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Spring 2012

Message from MP Judy

Harper Attacks OAS

As the Harper government continues to make decisions that harm Canadians from every walk of life, people are right to be fearful that Stephen Harper will indeed live up to his promise that, and I quote, “You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it”. Having inherited a $13 billion surplus from the Liberal government, the prime minister spent it and then put the country in debt to the tune of $56 billion, the highest in this country’s history. With his majority government he is now proceeding to get rid of that deficit his government created by implementing unnecessary changes to programs of vital importance to Canadians including Old Age Security and Employment Insurance. On the chopping block as well are search and rescue services, veterans services, front line services offered by Service Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans which is being cut by $164 million. Among other cuts affecting Atlantic Canada in particular is the $50 million cut to Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and $17 million cut to Marine Atlantic. I continue to protest the actions of the Harper government, on behalf of the people in Random-Burin-St. George’s, in Question Period, in speeches to various bills and motions and in the presentations of petitions. Your concerns will continue to be raised and your voices heard as together we fight Stephen Harper and his destructive ways that inflict hardships.

Fight for Search and Rescue Continues MP Judy at the news conference in St. John's organized by the May Day Coalition and Public Service Alliance of Canada protesting the decision to close the Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) in St. John's. Oakley Johnson of North Harbour told how the MRSC was instrumental in saving his life. (L-R) Elsie and Oakley Johnson, MP Judy, retired SAR Coordinator and spokesperson, Merv Wiseman.

After the Harper government’s plan to raise the qualifying age of Old Age Security (OAS) became public, Canadians signed petitions and emails making their opposition to this irresponsible decision absolutely clear. Many of those petitions came from the people of Random-Burin-St. George’s and were presented in the House of Commons by MP Judy. The Harper government’s intention to raise the eligibility age for OAS from 65 to 67 is unacceptable and goes against the prime minister’s 2011 election promise to not decrease transfers to individuals. This is one more example of why the people of Newfoundland and Labrador were fearful of what Stephen Harper would do if he ever formed a majority. Over the next decade 4.5 million Canadians will turn 65. Of these, 92% will be eligible for OAS. In 2009, 4.6 million Canadians received OAS and 1.6 million received Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). Forty percent of OAS recipients earn less than $20,000 a year in retirement. Fifty three percent earn less than $25,000. This change will cost our lowest income seniors over $30,000 in benefits over two years and single women will be disproportionately affected by this as they tend to rely more heavily on OAS and GIS payments. Low income Canadians rely far more heavily on OAS and GIS. With this single decision the Conservative government has dealt a serious blow to Canadians which will make retirement something to be dreaded instead of something to which they can look forward. The prime minister has attempted to manufacture a false crisis surrounding OAS. However, the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer says that OAS is sustainable because Canada’s economy is expected to grow significantly over the next 20 years. That economic growth means that by 2030, the OAS program will only comprise 0.7% more of Canada’s economy than it does today which experts say is certainly affordable. It is only the prime minister who views OAS as a social program to be tampered with and disregards MP Judy met with Seniors in Barachois Brook to discuss the Conservative changes the hardship it will cause to OAS. Canadians.

MP Judy joined fellow opposition NL MPs and NL Liberal MHAs in Ottawa to protest the cuts to Search and Rescue made by the Conservative Government. (L-R) MP Jack Harris, MP Scott Simms, MHA Randy Edmunds, MP Ryan Cleary, NL Interim Liberal Leader Dwight Ball, MP Gerry Byrne, MHA Yvonne Jones, MP Scott Andrews, MP Judy.

MP Judy at the vigil marking the closure by the Harper government of the Maritime Rescue SubCentre (MRSC) in St. John's. (L-R) Neville Pawson, MP Judy, Merv Wiseman.

Seal Day on Parliament Hill Mr. Speaker, I rise to support the sealing industry and challenge the federal government to take on misguided activists whose actions hurt the industry. After thousands of years, the seal hunt remains an important part of the culture, and contributes to the economy, of Newfoundland and Labrador and all of Atlantic Canada as well as communities in Quebec and the North. In addition to jobs and food for Canadians, the world can benefit from seal products. The meat is rich in protein and iron. Growing demand for Omega-3 has seen a demand for seal oil. Uniqueness has made seal fur a high demand material. The seal population has exploded from 2 million harp seals to nearly 10 million and from 30,000 grey seals to more than 350,000. Federal and Provincial Liberals Scientists say this could be a factor in the decline of our fish stocks which threaten our rural communities. unite showing their support for the Canadian Sealing Industry. The Liberal Party is committed to a commercial sealing industry. This federal government must (L-R) MP Scott Andrews, MP do more to promote it and help ensure its sustainability. It is time for all parties to stand up for the seal Judy, Federal Interim Liberal hunt and those who make a living from it. Leader Bob Rae, MHA Yvonne Jones, MP Scott Simms.

