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Fall 2010

Message from MP Judy Liberal Leader Michal Ignatieff and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar joined me in Random-Burin-St. George‟s to speak to residents about the damage caused by Hurricane Igor. Mr. Ignatieff wanted an update on what has been done, to not only repair the damage, but to deal with the terrible situation in which those residents who lost everything now find themselves. Mr. Ignatieff Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, MP undertook to do Judy in Britannia, Random Island. whatever he could to (l-r) MP Scott Simms, Zsuzsanna Zsohar, Linda Hiscock, Mary Duffett, ensure there would be MP Judy, Michael Ignatieff. no delay by the federal (l-r) Rod Nicoll, Howard Foote, government in flowing MP Judy, Zsuzsanna Zsohar, money to the province Michael Ignatieff at 4 Nations Cup. once the province has submitted its request under the cost shared Disaster Financial Assistance Agreement. While on Random Island we had lunch at the home of Mrs. Mary Duffett whose husband Allan died during the hurricane. Mr. Ignatieff and I participated in a round table discussion with community leaders from the Clarenville area on topics of interest to a cross section of the population following which we attended the 4 Nations Cup Women‟s Hockey Tournament. The final stop on our visit was to have been to St. Bernard‟s/Jacques Fontaine. Regrettably, weather made it impossible for us to do so, however, Mr. Ignatieff did call those we were scheduled to meet. While in NL we also visited MP Scott Simms‟ riding. Front (l-r) Clarence Williams, President Random North Development Association; Jack Barry, Immediate Past President Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 27; Mayor Fred Best, Clarenville; MP Judy; Kay Young. Back (l-r) Sylvia Hillyard, President Eastern Initiatives Community Development Corporation; Stephanie Tilley, Executive Director Discovery Regional Development Board; Douglas Barill, Economic Development Officer, Clarenville; Deputy Mayor Fraser Russell, Clarenville; Fire Chief Cory Feltham, Clarenville; Brian Smith Vice President Clarenville Chamber of Commerce; Michael Ignatieff and wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar; Larry Reid, Chair, Random Aged Friendly Seniors Club; Rod Nicoll, Town Councillor, Clarenville; Justin Feltham, Chair Clarenville Community Youth Network.

MP Judy in Lourdes

MP Judy speaking with Lt. Elywin Burke, HMP following the 8th Annual Police and Peace Officers Memorial Service at Shoal Harbour United Church. It is a time to remember and say thank you. In the background is President Bill Meadus, Royal Canadian Legion, Clarenville and MP Judy‟s husband, Howard.

MP Judy with fisherman (l-r) Brian Snook, Richard Snook Jr., John Dufferais. They met with Small Craft Harbour officials, Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

MP Judy attended the Commemorative Dining-In held by Branch 35, Royal Canadian Legion in Stephenville. The event commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy, 65th Anniversary of VE Day and 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. (l-r) Richard Brinston, World War II; (l-r) Fishermen Reuben Young, Charlie Jean, Korean War; Colonel Richard Alexander, Derek Snook, Gary Turrett, World War II and Korean War; MP Judy, Colonel Gregory Neal Young with MP Judy. Burt; Warren Quinton, Branch President.

Remembrance Day

MP Judy laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day service at St. Alban‟s Church in Gooseberry Cove. MP Judy with the Cadets who took part in the ceremony in Gooseberry Cove. (l-r) Cdk Jeremy Price, Gooseberry Cove; LCpl Robyn Price, Butter Cove; MCpl Hillary Peddle, Hodges Cove; Cpl Garrett Smith, Hodges Cove; WO Brittany Spurrell, Butter Cove; MP Judy; WO Rebecca Spurrell, Butter Cove; Sgt Raylene Langor, Gooseberry Cove; Cpl Carly Pittman-Curtis, Hodges Cove; MCpl Brittany Dean, Little Hearts Ease; Cpl Cassidy Whalen, Caplin Cove; LCpl Harrison Lambert, Long Beach. MP Judy attended Remembrance Day dinner in Fortune at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25 where 1st Vice Pres., Carl Crews, presented Harold Thornhill, past president of Legion Branch 25, with a Service Medal Award from Dominion Command. Three generations of the Bond family were at the dinner. (l-r) Great grandson Cadet Mathew Johnson, son Gary Bond, who has 34 years in the military; and his father Felix Bond, MP Judy.

