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5) Remember those?! Cartoon Nostalgia 6) An Old Fashioned Selfie – A lesson in vintage photography 8) Beyond Clueless – An interview with Elizabeth Sankey 10) How to dress for the nineties with Ellie-Connor Phillips 14) At Home With…Donna Templeman 16) Win big with our charity raffle 18) Festival fashion FYI 20) Couple-proofing your home 22) Why we love…Vivien Of Holloway 24) Stylish Spenders

Hello Fashionistas!

And welcome to the fifth issue of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Digest! We’ve had a cracking start to 2015, travelling far and wide across the country to bring you affordable vintage fairs, kilo sales and furniture fleas. You lovely lot have more than paid us back in kind, turning up in your thousands to create some real recordbreaking days for the Judy’s history books. Speaking of history, can you believe that we’re 10 years old this year?! We’ve got some exciting plans up our sleeve to celebrate, not least our huge charity collaboration raffle in support of Kids Company read more about this on page 16. This issue, we’ve also travelled back in time to the 1990s, a time that lots of us remember like it was yesterday. We got the lowdown on new movie Beyond Clueless, an ode to 90s teen cinema, and got our resident blogger Ellie ConnorPhillips to show us some easy ways to embody late 20th century style. To round everything out, we also share some great tips for vintage photography, guide you around over lovely Donna’s cosy abode and clue you in on how to create a wonderful vintage-style home without alienating your more modern housemates. So, a packed issue as always! We hope you enjoy - let us know by dropping us an email on magazine@!

What we’ve been up to this month The Affordable Vintage Fair

It’s been a crazy few months for the Affordable Vintage Fair - we’ve barely been able to let you into fairs fast enough! Highlights have included a stop at Manchester’s beautiful Freemasons Hall, Brighton’s Open Market and of course, our free hometown event at Leeds Corn Exchange. To check out our upcoming events, click here

The Vintage Kilo Sale

Digest Editor Jenessa has had a busy few months too - she’s just become events and brand manager of the Vintage Kilo Sale! Our Bristol event was a notable highligth so far, bringing in a whopping 1100 customers. 70s style has been high on the agenda - suede jackets to denim flares, folk embroidery to band tees - you’ve been snapping up the lot! To check out our upcoming events, click here

The Furniture Flea

London’s hottest ticket, The Furniture Flea has been whipping up quite the storm in the capital. We’ve seen some great press from the likes of Time Out and The Evening Standard, as well as some fab bloggers. And we have plenty more for the year planned too - watch this space! To check out our upcoming events, click here CREDITS Design, Editing and Copy Commission - Jenessa Williams WITH THANKS TO Judy Berger, Emily Hughes, Donna Templeman, Johanna Mangel, Ellie Connor Phillips, Elizabeth Sankey, Ellie Rowsell, Catherine McCourt

Remember those?! remember - 90s cartoons

‘You don’t need pants for a victory dance,’ was the first line of the intro to Cartoon Network’s I Am Weasel. We at Judy’s HQ certainly do, especially if those pants, shirts, skirts you name it, have those beloved characters on them. From Power Puff Girls to Tinkerbell, 90s cartoons have been making a comeback for quite some time and we have to admit, we’re kind of loving it. Whether you’re a Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup; team Dexter or Dee Dee, you have a lot to choose from. Here are some of the best Disney and CN inspired picks from the high street. By Johanna Mangel

Goofy Dress, Choies $37.99 Rugrats Backpack, Hot Topic, $34.50 Disney Villians Tee, Coast City Style, £16.99 Mickey Sweat, Paul & Joe, £100 Johnny Bravo Tee, Amazon, £11.95 Donald Duck Vans, Sold Out Powerpuff Girls skirt, Oh Jeen, $27 Minnie Mouse Jeffrey Campbells, Sold Out

