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The JISD Thanksgiving Feast takes hundreds of volunteers and expert cooks to plan a feast like this.

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Managing Editor: Steve Linscomb

Judson student Jeremias Coiro is a spirit staple on his campus and he wants others to catch the pride. (Photo by Emaly Ortiz)

Contributing Writers Pedro Cabrera and Raven Gatson

2 Communications Department The Judson Journal is a publication of the Judson ISD 2

NEW YEAR, NEW GROWTH Superintendent Message Dr. Carl A. Montoya

We are in the holiday season with Christmas approaching quickly. There is a lot to be thankful for in Judson ISD, especially for the privilege of making an impact on the future by helping students develop the tools to make a positive difference in this world.

Students and staff at Crestview Elementary School were so excited when the announcement came that their school was selected as a National Blue Ribbon campus. This is a testimony to the quality of education that goes on in Judson ISD. Crestview is not a special academy or specific academic focus school, but it is a typical elementary school that is anything but typical. Principal Yvonne Munoz and her staff have a special way of teaching, caring, and 2 WEBSITE.COM/MAGAZINE

engaging students. That has truly shown for years. In fact, last year Crestview earned all possible distinctions in its STAAR tests results from the Texas Education Agency. Ms. Munoz?trip to Washington D.C. for the formal Blue Ribbon ceremony this month is truly an honor.

W e are thankful for voters who passed the 2016 Bond and the 2017 Bond and we are seeing that work already taking flight around the district. In October we broke ground on a new elementary school on the south end of the district footprint near Binz-Englemann and Interstate 10. It will be the home for approximately 750 students at its scheduled opening in August of 2018. Meanwhile, construction of another elementary school will soon begin on the north end of the district in the Wortham Oaks area 3 3

just north of Evans Road. That school?s groundbreaking in November signaled the beginning of work that is scheduled to open the district?s 20th elementary school the beginning of 2019. Architectural plans are being drawn up for major renovation and addition projects at both Kirby Middle School and Kitty Hawk Middle School that were also a part of the 2016 Bond. Both schools will see significant work to academic and administration wings as well as gymnasiums.

During this holiday season let's remember how fortunate we are in this country and in this city. We owe so much to those who serve our country in the military and those who keep our lives safe in our community. Above all, our gratitude should be shown to the source of all these blessings.

school energy.

Photo by Emaly Ortiz


?We [needed] a lot more school spirit within events, such as spirit week,? Coiro said.

However, for him, it is more than just getting hyped at games and Having pride in your school and showing your school pride can be maintaining participation in various events, but committing to two different things. This is a spirit that can be contagious. the school in every area.

By Raven Gatson

Football games and pep rallies

is where most

students can feel care-free and get excited for their school's teams. Yet, with hundreds of students filling up the bleachers or stadium, one student stood out among the rest this football season.

Whether it is getting a chant started or jumping around in the stands, senior Jeremias Coiro is all about school spirit. The pride he holds for his school began last year, with that senior class creating a fun atmosphere for him and others to enjoy. Even though the class of 2017 has graduated, it was not an excuse to slack. ?I noticed that at most of the Judson Journal Fall 2017

football games, in the beginning of the season, as well as the pep rallies, no one was really hyped about it. So, I decided I should bring the energy [again],? Coiro said.

"Rocket Pride is being proud of where you come from..."-Jeremias Coiro Involvement in other areas within the school also plays 4 a big part in 4

?Rocket Pride is being proud of where you come from and being a Judson Rocket. It is also the way we carry ourselves and being the best you can be in everything,? Coiro said. Some may think it is disappointing how most students can not emulate the same pride he carries, but Coiro thinks there is a reason. ?Most people do not have the same energy or are afraid of what others think of them, and what they are going to say about them,? Coiro said. ?You just have to break out of that [mindset].? With basketball games and soccer games coming up, students need to not only bring the "Coiro energy," but carry it out through the rest of the school year.

Bei ng Th ank f ul The JISD Way

The holiday spirit was alive with student choir and orchestra performances.

Hundreds of volunteers served the Thanksgiving favorites.

VIDEO...Almost Like Being There: Close to 2,000 people from the community came to Wagner High School for the annual JISD Thanksgiving Community Feast. The traditional turkey and dressing with pumpkin pie were the most popular items on the menu, but many of the kids really enjoyed the chicken nuggets as an option. If you missed it, this event is truly remarkable and shows the power of the spirit of giving and the importance of giving thanks to a community that continues to 5 show its amazing support. Judson Journal Fall 2017


TAKING ON THE WORLD A 2017 JECA graduate, who's set her sites for the global picture to make an impact By Steve L inscomb

It was plugging into special WorldQuest opportunities while Dianna Cardenas was a student at Judson Early College Academy that opened doors. FEEDING A W ORLD AFFAIRS PASSION By her own admission Dianna Cardenas has always kept her eyes on what's going on in the world. But the seed of how global affairs can affect so many aspects of life was planted in a Kitty Hawk Middle School history class taught by Ms. Anne Ream. "Because of her class and her teaching and how she was passionate about it," Dianna recalls, "that's how I got interested in world affairs." And that continued to grow. As a student at Judson Early College Academy, she became curious about Academic WorldQuest, a youth education program that is rooted in the World Affairs Councils. That program challenges some 4,000 high school students nationwide in competitions that hone and test their

knowledge of global issues and foreign policy. She's continued her involvement with the World Affairs Council parlaying it into an internship with the organization in Washington D.C. and it has paid great dividends of opportunity. "I've gotten to meet people," Dianna explains,"I've met foreign service officers with the state department with great experience." Along with networking, she has worked in the D.C. office helping host events and increase public awareness of the World Council's efforts through social media. Dianna is currently a St. Mary's University junior majoring in International and Global Studies with a special concentration in Political and Cultural

Affairs. She's also minoring in Political Science to round out her academic approach to international affairs. That's a work load that she says she was prepared for through her days in Judson ISD.

