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Bail Bonds - The Whole Process Explained A firm I work for has a bail bonding company that operates in Lynnwood, WA as well as the whole King County area north of Seattle. Speaking with the owner of this business establishment I am amazed by how the actual bail bonding process works. Most people give it no thought because they will never need it. Nevertheless, like firefighters they are always there when you need them and quickly become your best friend when you have someone you love in trouble. How does the whole bail bonds process work and why do you need to pay a local bail bonding company to assist you. Let's start from the beginning. When a person is convicted of any crime (defendant), be it a misdemeanor or felony, he has a court appearance called an arraignment. He goes before a judge and it is here his bail amount is set. How does a local judge in Lynnwood, King County, or anywhere else in the country determine this amount? Its on a case by case basis. There are certain guidelines the judge will follow but he pretty much has the power to set a person's bail at whatever he wants. The local judge will usually make the decision based on the defendant's past criminal record, his standing in the community, what kind of person he or she is, status of employment, the severity of the crime in question, and finally how much of a flight risk the person is. Sometimes you have the prosecutor there convincing the judge to make that amount as high as he possibly can in order to make posting bail virtually out of reach for that individual. The crime has to be really serious for this to happen though. So the bail amount is set and this is the money a person, or anyone else, has to come up to get him or her out of jail until the official trial date. Most times the defendant, his family, and friends will not be able to afford the bail amount. It can be quite high depending on what the charge is. A bail bond is needed at this point. This is where our client in Lynnwood, WA comes along. There are the people who make it possible for someone you know and love to get out of jail without paying the full amount set by the judge. Companies of this nature promise the court that they will pay to total bail amount should the defendant that they represent does not show up for his trial. They are putting their personal guarantee of a person appearing to court and if this does not happen they are financially responsible. For this service you typical bail bonds business will charge 10% of the total bail amount. This amount is non-refundable and is what they charge for their services. For lower bail amounts the price could go up to 20% to make it worth it for them. A company doing this will also asked the people who want a defendant "bailed out" for collateral. This is to protect a bail bonding company against the unlikely event a person turns into a fugitive and decides to run away. The company who got a bail bond for a person now has to pay the total bail amount and he will try to recoup all of that money from the co-signors who wanted him bailed out in

the first place. So there are four people involved. 1. Bail bonding company 2. The Court (city, county, state, or federal) 3. The Co-Signer(s) of the Bail 4. The Defendant All these people play a roll in the process. Bail bonds companies help a lot of people avoid rotting in jail until their court date. A person needs time to spend with his family, gather evidence, talk with his defense attorney, and help prepare for his case before the trial begins. This is extremely hard to do if he or she is locked up in jail. There are so many distractions and due to the nature of being locked up what a person can do is very limited. Hopefully the readers of this article now know how the whole process works and how bail bondman get a person out from behind bars. Pray you will never need their services. bail bondsman

Bail Bonds - The Whole Process Explained  

is to protect a bail bonding company against the unlikely event a person turns into a fugitive and

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