MP Judy‟s assistant Laura Aylward laid a wreath in Stephenville during the Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Legionnaires gather for Remembrance Day in Marystown/Burin. Front (l-r) Ed Walsh, Associate Member; Don Wolfe, Queens Own Highlanders WW2; Everett Walters, Merchant Seaman. Back (l-r) Levi Clarke Merchant Seaman WW2, Herman Denty Korea, Clem Lambe - Korea, Henry Brenton - Merchant Marine, Gary Higgins Associate Member, MP Judy‟s student MP Judy‟s assistant Carol assistant Mark Browne, Levi Jorgensen, Legion President, CD1 Navy Reserve CIC. Anne Haley laid a wreath in St. George‟s.

Festivals, Events and Celebrations ……. Breakfast on the Wharf

Annual Powwows

MP Judy and Chief Michael (l-r) John N Jeddore and Noel Joe Sr., Conne Joe at the 15th Annual River; Chesley Willcott, St. Alban‟s taking in Miawpukek First Nations the entertainment at the Powwow. Powwow, Conne River.

South Coast Folk Festival

MP Judy attended breakfast on the wharf in Burin at the Burin Heritage Festival. (l-r) Councillor Shane Foote, Vivian Moulton, Howard Foote, MP Judy. (l-r) Breann Bennett, Carlen Alexander, MP Judy‟s assistant, Laura at the Bay St. George Mi‟Kmaq Powwow.

MP Judy in Grey River, McCallum and Francois Howard Foote and MP Judy join Don and Jean Hollett for breakfast at the bait depot in Grand Bank during the Summer Festival.

St. Lawrence Day MP Judy attended the 25th Annual South Coast Folk Festival in St. Jacques. Taking part in the In Grey River with (l-r) George Warren, Larry Short, MP celebration were performers - front (l-r) Bud Davidge, Judy, Norm Rose, Terrence Lushman. Dwight Williams, Mark Courtney, Harry Keeping. Back (l-r) Conrad Williams, Cyril Brown, Steve Sheppard, Allan Bambury, Joe Drake, Nancy Blagdon, Wince Keeping, Alex Hickey, founder of the festival. Insert (l-r) Gerald Stoodley, Alex Hickey.  Conrad Williams, chair, South Coast Arts Community, with MP Judy. Women in Business Network and Holiday Fair

Cutting the ribbon to open the fair in Grand Bank. (l-r) Grand Bank Development Corporation Chair Robert Parsons; Mayor Darrell Lafosse; MP Judy; MHA Darin King; Executive Director Grand Bank Development Corporation Doug Richardson.

Bay St. George Status of Women and Bay St. George Coalition to End Violence MP Judy‟s assistant Laura at the Take Back the Night March in Stephenville. (l-r) Corinne Tulk, Laura, Lily Alexander, Betty Lou White.

MP Judy and assistant Carol Anne met with Everett Durnford, Local Service District Chairperson while in McCallum. Looking on is local resident Herman Fudge.

On the wharf in Francois, MP Judy chatted with (l-r) Jerry Durnford, Local Service District Chairperson Austin Fudge, Paul Lushman.

Soccer Award Winners Francois resident Anna Baggs, 81 years old, proudly displays the Canadian flag.

Meeting with Town Council

MP Judy was guest speaker at the St. Lawrence Soccer Association Banquet. Awards were presented to players and supporters. (l-r) Clinton Edwards , Paul Slaney, Dr. Paul Slaney, Phonce Cooper (Hall of Fame), Hubert Beck (Hall of Fame), MP Judy. Richard Kelly. Roland Doyle Jr. (Hall of Fame), John Douglas, Marc Pittman. Jordan Anstey, Marystown, who won the poster contest for Volunteer Week shown with Marystown Recreation Director Dominic Lundrigan, and MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne.

