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We understand that academic excellence relies in part on exceptional facilities, which is why we’ve constructed world-class buildings like the Harm A. Weber Academic Center.


To-Do List

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Somewhere on the Judson University campus, a student is working harder than they ever have before. A business major’s dorm room is lit only by the glow of his laptop. He’s putting the finishing touches on an end-of-semester assignment. Only he knows that this isn’t just an assignment. Its a business plan for the company he dreams of starting one day. An architecture student stares at a studio wall full of photos she took of skyscrapers in downtown Chicago earlier that day. Each black and white inspires her to give painstaking attention to her own work, knowing that greatness is in the detail. A music performance major rubs his hands to prevent them from cramping. The rest of the pianos in the rehearsal rooms are now silent, but he knows he’s far from done. He doesn’t want to just get through his senior recital tomorrow, he wants to savor every note. A chemistry major stands at a whiteboard with three other students. They present the results of their research to their peers and a demanding professor. They’re nervous, but they know that their research isn’t just going to give them a grade, it’s actually giving developing countries methods for sustainable farming that will mean the difference between starvation and survival.

Our pro fessors a re:

HandsOn Experie nced in their fie Caring ld

All of th e


Colin Gridley MAJOR:

Architecture FAVORITE CLASS:

Drawing I

John Banks


Spending quality time in Wilson Hall (a.k.a. conjuring up pranks or watching a movie in the room that has the best TV and sound-system).

Emily Doyle


Elementary Education

Rib-B-Que sandwich, seasoned fries and peanut-butter chocolate bars


Intro to Psychology with Dr. Ted Hsieh

Really hard to say; I have had several great ones. Marketing Fundamentals for honors students, because I really enjoyed the honors project.




2 times a day

Sharing stories with friends within the dorm or spending the day in Chicago

Sleeping, baseball practice, pool


Burrito Bar

Popcorn chicken salad with spicy dressing!



Once a week

2 or 3 times a day



Being in the Honors Program. I appreciate the advanced projects in the program and without it I wouldn’t have the opportunity to study at Oxford.


Prof. Jeremy Lindsey was my favorite professor because he sparked ideas in me and pushed me to go above and beyond what is required, making me a better designer. He is always honest with regards to the difficulty and challenges of a project but gives students the encouragement necessary to complete it. He always has great words of wisdom that relates well to students. One time, knowing that our class would be up very late working on a final project in the studio, he and another professor came in late at night to bring us pizza!


Accounting and History FAVORITE CLASS:


Being a member of the Judson Student Organization has allowed me to grow closer to people of varying ages and backgrounds. My faith has been strengthened by getting to know the encouraging team and advisors (both on and off the job). This experience has helped me to get more involved and connected around the campus, a very beneficial tool!


Second s emester sch

The Life

and Work s

of C.S.

Leaders hip & Cha ng Astrono my

Faith & L


Document ary Film making

rams cademic prog a te a u d ra rg e e und s l Learning: Th eas and value a id n o g ti in a id d u n g u o e F d in th God rsity are roote e iv n U e belief that n th so is d e s e at Ju th g mon world He has l’s founders. A e o th o h h c g s u e ro th f th o He is out icture of who p a s u nowledge ab n k e iv in a g g d has n a r, cove elf. e explore, dis of God Hims re tu ic p g in created. As w xpand ain an ever-e g e w , d rl o w the ent y and environm om on ec ng gi chan job training. ation. Today’s eral arts educ ent than mere m lib a op r el fo ev e d tim ng dents l thinki Now is the teaching stu ills and critica the country, leadership sk in e t or es m fin d e an th dem tion is one of world. al-arts educa in a complex e ag Judson’s liber g en d an , d the ct, understan e cafeteria, or how to intera the chapel, th s, rm o d e th , , sroom are gathering are in the clas that students e Whether they er h yw er ev e new ywhere and udents shap community, an y will help st lt cu n students fa d an ieve in. Judso ith peers el w b s n ey io th ss at cu h is d essful lives. and w who they are reers, but succ f o ca l s u g sf in d es cc an ly su underst create not on prepared to e at u d ra g ill w




Judson University understands that today’s world is ch anging at an exponential rate. Judson provides nationally recogn ized academic programs that gi ve students the tools to meet the diverse challenge s and opportunitie s that await them upon graduation.