An Old-Fashioned Selfie vintage cameras

Johanna Mangel How many of you have lusted after an old camera that takes those cool looking Polaroids or adds unexplainable warmth to the photos? We certainly have! As much as we here at the Digest embrace the handiness of smartphones, there’s something super adorable about vintage cameras that you just cannot capture with modern pixels. Being unfamiliar with the anatomy of a real camera might put some off from purchasing one. That will no longer be an excuse because I caught up with Howard Parker from West Yorkshire Cameras to get the do’s and don’ts of investing in an oldie. As a professional photographer, Parker has trialed and tested the best and worst of them. WYC specialises in film cameras and they started by buying a bunch of them from a fair. Now they almost exclusively get their stock from the public. ‘ It’s a bit of a double-edged sword sometimes, as whilst we get a lot of enquiries, we never quite know what will come into stock, but that also means we get some exciting items,’ says Parker. The first question to ask yourself is ‘what are you taking photographs of ‘? ‘ For landscape or studio use a high quality camera like an RB67 or 5x4 camera whilst fast moving subjects or fleeting moments are more suited to a small, compact, easy to use camera such as a Leica rangefinder

or modern, autofocus compact,’ he says. ‘A 35mm SLR is generally suited to most types of photography,’ he adds. Also, don’t expect to turn into Annie Leibovitz overnight. ‘If you try to run before you walk, you’ll likely end up with a roll of photos you’re not happy with, and not want to try again in fear of not getting it right,’ warns Parker. As tempting as going all in sounds, he suggests starting with cameras that have both, fully manual options and automatic exposure and built in light meters such as Olympus OM10, Minolta X300, Nikon FE, Canon AE-1, or Pentax ME. He also advises to stay away from the cheap charity shop “it worked last time it was used” Nikon, as their faults might not be so obvious at first glance. The battle between film and megapixels has been going on since the arrival of the first digital camera and as Parker himself says, ‘neither medium is better than the other’, yet more and more people are drawn to analogue equipment. ‘Nothing beats the feel of a film photo, the excitement of opening a pack of prints or opening your dark tank to see the negatives,’ says Parker and we’re with him. Let’s get snapping! For more information about WYC visit their website

vintage cameras


@judysvintagefair @thevintagekilosale @vintagefurnitureflea

The Great Beyond

A celebration of everything great about 90s teen movies, Beyond Clueless is a documentary like no other. Getting to the heart of boys, bleachers and pep rallies, the 2015 movie has made waves across independent cinema and looks set to continue it’s success this summer. It’s crowning moment? The soundtrack. Jenessa caught up with Elizabeth Sankey of nostalgia-loving duo Summer Camp, a band whose score brings the film to life... better than anyone else. Then we ended up living round the corner from each other and becoming proper real life friends. Jeremy (Elizabeth’s bandmate) and I both love him very much.

Elizabeth Sankey Hi Elizabeth! Firstly, how did the job with Beyond Clueless come about? I understand you’ve been friends with director Charlie Lyne for quite some time… Hey! Yes we’ve known Charlie for years I used to try to get him to write for an online magazine I edited years ago, but he was already doing his own thing and being much

How have the 90s influenced your day-today music making in summer camp? What music were you listening to in the 90s? In the 90s I think I was listening to whatever the bus driver chose to play on the school coach I had to ride for two hours a day. There are a lot of pop songs from that period I hate but know all the lyrics too. I loved Blur more than anything in the world, still do really. As for influencing our music, I’m a very nostalgic person and I love looking at things from the past for inspiration. Especially films and TV shows. It’s the wonderful thing of those worlds looking like something you lived through and knew, but at the same time it’s total fantasy. Also the fashion was so dope then.

If you could be any 90s character yourself, who would you be? I think I would like to be a cross between Rayanne Graff and Angela Chase and Jeremy would be a cross between Jordan Catalano and Brian Krakow. Let’s talk fashion. You’ve created quite a name for yourself online for recreating famous outfits from decades past – who’s been the most fun to dress up as? I loved every single dress up! I always wanted to be an actress, and I’ve always been into clothes, so it’s kind of the perfect combination of that. I liked dressing Jeremy up as Duckie from ‘Pretty In Pink’ as I think Duckie looked so incredible and I got to give Jeremy a quiff. Dressing up as a character from ‘The Craft’ was also really fun, wearing black lipstick and a nose ring. I like how different clothes make you feel different, I find it quite therapeutic to put something on and feel very much myself, but in a new way. It’s deep. What tips would you give people when looking to dress in full vintage, without ending up looking like they’re in fancy dress? Oh man, in my 20s I only wore vintage, and it’s totally do-able but you have to commit. I always find looking at photos of people, or characters in films and TV, really helpful. Picking someone who looks a bit like you and is the same size and shape. Then you can sort of piece together outfits based on that. You won’t find exact copies obviously, but you