MP Judy with members of the Port aux Basques Town Council. (l-r) Town Manager Melvin Keeping, Economic Development Strategist Bruce Billard, Mayor Brian Button, MP Judy, Councillors Bert Anderson, Aneitha Sheaves, Rick Farrell, and Chester Coffin.

MP Judy participated in cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremonies for St. Lawrence Day (l-r) MHA Darin King, Mayor Wayde Rowsell, MP Judy.

MP Judy Roasted MP Judy agreed to be roasted for a good cause, to raise money for the Mariner‟s (l-r) Yvonne Jones, Joan Cook, Memorial, a MP Judy, Howard Foote. provincial memorial established by the Grand Bank Heritage Society, and maintained by the heritage society, to provide a final resting place for those lost at sea. Families and others purchase a “Lost Seaman Plaque” for $600 which is placed in the pool on the site with the name of the lost seaman. Information about the project is available by writing to the Grand Bank Heritage Society, PO Box 417, Grand Site of Mariner’s Memorial with Bank, NL A0E sculpture of a woman standing at 1W0. a “Widow’s Walk” looking out to Among those on sea as many did while waiting for a love one to return home. hand to roast MP Judy were the Leader of the Official Opposition in NL, Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones; former Senator Joan Cook and former colleague in the House of Assembly, Joan Marie Aylward.

On Parliament Hill MP Judy with teacher April Myles, Fortune Bay Academy, St. Bernard's, who was in Ottawa for the Teacher‟s Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy. MP Judy with Special Olympian Daniel Philpott during Special Olympics Hill Day. (l-r) Joe and Daniel Philpott, Gander; MP Judy; Nelson White, Special Olympics NL.

Throughout the riding Volunteer Firefighters Receive Awards

MP Judy attended the Grand Bank 65th Annual Firefighters‟ Banquet. Front (l-r) Derek Strowbridge, Kelly Matthews (representing her Dad, Wade Matthews), Keith Hanham, Bob Dolimount, Craig Barnes. Back (l-r) Mayor Darrell LaFosse, MHA Darin King, Acting Fire Chief Dean Thornhill, MP Judy, Jim Skinner, Derrick Dunne. MP Judy presented the department with a plaque marking 65 years.

The Annual „Friends of the Forces Dinner & Dance‟ for the Burin Peninsula District RCMP. Front (l-r) Cst. Mark Jenkins, S/Sgt. Grant Smith, Cst. Laura Seeley, Cst. Carla Haines, Cpl. Shawn Reynolds, Cst. Henry Broomfield. Centre (l-r) Cst. Chris Pead, Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe, Cpl. Dion Foote, Cst. Alan Beaton. Back (l-r) Cst. Simon Boucher, Cst. Chris Mitchell, Cst. Paul Burke, Cst. Dave Loder, Cst. Chris Dodge, Cst. Brent Irwin. MP Judy was represented by assistant Carol Anne.


Charles and Emily Bennett, Grand Bank, celebrated a 70th wedding anniversary Sept. 7th.

MP Judy was represented at the Burin Volunteer Fire Department Annual Banquet by assistant Mark Browne. Front (l-r) MHA Clyde Jackman, Mayor Kevin Lundrigan, Joey Poulain, Fire Chief Jody Hayse. Back (l-r) Mark Browne, Max Rose, Terry Burry, Morgan Burry.

Ralph and Mary Levi and Millie Pike, Pardy, Bay L‟Argent, St. Lawrence, celebrated a 69th celebrated a 65th wedding anniversary wedding anniversary Nov. 3rd. June 8th.

Felix and Violet Bond, Fortune, celebrated a 65th wedding anniversary Nov. 22nd.

Al and Elsie Buffett, Grand Bank, celebrated a 50th Len and Addie wedding anniversary Grandy, Grand Bank, Nov. 11th. celebrated a 50th Walter and Greta Bonnell, wedding anniversary celebrated a 50th wedding Nov. 9th. anniversary Oct. 23rd. “Champ” made sure he got in on the photo! (Walter was in the country).