As presented in the House of Commons on February 2, 2012

Change to EI Program Alarming

MP Judy attends events………

Canadians, including the people of Random-Burin-St. George’s, continue to voice their opposition to Stephen Harper’s destructive changes to the Employment Insurance (EI) Program. Among other things, the recent Conservative changes to EI will negatively impact seasonal workers and their employers. The Conservative’s omnibus budget implementation bill, Bill C-38, will take away Parliament’s power to review important changes to the EI Act and instead give the sole discretionary power to implement changes in the hands of the Minister of Human Resource and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). This is the same minister who is spear heading the Conservative attack on Old Age Security (OAS).

MP Judy at the 24th Annual Bay St. George South Volunteer Fire Department Banquet in Jeffrey’s.

MP Judy in Winterland at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Liberals were successful in forcing the government to come clean with their intentions before the bill is unfortunately passed by the Conservative majority in the House of Commons. The Conservatives recently revealed that they intend to apply their crime and punishment approach to the EI system. According to the Minister of HRSDC, the new system will create three classes of Canadians, those who the Conservatives consider to be long-tenured workers, frequent EI claimants and occasional claimants. In other words, the Conservatives consider people who claim EI during repeated periods of unemployment to be repeat offenders and want to penalize them for losing a job through no fault of their own.

MP Judy and MHA Andrew Parsons in Isle Aux Morts at the 33rd Annual Firefighter's Banquet. Photo taken by Carol Hopkins

MP Judy with the volunteer firefighters from Harbour Mille and Little Harbour East at their 23rd The Prime Minister expects EI claimants with three or more Annual Christmas Seniors Dinner in Harbour Mille. claims totalling more than 60 weeks in the past five years to accept a MP Judy presented a plaque to Gloria Tibbo in job that pays 30% less than their last job after being without a job for memory of her husband Chesley, a volunteer six weeks. These changes could mean that seasonal workers might be expected to take low paying jobs within an hour commute from their firefighter, who died tragically. homes or risk losing their EI. Clearly, this policy has not been properly thought out and will negatively impact communities without MP Judy’s assistant in public transportation and leaves many questions unanswered for the Stephenville repeat applicants who live in areas where there are no available jobs constituency office, to supplement seasonal industries. Laura Aylward, represented her at the This government is making the changes under the guise of a 34th Annual Margaree skilled labour shortage, yet there is nothing in this bill that helps to –Fox Roost Firefighter’s address a skilled labour shortage. Instead it will force people to take Banquet. lower paying jobs farther away.

MP Judy at the 31st Annual Stephenville Crossing Firefighter’s Banquet.

While it is important to improve the way the government informs unemployed Canadians about job vacancies in their areas, simply sending more emails does not help the 30% of rural Canadians who do not have access to the internet. To make matters worse, the government recently announced that it has cut all funding to the Community Access Program (CAP), where in Random-BurinSt. George’s alone, there were 32 CAP sites that assisted communities and individuals in rural areas to obtain an affordable internet connection. Without CAP, many people in Random-BurinSt. George’s will not have access to any of the electronic job notifications. In addition, earlier this year, the government announced MP Judy and MHA Andrew Parsons joined Fire Chief Jerry Musseau at the Annual Channel-Port aux that they would no longer fund seasonal Centres for Youth at Service Basques Volunteer Firefighter’s Banquet where volunteer firefighter, Bob Allen, was recognized for his 50 Canada locations across Canada including in our province, where years of volunteer service. previously youth could receive in person assistance to help find a job and help with resume writing. The Conservatives lack of consultation with employees, employers, communities and provinces before announcing these changes is distressing. While some changes may be warranted, any changes to the EI Act should be removed from the omnibus budget implementation bill and studied by a Parliamentary committee to understand exactly how such changes will impact Canadians. It is essential that instead of punishing those who are without work through no fault of their own, we invest in training both MP Judy dropped the puck at the hockey game in Clarenville between the Caribous and the Mount young Canadians and unemployed Canadians.