hedule: Lewis




ADAPTABLE LEAR Our student to fa NERS culty ratio: 12:1. Se PREPARATION FO ve nt yTh R LIFE e liberal arts prog nine percent of all ram at Judson full-time faculty ho ld Judson faculty an University helps stu the doctoral degr d staff operate fro dents become adap ee or other highes ma table deep unde t learners, capable appropriate degr rs ta nd in g that education of professional su ee. Forty percent is ccess of our about more than in multiple fields faculty have exte the acquisition of of work. Each maj nsive internationa or and knowledg l concentration of stu experience, havin e. It’s about the de dy at Judson is desig g either been bo velopment rn ne d of students w in or to provide classes spent significant ho are ready to fin that work seamle amounts of time d success ssly in and fulfillment up with one anothe another country. on graduation. At r, helping studen Several have acqu Judson, ts draw ired professors don’t ju connections betw degrees from the st believe in the po een different fields top universities in tential of study. of each st the world. All of them udent, they belie WORLD VIEWS have come to Juds ve that each on to student has a un impart their educ ique role in makin ation and experie g the Through each an nc e to w orld more like Go d their students to every class, Judson d desires it to be. equip and encour It is students gain a gr age with this in mind eater awareness them in a diverse that each class, m of the array of subjects. aj or ways God has de and program is de signed the world signed. , in all of its complexity, beau ty and diversity. By seeing God and His attri butes through th e study of subjects such as art, science, liter ature and math, Judson students graduate highly educated and sp iritually transform ed.


COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Adult Ministry American History Studies Biblical Studies Biochemistry Biology Business Communication Chemistry Children and Family Ministry Church History Church/Parachurch Youth Ministry Criminal Justice Environmental Studies Family Studies Health and Wellness Instrumental Music Performance Intercultural Business Intercultural Missions Intercultural Youth Ministry Literature Mathematics Media Creation/Production Media Management Media Writing Missions/Intercultural Ministry Music Composition

Music Ministry Praise and Worship Music Pre-Chiropractic Pre-Dental Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Nursing* Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Pharmacy* Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Physician’s Assistant Pre-Veterinary Psychology Social Justice Missions Social Service Youth Ministry Sociology Speech/Rhetoric Sports Administration Theatre Theological Studies Vocal Music Performance Worship Drama Worship Media Writing Youth & Sports Ministry Youth Ministry Worship *Two year program

SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS Accounting Business Management Finance Management Information Systems Marketing

SCHOOL OF ART, DESIGN, AND ARCHITECTURE Architecture Fine Arts Studio General Art Graphic Design Pre-Interior Design

GRADUATE PROGRAMS Master of Education

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Bilingual Education Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Music Education Physical Education Secondary Education Special Education Visual Art Education

Master of Education in Literacy Master of Architecture Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Each major at Judson University establishes a firm foundation of both knowledge and experience for the student in their chosen area of study. The faculty and staff at Judson are pioneers and practitioners in their areas of concentration, and bring incredible real-world experience to each class they teach. ABOUT GRADUATE PROGRAMS

Judson currently offers four graduate programs:

Students working on post-

• Master of Education

baccalaureate degrees provide

• Master of Education in Literacy

an increased focus and intensity

• Master of Architecture

to Judson’s academic programs.

• Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

This focus, mixed with the enthusiasm and desire for exploration found in Judson’s undergraduates, creates an

The four graduate programs are practitioner-based, designed for those who bring their own undergraduate education and life experience into the classroom.

exciting and dynamic

Judson University is committed to providing graduate

environment for learning found

programs that not only build upon the education of each

only when both levels of

students undergraduate work, but prepare graduate-level

education are being provided

students to be “best in their field” educators, architects, and

on the same campus.

leaders who will shape the world around them.

Education =

= Education

We believe that education isn’t found just sitting in a classroom. It’s found in each and every moment, as God speaks to students through the people, places and experiences around them. Judson seeks to create the best environment possible for God to work in this way. Our campus serves as the backdrop for these sacred moments. Great attention is given to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of Judson University’s campus, and great intentionality has gone into the design of its buildings and campus layout. Judson seeks to create an environment where students discover greater levels of learning aided by their surroundings. Our student body is as diverse as the education we offer. Our community is broadened and enriched by the wide range of backgrounds of our students— representing at least 25 different

countries. These varied backgrounds bring life experiences that, when shared, cause students to learn not only from Judson’s faculty and staff, but from one another. Our mission is to develop undergraduate students who understand the central importance of service to the world around them. Given a wide variety of opportunities to serve the community around them, Judson students gain a deep sense that their education is not meant to serve only themselves, but the greater good of society, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on Earth.

