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I’ve Been Good Gift Guide aGreatLife Toys

was truly amazed by the quality of what I received. The wooden toys are of the high-

she comes to my home. Even at her young age, she is amused by the fact that she can

make beautiful music so easily. This is but one of their wonderful items. They make beautiful kites, the colors are bright and stay that way. Their slingshots are beautifully carved, handmade with love. They are classic Y-shaped bear slingshots with a comfortable grip, an essential part of a good slingshot. They also included wooden wolf whistles, which are also hand carved from solid wood and hand painted making them a joy to use or display. Let’s not forget their large array of Rubik cube type puzzles including one crowned the Rubik’s Cube on steroids,’ It is a 3D pyramid puzzle incorporating a generation’s


out with a way to guarantee that our little girls won’t fall asleep, which may not make us Moms happy, but let’s face it, we were young once too, and we know how much fun it was to let everyone know you made it through the whole night. SLEEPOVER PARTY GAME will be a great

source of joy for your daughter. It has 200 choices of fun things to do during her sleepover. All her friends need to do is spin the spinner, and they will then have to attempt to complete one of over 200 Act it, Work it, or Party Challenges. This game allows the girls to sing, laugh, perform and make

Toys that Bring Families Together Becoming a Grandmother for the first time I have enjoyed every moment spent with my granddaughter. When I was sent samples of some of the items from this great company I

We all remember those fun days of our youth having sleepover parties with our girlfriends. We were always searching for fun things to do to make sure that we didn’t wimp out and fall asleep. Well, Endless Games has come


est quality and are meant to be passed on down from sibling to sibling. They will definitely stand the test of time. My favorite item was the xylophone which my granddaughter loves and looks for every time

worth of ideas into one ultra-portable game that is challenging and will keep the user occupied for hours. The mission statement of aGreatLife impressed me as well. “aGreatLife toys are designed to combine learning with fun. From Rainbow kites to classic wooden toys like the Xylophone and the Wooden Abacus, to the mind-boggling Speed Cube, aGreatLife wants to provide children with toys that will stimulate their imagination and senses, learn more about the world around them and help them interact with others especially with their parents, siblings, and friends. aGreatLife is strongly commit-

general fools of themselves. They get to be silly and have loads of laughs. After the party, all they will be doing is talking about how much fun they had and you, mom, will be the hero for giving them this amazing game.

ted to enhance the quality of life by providing beautiful and useful premium products and to help families create strong and priceless memories together. Indeed, it’s a better life with aGreatLife!” I will also add that they ensure their toys with a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with a product that you purchase from them.

These toys promote family togetherness, unlike the electronic gadgets that our kids have their faces buried in all the time. What is the best part of aGreatLife is that the “Toys” are as much for the grown-up kids as they are for the under 16 crowd. Take a look at their site at https://agreatlifebrand.com/

So go online to www.endlessgames.com and order SLEEPOVER PARTY GAME today.

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San Diego Woman Holiday Issue  

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San Diego Woman Holiday Issue  

This is our year end holiday issue. Lots of great reading and interesting information. Meet some of the great women of San Diego.