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Judy Bong Mrs.Mirecka Period 7 2/Nov/2010

Mailbox “Yuck! What smell is this?” the post officer opened the red post box. Inside was a small white Maltese with closed eyes. Brown stains were all over the white fur and clogged together because of the mud and rain. White Maltese looked very exhausted. The dog looked like a sculpture with a broad smile. It was cold and hard. ******

Douglass It has been already a month staying at master’s friend’s house. I walked very slowly staring down at the ground. Everything was meaningless without my master. Drawing his face everyday in my head, another day passed as the world darkened. When will you return to pick me up master? I am waiting for you in front of the door every single day. A drop of tear rolled down my face and in my dream I was with my master. “Douglass, give me your right paw.” My master loved to see me following his commend. I used to mirror his action and place my paw on his hand to make my master smile, and to receive small prize, a sausage. “Douglass, fetch the ball!” “Woof, woof” I loved to play Frisbee with my master. Everyday, every single moment was so jubilant that I sometimes thought it was a dream. I wiped my tear off and stepped out from the house and sniffed the air to check if my master was anywhere near. As my master entered YALE University, he had to leave me behind. I remember the day when master left me. My master and my eyes met. His eyes were half filled with tears like my eyes. Master petted my head and turned away. As he walked away he kept turned back looking at me. I barked with all of my might, “Don’t leave me MASTER~” I watched

his back moving further and further away until he was just an dot on the road. My new owner, master’s friend, held on to me so firmly that I could not resist entering the house. I reluctantly stepped in to the house. New smell, new environment, new people. Since then, this place became my new shelter. I waited everyday, but master did not come back. I wandered around the house and walked to the corner of the room. I did not know what to do without my master, who I stayed since I was a baby. I panicked. The only question in my head now was, ‘when will master come back?’ Without eating and moving, I stayed still like a stone statue in front of the door waiting for master to come back. I knew I was making my new owner annoying, but I couldn’t stop waiting for the master, because I believed he will come back. I could not do anything else. In my dreams, master and I were running on the green field, playing Frisbee like usual. Sun rose, another boring, mournful day started. As usual I staggered to the door. At the door, I watched sun rising and setting. Suddenly, the voice of master passed my head. “The mailbox will send letters to where it wants to go.” That was what my master used to say when he walked me to post his letter to his friend. “Right! That’s it. I can go to meet my master if I go into the post box. It will send me to him because I desperately want to go back to him.” In one second I rushed toward the mailbox. I knew where it was exactly. It was kind of far away but I did not care. I ran and ran just looking straight. My legs wiggled from the tiredness, I collapsed many times, but refused to stop. I felt coldness. One drop, two drop and many drops. The sky started to pour down rain. My furs soaked wet and I shivered. The road covered with the soil turned to mud pools. My white paws turned brown, and as I get wetter, I shivered more. Over the horizon I saw bright red box. With my last strength I sprinted to the mailbox. I lifted my head up, looking at the hole on the top of the huge red mailbox. The mailbox was ten times bigger than me. I was overwhelmed by its size and height. How am I supposed to climb all the way up to the opening and enter the mailbox? I slowly walked around mailbox, searching for the way to enter. I stopped as I felt something under my paw. Under the paw there was a letter. I think it fell out from the mail

box. The door of the mailbox was slightly opened. May be the post officer forgot to lock it. The small opening of the door opened wider as I pushed myself into the mailbox. Of course I did not forget to grab a letter on the ground on the way to mailbox. Inside was full of redness. I could hear the staccato of the rain. Letters, parcels, there were all sorts of things with the addresses in the mailbox. My eye lids felt heavy. I was so sleepy, may be because of the exhaustion. I slowly settled myself and sat at the corner of the mail box. My eyes slowly closed and I began to dream. It was the happiest and most relieved time after master left. Listening to the beautiful music of the rain, I dreamed. In my dreams I met my master and he hugged me. I could feel his warmth and smell him again.

Master It’s been a week without Douglass. I feel really empty without my soul mate Douglass. I always think about him and wonder if he is having a nice time with the new owner. I started to have a part time job so I can save money and rent a house where I can live together with Douglass. Every part of my body aches because of tough schedule, but I endure them with the thought of living together with Douglass. Every day I wrote a journal with the picture of me in my blog. I took a picture of myself in front of Empire State building and posted in the blog. I also found photos of Douglass and these made me to miss him even more. I decorated and posted lots of pictures as possible to show to Douglass. I requested Joe to show my blog to Douglass. Ring, Ring……. I staggered towards the desk and picked up the phone. “Hello? Hello?” there was no answer. I was about to hung up, when someone spoke. “Hello? Who are you?” “……It’s Joe. I have something to tell you.” Joe sounded awful. I was pretty sure something terrible happened. “What is wrong Joe? Are you ok?” I asked with worry. “I am sorry. I am very sorry,” Joe repeated.

I did not understand at all what was so sorry. So I asked him, “Sorry for what?” “I….. I lost your dog. When I woke up in the morning, Douglass was no longer at the house. So I searched everywhere in the house, but I couldn’t find him. The door was opened. I think he went outside. I am so sorry,” Joe mumbled and sighed. “Hello? Hello? Are you listening to me? Are you ok?” Joe asked with worried voice. I dropped my phone. I could not believe it. My heart sank. I bent down to pick the telephone from the ground. My hand shook vigorously from the shock. I had to hold my hand with other hand to hold it still. “Oh my gosh. So what did you do? Did you tell the police? Did you look around neighborhood?” I knew it was not Joe’s fault, but I screamed at him. “Yes I did. But I can’t find Douglass,” Joe sighed deeply. “Ok, call me again right away once you obtain any other news about Douglass,” I hung up the phone, and my heart bumped violently from the shock and worry. I could not standstill. I felt my whole blood drying up. I tossed and turned in bed the whole night. I finally fell in a sleep at about 4a.m. The phone vibrated in my hand. I instantly raised my body and picked up the phone. It was Joe. “Hello? Joe, did you find Douglass?” there was no answer but weeping of Joe. Now I became more worried. “Joe, what happened?” there was still no answer. After few seconds, Joe opened his mouth. “Douglass is dead,” Joe mumbled in a low voice. I could no longer talk. I heard the entire story from Joe about what happened to Douglass. Joe briefly explained to me. He said that Douglass was found dead inside the mailbox. After hearing it, I felt very guilty for Douglass’s death. It was entirely my fault. I was not supposed to leave him alone. Also why did I tell him such a ridiculous thing about the mailbox? It was all my fault. With the earliest flight, I returned to Korea to see Douglass for last time. But I could no longer see him, but just a small grave under the tree with his name inscribed. I placed the

Frisbee we used to play with on the grave. I sat there and cried for a long time, feeling sorry and regretful for leaving Douglass behind. Douglass remained in my heart forever as the best dog in the world.


this is a sad story about a vdog searching for his owner