ne can be o ly y abroad d rm tu fi s y it to nivers hoice c U e n o th s d g n so kin t Ju s for Jud onU. Ma tration a adminis gh Juds ortunitie p u e p o h nd r o T fi h f t. t n o n a de ety ts c room s for a stu wide vari rograms, studen ur class e a c o n y p e lo is e ri e e p v ld de ep Euro to g exp The wor l statesid ntinue to t—from o ra -changin n c e e fe v y n li e e ti t s n s th o o to c of the m at is why addition rly every is, and th and nea world. In r th e s jo e th a v d e m n li y u be ver nt of aro nearly e 40 perce to study in d ts s n n a ie e it d ts n n stu oming tude portu rica. road op ational s s or off, c e b u rn m a p A y te m d a in th c tu s are on Sou nt body r you’re Asia and al stude . Whethe n e Africa to c io n it e d ri a e xp of our tr ational e percent e intern iv s n Nearly 6 te x e lty have rience. our facu bal expe lo g a is n to Judso

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A DEGREE FROM JUDSON UNIVERSITY? While we don’t know precisely where God will lead each Judson student upon graduation, we do have a clear picture where Judson alumni’s personal and professional journeys will take them... IS PROUDLY THIS BROCHURE UMNI ING JUDSON AL PRODUCED US ron (‘97)

Ba DESIGN: Nate (‘97) : Kelly Dolan NG ITI WR PY CO

4) Mark Novelli (‘9 7) (‘0 n so vid Da Y: Robb PHOTOGRAPH (‘06) a ot M o eg Di N: ILLUSTRATIO


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychoanalyst in private practice in both Pasadena and Beverly Hills, California. My years at Judson were some of the best moments of my life. They taught me what it was like to be part of a loving community. The things I learned will always be with me. Like Dr. Ted Hsieh’s statement that all relationships are based upon commerce. Although I couldn’t digest it at the time, this concept influenced my book Deal Breakers. Another experience that I cherish is singing at Judson...I still long to sing and be in a choir.


Core courses taught me language and concepts that I continue to use daily. My education at Judson gave me a great foundation from which to continue to educate myself and grow a career. MAJOR: Visual Communications YEAR: 2006 MOST BENEFICIAL CLASS:

Drawing I—I learned all the essentials there. MAJOR: Fine Arts MOST BENEFICIAL JUDSON CLASS: Family Therapy BEST PLACE ON CAMPUS TO WORK/STUDY: Fine Arts Building TRIVIA: Appears as a psychological commentator on

ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN Headline News The Nancy Grace Show, and Leeza Gibbon’s nationally syndicated radio show Hollywood Confidential.

BEST PLACE ON CAMPUS TO WORK/STUDY: My studio space UNIQUE FACT: Although I studied Visual Communications,

I don’t have just one career. I am always wanting to learn more skills and explore new options. For example, I am studying photography right now. Judson planted a seed in me to learn and try new things to take my professional experience in new directions.

Andrew Bogott



Judson prepared me very well. Taking a CPA review course with a lot of state school graduates, I felt more prepared than they were to take the CPA exam. The professors at Judson also had a big impact on my life. One professor I still call for advice about my personal and professional life. MAJORS: Accounting and M.I.S. MOST BENEFICIAL JUDSON CLASS: The Book of John.

It helped shape the way I study the Bible. BEST PLACE ON CAMPUS TO WORK/STUDY: Dorm Room MOST PRODUCTIVE TIME OF DAY: 3:00PM or 10:00PM TRIVIA: Founding member of the volleyball Hard Hat Crew

Judson offered a well-rounded education that prepared me for life and in my career. As a journalist, I’ve covered a myriad of stories and it helped to have such a wide body of knowledge that I received from my days there. MAJORS: Communication Arts, Emphasis in English MOST BENEFICIAL CLASS: Debate & Persuasion Class. “Learning to formulate persuasive arguments really helped me learn to write coherently, which is a vital part of my job.” BEST PLACE ON CAMPUS TO WORK/STUDY: The student center

in the Lindner Commons TRIVIA ABOUT YOU: Many of my fellow Judson grads might be

surprised to know that I grew up liking Johnny Cash and I’m still a huge fan to this day.


Kyle Hetrick

While at Judson, I learned that it is possible to have professional ambitions without compromising religious beliefs–even in the legal arena where I represented many clients in situations involving custody, child support, divorce and adoption.


MAJOR: Psychology

Judson not only gave me a good foundational knowledge of my field, but it provided me with a well-rounded liberal arts education. Because of this, I feel well-informed about areas such as history, biblical studies, art, music, and literature in addition to my major area of science and mathematics.

MOST BENEFICIAL JUDSON CLASS: Conditioning and Learning

MAJORS: Biology and Chemistry

BEST PLACE ON CAMPUS TO WORK/STUDY: I was a married student with two children at the time. I studied exclusively in our married dorm on campus; otherwise, I would have had to hire a babysitter.