Rosella Brewer, Epworth, celebrated her 91st birthday Dec. 7th.

MP Judy was represented at the Marystown Volunteer Fire Department‟s Annual Banquet by assistant Carol Anne. (l-r) Darren Diamond, Arthur Allen, Doug Warren, Assistant Fire Chief Ray Nolan, Justin Nolan, Fire Chief Alex Coady, Paul Snook,

Dorothy Simms, Winterland, celebrated her 90th birthday Nov. 13th with her great granddaughter Kaleigh Tibbo.

Philip and Susie Blagdon, Grand Bank, celebrated a 65th wedding anniversary Nov. 8th.

MP Judy‟s student assistant Mark Browne with Chester and Shirley Murley, Marystown, on their 50th wedding anniversary Oct. 26th.

MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne presented a certificate to Elsie Stacey, Point May, who celebrated a 90th birthday Oct. 6th.

Recognition Margaret Moores, Rushoon, celebrated her 105th birthday on Nov. 5th.

MP Judy was represented at the Harbour Mille - Little Harbour East Firefighters and Seniors Banquet by assistant Carol Anne. (l-r) Robert Freeborn, Frederick Wall, Bert Wall, Albert Abbott, James Abbott, Fire Chief Roy Hillier, Melvin Barnes, MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne, Barry Baker. Lorraine Hanham, Grand Bank, celebrated her 80th birthday Nov. 28th with her family including great grandchildren Kelsey and Devon Flowers.

Elizabeth Snook, Stephenville, celebrated her 89th birthday Nov. 2nd.

MP Judy‟s assistant Laura Aylward presented a plaque to the Port au Port East Twilight Fifty Plus Club on their 20th anniversary. (l-r) Ida Hawco, Laura, Judy LaFitte, Theresa Hann, Mary Hynes

Assistant Carol Anne presented a certificate to Sadie Harris, Grand Bank, MP Judy presented a on her 80th birthday, plaque to Rev. Sept. 4th. Daphne Parsons, Burnt Islands Clarenville, on the 50th anniversary of While in Burnt Islands MP Judy was the St. Mary‟s interviewed for the Anglican Church. local radio station by

Eugene Hodder. Kelly Thorne is the economic For information or assistance, call my office - 1-888-237-2455 development officer with Burnt Island‟s or email Economic Visit my website Development Board.

Clarenville Firefighters Banquet (l-r) MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne, Dexter Holloway, Byron Carville, Tony Rose, Lorne Squires, Fire Chief Cory Feltham.

Clarenville Days Sonya Howse with daughter Sheena and granddaughter Anastasia at Clarenville Days.

Burin Scotiabank Manager, Betty Francis, accepted a plaque from MP Judy marking the bank‟s 100th anniversary. MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne presented a plaque to Carletta Forsey marking the 45th anniversary of Grand Bank United Church.

MP Judy recognizes constituents in the House of Commons

Staffed Lighthouses Mean Safety says MP Judy

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of the heroic actions of Shane Doucette, a resident of Port au Port West, a small community in my riding of Random—Burin—St. George's. It is because of the quick thinking and actions of Shane Doucette that his co-worker Jason Riggs is alive today. On August 18, 2008, while working for an oil company in Alberta, Shane discovered that Jason had fallen into a tank of toxic fluids. Without hesitation, Shane placed his own life at risk and rescued Jason, who was unconscious when Shane removed him from the tank. Shane revived Jason by performing CPR. While Jason required a long stay in hospital, he did make a full recovery. Because of his heroic actions, Shane was presented a Medal of Bravery Shane Doucette on Friday by the Governor General. I ask all members of the House to join me in recognizing Shane Doucette and congratulating him on this prestigious award. Shane is the son of Gerard and Gertie Doucette of Port au Port West.

