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Explore and Learn Maths Resources for Early Childhood


Sort & Match Construction Truck GD5081 Match the car parts using the easy to follow laminated pattern guides. Heavy duty pieces attach to the matching board with pegs and embedded magnets. Wooden storage box doubles as the game board/ play area. Size: 6.4cm(H) x 22.9cm(W) x 35.1cm(L). WAS $59.90 NOW $57.50

EYLF Link 4.2 – Use this Sort and Match Construction Truck as a way to model mathematical language.


Colour and Count Game TU231 A fun game where children will learn colour recognition and apply maths and counting skills to complete the challenge of building their flower first. A game for 1 to 4 players. Size: 15cm(L) x 15cm(W) Age: 3 years+ WAS $49.90 NOW $47.41

EYLF Link 4.2 - This Colour and Count Game will allow you to plan learning environments with appropriate levels of challenge where children are encouraged to explore, experiment and take appropriate risks in their learning.


Gingerbread Attribute Cookies LR7206 Sort these 12 plastic cookies by their attributes such as: boys, girls, hats, stripes, buttons or shoes. Challenge older children by having them sort by more than one attribute (people with hats and shoes or girls with stripes) Each cookie snaps together and features a different painted pattern. Size: 7.5cm(L)x 6cm(W) Age: 2 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 5.4 – Provide children with these resources so that they can use them to sort, categorise, order and compare.


Counting Cookies LR7201 Learn to count with the help of these delicious cookies. Each plastic cookie has a number from 1-10 on the bottom and the corresponding number of Smarties on the top. Complete with a sturdy plastic cookie jar. Size: cookie 5cm(D) Age: 2 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 5.1 - Children will be able to use language during an experience with these Counting Cookies to communicate thinking about quantities to describe collections of objects and explain mathematical ideas.


Mix & Match Doughnuts LR7205 A tasty memory game that involves searching for the matching icing on the doughnuts. These 12 plastic doughnuts feature 12 removable frosting patterns that pop together. Box included. Size: doughnut 3.8cm(D) Age: 2 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 4.4 - Provide opportunities for children to both construct and take apart materials as a strategy for learning.


Sorting Cupcakes LR7202 Six colourful 2-part cupcakes that reveal a different shape when pulled apart. Match the shapes to the cupcake back together and then fit them back in their proper places. Shapes include triangle, square, circle, moon, star and flower. Made of rubber-like plastic. Size: cupcake 6cm(L)x 6.5cm(H) Age: 2 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 4.3 – Provide these Sorting Cupcakes and encourage children to use the process of play, reflection and investigation to solve problems.


Counting Bears – Goodie Jar Games LR1180 Children explore number sense and recognition, counting (1-10), greater than/less than, patterning, matching, memory and location of numbers on a line. Bears link hands for extra fun and imaginative play. Features 4 different games with no reading required to play. Includes 40 plastic bears decorated with counting hearts, 36 double-sided game cards, spinner and activity guide in a plastic cookie jar for storage. Size: bears 3cm(L) x 5cm(H), cookie jar 19cm(H) Age: 3 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 2.1 - This Counting Bears Game will allow staff to ensure that children have the skills to participate and contribute to group play.


Jumbo Dominoes Pk (28) LR6380 These lightweight soft foam domino blocks are perfect for quiet individual or group activities and game play. Their jumbo size makes them easy for younger students to manipulate. Set of 28 double-six dominoes in six bright colours with white dots. Activity guide and storage case included. Size: 12.5cm(L) x 7.5cm(W) Age: 5 years+ WAS $29.90 NOW $26.91

EYLF Link 4.2 – Recognise mathematical understandings that children bring to learning and build on these in ways that are relevant to each child.


Geolastic Art FC1110 A "hands-on" introduction to basic geometry. This wooden geoboard is easy to use with fixed grip pegs and coloured easy stretch bands. Reproducible pattern sheets included. Size: board 30cm sq Age: 3 years+ WAS $49.90 NOW $42.50

EYLF Link 3.2 – Provide this Geolastic Art as a way to build on and strengthen children’s fine motor skills.


Giant Cubes These large foam dice are easy-to-handle and super quiet. Size: 12.7cm sq. Age: 3 years+

LR0411 Giant Dot Cubes (2) WAS $12.90 NOW $11.61

LR0412 Giant Numeral Cubes (2) WAS $12.90 NOW $11.61

EYLF Link 5.4 – Draw children’s attention to symbols and patterns during a game with these Giant Cubes and engage children in discussions about symbol systems during the play experience.


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