Three of the best

Pretty In Pink

can get the jist of it. Also invest your money in good coats and jackets and get them dry cleaned. You’ll wear them again the next year and they can just make the whole outfit feel special. Also, pick fabrics like cotton, suede and denim that last longer, and look for details like embroidery. I’m so into embroidery at the moment. I also recommend getting good with a sewing machine. I used to buy loads of maxi dresses and turn them mini and so on. And you can buy stuff that is too big for you and then take it in. Where do you normally shop for your clothing? I do all my shopping online these days. I work from home so I’m always in and can get things delivered. Plus I’m not a fan of changing rooms, I like to try stuff on in my own house. However, when it comes to vintage I can spend hours in a shop rifling through everything, it’s always good on tour to look at the different shops and I have to say, Manchester is one of the best cities in the world for vintage. So back to movie – why should people go watch it? Beyond Clueless is smart, funny, beautiful and sexy - it’s the best teen film I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them all. There are very exciting things planned for the film in the future but they’re all secret... For more information on Beyond Clueless, check out their website here or visit Eliabeth’s blog at

Our fave dress ups from Elizabeth’s blog

That 70s Show


Dressed up to the nineties Plaid, plaid, and more plaid

The key to a real 90s look is to up your plaid game. I’m talking oversized checked shirts, tartan skirts, checkered jackets – the possibilities are endless. Either way, plaid is the key to a quick and simple 90s style, and is one of my favourites as it is such a versatile pattern. Clashing different colours / check sizes looks great too…the crazier the better!

Ellie Connor-Phillips Rose & Vintage

Witchy prints and chokers

The 90s is famous for Buffy the Vampire slayer and the whole ‘teen witch’ look, so grab some velvet, spooky prints and layer up some chokers and pendants.

Scrunchies forever

The 90s wouldn’t be the 90s without some crazy velvet scrunchies. Put your hair up in a high ponytail or half-up, half-down style for the authentic Heathers look.

Spice up your life For quite a few years now, it has seemed that instead of progressing into new styles of music, art and fashion, the world has actually taken a step back into its cultural past, bringing all kinds of bygone crazes and trends up from the deep. It’s a phenomenon that’s been repeating for years – high-waisted 70s/80s jeans came back in the 90s as the ‘mom jeans’ we now know and love today; every single teenager had 80s style creepers in 2012/13 and the crochet and chokers of the 90s have become wardrobe staples over the last few months, cropping up all over the high street as well as being found in vintage stores. Recently, the one trend that has really come back with a vengeance is the whole nineties-kid look, with flannel shirts, baggy jeans, scuffed trainers and band shirts helping everyone to get that I-just-threw-this-all-on-but-it-looks-great aesthetic (something I for one have been trying to achieve my whole life). Thankfully, it is actually a really simple style to channel, as it only really requires a few easy tricks to look like you’ve rolled straight out of a 90s chick flick.

Another gem from the 90s was the Spice girls… why not spice up your evenings with some glitter and sparkles? The more the better – glittery clothes, nails, eyes…the choice is yours! Grab a disposable/film camera and take some truly 90s snaps.

Nothing matters when you’re wearing (faux) fur

Give your look that Margot Tenenbaum edge with a big faux fur coat. They’re easy to find at vintage and kilo sales, and really help get that sleek 90s feeling. Also, they’re easy to combine with most of the other styles already suggested, making them a great way to finish off a 90s look.

Finishing Touches

If you need a little more inspiration, another great source of style guidance is 90s movies like Clueless, Mean Girls, Heathers and TV shows such as Friends. They really give you an insight into how to put together some truly 90s-style outfits…and they make a great Friday night movie to get you into the 90s spirit…just be sure to wear some plaid!

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At Home With...

Donna Templeman Bookings Manager

How would you describe your interior style? Colourful, eclectic, maximalist, if there’s a surface I will put stuff on it!

practical with a hardwearing fabric. I personalised it by mixing cushions & blankets in contrasting patterns.

Where do you look for home inspiration? I’m a huge Pinterest & Instagram perv! I can while away hours looking at architecture, vintage design & interesting pieces. As I manage & attend our Vintage Furniture Flea’s I get a lot of inspiration from our traders, what items they have & how they display them.