KNOW ING HER JECA ROOTS Her current robust schedule of classes, studying, and work with the World Affairs Council would likely not be possible had it not been for the rigor and support she received as a JECA student. Teachers like Larry Phillips (Social Studies) kept the fire of enthusiasm stoked. "Honestly I can't thank them enough. All the help...the teachers are incredibly helpful and they 6 really care about their 6

students." She says she sees the difference in her college classes when other students ask her for direction on how to do a bibliography, proofread or citation style. "By being an early college student I'm actually able to be prepared for what I am facing." Her view of what is to come in her future is a mix of knowing what she wants to do, but being open to new opportunities that can reveal interests and abilities yet to be discovered. For now she sees her path. " I would like to join the state department as a Foreign Service officer," she says. "I will always attribute who I am now to JECA."


7 Click Th is Flyer For M or e In f or m at ion 7

Livin g Excellence KICKIN' IT BEYOND Graduation Judson ISD students go on to do so many positive things after they walk the stage. Many of those opportunities come from athletics. Tristan Wehner is a good example. Graduating from Judson High School 3 years ago, Tristan is now a senior at Marymount California University where he plays soccer as a midfielder for the Mariners. As a part of the California Pacific Conference the team took the conference championship and went on to the NAIA Championship in Del Ray, Florida. The Mariners went all the way through the championship bracket before dropping a 1-0 matchup with Missouri Valley College in the semifinals. Congratulations to Tristan and the Mariners for a great season. They finished the year 3rd in NAIA national rankings. Tristan will continue his pursuit of his Business Administration degree.

Qualit y In Educat ion Recognized In December the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8541 recognized its Teacher of the Year Award. SFC Wayne Harper was presented with the award by Post Commander William Smith. Mr. Harper has been involved with JISD for decades and has been a JROTC instructor at Wagner High School since 2012. Serving over the years as a PTO President, District Building Committee member and even a JISD School Board Trustee from 2008 to 2011 he has been truly involved in education much of his life. VFW Post 8541 also informed Mr. Harper he has also qualified for District 20 Teacher of the Year as well. That will be announced in January 2018. 8 8

Counseling Super

st ar s

The Lone Star State School Counselor Association honors school counseling programs around the state that show excellence in results with students. It does that by recognizing select schools at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels that represent increased levels of rigor.Judson High School?s counseling staff has been named a 2017 LSSSCA Bronze Winner. The organization evaluates counseling programs in areas such as beliefs, vision statements, counseling core curriculum action plan and goal results.Applicants prepare descriptions and documentation of how they work with students and that is reviewed through the lens of an organization rubric.The results? schools that demonstrate outstanding comprehensive counseling results that are data-driven and goal oriented.Judson?s counseling staff has showed it is a state leader in helping students reach their goals. Judson High School Counseling Staff LSSSCA Bronze Winners

9 9

Caring For The Holidays Our Generous Communi ty Partners

Making A Communit y I M PA CT It?s important for athletes that sometimes receive a lot of adulation for their personal performance, to look beyond themselves and reach out to others. The Judson chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes recently took 70 students, coaches and parents to help sort food at the San Antonio Food Bank.They stayed busy processing and packing some 28,000 pounds of food.In practical terms, that?s enough food to provide almost 22,000 meals to people? that?s making an impact!

The holidays can be a tough time of the year for military connected families.Some of them are going through their first, maybe multiple times separated from their loved ones who are overseas deployed on special assignments.While some military families are together during this time of the year, others are trying to make the best of it.That?s where some of our community partners have stepped up. The San Antonio Food Bank, internet server company Rackspace and the Now Word Missions Ministries Outreach Project provided a little slice of comfort and joy to many military and civilian families that needed a boost.Special Thanksgiving baskets were prepared that included a frozen turkey, holiday fixings and fresh produce to help stretch the budget.A big thank you goes out to Rackspace, the San Antonio Food Bank and Now Word Missions Ministry for their thoughtfulness.

Judson FCA students packing boxes at SA Food Bank

Military families enjoying the holiday season. 10 10

Bi ts Bef ore You Go... Ac ademic At h l et es Congratulations to these students from Judson and Wagner for being selected as Academic All-State Athletes. They have shown an incredible ability to balance their athletic talent and responsibilities with their academics. They are true student-athletes!

Ju dson High Sch ool Academ ic All-St at e St u den t s

Remy Borrego, OLB

Colton Grunewald, LB

Brody Stoepler, LB

Rebekah Wynn

Honorable Mention

2nd Team

2nd Team

Trainer, 2nd Team

Wagn er High Sch ool Academ ic All-St at e St u den t s

James Perez

Marvin Valenzuela

Boys Cross Country

Boys Cross Country 11 11

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

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