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Judy Ho

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.� -Jimmy Carter

I am a Taiwan girl studying Communication culture information technology at University of Toronto Mississauga. I like to photograph every moment I have been, listen to amazing music, cook delicious food and travel aroud the world. :)

My life is like a picture of mosaic consistes of diverse fragment of each moment.

My Photography Work 1

Running wild in the rural areas. I took a picture of my friend Danny running at rural area of our hometown. I want to create an atmosphere where shows a contrast of busyness and freeness

My Photography Work 2

My landscape photograph filmed at University of Toronto Mississauga. The idea comes from Ansel Adams, american photographer and environmentalist and best known of his black & white landscape of American West.. The concept behind this image is to show the idea of environment protection. As our school is recently going on constuction of new building, many natural landscape in our school might be disappered in the future. I use the idea of Black and White as Ansel Adams to represent the disappearing of our environment.

My Photography Work 3

The image maker of this image is Sharon Lockhart, most of her works often explore a social subject matter, which deeply tells a meaningful story behind the picture. In my picture, my friend- Kimberly, is living in a messy room with unfinishing foods, painting tools, plenty of books and even some garbage around her. My idea behind this picture is refering to most of the univeristy student. We have been so busy with not only our school works, but also social life. However; not every students organize their properly, most of them have been protected well by their parents, so they do not sense how basic life skills can develop various skills such as communication, problem-solving, and independence. It is important to find a way to balance your housework and school work, and also maintain your social relationship with other people while studying alone in university.

While I am taking photography pictures, I also like to share information to my friends! Such as food recommendations, good place to travel...etc.

131 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M5S 1R1 (416) 551-9929 I went to La Societe during summer licious in Toronto. I like the entire atmosphere in the restaruant. The design of the La societe is beautiful, and ther customer service was perfect. But the price was a bit higher for students! So I would receommend to enjoy their brunch. It’s more affordableto enjoy their delicious meal :)

Zakkushi on Carlton

Restaurant 193 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON. (647) 352-9455 I like everything about this restaurant. It’s really good place for friends or co-workers to chill after a busy day! I recommend Yakitori (Grilled chicken) for 5/5!

Nadège Patisserie 780 Queen St W Toronto, ON (416) 368-2009

The atmosphere has a modern to feel through the huge glass windows to their impressive kitchen. I can see their chef are baking patries at the back. It’s a very moden and sleek bakery cafe located on busy Queens West! Delicious and beautiful pastries, sandwiches and macarons are really outstanding! Even though the price of each patries is a bit expensive, but it’s a wonderful to enjoy tea time in down Toronto.

Mosaic Spring 2013  

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