Three Generations Pearl Blades. (L-R) Caribous Captain Dustin MP Judy with Rita Blanchard of Stephenville who celebrated Russell, MP Judy, Blades Captain Grant Kenny.

MP Judy Welcomes Visitors to Parliament Hill MP Judy and MP Scott Simms met with Albert Gibbons of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary who was in Ottawa with the Canadian Police Association (CPA) meeting with MPs of all political parties to outline the CPA's concerns and the need for increased funding for policing services throughout the country. MP Judy on Parliament Hill with Jane Pitfield, owner of Gaultois Inn, former home of Captain James Cook. A Great Escape!

MP Judy met with members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Real Estate Association, Kimberley French and Neil Norcott, while they were in Ottawa as members of the Canadian Real Estate Association to meet with MPs. MP Judy in Centre Block on Parliament Hill with (l-r) Randy Alexander, teacher at Stephenville High School; Riley Fleming and Kodi Ayers who both took part in the Encounters with Canada program and are students at St. Joseph's Academy in Lamaline.

her 100th birthday on February 17th. (L-R) Granddaughter Melanie Downey, MP Judy, Rita Blanchard, Daughter Margaret Downey.

MP Judy and fellow Liberal colleagues MP Scott Simms and MP Scott Andrews with Grand FallsWindsor Fire Chief Vince MacKenzie, who is also NL's representative on the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, for a meeting in Ottawa where they were presented with plaques in recognition of their support for volunteer firefighters. MP Judy on Parliament Hill with Hannah Tilley from Clarenville who was in Ottawa participating in the Encounters with Canada program. Hannah is the daughter of Paul and Evelyn Tilley.

……...throughout the riding Milestones

St. Joseph’s Academy Senior Prom in Lamaline. MP Judy’s assistant, Laura, at the College of the North Atlantic Bay St. George Campus graduation.

John Burke High Senior Prom, Grand Bank. MP Judy with sisters Michelle and Megan Keeping. Their parents are George and Lillian Keeping.

MP Judy and Mario Jarvis, principal of Holy Name of Mary Academy in Lawn, with the graduating class.

MP Judy and MHA Andrew Parsons at the Burgeo Academy Senior Prom.

MP Judy at the Fortune Bay Academy Senior Prom in St. Bernard’s- Jacques Fontaine.

MP Judy presented a plaque to Major Lyndon Hale of the Grand Bank Salvation Army Corps in recognition of its 125th Anniversary.

MP Judy with the Outstanding Achievement Award recipients of Marystown Campus Keyin College. (L-R) Principal Loretta Lewis, Rosalie Brockerville, Michael Moulton, Theresa Spencer, Rachel Budgen, Violet Firmage, MP Judy.

MP Judy at the College of the North Atlantic Burin Campus graduation with the scholarship winners. Front (l-r): Colton Banfield, Valedictorian Sandra Butler, Abigail Drake, Cynthia Brewer, Rhonda Farrell, Mary Farrell. Back (l-r): Cyril Organ, VP Academic and Learner Services; Stephen Warren, Campus Administrator; MHA Darin King, Jonathan Barnes, Shane Strang, Jordan King, MP Judy.

MP Judy with John Burke High Masquerades Drama Troupe, winner of the Best Overall Production at the Annual Regional Burin Peninsula Drama Festival. MP Judy met Winnie Crocker, the oldest resident in Swift Current, at the Seniors Christmas Dinner held at Memorial United Church.

Fisheries Roundtable

MPs Visit the Riding Canada’s first astronaut in Space, MP Marc Garneau, and MP Scott A n d r e w s joined MP Judy for the hockey game between the Clarenville Caribous and the CBS Cee Bees. The Caribous won the game 6-3 to advance to the Herder Cup which they won. Congratulations! (LR) MP Scott Andrews, Clarenville Mayor Fred Best, MP Judy, MP Marc Garneau, Interim Leader of the NL Liberal Party, Dwight Ball.

MP Judy’s assistant Carol Anne Haley and Mayor Maureen Fleming of Lamaline with Councillor Leslie Lovell, recipient of a M unicipa l S ervice Award for 30 years of service as a Councillor, Deputy Mayor, and Mayor of Lamaline.