What’s your favourite room in your house and why? Definitely the lounge. We have an open fire that makes the room super warm in winter. I love the colours & cosy feel of this space. The mixture of fabrics, patterns & furniture works really well & is very cheering. Even though this room is quite dark as its north facing, it always feels bright due to the décor!

How do you find a balance between style and functionality when buying pieces for your home? A lot of great vintage furniture is really practical; my sideboard has a big long surface & houses all my china, cutlery & more! Vintage cabinets, sideboard and wall units are fab because you can display nice items & hide all your unsightly stuff in the cupboards. I have a modern sofa that is quite plain &

What has been your biggest home bargain? And your most lavish indulgence? Most of my furniture has been a bargain, I count myself lucky that I’ve not had to spend much! I’ve bought things from charity shops, house clearances, car boot sales & skips. The biggest bargain were our 2 Parker Knoll armchairs, total cost= free! We found them in the backyard of a house that was being gutted just down the road.

My biggest indulgence is probably my retro barware & Babycham collection. All of it is completely unnecessary but just so beautiful! If I’m at a fair & see something I don’t own I have to buy it for fear of never getting the opportunity again. What style tips would you give to someone looking to inject a little vintage on a budget? Make a statement & invest in an item that will have impact. A new coffee table or light fitting will instantly update a room. I’m a big fan of pattern & fabric -wallpaper, cushions & curtains made from vintage fabric make your room feel more unique. Retro film & ad posters are always interesting to look at too - buy one large print or group smaller ones together. Money no object, describe your dream abode? Large with high ceilings & lots of light is a good start. Design wise I do love Mid-century Californian Architecture. Specifically houses by Richard Neutra and John Lautner. If the Elrod

house or the Goldstein house by John Lautner comes up for sale I’d love either of them! On a more realistic level, I would love some bullet planters for my garden and an outdoor bar! You live with your husband, has there been any interior decisions you’ve struggled to agree on? I think if Danny had sole control of interior design our home would be a lot less cluttered & more minimalistic! We generally agree on big designs decisions like what colour to paint walls, new lights etc.. If I find something I love I do take a picture & gauge Danny’s opinion before I purchase. I bought a knitted toilet roll holder shaped like a poodle that he thinks is disgusting so it’s been relegated to my dressing room where he can’t see it! What are your top three interior no-no’s? I can’t think of any! Break the rules, have fun that’s my motto!

Win big with our Charity raffle!

As a business, we like to believe that we at Judy’s are a pretty charitable bunch. We save and rehome thousands of vintage items with every event we put on, and regularly sort our own poersonal wardrobes to give away to the likes of Cancer Research, Barnados and the RSPCA. However, we are set to turn 10 years old this year, and it’s got us thinking about what more we can do to really help make a difference. We also got to thinking about parties, celebrations and what we can do to show you guys (our loyal fans!) some love for all your support over the years. While we have some very special plans up our sleeves that we can’t reveal just yet, what we can announce is that we are thrilled and honoured to be supporting a wonderful charity, hoping to raise £5,000 for a cause very close to our hearts. Our chosen charity, Kids Company, supports

vulnerable inner-city children, young adults and their families. Summarised on their website, their therapeutic work “helps children and young people to manage the devastating effects of trauma and abuse and is complemented by practical support providing bare essentials such as food, clothing and bedding, together with longer term support for education, training and employment.“

Giving Back So what can you guys do to help? On a simple level, come say hello and pop some spare change in our collection tins! Kids Company donation caddies will be popping up across our Affordable Vintage Fairs, Kilo Sales and Furniture Fleas very soon, so keep your eyes peeled and dig deep! To see all of our upcoming events, click here.



