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azen DES IGN AS S OCIAT ES Specialist designers and fabricators of museum natural history and prehistoric exhibits, immersive environments & paleontological displays

About Us Lazenby Design Associates plan, design and fabricate highly evocative natural-history, paleontological and anthropological exhibits, naturalistic dioramas, models and atmospheric immersive environments. With our passion for scientific accuracy and with award winning technical and artistic ingenuity we create innovative, imaginative museum exhibits that are exciting, engaging and meaningful.

Design & Visualisation Truly effective visual material is vital in order to develop and communicate the design intent. We maintain an ethos of detailed visualization throughout the design process as a primary key to creating great exhibits. Our illustrative style of working includes 3D computer models, renderings and schematics that are realistically depicted and suitably detailed leaving no room for misinterpretation. Scale models also play an essential role in our design development methodology. As an efficient means of assessing

spatial composition they enable a gallery or architectural layout, diorama or environment to be properly understood or modified in three-dimensions prior to construction. In addition to the design of the overall exhibit layout we offer an in-house content development, graphic design and illustration capability creating imaginative media for interpretive information panels, fossil and artefact displays, inter-actives and audio-visual presentations.

Fabrication Our gallery exhibits feature contemporary style and surfaces, durable high-resolution print and other interpretive media. Our cased exhibits, in-the-round dioramas and fully immersive walk-through environments are constructed using a sound knowledge of modern techniques, specialist materials and traditional craftsmanship. Featuring; highly naturalistic landforms, rock and earth formations, water elements, replica plants, trees and roots they are finished in stunning detail with authentic weathering and decay. Photographic and digital composite backdrops, photorealistic animation, sound, lighting and atmospheric effects can be added for convincing realism.

Modelling Our scale and life-size creature models are produced in our studios by a team of highly talented sculptors, artists and technicians. With painstaking attention to detail and biological accuracy they may feature complex and intricate skin, scales, carapace or shell structure, delicate feathers or hair. If required we can also engineer lifelike animatronics with a range of dynamic yet subtle, smooth motion. With in-house 3D digital scanning and rapid prototyping technology, detailed models of any size from tiny to enormous can be produced from a scale maquette original.

David Lazenby - Creative Director David Lazenby owner and Creative Director of Lazenby Design Associates has 25 years experience in the design industry beginning with museum, film & television design. In 1995 he moved to specialize solely in natural history and zoological projects. Since then he has been engaged with numerous landmark projects worldwide. As well as significant international exhibit design experience David also has the advantage of being a well-published professional nature photographer with credits including National Geographic, GEO, Illustrated Science, and Discovery Channel publications. Having led and taken part on expeditions to many of the world’s wildest places on all seven continents David has a profound understanding of natural habitats and environments.

Jez Gibson-Harris - Production Designer Jez has 30 years experience in the film, television and model making Industry. Early in his career he was key animatronic designer on ‘Jabba the Hutt’ the villain in the famous Star Wars films. In 1986 Jez founded Crawley Creatures a company specialising in computer controlled animatronics as well as ultra-realistic creature models, prehistoric animals, figures and plant replicas for TV and film, museums and exhibitions. In 1996 Crawley Creatures was responsible for the animatronic design work on the acclaimed BBC television and Discovery Channel series Walking with Dinosaurs. Several other prehistoric documentary series followed and the quality of his teams’ work has been recognised with two BAFTAS, an EMMY, two Royal Television Society Awards and a Millennium Products Award for Innovation. Crawley Creatures museum work can be seen in Oxford University Museum, Warwickshire County Museum, Tate Modern and Gondwana Praehistorium. Crawley Creatures have been an associate of Lazenby Design Associates since 2008. Lazenby Design Associates - Farnley Park - Otley - West Yorkshire - LS21 2QF - United Kingdom t: +44 (0)1943 850101 e:

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Lazenby Design - Natural History brochure  

Matt laminated finish with Spot UV layer applied to the 'cave entrance graphic'.

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