Ms. Judy Foote (Random—Burin—St. George's, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, it is obvious when it comes to wasting money that the Conservative government knows no limits. Waste, not safety, is the name of the game. While the government was telling lighthouse keepers in Newfoundland and Labrador they were no longer needed, it was spending money on a fake lighthouse and a fake lake. There is nothing fake about the danger people face when working and travelling on the ocean. To suggest an automated lighthouse can replace people shows a government that is out of touch. People do not have mechanical failures. When will the government wake up and make public safety a priority? Hon. Gail Shea (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Canadian Coast Guard's number one priority is mariners' safety. The Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans has agreed to undertake a review of the additional services that are provided by lightkeepers on Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to the Hon. Diane Whalen, a former colleague in the both coasts of the country. We are confident that the committee's work will be legislature of Newfoundland and Labrador, who passed away on October 3 after a courageous very invaluable. battle with cancer. She is being laid to rest today. The Canadian Coast Guard encourages all those interested, including the As colleagues in the provincial legislature, I saw Diane work diligently lightkeepers themselves, to participate in this review. as a member of the House of Assembly and a cabinet minister. She was a Ms. Judy Foote (Random— woman of strength, tremendous integrity and an individual who garnered Burin—St. George's, Lib.): the respect of everyone for her work ethic. Although we served on Mr. Speaker, it is only the opposite sides of the house, we shared the same objective of wanting to minister and the government who make a difference and there was a mutual respect for how we achieved are asking for a review. It is not only that goal. Whether as mayor of Paradise, MHA for Conception Bay Eastin Newfoundland and Labrador Bell Island, or as a minister in three government departments, Diane's where the current government is priority was always to do her best for those she represented and for our province. All in Newfoundland and Labrador who were fortunate playing with people's lives. The Hon. Diane Whalen International Ship-Owners Alliance enough to work with Diane can attest to the positive attitude she brought to every task. Even through her battle with cancer, she continued to work when she of Canada has said the government (l-r) Aubrey Wells, Fortune, NL Senator could, determined to fulfill her responsibilities. must stop any move to automate I ask all members of the House to join me in passing along our sincere condolences to Bill Rompkey, chair of Senate Committee, lighthouses. So, while the Capt. Charles Dominaux, Grand Bank. Diane's family and friends as we salute this remarkable woman. government spent $138,000 on digital pens for the G8 summit, it ignores safety concerns of the marine industry. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to salute a woman from Marystown in the riding of Random— How can the government waste money on building a fake lake and a Burin—St. George's. landlocked lighthouse 20 kilometres from the summit site but turn its back on On July 14, 2009, while travelling on the Burin Peninsula Highway, Beverly Rose came safety provided by real lighthouses? upon an accident where a van had left the road, flipped on its side and trapped a family of seven inside. Beverly heard cries for help coming Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC): from the vehicle, and as she rushed toward the van she telephoned her Mr. Speaker, we are proud of our accomplishments at the G8 and the G20 husband telling him to call for an ambulance. When she reached the van, summits. Canada is leading the global economic recovery as well as the there was smoke coming from it and the possibility of fire breaking out. international efforts to aid developing nations. Beverly risked her own safety in order to help the two adults and five As we have said from the beginning, these were legitimate expenses. The children trapped inside. majority of them were for security purposes. There were approximately 20,000 She climbed on top of the van and will tell people she does not know security personnel on the ground during the summits. The violence and where she got the strength to pry open the damaged door on the destruction that occurred proved the need to ensure that those who attended the overturned vehicle. As smoke poured out, Beverly helped those trapped summits were protected. inside climb out. She passed the children to two men who had also As said in the House of Commons during Question Period on Oct. 4, 2010 arrived on the scene by then. By her actions, she ensured that tragedy MP Judy presented was averted. plaque to Beverly Rose. I was pleased to nominate Beverly for a decoration for bravery and was especially pleased when she was recently presented the Governor General's Certificate of Commendation. I ask all members of the House to join me in paying tribute to Beverly Rose for her act of bravery.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mr. Speaker, I rise today to remind Canadians that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada and around the world. Although much has been done to combat this dreaded disease, it is estimated that in this year alone more than 23,000 Canadian women and an estimated 180 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 5,000 will die from it. As a breast cancer survivor, I know only too well the trauma faced by the patients and their families, and I understand the importance of early detection. With early detection, today there is a 98% chance of beating breast cancer. I encourage everybody to talk to their doctors about any concerns they may have and to have a mammogram regularly. I am sure all members join me in wishing those suffering from the disease a speedy and full recovery, and in praying for the day when breast cancer will be completely eradicated and no longer an issue for women and men everywhere.

