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et’s face it! We are experiencing a very messy, angry way of living today with so many societies throughout the world in conflict with each other as well as individuals at odds with others within each of those societies. I would like to say that this upheaval is something new but, unfortunately, it’s not.

tion one large mass of anger and upset causing us to destroy good thoughts and deeds. We even get caught up in power struggles between what one person believes vs. another’s belief. We stubbornly hold unto our own ideas without any willingness to look at a different perspective. This doesn’t allow for a broadening of knowledge which can create a greater chance for resolution.

As humans we have a propensity to gather negativity like furious little cancer cells that race to make a small irrita-

We have just experienced one of the more vitriolic presidential races in recent times. It appears that this divi-

sion of taking sides and having differing opinions is never going to end when you go to any of the social media and read what people are saying. And we humans seem to LOVE all this upheaval! People haven’t become this engaged in what is going on around them in quite a while and it’s mostly due to the dark, negativity that abounds. And we keep demanding more and more of this low energy because it is easier to hate than to love, which makes us a very lazy society indeed.

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