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Halilit Range 2012

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Baby Drum in Box 18cm(D) HT807

Rhythm Pals (4pce) HTBS6005

Mini Rainmaker 20cm HT201

Rainmaker Large 40cm HT400

Animal Shakers Set (3) HT3900

Toddler Tambourine HT608

Babies 1st Birthday Band HT9008

Baby Xylophone HT3008

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Babies New

Baby Maraca Shaker (24) HT362

Cage Bells (12) HT34112

Rainbow Shaker Small (16) HT100

Baby Maracas (36) HT366

Animal Shakers (20) HT393 Baby Shaker (24) HT367 Page 4

Musical Toys

Bendy Bells (24) HT344

Animal Bells (24) HT346


Musical Notes (20)


Castanets (36) HT336

Handy Bells (24) HT342

Halilit Best Sellers Stand Complete HTSTAND Castanets (36) Handy Bells (24) Animal Shakers (20) Rainbow Shaker Small (16) Baby Maracas (36) Bendy Bells (24)

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Musical Toys

Train Whistle HT371

Drum HT805

Hand Drum HT705


Tone Drum HT825

Puppy Slide Flute HT378

Gripper Tambourine HT508

Tambourine Small (6) HT604

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Sea Sound Drum HT482

Plastic Small Maracas (blister) HT2363

Educational Instruments

Cabasa HT372

Melody Instrument Set (5pce) HT5001

Spiral Rainmaker 30cm HT305

Samba Party Pack (5pce) plus CD HT500

Guiro Shaker HT374 $6.50

Guiro HT370

Coloured Xylophone (blister) HT2200/8

Clatterpillar HT450 $9.90

Recorder (blister) HT2050

Triangle (blister) HT2350

Tambourine (blister) HT2601

Cymbals Pair HT2331 Page 7

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