Charity Prize Raffle We’re also hosting a HUGE CHARITY RAFFLE! Prizes include: • 3 month subscription to Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers • 1 year’s subscription to Vintage Life Magazine • 3 book bundle – Style Me Vintage Home, Accessories & 1940s from Pavilion Books! • £50 Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair voucher • £50 The Vintage Furniture Flea voucher • £30 Vintage Kilo Sale voucher • £25 Vivien Of Holloway voucher More coming soon… Let’s get raising! For more information on Kids Company and the amazing work they do, visit their website here

Get Involved! Want to donate a pirize to our charity fund? Send us some pictures to

Want to donate online? Visit our just Giving page here

Festival Fashion FYI! Jenessa Williams

Rejoice – Spring has finally arrived! As temperatures creep up and layers come off, we’ve got our eyes firmly set on the spring/ summer fair season – and of course, festivals! Here at Judy’s, we’ve got a string of vintage fairs, furniture fleas and kilo sales, and we’ll also be bringing our retro marquee to Beat-Herder Festival and Festival No. 6! But the question is – what does one wear when they’re out frolicking in the fields? We’ve taken some of our favourite looks style from last weekend’s Coachella Festival to give you the lowdown on easy-to-wear vintage-inspired trends that will keep you looking good as you throw some shapes – and down several gins!

50s ladylike

While we probably wouldn’t advise donning your best authentic 50s frock at a muddy festival, a

bold red lip paired with a polka-dot frock is a simple way to nod to the era without risking your favourite garment. If the British weather isn’t quite as kind as Coachella’s, simply throw on a raincoat or knitted cardigan – our Judy’s Traders have a great selection in every colour of the rainbow!

60s Colour Pop

Floaty stripes will never go out of style – keeping you cool in a busy crowd but still very easy to layer. For a 60s-inspired look, it’s all about the accessories – a strong pair of sunglasses in a bright colour will lift a whole outfit and cover up any dark circles from too much partying the night before! Check out the Affordable Vintage Fair for bold accessories that turn will turn a basic ensemble into a showstopper.

70s Folklore

Aztec, peasant sleeves and suede boots…

images courtesy of

this Coachella babe has got 70s style nailed! For a more weather-appropriate alternative, try bell bottom jeans or bring along a treated suede jacket and fedora to stave off any British downpours. We love our Judy’s trader Tallula Vintage for all patterns bold and beautiful!

front, the 90s grunge trend is a great option that won’t leave you feeling too precious about scrubbing out muddy stains later. Mix heavy boots and checks with feminine shapes and top it off with some great functional accessories – the chunkier the better!

80s Double Denim

DIY Ditsy Seperates

Double denim can be a tricky look to master, but it’s hardwearing, easy to shove into a bag and ensures you don’t have to put too much thought into your look when you wake up in your tent. Keep things 80s/90s by opting for denim with interesting patches or button rivets. Our Kilo Sale is a great place to pick up oversized denim which you can layer over a more fitted piece for contrast.

90s Girly Grunge

For those planning on elbowing their way to the

Can’t decide which era you want to channel at this years festivals? Ditsy Florals are always a good idea for a hint of retro! Summer is also a great opportunity to try some upcycling – this two piece could be easily achieved by cutting a kilo dress into two parts and giving each part a quick hem! Looking to stock up on your vintage festival fashion? Check out all our upcoming dates – including Beat-Herder and Festival No. 6! – here

Couple-proofing your home Catherine McCourt of trader Lace and Liquor Vintage gives us her top tips for creating a wonderful home that appeals to both modern and vintage tastes...

Catherine McCourt

Lace & Liquor Vintage

Interiors are seriously important to me, probably on par - if not even more so - than with fashion or clothing. I’ve always had quite a particular style which has matured with age, and moving into our new home and knowing it would be ours, I had an exact idea in mind for how I’d like it to look and spent a few months beforehand thinking it all out. I knew I wanted to go for a 1950s meets scandinavian style with white walls, wooden floors, copper accents and lots of teak. The idea of having a home with a feature wallpapered wall and colour co-ordinated furniture brings me out in a bit of a rash; it’s nice for the majority of the population, but not something I’d ever have myself. However, it’s not exactly all my house. I do have a boyfriend to think of whose style is pretty far away from mine. When we were painting the new home he told me if he had his own place he’d paint two walls white and two black, apparently that makes a room look bigger. He’s incredibly minimalist too, a sofa, chair, tv and xbox would do him. So trying to create an inviting, comfortable and stylish home with more than one person

in mind can be a bit of a challenge, so I thought I’d put out there some of the things I’ve learnt along the way.