TRIVIA: Had a rat named Scooby for use in psychology

TRIVIA: Once I helped save the lives of numerous fish after the fish tank in the Biology lab ruptured.

experiments at Judson.


1151 NORTH STATE STREET E LG I N , I L L I N O I S 6 0 1 2 3 847-628-2500 •

t ’ n a c u Yo

. . . y a d l l a y a pl

(To work, close brochure and flip upside down.)

1151 NORTH STATE STREET E LG I N , I L L I N O I S 6 0 1 2 3 847-628-2500 •


Judsonn mUonri e about versity

1. Check ou t

website (www.Ju dsonU.e du)

2. Call an Ad

3. Schedu if what t

mission s

Counsel or

le campu s visit

he broch u

re says

and see

is t r u e

. k r o w t u o b a L L A t It’s no

Follow us on:

(To play, close brochure and flip upside down)

off seas

on Tra 6:00 4-mile ining:

6:30 Weig run ht roo

7:00 free th m rows

7:30 get ready for c lass Whether it’s an NCCAA championship soccer

National championships.

game or an NAIA playoff basketball game, there

World-class facilities. Some of the best athletes

are few words to describe the way rich tradition

in the country. In uniform or in the stands, you’ll

and pure adrenaline combine on the courts and

be proud to wear the blue and white.

fields of Judson’s athletic program. Every incoming Judson student receives a “Blue Crew” t-shirt. Wearing one gives you the opportunity to win prizes and receive free gifts at every Judson home game. More than that, it lets everybody at the game know you’re rooting for the right team.

SPONSORED SPORTS Baseball Cheerleading/Poms Men’s Basketball Men’s Cross Country Men’s Golf Men’s Indoor T&F Men’s Lacrosse Men’s Outdoor T&F Men’s Soccer Men’s Tennis Women’s Basketball Women’s Cross Country

Women’s Golf Women’s Indoor T&F Women’s Outdoor T&F Women’s Soccer Women’s Softball Women’s Tennis Women’s Volleyball JV Men’s Basketball JV Men’s Soccer JV Volleyball JV Women’s Basketball


on homework over the weekend. A lot more time hanging out. Train ride

Quick coffee

before 8AM class. Great lecture,

to the city.

but am feeling distracted. Who is that girl?

his message from when he was here last year. Snuck some foosball in at lunch.

Lost last week and it’s been eating

full 18 holes of disc golf. Checked to-do list and realized architecture project isn’t due ‘til next week.

dorm room. “8AM class girl” sitting right there. Hmm, it could be a while before I get to my homework...I’m going to be tired tomorrow.

Another day. Can’t decide what’s more fun here...weekends or weekdays. Spent a

little time

Great time with great friends on the lakefront. Up early this morning for AM practice. Ran so hard I thought I might get sick...

(Mental note:

sit closer to her next class.) One of my favorite authors is in chapel today. Still talking about

at me all weekend. Revenge is sweet. No afternoon classes. Should have worked on architecture project. It was sunny and 80, though, so ...

(Self reminder: procrastination seldom pays off.) Night class: Leadership & Change. Best class ever. Stopped at the cafe on the way back to


ty Tr i C r e t

emes S t s r Fi Pier eld – Navy e at Wrigley Fi gam –Cubs m Park niu –Mille Art Institute o –Chicag Science m of –MuseuIndustry &




Like professional sports? There

Still not sure if Chicago lives up

Don’t get the impression that

are few cities that offer as much

to the hype? Check a list of live

Chicago is all about the brick

in every sports season as

music performances, theater

and mortar, steel and glass of

Chicago. The Cubs, Sox, Bulls,

shows, or other entertainment

the downtown skyscrapers. The

Bears, Blackhawks, Chicago Fire

(Blue Man Group to IMAX)

city is just as much about the

to name a few–all just a train or

events going on any given night.

incredible (some say Great) Lake

car ride away!

When the list of options for what

Michigan coast, the beautiful

to do on a Friday night is this

gardens of Millenium Park, the

long and this good, you’ll

miles of winding bike paths,

struggle to choose which one.

scenic hiking trails, and stunning forest preserves.

