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Constructing Studio Journey (Week 7) This week we go to the real site to visit the construction processes. We equip carefully and it is quite important to wear hard hats, high-viz vests and steel capped boots. It is a 10-stories concrete building including 55 apartments and it is about 20-meters high. The ground floor is the service area, due to the area is still constructing, we can see many common materials like PVC, concrete, copper and timber. From the picture, it is easy to see the concrete masonry foundation walls. This kind of walls uses small units and do not require formwork. Referring to the Ching book, concrete masonry is a modular material, all major dimensions should be based on the 8’’( 205) module of standard concrete block.

Some pipes are tied on the ceiling and lines are drawn for map out the paths of them. They are used to transfer the waste and domestic water, electricity and natural gas.

Before we use the lift to the top floor, we find the thermal insulation between the main structures and outer walls. The copper structure will be the ceiling in the future. The distance between the ceiling and actual roof is prepared to the pipes we mentioned before. The gap is quite big.

The walls all have the column structure inside to make the walls more stronger and shear the load weight. It also has the truss system near the roof. External forces and reactions to those forces are considered to act only at the nodes and result in forces in the members which are either tensile or compressive forces.

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