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Secret Routes in Sha Tin

Sha Tin is a populous district in Hong Kong. It comprises mainly residential areas along the banks of the Shing Mun River Channel. This booklet will illustrate secret routes with selected places along Shing Mun River, from Sha Tin New Town Plaza to Wu Kai Sha.

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Start from the cutural side of Sha Tin

Che Kung Temple The temple was built in honour of “Che Kung” who was a great general of Song Dynasty. It was said that Che Kung escorted the Song dynasty’s last emperor on his escape to Sai Kung in what is now called the New Territories. His achievements led to him eventually becoming revered as a god. Source:

The Che Kung Temple in Tai Wai is the largest and most famous Che Kung Temple in Hong Kong. Originally built at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The original temple is actually situated behind the current main hall. However, it no longer open to the public. The temple was listed as a Grade II historical building in 1987, with the existing structure being built in 1994 in order to better accommodate thousands of worshippers that visit the temple each year during the Che Kung Festival.

The Shing Mun River channel located between Che Kung Temple and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. After crossing the bridge, the museum is on your right hand side.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum


Hong Kong Heritage Museum

It is a museum of history, art and culture in Sha Tin, by the Shing Mun River. It provides a diverse range of dynamic and interactive exhibitions.

Located within a wooded setting just out of view of Sha Tin’s towering housing complexes, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is patterned after the traditional si he yuan; a compound of harmoniously blended houses built around a central courtyard. But people don’t just come here for the quaint architecture; the extensive museum is divided into 12 exhibition galleries, each a treasure trove of relics that express the history, culture and arts of early Hong Kong and the nearby South China region.


Go to the main entrance and turn left, pass through the tunnel and you will see the New Town Plaza.

New Town Plaza 7


New Town Plaza is a flagship shopping centre, which is also the town centre of Sha Tin, adjacent to Sha Tin station. New Town Plaza comprises Phase I, Phase III and HomeSquare, as well as a second phase housing New Town Tower and the Royal Park Hotel. There are a lot of secret routes here, so you can go from New Town Plaza to Tai Wai, Fo Tan, City One Sha Tin, or Ma On Shan, etc. The transportation is convenient in Sha Tin, but these secret routes are hidden from usual map. You need to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes, or a bicycle. Let’s get ready to experience a new Sha Tin!


Shatin Town Hall City Art Square

Sha Tin Town Hall is linked to the New Town Plaza. You can go through the Snoopy’s World, then u will see a bridge that connects t the Town hall. Besides, you will find a City Art Square downstairs. The unique City Art Square displays 19 creative sculptures and public art installations. They include original and uniquely-styled sculptures and public art installations designed and created by 19 world-renowned overseas, mainland and local artists and designers. One of the street art furnitures is designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid.

New Town Plaza walk along the road between Chanel and Zara. cross the bridges and keep going staright until you see a PARKnSHOP on your right hand side.

cross the bridge

Wo Che Estate

Fotan 11

Sheung Wo Che and Ha Wo Che was villages mainly occupying the lower hill. A public housing estate, named as Wo Che Estate, after it was built.Many housing estates on the hills above villages of Sheung Wo Che was built after that. It then became a large residential area comprises many housing estates.



Sheung Wo Che was originally a small village with a 150 year history. It was expanded after the construction of the Kowloon– Canton Railway in 1911, when city dwellers built holiday villas and summer retreat there. The houses at Nos.7-10, built between the 1930s and the 1960s, are surviving examples of this expansion. The buildings have been listed as Grade III historic buildings in 2011.

Wo Che Estate


Fo Tan is an area of Sha Tin District. It was developed as a light industrial area, but this activity has declined markedly in recent years. Many artists set up their studios there, and there is an annual open studios activity. Fotanian Open Studio event brings together a vibrant community of artists and art lovers who transformed industrial lofts into art studios. Fotanian Open Studio Programme is a major annual event in the local art

There is a path from Wo Che Estate to Fotan Station.


About Fotanian Open Studios Fotanian Open Studio Programme is a major annual event in the local art scene. Every year in January, artists throw open their doors in several consecutive weekends to welcome the general public. We get to go behind the scene and explore their creative works, which encompass a wide array of media, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking, installations, photographic and video works. Visitors can freely explore the artists’ workplace and hear about their artworks and art-making techniques. To foster sharing and exchange of ideas, visitors are also encouraged to engage in friendly dialogues with the artists in an approachable and open atmosphere. With over 88 studios and over 250 artists joining hands this year, the Fotanian community is growing at an unprecedented scale.


Star Seafood Floating Restaurant located at the riverside of Shing Mun River. It formerly called Treasure Floating Restaurant. It is a restaurant in Sha Tin. The restaurant is built with granite taking on the shape of a ship berthing along the shore. It is situated at the eastern shore of Shing Mun River, near the junction of Siu Lek Yuen Road and Tai Chung Kiu Road. It serves Cantonese dim sum and seafood.

Star Seafood Floating Restaurant Walking or Cycling along the riverside, you can get to Ma On Shan.

next: Ma On Shan Promenade


Ma On Shan


Ma On Shan Promenade is the second large-scale waterfront promenade in Sha Tin. It is 3.2 km long. It overlooks Sha Tin Hoi and offers a magnificent view of the peaks of Pat Sin Leng, featuring a panorama of the sea and the sky.

next: Wu Kai Sha 19

This is the end or starting point of the Ma On Shan Promenade. It is a place at the shore of Tolo Harbour, northwest of Ma On Shan. Originally there were only a few villages like Wu Kwai Sha Village. It is now an extension of a new town in Ma On Shan. Walk along the path, you will feel like you are getting to somwhere quiet and apart from the busy city. And when you go to the end of the path, you have arrived the last stop, Wu Kai Sha.

Wu Kai Sha Pier


Secret routes in Sha Tin  
Secret routes in Sha Tin