Stewart Family Day—Harbour Breton

MP Judy with members of the Stewart family celebrating Stewart Family Day and the 100th anniversary of Sunny Cottage in Harbour Breton. (l-r) Donald Stewart, Mary Stone, Ernie Emberely, Pansy Blackmore, MP Judy, Sandra Budgell, Jocelyn Power, Boyce Stewart.

MP Judy presented petition to improve screening for breast cancer Mr. Speaker, I rise today. on behalf of all Canadian women who are over the age of 40, to present a petition calling upon the Government of Canada to work with the provinces and territories to improve screening practice to reduce breast cancer mortality. On the weekend I attended the 2010 National Conference for Young Women Living with Breast Cancer. The guest speaker at that event was Yvonne Jones, the Leader of the Liberal Party in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Leader of the Official Opposition. Yvonne, who is just 42 years old, was diagnosed recently with breast cancer. Breast cancer diagnosed in women in their forties accounted for an estimated 16.5%. or one in six of all breast cancer deaths. There are approximately three million Canadian women in the 40 to 49 age category. Mammograms, mammography and screening for that group for 10 years would save 2,100 lives. However, significant differences exist across jurisdictions. They include policies regarding the screening of women 40 to 49 in high risk women. Breast cancer screening programs offered by Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador do not accept women age 40 to 49, while they do in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta with a referral, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Nunavut does not currently have an organized screening program. The women who signed this petition at the conference, and there will be other petitions coming, are asking the federal government to establish funding and programs so all provinces and territories have an organized screening program, that women aged 40 to 49 be eligible for free-of-charge breast screening to begin at Young women from NL who attended the conference Front (l-r) Ashley MacIsaac-Butler, Breast Cancer age 40, and that all women be able to self refer Network; Kelly Bradbury, Bay Roberts; Suzanne to each province's screening program. Craig, Clarkes Beach; Judy Woolridge, Corner Brook. The problem now is women cannot do that Back (l-r) Joanne Power, Gander; Janice Marshall, St. until they are 50 years old. We are calling upon John‟s; Sherry Warren, Clarenville; Leader of the Liberal Party in NL Yvonne Jones; Carol Budgell, the federal government to work with the MP Judy, Dianne Anthony, North River; provinces and territories to improve screening Clarenville; Joan Aucoin, Mount Pearl; Nina Burford, Labrador; practices to reduce breast cancer mortality. Joan Marie Aylward, St. John‟s.

How Well Do You Know Random-Burin-St. George’s? Where was this photo taken?

MP Judy‟s assistant Carol Anne attended the Cancer Relay for Life in Marystown. (l-r) Carol Anne, Shirley Herritt, Edna Cake, Georgina Stacey.

MP Judy met Stirling Wiseman, formerly of Shoal Harbour, who is the mechanic for the Ontario Provincial Police Golden Helmets. MP Judy was in northern Ontario touring with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

To help you become more familiar with Random-Burin-St. George‟s, photos of the communities in our riding are being carried in my householders. You are invited to identify the community and have your name entered in a draw to win a Canadian flag. To enter, mail or e-mail your name, address, phone number, email address and your answer to my constituency or Ottawa offices. Remember it doesn‟t cost anything to send mail to your MP!

Summer 2010 photo contest winners Congratulations! Wreck Cove was the community featured in the last contest

Isaac Bullen, English Harbour West Curtis Cox, Wreck Cove Carson Cox, Wreck Cove Margaret Rose, Harbour Breton Eric Crant, Wreck Cove (still time to enter!)

Winter Newsletter 2010  

MP Judy Foote's newsletter for Random-Burin-St. Georges

Winter Newsletter 2010  

MP Judy Foote's newsletter for Random-Burin-St. Georges