza $3 Sun, August 5 | 4 - 7 PM All Youth End-of-Summer Pool Party & Cookout Home of Pam & Reed Owens To Come: Outing for Boys, Rising 6th– 9th Grades


SAM TRIP: EXPLORING THE PEACE AND BEAUTY OF MONASTIC LIFE IN CONYERS (404) 378-1777 Published monthly. Submit articles to by the 15th.

● 9 a.m. Sunday School for all ages ● 10:15 a.m. Sunday worship service ● Office open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

DPC visitors joined the Trappist monks for their Midday Prayer Service in the Abbey Church after enjoying a video at the Monastic Heritage Center (below, right). The new center features displays, the Garden Café, Bonsai Store, and the Abbey Store with books, gifts, and monk-crafted fruitcake and biscotti.

Photos by Les and Elinor Cook and Kathy Morse


DecPress June 2012  

DPC's monthyl newsletter.

DecPress June 2012  

DPC's monthyl newsletter.