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Resting in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Westminster, South Carolina, is a “small school with a big heart” – a place where struggling middle school boys come to discover a sense of hope and optimism for their future. CHEROKEE CREEK Boys School is a positive, nurturing, learning community offering the benefits of small enrollment of up to 60 boys, a low student-teacher ratio, counseling, recreation and a family environment that is designed for learning, healing and growing. Our close-knit team of professionals is dedicated to working with boys, ages 11 – 15, who are dealing with emotional, academic, personal and / or social challenges that result in unacceptable behaviors at home. Many students have been diagnosed with or are challenged by attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, attachment issues, and / or oppositional defiant behavior. Life issues such as divorce, adoption, loss and the pressures of adolescence contribute to negative behaviors. Some students have learning disabilities or learning style differences that have made school a frustrating source of failure. At CHEROKEE CREEK Boys School, we believe in the inherent goodness of every child. We create a supportive environment for boys to explore what is real and true about themselves and the world around them. Our greatest reward is to partner with them on this journey of healing and self-discovery.

We are a learning community that challenges boys and their families to discover what is real and true about themselves and the world around them.

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At CHEROKEE CREEK Boys School we build character throu character development, academics, recreation and community service. Each and instill a sense of hope for the future. The program is grounded in These values serve as the foundation for all that we do – they sh

The character development curriculum is customized to meet each student’s challenges. We teach practical life-management skills and offer tools that empower students to make healthy, responsible choices. Our therapists and counseling staff challenge students to look deeper within – to discover what is real and true about who they are. To accomplish these goals, we utilize group dialogues, one-on-one coaching, experiential education, workshops and family therapy. In addition, each student is assigned to a small group led by a counselor who has the primary responsibility for the child’s growth and well-being. As a part of their character development journey, students work to: Identify and break through barriers to personal growth Manage anger Find appropriate outlets to express feelings Solve problems and cope with challenges Improve relationships with family members and peers Develop a positive self-image Set goals for the future Gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments – big and small

Middle-school boys are active – so playing outdoors, exercising, and having fun are all part of a healthy, balanced life at CHEROKEE CREEK Boys School. Our campus rests on 77 acres in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This location offers ideal opportunities for hiking, backpacking, rafting, canoeing and other outdoor sports. During off-campus outings, we explore Tallulah Gorge, the Tugaloo River, the Chattooga River, Lake Hartwell and state and national parks. Recreational activities teach communication and interpersonal skills and are an important part of our academic and character-development curriculum.

gh self discovery. Our program has four primary components – h component is designed to build confidence, develop an enthusiasm for learning, four universally-embraced values: truth, courage, wisdom and love. hape the way we teach, coach, nurture, and relate to each other.

Many of our students were frustrated in their previous schools. Experiencing failure can lead to a sense of hopelessness about the future. The goal of our academic program is to restore hope, create a thirst for learning and offer opportunities for success for our students. To accomplish this, we offer a learner-directed, experiential education. Our students have the flexibility within our curriculum to develop their interests and cultivate their strengths. We focus on four key areas: learning skills, communication skills, thinking-reasoning skills, and interpersonal skills. We bring math, science, history and social studies to life with activities and projects such as, designing our lodge Welcome Sign, discovering ancient petroglyphs at an archaeological dig and visiting local museums. We believe that when education is experiential, challenging, creative and fun, it is a source of hope. Our academic program offers: Small class size Individual attention A customized, individual, learning plan for each student Integrated, experiential learning Education that is challenging and fun

Contributing time, gifts and talents to the community is a foundation of good citizenship and builds a service orientation that may be unfamiliar to many boys. Activities on campus and in our local community allow our students to experience themselves as builders, contributors and helpers in the world. Our community service activities may include reading stories to kindergarten students at the local elementary school, adopting a local landmark, or volunteering for community projects. Giving to the community builds character, strengthens social skills and instills a sense of pride.

We offer support to families and work together to partner in their child’s healing process. The Family Center program complements our student curriculum with activities to support the whole family. As the student grows and changes, the emotional growth of the rest of the family is important as well. Our quarterly workshops offer comfort, insight, and practical support during this emotional and challenging time for the family. Weekly phone calls provide updates on student progress, a listening ear, and a chance to consult about family issues. Additional parent-child counseling sessions are scheduled on campus.

We are especially proud that Cherokee Creek parents confirm that our staff listens, is compassionate, knowledgeable and understands their child. Our staff is comprised of gifted, talented and caring people, with a wide range of backgrounds, including residential and therapeutic boarding school professionals, experienced educators, counselors, outdoor recreation and adventure-based learning leaders, therapeutic clinicians, and business professionals. We challenge ourselves to “walk our talk,” speak the truth and live the lessons that we teach our students.

When we arrived at the campus, I knew it was the right place for our son. Not only is it tranquil and beautiful, but a sense of safety and nurturing permeated the environment. – Parent Comment

CHEROKEE CREEK Boys School is located in Westminster, South Carolina, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our beautiful 77-acre campus is within a few hours drive of Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC (near the towns of Westminster, SC and Toccoa, GA). Students come to our campus from all over the country. The length of stay is determined by the individual needs of each child. An average stay is fifteen to twenty-four months.

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Cherokee Creek Boys School: A learning community that challenges boys and their families to discover what is real and true about themselves...