MP Judy presented a plaque to Rev Mary Rose Colbourne and Members of the Vestry of St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church in Burgeo in recognition of its 100th Anniversary. (L-R) Edgar Ricketts, Elsie Rose, Guy Hann, Rev Colbourne, MP Judy, Rev George Childs, Doris MacDonald, George Anderson.

The Town of Point May celebrated its 50th Anniversary of Incorporation. (L-R) MP Judy’s assistant Carol Anne presented a plaque on her behalf, Councillor Hubert Slaney Jr., Mayor Carmelita Hillier, Councillor Marie Slaney, Deputy Mayor Muriel Cousins, Councillor Louise Roberts.


MP Judy presented a plaque to the Grand Bank Harbour Authority in recognition of its Achievement Award 2011. (L-R) Directors Arch Evans, Don Hollett, Hugh Barter and Harbour Master Bruce Burt.

MP Judy with the Provincial Senior Volunteer of the Year, Arch Spencer of Marystown and his wife Margaret.

Stephenville and Kippens Stephen Awards Banquet. (L-R) Jackie LeGrow, Senior Athlete of the Year; Jillian Forsey, Jr. Female Athlete of the Year; MP Judy’s assistant Laura; Jesse Byrne, Jr. Male Athlete of the Year; Sonali Verma, Youth of the Year; Susan Oates, Citizen of the Year.

Liberal Fisheries Critic MP Lawrence MacAulay and MP Scott Andrews joined MP Judy at a roundtable to Clarenville Legion Branch 27th Annual Honours and discuss fishery issues including Fleet Separation. (L-R) Awards Banquet. Front (l-r): John Preston, President Inshore Council Member, Alfred Fitzpatrick; Wayne Wes Stringer, MHA Ross Wiseman, MP Judy, District Masters, Executive Board, Inshore Council; Allan Commander Nelson Granter; Legionnaire of the Year, Moulton, Marystown local president, FFAW; MP Jackie Vokey. Back (l-r): Dave Gullage, Lucy Critch, MacAulay, MP Judy, Edgar Jarvis, president, St. Albert Noseworthy, Harry Sutton, Denise Brown, Lawrence Fishermen's Committee and vice president, Beverley Lundrigan, Randy Goodyear. Placentia Bay Crab Committee; MP Andrews.

MP Judy Recognizes Constituents in the House of Commons Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Erica Noonan from Stephenville in my riding of Random-Burin-St. George’s. Erica was born without the lower part of her right arm, but has never allowed this to hold her back. Since she was 6-months old Erica has been involved in the War Amps Child Amputee Program, and credits the organization with making her a more confident person. Today, Erica is a junior counselor at War Amps seminars and spreads a message that we can all adhere to: “Believe in yourself and live your life with a positive attitude. It is not about winning and coming first, but winning in life and doing the best you can.” A gifted athlete, she was chosen as flag bearer for Team NL at the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax. Erica, who is a primary/elementary education student at Memorial University, was presented recently with a Champ Ambassador Certificate for her work in the War Amps Operation Legacy.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honour a group of youth from the town of Gaultois, in my riding of RandomBurin-St. George’s. This year marks the tenth anniversary for the Junior Canadian Rangers in Gaultois, an isolated community with a population of 180 residents. While the Gaultois Junior Rangers is comprised of just 12 youth, their commitment and enthusiasm is second to none.

