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Constructing Studio Journey (Week 10) During this week tutorial, we visit the site and learn some different materials while in the construction process.

It is the front of the structure building. The workers are connecting the black boards with timbers to form stairs, then a concrete cover will be applied. Actually, inside the stairs, sets of steel columns hold the weight of the stairs.

The stormwater just though this kind of gutters underground to the other side wastewater container.

This is the material for the left-side wall of the building. I think it is quite nice and its structure are quite special, it enables the connection more close than the flat connection. According to the manager, between the timber and wall is the insulation. It protects the building and keeps the temperature. Back to the classroom, we discuss the different detail section plans for the case study buildings. I find meanings for some main structure: 1. Weep hole is a small opening in the outer wall of masonry construction for moving outside the wall .

2. Backing rod is used for filling most of the void in a joint and creating an air-tight and water-tight seal. 3. Sarking is the use of wood panels which under the roof to provide the support. 4. Flashing is the thin pieces of the covering to insulate the water and air into the structure, protecting the materials and the safety of the building. Sometimes, the materials we choose need to be suitable for the building purposes. For examples, my case study is the Queens college. My section plan is the bank room. Although the main material is concrete which is considered not sustainable, people still use it as the noise problems and it can last for a long time.

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