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You will need: 2 x Contrasting fabrics (size depends on size of bird). Polyester Toy filling. Tracing Paper or Pattern Print out. Pins, Scissors, Thread, Tailors Chalk.


These Beautiful Boden Birdies were featured in the ‘Not Another Boden Catalogue’ to illustrate the fact that you can now follow Boden on Twitter. We decided that they are far too yummy to keep to ourselves, so here is a how to guide on how to make some stylish feathered friends for your home & garden.

1. The first step in making your Boden Birdies is to make a template. Using the pdf pattern provided, trace the two parts and carefully cut out your pattern. *I prefer to transfer the pattern to a thin clear plastic (PVC) sheet as it is more durable. You can buy this from most craft & stationery stores.

2. Once your template is completed, Chose your two contrasting fabrics and place the templates on the reverse of the fabric. The outer body of the bird should be cut on the fold so make sure this piece is folded in two before marking out. Draw the pattern pieces on to the fabric and carefully cut out.

3. Next, Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the right (pattern) side facing each other and pin the edges of the belly of the bird to the body. *start this at the base of the belly working up to the beak and round. Leave the bottom of the tail open.

4. Using a straight stitch sew the two pieces together. Allow between ½-1 cm seam allowance to prevent split seams and take extra care at the tip of the belly, as this is the weakest seam. Leave the tail open at the bottom.

5. Your Boden Birdie should be looking something like this...

6. Now sew the Head seam together starting at the top of the head and again leaving around ½ cm seam allowance all around. * I prefer to finish the stitches over the top of the belly to make this delicate seam more secure.

7. Turn your birdie the right side round using a pencil or knitting needle to push out the beak and stuff with your choice of filling. *Here I have used small pieces of Polyester Toy filling to create a softer final result.

8. Fold the two parts of the tail inside to neaten the hem and sew the tail closed. *Use a fancy stitch for a more decorative effect.

9. Stand back and admire your beautiful Boden Birdie!

Create your own versions with wings or eyes, add ribbon to hang on to trees or windows, fill with lavender to make your clothes smell sweet or make beautiful white beaded doves as a unique wedding keepsakes. Make sure you send in some photos of your beautiful creations. Would love to see what everyone comes up with. Enjoy! Love & Buttons JJ XΘXΘ

Outer Body Birdie Half x2

<<<<<< Fold

Birdie Belly x1

How To Make Beautiful Boden Birdies  

These Beautiful Boden Birdies were featured in the ‘Not Another Boden Catalogue’ to illustrate the fact that you can now follow Boden on Twi...