The dedicated youth who join this organization I ask all members to join me in paying tribute to Erica Noonan, an extraordinary young woman learn skills that equip them to become responsible in the who reminds us that with the right attitude and determination there is no reason why anyone cannot lead outdoors with many of them becoming members of firsta full and rewarding life. responder organizations, either as volunteers or As presented in the House of Commons on December 1, 2011 professionals. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize William Breon, a young man from Grand Bank, in my In rural Canada, the Canadian Rangers are riding of Random-Burin-St. George’s. known for their expertise in search and rescue operations At 12 years of age, he has proven to be a prolific fundraiser in the fight and is a valuable asset to the local law enforcement. The against Multiple Sclerosis, a disease his father Frank has been battling for more Junior Rangers program provides many young men and than a decade. Over the past five years, William has raised approximately $15,000 women in rural Canada with exposure to the adult to help combat this dreaded disease. organization. His commitment is exemplary. At the MS Walk in St. John’s last year, Mr. Speaker, I ask all members to join me in William was the top fundraiser, collecting over $5000. showing our admiration for all youth who are members of this exemplary organization, and in congratulating the He has received the Grand Bank Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award, Gaultois Junior Canadian Rangers on the occasion of the MS Society Non-Member Merit Award, and has been nominated for an Experience Genie Award. To their tenth anniversary. win the Genie Award, William needs your support. I encourage everyone to visit As presented in the House of Commons on March 6, 2012 and vote for William so he can have a wish granted by Experience Genie. Mr. Speaker, I ask all members of the House to join me in saluting 12 year old William Breon who is proving that you are never too young to make a difference. As presented in the House of Commons on December 8, 2011 Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Samantha Nash from McCallum, an isolated community with a population of 80 residents, in my riding of Random-Burin-St. George’s. Samantha is a graduate of St. Peter’s All Grade School with a student population of nine and three teachers who each teach several grades, and where high school students have no choice but to complete the majority of their high school courses online. This requires concentration and commitment. Upon graduation Samantha learned her grades had won her two scholarships to study at Memorial University in St. John’s where she is currently in her fourth year of the engineering program. Recently, Samantha was one of only two students from Memorial selected to travel to Ottawa to participate in the 44th Annual Canadian Mineral Processors Conference.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize a young woman from St. George's in the riding of RandomBurin-St. George’s. In 2009, while a student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Laura Chubb was part of a group that travelled to Tanzania in Africa to teach men and women in the HIV and AIDS ravaged Pemba Island. She was so affected by the suffering she witnessed, she later returned to Africa on her own, this time to Kenya, intent on documenting the suffering she witnessed, but also to show the world the beauty of East Africa and to share a message of hope. While in Kenya, Laura volunteered with Kwacha Africa, helping in some of the worst famine-affected areas of the country.

I ask all members of the House to join me in recognizing this young woman who has Although Laura is busy working on a Master's demonstrated that with perseverance, and the support of dedicated teachers, students from even the most Degree in Kinesiology, she is also preparing for her next remote communities and smallest of schools with limited resources, can excel in their chosen field. As presented in the House of Commons on February 7, 2012 trip. In May she will leave for Peru and spend 50 days assisting residents with the new farming techniques and Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize a remarkable young man helping build a new community centre. from Marystown in my riding of Random-Burin-St. George’s. Laura Chubb sees the world as a place in which Now 19 years old, at the age of 14, William Short wanted to lift we are responsible for the well-being of each other. I ask the spirits of terminally-ill children so he formed the charity, Short all members of the House to join me in recognizing this Circuit Dream, to raise funds to grant them a dream. compassionate young woman who is doing her part to make a difference. To date, the charity has granted 12 dreams that include TV As presented in the House of Commons on April 30, 2012 sets, video games and computers to a bedroom makeover. William’s kindness has been recognized with various awards including the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, the Knight of the Year Award, the URock Volunteer Award, the Finalist for TD Canada Trust Community Leadership Scholarship, the Loran Award National Finalist and the Knights of Columbus State Scholarship.

Do You Know Our Riding?

Last year he received the Newfoundland and Labrador Knights of Columbus Award and was selected as one of the ten provincial finalists for the Experience Genie title finishing in an impressive third place. William is currently a student at Memorial University in St. John’s. As presented in the House of Commons on February 27, 2012

Why not identify the community above and have your name entered to win a Canadian flag? To enter, mail or e-mail your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and your answer to MP Judy’s office. WINTER 2011 PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS Grand Bruit was featured in our last contest

MP Judy with Matthew Hare of Grand Bank who has recorded another CD -this one entitled "This Time Last Year". MP Judy joined in the celebration of recognition of the Indian Head First Nations Band, which took place in Stephenville.

Yvonne Organ, LaPoile; Jean Rose, Fortune; Lloyd Hillier, Burin Bay Arm; Marcy Billard, Burgeo; Jenna Adams, Burin; Sharon Cake, Lamaline; Cathy Barter, Grey River; Eric Boland, Point May; Margaret Hayman, Channel-Port aux Basques; John Short, Hermitage; Tracy Parsons, Burgeo; Gilbert Melbourne, Burgeo; Larry MacDonald, Halifax, NS; Glen Dominey, Burgeo; Gerald Crant, Wreck Cove; Elizabeth Crant, Wreck Cove; Eric Crant, Wreck Cove.

For Information or Assistance Reach me by email at Or call toll free at 1-888-237-2455

Newsletter Spring 2012  

MP Judy Foote Spring 2012 Newsletter

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