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All I can say is “Wow!” What began as just a crazy idea is now officially my personal tribute show to Barry M

preparing this show. It all began at the 1st Annual Sunburst Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists Conference in Orlando Madonna and many more, but “Wait, no Barry!” And that’s when it hit me! “Why not me…I’m a professional singer and mu And so, just nine months and countless hours of rehearsal later, I arrived onstage with my Copa Dancers and a baby grand p encouragement I needed.

I’ve always been a Barry fan – in Manilow terms, a Fanilow. Here is a man whose achievements include Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Awards, forty-four albums, and thirty-eight Top 40 Hits. The man is simply amazing. I seriously believe that if mankind could create the perfect musical human prototype, the end result would be Barry Manilow… a pianist, a composer, an arranger, a songwriter, an accompanist, a musical director, a commercial jingle writer, a scorer of Broadway musicals, a producer, an incredible vocalist, and a spectacular showman. Nobody alive even comes close to excelling in all of these categories – Barry Manilow is the perfect ‘Musical Prototype.’

I grew up playing piano in the heart of the pop Manilow era. By 1976, you could find Mandy in most Greatest Hits Piano Books, and with Barry always on the radio with hit after hit – Could It Be Magic, Tryin’ to Get the Feeling, I Write the Songs, American Bandstand, Copacabana, This One’s for You, Even Now, The Old Songs, Somewhere in the Night, Weekend in New England and many more – his songs naturally influenced my musical style. And still today, Barry songs always connect. Women still go crazy over Copacabana and melt over Mandy, and the men reluctantly join in on I Write the Songs, but they always finish up strong. (As I suspected all along, the men knew ALL the words.)

Manilow, the number one adult contemporary solo artist of all time. And what a long journey it’s been in o in the spring of 2004. There were Tina Turners, Elvises, Marilyn Monroes, a Rod Stewart, Elton John, usician and at my piano bar events, people frequently tell me I look and sound like Barry Manilow.” piano and won the IGCITA / Sunburst award for “Best Showcase Presentation.” And that was all the

I would have never guessed that this – a Barry Manilow Tribute Act – would be such a ticket to adventure. Go figure! However, there can be a downside to being compared to a musical icon. When the curtain opens, some people might think “Does this nut case actually believe he is the second coming of Barry Manilow?” To them I say, “Chill out! It’s just me, Chris Chan, a Manilow impersonator, performing Barry with a twist.” And besides, I could think of no better reason to wear a wig and have my picture taken with a beagle. With Manilow tribute artists so rare and few, it’s a blast to be entertaining a crazy bunch of Fanilows at Chanilow prices. Not a bad job. And honestly, that’s what this whole thing is all about – having a great time through song. If you’re a Fanilow, I hope you enjoy the show. And Barry, if you ever read this, thanks for being a big influence on my musical career. It’s beautiful, “Beautiful Music.”

Awards • IGCITA* “Cloney Award” Winner, 2006 Best Male Musical Star Impersonation • IGCITA* “Best Showcase Presentation” Winner, 2004 Sunburst Convention | Orlando, FL *International Guild of Celebrity Impersonator & Tribute Artists

"Barry Chanilow Live" Brochure  

"A Tribute to Barry Manilow" marketing brochure for Chris Chan (Barry Chanilow, Impressionist)

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