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PARTY SCRIPT To make it simple, we’ve created a sample party script that you can use in person or online to guide you through organizing ideas, tips and product solutions. Be sure to check out the tips on the last page, make this your own, and have fun!



Welcome to Operation: Organization! We’re going to conquer the clutter, learn some tips, and have fun! Thank you (Hostess’ name) for getting us together! So that I know how I can help you the most, what’s a space you’d like to make over? Post a pic or comment below!



Get inspired! Watch this quick video highlighting some of our organizational must-haves on SPECIAL in January! (JANUARY Specials Hype Video) With every $35/$40c spent in January, you can save 50% on one of these five styles:

(In the comments post your response first) My messiest space is !

• Your Way® Rectangle $25 $12.50/ $31 $15.50c

(Tag guests or ask Hostess to tag guests)

• Double Duty® Caddy $25 $12.50/ $31 $15.50c • Your Way® Cube $35 $17.50/$44 $22c • Deluxe Double Duty® Caddy $38 $19/$48 $24c • Felt Storage Tote $60 $30/$74 $37c Which of these caught your eye? Comment below!



Thank you again for joining Operation: Organization! When you shop now through (insert date the party will close), you’ll be helping (Hostess’ name) earn FREE and discounted products! You’ll be helping me to achieve my why, which is (insert why) and supporting Thirty-One’s mission to celebrate, encourage and reward others. When you round up your order at checkout, your donation to Thirty-One Gives supports military families and first responders. Here’s a link to browse Thirty-One’s Catalog and shop! (Insert shopping link)


Now, let’s organize a CRAFT space! Our Get Creative™ line is perfect for any craft and any space!


The BATHROOM can become a hot mess in no time at all! It seems like the smaller the items, the bigger the mess! Our new felt items are perfect for a bathroom shelf or under the sink! Check out this video for inspiration!



Comment if you are a crafter or if you help your kids do crafts! What’s your craft of choice?


Let’s do this! I’m so excited to share organizational ideas and tips with you! TIP! To tackle any area of clutter in your home, sort items into three categories – trash, donate or sell – and enlist the help of a friend or family member to knock this out even faster! Who do you know that would be a great helper or would like to organize their home along with us? (Feel free to invite them to join us in Operation: Organization!)

Which of these ideas do you love the most?


The LAUNDRY is a constant battle in my home! I’m convinced that no matter how BIG or small your laundry area, it’s worth tackling! Stand Tall Bins can help when doing laundry! TIP! Color-sort clothing when putting into the closet to save time getting dressed! Who does this, and how does it help you?


It can be OVERWHELMING to think about organizing everything at once, but with Thirty-One you can take it one space at a time! TIP! Make a list of all the spaces you want to organize. Number them in order of priority, and tackle them one at a time in that order. Our Utility Totes (Large, Deluxe and Small) are so versatile and great for just about any space or storage need. Which of these totes do you love most?


Let’s tackle the KITCHEN! This is one of the most-used rooms in every home and often one of the most cluttered! Check out these pantry ideas. Comment below and tell me which items might be helpful in your kitchen or pantry?


TOY STORAGE is another common clutter problem! These Your Way® Cubes and Rectangles fit just about anywhere! They’re sturdy, hold a lot of items and have a see-through window on one side. The Get Creative™ products are perfect for smaller items. What toys are taking over your house?


Let’s knock out HOME OFFICE and DESKTOP! TIP! Prevent clutter by handling junk mail only once! Before setting it down, put it right in the recycling or shredder. Saving a few minutes here or there adds up over time. Our Fold N’ File®, Double Duty® Caddy or Deluxe Double Duty® Caddy are great for desktop or office. Who else struggles to keep their desk clean?


Some of the worst spaces to keep decluttered are CLOSETS and DRESSERS! Our Your Way® collection is perfect for the closet, and you can use our Utility Totes and Top-A-Totes® for storage under the bed! Here’s some inspiration for your linen closet. Snag these items for 50% off when you spend $35/$40c!

live! GO



Are you looking forward to your next great adventure? Then, you’ll love our Away for the Weekender and Adventures Backpack. Both of these fit neatly under the seat or in an overhead compartment of a plane, and you’ll especially love all the pockets in the Adventures Backpack! Which of these two travel items do you like best?