To-Do Lis t: Buy Cubs H at

Download B Scheduleulls

Get Bears Jersey



Oh, so you’ve heard about

In case you didn’t know,

Chicago-style pizza? But what

there’s a stretch of Michigan

explains why a few million people

about the Chicago-style hot

Avenue in Chicago called the

choose to call Chicago home. For one,

dog? The Maxwell Street

Magnificent Mile. Imagine

Standing at the edge of Navy Pier, or walking up and down State Street

Polish sausage? What about

looking up at some of the

it’s beautiful. There’s a reason filmmakers

dozens of Asian, Mexican,

greatest buildings in the

shoot here, artists come here for

Cuban, Italian and Eastern

country as you experience

European restaurants–all in

some of the greatest

the same neighborhood? Yes,

shopping you’ll ever find. It

it’s that good. Thankfully,

truly is magnificent.

inspiration, and architects realize life-long dreams to design buildings here. The city and its surrounding suburbs (like Elgin) provide the perfect place for the lines between learning, fun, and life-changing experience to mesh in the best possible way.

Judson has a great fitness center.

It’s the

bump -into-o living ne-an and le other, a r n tell-m in g more t h e-you a t make than ju r-story s s J udson t goin -I’ll-tell highs, g u f n -you-m r om cla ique. B the lo ine wa ss to c eing a ws, th lass, it y of e mid s tuden ’s also dles) t t Late-n a t J u a o d b g son is ight d out ex ether.. about orm ro perien . the wo o c m i n g c onver l rld—s i f e ( the sation hape w people s—ab ho you o from I u t ’r e b ig idea becom owa/N bigge s and ing. R ew Yo r than ways t a r n k / d J o a y m p o o chan a u e n e ncoun /South ver th else’s p ge t ought e A icture r m s a e t r lu p ic of God ossible a rem n c h with ind yo in turn . Oppo The Ju u the rtunitie add so w dson c o m s r ld is e colo to see ommu r and d and h sitting nity m e e a t r next t a s il e o t ans th mebo o your o you e poss dy own p being in clas ibility ic not ju t s u ( r y e ou do that th . st you n’t eve e new r frien n kno d, but transf w the er stu your b ir nam dent est frie e yet) m nd for ight e the re nd up st of y our lif e.

Jillian Los MAJOR:

Caleb Sutton

arketing, Business Administration-M Minor Visual Communications



ns Business Communicatio

ls Marketing Fundamenta



Business Management E TIME: BEST WAY TO SPEND FRE

the Judson Mingling, being a part of community FOOD: FAVORITE CAFETERIA



be a great I have found Judson to life at place to transition from self as an home to establishing my . From independent young adult ll team, my place on the basketba life as a to learning to manage my ing what I Christian adult, to apply oom to am learning in the classr career, my preparing for my future the ideal time at Judson has been place for growth!


Tower with Hanging out in Lindner s, playing friends watching movie top games, or cheering on the nt eve rm do a at sports team

Zach Green MAJORS:

Mathematics and Secondary Education E TIME: BEST WAY TO SPEND FRE

Southwest Lime Chicken

nds and Head off campus with frie grab something to eat




At least 4 times

late Milk Spicy Chicken and Choco



an Professor Tom Voigt has his g incredible way of sharin his ing testimony and encourag each e for students in their faith. Be verbs Pro m class he reads verses fro apply ure ipt and helps make the Scr t lies en em to our lives. His encourag he is t bu el, not only on a spiritual lev his t ou also forward-thinking ab professional students’ academic and ke wise futures, helping us to ma . The life ow decisions about tomorr idance gu d experiences, wisdom an ge hu a d he has provided have ha impact on my life.


biggest Dr. Pete Sandberg had the h other eac ow kn to t impact. We go setting outside of an academic the New on nt we when we both gave me He . trip s on Orleans missi out the ab ts igh ins some valuable the trip. In g rin du on ati Bible and cre tructor and school he was a great ins classes. I really got a lot out of his

Follow more of our students on our student blogs:

Somewhere on the Judson University campus, a student is making a memory that will last a lifetime. A 5’9” point guard hits a game-winning three-pointer. The crowd erupts. As he looks up into the stands, he’s certain every early morning practice and every wind sprint was worth it. A freshman from small-town Iowa lays wide awake in bed. It’s well after 2AM, but her heart’s still racing. Hours earlier, she and a group of students stood on the deck of a Lake Michigan boat cruise, exhilarated by the beauty of the vast Chicago skyline. A lead actor in the spring play feels the heat of the theater lights as the curtains go up on opening night. He’s rehearsed. He’s ready. He’s about to give the performance of a lifetime. A pre-med major—stressed from studying for final exams–walks to the campus café for a badly needed break. Sipping her favorite drink, she listens to one of her best friends tell a story that makes her laugh so hard she wonders whether its medically possible to split her side.

s on: Follow u

Work Hard and Play Hard at Judson University  
Work Hard and Play Hard at Judson University  

Program and Campus Life infromation about Judson University, a Chrsitan Liberal Arts institution.