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Architecture Design Studio 3: Air Judy Junyan QI 345247 Journal

Tori Tori Japanese Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City. Project was built in 2010 by Rojkind Arquitectos+ESRAWE Studio. Modern design for japanese restaurant. Client simple ambition was to extend the existing restaurant. ‘The clients requirements were oriented towards a Japanese interpretation, it was not literal, he wanted the place to have its own personal expression, contemporary and cosmopolitan.’ ---Rojkind Arquitectos. The design enhence its existing spatial conditions through different experience, the new open spaces, its terraces, its sake bar and its own exclusive temple oriented at highly demanding sushi

The building maintain a very intimate and subtle feel towards the first encounter with the exterior, once you enter you’ll find yourself in a terrace, where eating and drinking are embraced by natural vegetation. The building’s organic facade and landscape were carefully designed to become an extension of the restaurant creating a strong relationship between the inside and the outside. The design also follows a lot traditional japanese cantering room, especially the dining area in order to provide a sensational contemporary Japanese dining experience. The interior receives and follows the exterior with subtle contrasts. Each room has its own nature and shows a clear relationship with its function. the furniture was inspired and made for Tori Tori and developed with a direct orientation through each space. The facade, which seems to emerge from the ground climbing up through the building, as if mimicking the natural ivy surrounding the retaining walls, is made up of two self-supporting layers of steel plates cut with a CNC machine and handcrafted to exact specifications. The facade’s pattern respond to the inside openings, filtering light, shadows, and views that will constantly invade the interior spaces. An atmosphere enriched by the spectrum of subtle changes.

Roslyn Street ‘Barcelona Building’ titled as ‘Catalan’ Roslyn Street bar is A 4 storey commercial building located in Kings Cross, Sydney. The design includes a ground floor restaurant/bar. and a rooftop garden. The material choice and form are response to the character of the suburb. ____Durbach Block

Roslyn street bar at Kings Cross, of what i understand and fell in love with is the amazing facade of how Durbach Block Jaggers create. Architecture as my understand is a designer’s physical way of expression of designers’ ideas combining with a practical stable way in order to achieve comfortness in terms of a living space. Tiled claded Roslyn street bar/cafe is shaped curvy approaching the rooftop. Dwellers experience a extraordinary view up at the roof garden. This modern design choose tile as the major exterior coverage material which create attract people’s attention. Top level curved glazed open windows with protruded frame creates a fluctuated surface. Interior simple and neat design of restaurant/bar furnitures and fittings match the simple black and white exterior color design, as well as the whole impression that gave to the occupiers of the building.

It is also a active sustainable design in terms of a roof garden that collect rainfall on the buildings. In response to current voice of high rise building against low density green garden. A design that satisfy both desire is highly acceptable and recommonded in modern architectural design.

Week 1 Journal  
Week 1 Journal  

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