Would you like to organize your look also? Then, grab one of our gorgeous Around Town® Totes, which many use as a purse or work bag, or the Crossbody Organizing Tote, which makes a great workout bag! These two beauties are always top sellers and look great with personalization! How would you use one of these bags?


I hope you’ve found my recommendations and tips helpful.


Be sure to snag our organizational musthaves, which are on SPECIAL in January! With every $35/$40c spent in Jan. you can save 50% on one of these five styles:

Here’s how I use Thirty-One to organize my home! Comment and let me know what questions you have about what I’m showing you.

• Your Way® Rectangle $25 $12.50/ $31 $15.50c

(Be sure to show Thirty-One products and point out how personalization makes them your own.)

• Your Way® Cube $35 $17.50/$44 $22c

• Double Duty® Caddy $25 $12.50/ $31 $15.50c

• Deluxe Double Duty® Caddy $38 $19/$48 $24c

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Staying organized when traveling can be tough. Thankfully, Thirty-One has you covered with our Hanging Traveler Case, Glamour Case and 24/7 Case! TIP! Printing packing lists found on the Internet for free will save you time when packing and prevent forgetting those essentials at home. Which of these items would be helpful for you?

• Felt Storage Tote $60 $30/$74 $37c Which ones are calling your name? Comment below!


We have tons of personalization options so you can make any item your own!


Is your wish list getting long? Then, let me do a party for you so YOU can scoop up the Hostess Rewards! My Hostesses can earn FREE and half-off products as well as exclusive products only for them! AND in January, when you host a $600+ party, you can choose one FREE Online Extra (from more than 200 options)!



Here are some of my favorite personalization ideas. Which one would you choose?

Comment below if you’d like to see what dates I have left.

#16 POST

#17 POST

Do you want to do a MAJOR organizational makeover but don’t want to pay full price? Consider joining my team! Right now, you can choose between two Enrollment Kits or our digital option for only $1 (Jan. 6-21 ONLY). Consultants get a 40% discount on personal purchases and earn 25% commission on all of your sales.

Party Tips! Try this as a 5-day party with three posts per day (morning, afternoon and evening). Modify the party and posts to fit you and your Hostess’ needs Be yourself! Put these posts into your own words Post during peak times on social media: 8 a.m., noon and 8 p.m. Whenever possible, post photos of yourself using your favorite products You can also share some of the photos we’ve provided. Find them all on our Operation: Organization TOT page or under TOT > Marketing Materials > Winter Catalog Product Photos Send the party shopping link in a personal message to each guest individually Use Facebook Live to post live video and show how you use your products

Comment below if you’d like more details!

Help Customers get more out of their products by suggesting add-on items. Use the “Complete the Look” ideas in the back half of your Catalog for inspiration!

Thanks for joining Operation: Organization! If you’re missed any of the posts, just scroll down to see everything!

Check in periodically throughout the day to respond to questions and comments

Use this link to browse, and be sure to check out the five styles that are on SPECIAL this month!

Consider offering a drawing or a special offer to create more interaction. (For example: $5 off an order of $50 or more!)

(Insert shopping link)

Remind the Hostess to like and comment on your posts and guests’ posts


Hi friends! Operation: Organization ends (Insert date)! So, use this link to shop!

Encourage your Hostess to tag guests in comments when she sees something they might like, and to let them know why she thought of them


LAST CALL for shopping! Place your orders by (insert date) so you don’t miss out on our January Special!



(Insert shopping link)

Post a THANK YOU! in the comments, tag guests who shopped with you

(Insert shopping link) (Tag guests or ask Hostess to tag guests)

Follow up with each shopper to thank them individually and to offer the opportunity for them to host their own party and join the sisterhood

Operation Organization: Party Script  

Operation Organization: Party Script  

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