Talk Through Everything:

Like most people, Pinterest was my best friend when I was moving and looking for inspiration. It’s on there I saw a few items of furniture I loved the look of and tried to recreate myself. This can be especially handy as it’s great to see what items will look good together rather than just saying “Do you like this table?” “How about these chairs?” without really being able to see how they’re going to look. By showing him the pictures I knew he was happy with the style we’d be going for. It’s important to talk it through before making any large purchases too, although that sort of goes without saying. It took me quite a while to try to persuade Kane to let me buy one of our new sofas (rather than keeping a hideous beige one that was left in the house, he wanted to keep that because it was so comfortable), but he gave in in the end, as he eventually began to see my point of view. Which leads me on to the next point..


Like most aspects of a relationship, there has to be compromise eventually. Our compromise is that I’ve bought most of the furniture in the house; whether it’s brand new or secondhand, it’s usually me that’s wanted it and me that wants to splash out on new things that aren’t 100% necessary, so I’m okay to pay for it. It means that Kane occasionally pays more of the bills or food shopping to even it all out a bit. Whether it’s letting him add a Marvel poster to the wall or having a little gaming section (surely my boyfriend can’t be the only xbox obsessive) you do need to compromise so it isn’t just your home, it’ll only end in him feeling uncomfortable and unhappy.

Make it Neutral:

When my boyfriend first moved in with me I was only 20 and already had the home, so as you can probably imagine there were lots of pink, florals and bright colours everywhere. He snuggled underneath a vintage crochet blanket on the sofa and went to bed

underneath Cath Kidston style bedding, which you can imagine probably isn’t the greatest for a bloke. Whilst the new place isn’t the most masculine, with lots of white, grey and wood, it’s a lot more neutral and is a style that suits us both a lot more.

Get Him Involved:

In the new house we’re making a lot more changes and have changed quite a few of the rooms. So far he’s already laid some new laminate flooring and I’m going to get him to pop in some shelves in a couple rooms. It may only be small but I know it makes him feel a lot more involved and more like he’s contributing to the home too. Equal involvement - the secret to a happy couple! For more furniture tips and inspiration, visit The Vintage Furniture Flea here

Why love.

we .... Although our bursting wardrobes tend to favour true vintage, sometimes there is a reproduction dress pretty enough to turn our heads. One such company is Vivien Of Holloway, celebrating 15 years as one of the country’s leading 50s repro retailers, all made completely in the UK. A life-long Fifties lifestyle and fashion enthusiast, Vivien began sewing vintage-style clothes for herself at a mere ten years old. At eighteen, she opened her first shop in the world famous but now sadly gone Kensington Market, before launching the website in 2000. With period perfect fabrics and cuts only slightly adapted from genuine vintage styles, in Vivien of Holloway you can be transformed into a cheesecake pin-up, a femme fatale, a saucy Mad Men-era office girl, or a WWII working girl – the choice is yours! To learn more about Vivien of Holloway, visit their website

JUDY’S DIGEST LOVES... i need spex

stylish spenders!

Here at Judy’s, we truly believe we have some of best dressed customers (and traders) in all of the land! Here’s some of our favourites from the last few months...

fair dates

Birmingham’s Affordable Vintage Fair 2 May 2015 Oxford Vintage Kilo Sale 2 May 2015 Chester’s Affordable Vintage Fair 3 May 2015 East London Vintage Kilo Sale 3 May 2015 Leamington Spa’s Affordable Vintage Fair 9 May 2015 Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair 9 May 2015 Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale 9 May 2015 Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair 10 May 2015 Bristol Vintage Kilo Sale 10 May 2015 Edinburgh Vintage Kilo Sale 16 May 2015 Lincoln’s Affordable Vintage Fair16 May 2015 South London’s Affordable Vintage Fair 17 May 2015 South London Vintage Kilo Sale 23 May 2015 Bath’s Affordable Vintage Fair 30 May 2015 Manchester’s Affordable Vintage Fair 30 May 2015 Birmingham Vintage Kilo Sale 30 May 2015 Judy’s ‘Brighton Open Market’ Takeover 31 May 2015 Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair 6 Jun 2015 Leeds Vintage Kilo Sale13 Jun 2015 Beat-Herder Festival! 17 Jul 2015 East London Vintage Kilo Sale 2 Aug 2015 Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair - The Fringe Festival Edition! 8 Aug 2015

Profile for Judys Affordable Vintage Digest

Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 5  

Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 5