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To Family to someone who like travel.


1. Ha Long................. page 4 2. A beautiful 5 3. Places to see.......... page 6 4. Food..................... page 7


1. Ha Long

Ha Long is a city in North Vietnam .It has beautiful views and every facility for those who want to travel and study.This is the best choice for the traveler. Ha Long has been recognized by UNESCO because it is one of the most wonderful views in the world. This is an excellent picture of beauty for visitors, with blue sea, many bays and small karst islands covered in green foliage.


2 A beautiful place

Ha long has much natural landscape: Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Con Coc rock, Trong Mai rock, Tuan Chau island, Ba Ham Lake This is Trinh Nhu Cave

This is famous lake

This is Dau Go cave


3.Places to see

Ha Long has many beautiful places. When we travel Ha long , we should look and visit caves, island, boats.

This is Sung Sot cave . This is large cave in HA Long. In cave, some stone created some shaped. In Sung Sot cave has a stone that looks like a hand making a swearing symbol. You also can go to some caves as Trinh Nu cave, Dau Go cave. This is Tuan Chau island. This place is for entertainment. You can watch a dolphin and whale show. You can go beach and swim. THis place is best for family in holiday. You can go boat around lake and river in Ha Long. You go boat and follow river to see landscape.


4. Food

Ha long has a lot of fresh sea food because around Ha Long is sea. We can catch sea foods and eat. We can also go in small cuisine boat to go around lake and try some foods. Some foods in HA Long.

This is Fruit sell in Boat. This is also traditional in Vietnam



about Ha Long is beautyful place in Vietnam