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Constructing Studio Journey (Week 9) This week we hand in our A02 Assignment with the model. Also, we present the details of different case study buildings. It is quite awkward as I misunderstand my part. Actually, my detailed part is the door and door frame. However, I thought it was the right side of the room. Therefore, I talked the PVC materials were made for the gutters and the gutters could easily transfer the rainwater from the roof to the ground. From this mistake I know that well know the drawing details is very important and we need to compare the real building and the drawing paper carefully. During the class, Rebecca shows us the students’ A02 Assignment which is the third option: built detail. They build a part of the window and roof of the Murcutt Guest Studio.

The symbol means between these two lines, the builders shorten the real distances without changing any structure of the building. This is because in the real world, the window and roof should be much greater than the model they built and it is so hard for two girls to build, therefore, they shorten the distances. On the other hand, I notice that they use two different types of the wood which are softwood and hardwood. I find some differences between these two: hardwood is used for trimmings and furniture but less frequently than softwood and the softwood is widely used as woodware for building (homes/cabins) and furniture; hardwood is typically more expensive than softwood; hardwood has a slower growth rate and softwood has a faster rate of growth. Therefore, hardwood is used for the basic structure for this part by the girls. After the observation, we come back to the class and start to draw the 3D drawing. For me it is so hard to show a project in tridimensional way, but I have leaned to rotate the project 45 degree and extend the line opposite to your visual angle, then cut a interface to show the inner details.

Constructing studio journey 9