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Doctor Terry McGuire, Pastor September 2013 9th volume

The Circuit Rider

Anthony United Methodist church

225 N. Bluff Ave, P.O. Box 542 Church School 9:45 a.m. Worship Celebration 10:50 a.m. Phone Numbers: Church: 620-842-5486 Parsonage: 620-842-3241 Website: Email:

September 2013 More than News The New Great Plains Conference The new Great Plains Conference was voted into existence on Friday August 23, 2013 at the BiCentennial Center in Salina, Kansas. More than 1,700 United Methodists from the Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska annual conferences met Aug. 22 and 23 in Salina, Kan., to consider the Plan of Organization for the new Great Plains United Methodist Conference. The final section of the plan was adopted just before noon Aug. 23, a full half-day ahead of schedule. A final resolution summarizing the three separate conferences’ actions was adopted unanimously. This act brought us back full circle from where we began in 1856 when the Kansas /Nebraska Methodist Conference was first organized. Since that time we have had many changes and reorganizations of all three conferences. The last reorganization of all three conferences happened back in 1968 when the Methodist and the Evangelical United Brethren denominations merged into the United Methodist Church. The theme of the uniting conference was “Coming Home.” During our sessions, the main focus was adopting the new organizational structures needed to form a new organization. Even though we are all United Methodist, each of the three conferences did things differently. As a result, the organizational committee molded the best of all three conferences into an organization that would fit our needs as a new conference and would be compatible to the General United Methodist Church. The fact that we got done by Friday noon is a testament to the detailed work of the planning committee. They deserve a lot of credit and thanks for their efforts. Like every document that is written by human hands, there will always need to be some tweaking in language and intent. There were some times on Wednesday and Thursday that we had many motions to tweak the document rather than simply review what the committee had done. While some of the changes were needed, many of them were changes that the committee had already considered and had made specific recommendations. Other times the changes actually needed to be reviewed and corrected by a smaller committee. Two times we were reminded that we were passing a basic document that would need to be revised in the future. The conference went as smoothly as could be anticipated. The fact that we were able to get done early was very impressive. God was at work in the conference. I hope and pray that in the years to come we might be able to work together as we did at our first meeting. The Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church will become a new body on January 1, 2014. As some would say, “We have gone a long way around the barn just to get where we began in 1856.” Yet, we are now united 157 years after we first began this journey as Methodist way back when our states were simply territories in the growing United States of America. May God bless us as we begin a new chapter of bringing the Gospel to the Great Plains Area of Kansas and Nebraska. Terry McGuire Pastor John Templeton Lay Representative to the Annual Conference

Thanks To Our Worship Team

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2013 BIRTHDAYS Robert Sharp Brook Ireland Morgan Grippin Nicole Schmidt Jennifer Hamill Jaden Miller Jennifer Koehler Trevor Starks Stephanie Grippin Ken Carothers Paige Hoskinson Florence Barber Carolyn Sharp Joel Walker Gene Carothers Wynona Mandevill Chandler Calderon Cynthia Clark Leroy Godfrey John Templeton Ferris Williams Ross Latta Dorothy Nickel Anniversaries

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Dusty & Erin Albright Tom & Rogene McKnight Dean & Pat Bertholf Larry & Bonnie Dunn Robert & Carolyn Sharp Dan & Beth Farmer

Ministers: Everyone Pastor: Reverend Terry McGuire Lay Leaders: Mike Cather Head Ushers: Gerald Wolff Choir Director: Curt Clark Pianist: Martha Hadsall Acolytes for 2013 09-01 Ty Latta & Jack Walker 09-08 Austin Clark & Jacob Clark 09-15 Miles & Kendall Grippin 09-22 Audrey Befort & Innslee Albright 09-29 Neve Jensen & Jaylee Hekel Children’s Sermons 2013 09-01 Tess Anderson 09-08 Kathy Francis 09-15 Amy Walker 09-22 Sunny Reed 09-29 Jen Clark Liturgists for 2013 09-01 Bryant Anderson 09-08 Mike Cather 09-15 Curt Clark 09-22 Bret Walker 09-29 Ben Cather Ushers for 2013 09-01 Dusty & Erin Albright Ben & Amanda Cather 09-08 Bret & Lauren Walker Ron & Sue Poor 09-15 Kyle & Jen Clark John & Marti Templeton 09-22 Wanda Harnden & Karen Hall Robert & Carolyn Sharp 09-29 Lance & Sloan Freeman Tom & Rogene McKnight Communion Steward 09-01 Karen Cather Communion Servers 09-01 Robert & Carolyn Sharp Lauren Walker & Lori Jensen Song Leaders for 2013 09-01 Karen Cather 09-08 Suzanne Clark 09-15 Curt Clark 09-22 Lori Jensen 09-29 Marsha Carothers A Great Big Thank You to those Volunteering to be a leader in worship this month.

We are looking for volunteers to drive the church van on Sunday to bring folks to Sunday morning services. If you would be interested in this outreach, let Mike Cather know.

Military men and women in Iraq and other parts of our world,  Our President and others in leadership positions  Our church and our town From our Finance Chair:  People who are confined to their home AUMC Budget Report January 1 to  Family of Treva Michel July 31, 2013  Clara Newton Total Offerings & Incomes $103,054  Rogene McKnight Anticipated/Budgeted Offerings $110,600  Tonya Hekel  Joan Underwood & Income Income Deficit To-Date ($ 7,546.00)  Dr. Jerry Hall AUMC Finance Committee  Robert Hekel  Gary Henderson  Lois McGuire  Sara McGuire  Evah Beard  Dylan Dragoo  Florence Barber  Evah Beard  Ferris Williams 

Crafternoons We will be making this fun fall craft September 8 at 3 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Limit 10 participants. There will be a fee of $8. Come Join Us!

AUMC will be working the Thrift Shop on the 4th Thurs. & Fri. of each month from 9-1. We need volunteers to help Irmal on the first Sat. of each month. Tuesdays we need volunteers to come help mark the Brick a brack (odds & ends). The clothes are marked while the volunteers are there on Thurs. & Fridays. If you have time and would like to share your time with the Thrift Shop you are welcome.

God’s Blessings to Cole Anderson Who was baptized August 18, 2013 What a celebration!

Annual Soup/Chili Auction Anthony United Methodist Church Saturday, November 9, 2013 Meal 5:30 pm Auction 6:30 pm Mark your Calendars! Time to start planning or Preparing items for our annual Fundraising auction.

Crafternoon Burlap Wreath November 3rd Class Cost: $12.00 Class Size 10

Special thanks to Roger Clark for his Crafternoon uplifting saxophone solo at worship in Halloween the park. Bracelet October 6th Kids Are Quick tence starting with “I”. $7.00 Cost Teacher: Donald, what is the Millie: I is.. Class size 8 chemical formula for water? Teacher: (interrupting) No, Donald: HIJKLMNO Millie…..Always say, “I am.” Teacher: What are you talking Millie: Alright… “I am the about? ninth letter of the alphabet.” Donald: Yesterday you said it’s **** H to O. Teacher: Clyde, your composi*** tion on “My Dog” is exactly Teacher: Glen, why do you al- the same as your brother’s. ways get so dirty? Did you copy his? Glen: Well, you see, I’m a lot Clyde: No, teacher, it’s the closer to the ground than you same dog. are. **** Teacher: Millie, give me a sen-

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