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Doctor Terry McGuire, Pastor December 2012 volume 12

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Anthony United Methodist church

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More that News Holiday Cheer Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday was not as black as last year. The reason they said was that the sales started on Thursday. There goes Thanksgiving. Now the sales will begin on Wednesday and more and more people will have to work on our national holiday. Soon there will never be a day that is not dedicated to attaining the Almighty Dollar. Our own family Thanksgiving meal has to wait until Saturday because our children are either at the in-laws for dinner or have to work on that day. Personally, I do not mind waiting to have Thanksgiving with my family because they go to the other side of the house. I understand when someone has to take care of people in the hospitals and homes. But when businesses force their employees to trump our national and religious holidays just to create an atmosphere of madness around buying things, then I get a little bent. I am not speaking against business trying to make a profit nor am I against business working hard to make a go of things. I am not against spending money for Christmas gifts. But what happens when we let our Christmas spending interfere with our worship of God. What happens when our Christmas becomes not the worship of the almighty God but the worship of the almighty Dollar and how many big things we can buy for family and friends? What happens when our Black Friday, Thanksgiving day now, puts us so far into debt that it takes months to trim down. True Holiday cheer has nothing to do with expensive gifts, football, or even the Turkey dinner. The true Holiday cheer comes from the inside and not the outside. True Holiday spirit comes not because of what is happening in the economy, or on the stock market, or even in the weather. True Holiday spirit comes from our faith in Jesus as our living Lord and King.

The things of this world will one day pass away. The importance of "things" will disappear and the importance of a relationship will be everything. This Holiday season let the cheer of Jesus Christ pick you up and may you have the Spirit of Christmas that only Jesus can give. Your Pastor, Terry McGuire

Thanks To Our Worship Team

December 2012 BIRTHDAYS 12-01 Lori Jensen 12-02 Karen Hall 12-05 Joy Dodgen 12-06 Susan Croft Doug Williams 12-11 Cheris Coggins Ty Hadsall 12-13 Mike Cather Kathy Stewart 12-14 Dour Hite Dick Cantrell 12-15 Caitlin Dodgen June Kastens 12-17 Kelly Clark Curt Clark 12-21 Jennifer Clark 12-24 Adam Clark Connie Williams 12-25 Haley Dodgen 12-28 Cate Kenney 12-29 Rachel Dunn Lauren Walker 12-30 Charlene Hekel Barbara Gaffney Martha Hadsall Dennis Dodgen 12-31 Crystal Carothers

Ministers: Everyone Pastor: Reverend Terry McGuire Lay Leaders: Mike Cather Head Ushers: Roger & Tom McKnight Choir Director: Curt Clark Pianist: Martha Hadsall Acolytes for December 2012 12-02 Cole Anderson & Neve Jensen 12-09 Austin Clark & Jacob Clark 12-16 Neve Jensen & Jaylee Hekel 12-23 Audrey Befort & Innslee Albright 12-30 Cole Anderson & Neve Jensen Children’s Sermons for December 2012 12-02 Amy Walker 12-09 Tess Anderson 12-16 Sunny Reed 12-23 Jen Clark 12-30 Bret Walker Liturgists for December 2012 12-02 Bret Walker 12-09 Karen Hare 12-16 Mike Cather 12-23 John Templeton 12-30 Kathy Stewart Muggers for December 2012 12-02 Kathy Stewart 12-09 Karen Cather 12-16 Connie Williams 12-23 Crissa Cox 12-30 Bryant & Tess Anderson Ushers for December 2012 12-02 Bob Hekel & Troy & Becky Lankton 12-09 Robert & Carolyn Sharp Dusty & Erin Albright 12-16 Joyce Gipple & Wanda Harnden Ross & Amy Latta 12-23 Bryant & Tess Anderson Dean & Pat Berthold 12-30 Max & Kathleen Shaffer Gerald & Pat Wolff Communion Servers December 2, 2012 12-02 Kathy Stewart & Lori Jensen Kregg & Katie Carothers 12-24 Mike & Karen Cather Ben Cather & Jeff Cather Song Leaders for December 2012 12-02 Marsha Carothers 12-09 Sloane Freeman 12-16 Karen Cather 12-23 Curt Clark 12-30 Lori Jensen

The TNT Sunday school class is doing advent dinner on Dec. 2nd. They are planning on a

December Calendar Cookie Visitation On December 12th UMW will have cookie plate building. Please bring cookies to the church by 2:30 so we can get our cookies ready to take to the shut-ins. Usually those who go caroling will deliver the plates of cookies to those who will be receiving them.

Ross and Amy Latta have a new member to their family. A fast delivery for a new one. Drake Ross Latta Born on November 16, 2012 Weighing in at 8 Pounds and 8 Ounces. Standing 21 inches tall. Congratulations to Ross, Amy, Ty & Brody!

potato bar. Faith Factory Sunday school is planning for the 16th. They would like to challenge other groups including Sunday school classes and small groups to plan dinners for the 9th, & 23rd. The proceeds go to the Ministerial Association for Christmas needs, etc.

Military men and women in Iraq and other parts of our world,  Our President and others in leadership positions  Our church and our town  People who are confined to their home  Those suffering hardships from “Sandy”  Jon Curtis  Carol Hamilton  Penny Welch’s Family  Major Weiss  Joan Echternach  Norma Geesling  Leroy & Redeara Godfrey  Max Shaffer  Jean Andrews  Florence Barber  Dylan Dragoo  Dr. Terry McGuire  Rev. Aaron Mandondo  Riley Holmes  Kyle Newlin      

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Isaiah 40:11 He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young

2nd TNT Sunday School Advent dinner following church. 5th Trustees meet & Nominating committee meet 12th UMW prepare cookies for shut-ins Christmas Caroling & cook ies delivered. 16th Joash Offering Faith Factory Advent Dinner Christmas Program 24th Candle light Christmas Service

Christmas Caroling Here we go a Caroling. Plan on December 12th at 5:30 pm to go Christmas Caroling. Everyone is invited to go along. Trinity will after everyone returns to the church to have hot chili and cinnamon rolls for everyone to eat. I am sure there will be a warm drink to help warm up those insides. What fun for everyone to enjoy.

Top 10 Predictions No Matter Who Won the Election 1.

A Christmas Prayer “O God, our help in ages past Our Hope in years to be”— Look down upon this present And see our need of Thee… For in this age of unrest, With danger all around, We need Thy hand to lead us To higher, safer ground… We need Thy help and counsel To make us more aware, That our safety and security Lie solely in Thy care… And so we pray this Christmas To feel Thy presence near And for Thy all-wise guidance Throughout the coming year… First give us understanding Enough to make us kind, So we may judge all people With our heart and not our mind, Then give us strength and courage To be honorable and true, And place our trust implicitly In “unseen things” and “You.” And help us when we falter And renew our faith each day, And forgive our human errors And hear us when we pray. And keep us gently humble In the Greatness of Thy love So someday we are fit to dwell With Thee in peace above. Helen Steiner Rice

The Bible will still have the answers. 2. Prayer will still work. 3. The Holy Spirit will still move. 4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people. 5. There will still be God-anointed preaching. 6. There will still be singing of praise to God. 7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people. 8. There will still be room at the Cross. 9. Jesus will still love you. 10. Jesus will still save the lost when the come to Him. ISN’T IT GREAT TO KNOW WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL?!!

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